Sport Development

Sport Development

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve with respect to how our best amateur players are “stacking up” against world class competition, Golf Canada has made a renewed and focused approach at some key initiatives that we believe will best support our players as they strive to be the best amateur golfers in the world.

Success at this level is important for Golf Canada in its position as the governing body of the game in Canada for a number of reasons:

  • Creating awareness of the game in the media;
  • Creating awareness to Canada’s youth;
  • Creating role models;

All of which in turn serves to grow the game Within the area of High Performance programs we have identified the following areas to focus on to affect positive change:

  • National Amateur Team Program
  • National Junior Team Program
  • Golf Canada High Performance Junior Camps
  • Sport Science – Mental Management
  • Sport Science – Strength and Conditioning
  • Sport Science – Biomechanics
  • Sport Science – Equipment
  • Selection
  • Golf Canada Training Centres
  • Supporting Young Pros
  • Mentoring