Built for this: TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley is ready to showcase for 2025 RBC Canadian Open

TPC Toronto

CALEDON, Ont. – A half-a-decade ago Laurence Applebaum and Chris Humeniuk first met, and they began working on a vision to build the new home for Canadian golf. Come 2025, not only with the family-founded and family-owned TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley fulfill that vision, but it will also become a first-time host of the RBC Canadian Open – something Humeniuk never once dreamed about.

“It’s such an incredibly exciting time that’s allowed us to lean into. We like to say we’re ‘built for this,’” Humeniuk said.

Roman and Jerry Humeniuk, Chris’ father and uncle, respectively, purchased Osprey Valley from its original owner almost three decades ago. Jerry passed away in 2020. They had always had plans for something bigger, but never did they plan for this, said Chris.

TPC Toronto is now a completely full-service venue for people who play golf and those who are merely golf-adjacent – small businesses looking to host staff days, wedding parties, and more – with its main clubhouse boasting multiple levels of modernity (and don’t skip on the hyper-local craft beer offerings or elevated comfort-food menu) while finely curated cabins and overnight accommodations are very much on their way.

Along with the 2025 RBC Canadian Open, too.

“We’re excited by the partnership we’ve formed with Golf Canada and the PGA Tour. These two partnerships helped us to elevate our own vision of what Osprey Valley might become,” said Humeniuk. “I never would have dreamed to be hosting the RBC Canadian Open on our property – but here we are talking about it.”

TPC Toronto w/ trophy

Next year’s edition of the Canadian Open will be contested on the renovated North Course. Long a host of other top-tier competitions, renowned Canadian golf-course architect Ian Andrew – along with the PGA Tour design services team – turned the North Course into a championship-calibre golf course that’s capable of challenging the best players in the world.

“I got to spend a couple of days at Hamilton and the energy around (that) event within the community out on the golf course is absolute fantastic. I couldn’t help but be inspired by what I was seeing and feeling – it was also sobering to realize an event this size is now on the clock here at TPC Toronto,” Humeniuk said.

“We’ve put together a first-class team here and I know we have a wonderful partner in the town of Caledon looking forward to hosting the event here.”

Applebaum, the CEO of Golf Canada, said it was “so pleasing after so many years” to finally be at a place where they could let out the great secret that the 2025 Canadian Open was coming to TPC Toronto. Last week’s event at Hamilton, Applebaum said, had a global television audience of over 1-billion households. It was the most-attended Canadian Open of all time. 

Applebaum recalled fondly when he met with Jim Nantz – the iconic CBS broadcaster – last weekend at Hamilton Golf and Country Club, and when Nantz began to ask him about TPC Toronto, that’s when he knew it was real.

It’s extra special, Applebaum explained, because while Hamilton, St. George’s Golf and Country Club, and Oakdale Golf and Country Club are storied Canadian venues that have provided Canadian golf fans with epic finishes to the Canadian Open the last three years, they are all private golf clubs.

TPC Toronto is, of course, completely public.

TPC Toronto clubhouse

“It’s exactly what we’ve talked about an excessive amount of times – the opportunity for the public to be able to play the golf course that they’re going to see the best in the world play,” Applebaum said of the importance of having the Canadian Open at a public club. “Over the course of this whole year Chris’ golf courses are going to be played and he’ll get an incredible amount of feedback – and then they’ll watch the best in the world play it.

“It’s been a long time coming for a publicly accessible golf course to host the Canadian Open.”

Golf Canada and TPC Toronto’s special relationship is just underway. In July 2022 the two entities announced a partnership to build a new Home of Canadian Golf. Golf Canada’s offices are moving there along with First Tee – Canada (including an accessible 18-hole community putting course and next generation high-performance training amenities) plus Golf Ontario and the Club Management Association of Canada.

“We’re not only going to be guests, but this will be home as well,” Applebaum said.

Teeing it up at TPC Toronto this summer not only means just golf – it’s clubhouse also features a few fun Canadian Golf Hall of Fame exhibits including the green hoodie Adam Hadwin wore when he got tackled at the 2023 Canadian Open (along with the cork from the champagne bottle!) – but a sneak peek at where some of the best in the world will also play next year.

A video was put together to help with the announcement becoming official-official. The first time Humeniuk saw it he admitted he got so emotional he had to leave his office and go for a walk.

“I don’t know if I’d ever dare dreamed that this event would be coming here. I’m not sure if it’s sunk in yet,” he said. “I don’t know if I can put it into words what it all means.”