Handicap Manual

This manual is the complete book of information and instruction about the Golf Canada Handicap System.

First, you will find the purpose and requirements of the Handicap System followed by definitions of important terms . The responsibilities of the player are covered in the next two sections, followed by those that the player shares with the Handicap Committee at the golf club. Next, you will find responsibilities of the Handicap Committee . The Handicap System Formulas, Checks and Balances of the System, Course Rating, Golf Course Set-Up, Par Computation, and Allocation of Handicap Strokes are covered in the last eight sections. Information about Short Course Handicap and Junior Par are in the Appendices. Handicap Decisions follow each section of the manual.

Use this manual whenever a question arises about the Handicap System. Knowing the proper procedure will help provide a framework for fair and enjoyable games.

With the exception of the terms “Golf Canada”, “Golf Canada Handicap Factor”, “Handicap Factor”, and “Factor”, some of the trademarks and service marks in this manual are the property of the United States Golf Association (USGA), which has generously given Golf Canada permission to use the system.

As the owner of the term Golf Canada and a Licensee of those well established trademarks and service marks, Golf Canada has the sole right to authorize the use of those marks by others.

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