Support Team Canada

Support Team Canada

As part of the Golf Canada’s ‘give to the game’ fundraising efforts, you too can be a team player by making a donation to Team Canada.

The Team Canada program is focused on developing the best golfers in Canada to compete and win on the international stage by providing access to coaching, training camps, a full competitive schedule and support from sport science consultants. Perennial golf powerhouses such as Sweden, England and Australia spend in excess of $4 million annually on their high performance development programs. Canada’s budget is less than 25% of its elite international competition.

Since being the best takes more than just dreams, talent and hard work, it is critical that these athletes and the program that fosters their development have your support to narrow this funding gap.

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A donation of any amount gives Canada’s best the tools required to be the world’s best. As a registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association, we are happy to issue tax receipts for donations of $20 or more.

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