Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Month of May 2024

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Mitch Jones, Applecross Country Club, Hole #3


I was playing with two good friends and teammates of mine in the lacrosse world at the beautiful Applecross Country Club, never did I expect the day to go like it did.

Hole #3 was playing about 185 yards with a slight downhill, I chose a 6 iron and hit a good one that took a great first bounce on the green and started rolling directly at the cup. It actually found its way behind the hole and appeared to sit right on the back edge. My playing partner with better vision then I started yelling that it was trapped leaning on the flagstick and started running towards the hole, he even yelled, “Look up the rules that’s a hole-in-one!”

I wasn’t as convinced as we all have had those shots that appear perfect from distance but when you get closer are faced with a knee knocking five to ten footer to deal with. So I tempered my expectations. Pleased with the stroke nonetheless I took my time getting into the cart and driving up, when I was about 40-50 yards away I saw it clearly drop in and that’s when I started celebrating!

To wrap up the story and add some humour. On the fourth tee I was still in mild shock and I ripped the ball into the woods never to be found again! Haha!

Darren Sabino, Wyldewood Golf & Country Club, Hole #9


I was playing with my two favourite golf partners – Ernie Bordin and Rob Andrews. In fact I am truly grateful to have been able to share the moment with them. 

It was our first 18 of the season. It was the 9th hole, playing 149 yards. I hit a 7 iron and it took one hop and disappeared! The 9th hole plays to the clubhouse so there were quite a few witnesses. 

Tucker Braund, Coyote Springs Golf Club, Hole #3


It was hole #3, 185 yards into the wind with a 5 iron, two bounces, rolled and broke right into the hole, which we could see from the tee box! I was playing with three friends I’ve played with since we were all junior members at Pinebrook in Calgary. It was one of my friends bachelor party, so even more fun to do it there!

Joseph Abbatangelo, Mill Run Golf Club, Hole #9


What an awesome day today! My first round of the season alongside my 11-year-old daughter Valentina. On hole #1, she takes a Titleist ProV1 ball out of her bag (with a TD Canada Trust logo) and says, “Here Dad, use this ball!” On hole #9 at Mill Run Golf Club (Highland Course), I hit an 8 iron from 183 yards with a 20 mph tailwind. The ball bounced on the front of the green and headed straight to the hole. The entire walk up to the green my daughter asks me, “Daddy, where is your ball?” I kept repeating, My ball is in the hole! I decided to video the last 30 yards to the green and it was awesome to see her pull my ProV1 out of the hole! After 30 years of golf, I shared my first hole-in-one with my youngest daughter. She quickly reminds me that she got her first hole-in-one after only six weeks of starting golf. Lucky for me, the 19th hole drinks were cheap, only a few root beers!

R.A Jones, Oshawa, Hole #18


The 18th hole, 98 yards, red tees and I hit a seven iron.

My playing partners were Gavin Watts, Steve Poots and Bill Lyon. Bill Lyon happens to be 92 years old and plays regularly at the club. Half the time he shoots his age.

I have done the cycle at Oshawa, I have had hole-in-one on holes #3, #5, #12 and now #18 I have been a member at Oshawa since 1970.

I don’t have a picture of the event, but I have something even better. I have a video of the hole-in-one. It just happened by fluke that a member of our Green Crew was checking out the camera over the 18th hole and was taking pictures while I was on the tee.

Ron Macdonald, Legends, Hole #8

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On Masters Sunday, cI alled and asked Legends if they had room for a single. So I was a walk on with a twosome, Griffith and Luke.

Second round of the year, it was about a 35-40 km wind directly into my face on the 8th hole it was playing at 171 yards. Plus the wind. I used a 7th heaven wood and it was on line right off the tee and landed about 12 feet short and then rolled in.

My first hole-in-one!

Cameron Weir, Two Eagles, Hole #15

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I was playing with a nice couple as my friend was too “sick” to make it for our tee time. It was 163 yards with a cross wind. I hit a stock 7 iron. Watching it land left of the pin and start rolling towards it, knowing it was getting better and better, great to have a short birdie putt. But all of a sudden, the ball disappeared. Quite a surreal experience!

Jason Porter, Devon and the Devon Golf and Country Club, Hole #9

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I was golfing at Devon Golf and Country Club on April 29th with my wife Chantelle and Isabella, my 10 year old daughter, for her first round ever. Got to hole #9 and drained it with my 5 iron. Was a great memory for my daughter. She loves the game and now wants to get one herself!

John Hamilton, Windsor Park Golf Course, Hole #16

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I got my first hole-in-one on April 21, 2024 at Windsor Park Golf Course in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hole #16, 160 yards with a 7 iron into the wind. Landed in front of the flag stick and we watched it role back and disappear! I was golfing with three others (one Golf Canada member) and had them sign the scorecard and attest the round.

Marilyn Webster, Carnoustie Golf Club, Hole #8

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I was playing with fellow ladies club members Irene Clarkson, Denise Pineau and Janine Wilson on April 5th when I got my second hole-in-one on the 8th hole at Carnoustie Golf Club. It was 115 yards to the pin over water. I pulled out an 8-iron, but as I had been pulling my irons that day and didn’t want to end up in the bunker on the left, I put the 8-iron back in my bag and pulled out my trusty 7-hybrid and teed it up higher than normal. As it bounced and rolled towards the hole Irene grabbed my arm and said, “It’s going in’” but I thought I could see my ball sitting just past the pin. As we walked up to the green and my ball was nowhere to be seen, I started to think that maybe it had gone in the hole and sure enough, it had! We had to have a shot of birdie juice to celebrate the occasion before heading to the next hole to finish our round.

Andy Alcock, Summit, Hole #2

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– Played with Stew Smith and Nick Yuen

– Was 165 yards into the wind, hit a 6 iron

– Was my fifth hole-in-one

James Finlay, Riverside Country Club, Hole #18

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I was playing with two other new members and friends, Andy Jay and Nick Demerchant. We got out early for a quick nine holes and opted to play the back nine.

The hole was the 18th hole at Riverside Golf and Country Club. The hole was 195 yards, a bit into the wind, but downhill. I opted to use a 7 iron, as the previous day I used a 6 iron and proceeded to lose two balls into the woods left of the hole.

I hit a straight shot that landed just short of the green and rolled up and into the cup. Thankfully we had a great view of the ball rolling into the hole. After celebrating what we were confident was a hole-in-one, I ran down to the hole to collect my ball.

What an experience!

Rob Connell, Mall River Golf Club, Hole #3

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It was 138 yards. I used an 8 iron. My playing partners were Gerard MacDonald, Peter Johnston and Zach Connell.

Joey Fabing, National Pines Golf Club, Hole #4

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I was playing with Shane Quinlan and Sentilar Sebastian. The yardage was 114 yards and hit a pitching wedge. It flew pass the hole and spun it back. We got to see it all the way.

Matt Knox, Georgetown Golf Club, Hole #8

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On Saturday, May 4th, Georgetown Golf Club hosted their men’s opening golf tournament. My brother Bradley Knox got a hole-in-one on the 16th hole. The following day, Sunday, May 5th, I was golfing with my wife (Courtney Knox), as well as a friend of ours (Dima Babych). We got to hole #8, and it was playing 142 yards (adjusted to about 135 yards downhill). I hit a 52 degree wedge and it landed behind the pin and spun back into the hole! All in all, a very memorable weekend for the Knox brothers!

Zach Vanderlee, Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club, Hole #11

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My playing partners for the day were Brett Way and Danny Kalfus. We were playing the gold tees that day and the yardage was about 145 up hill with a right to left cross wind, I grabbed my 9 iron and hit it about as well as I’ll ever hit a golf ball and the rest was history! Funny enough Brett and I were just talking about how poorly we had been playing up until that point where I tol him, “I just need to make a good swing here to get back on track.” Unfortunately, due to the hole design I didn’t watch it go in the hole from the tee, but we were elated to walk up to the green with my ball playing a disappearing act in the hole! Needless to say the celebrations would begin immediately after with some loud yelling and cheering that grabbed the attention of groups ahead and behind.

Anne Moore, Loyalist Country Club, Hole #8

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I had my first hole-in-one on hole #8 September 5, 2016. On Monday, May 6, I played with my two regular golf companions – Jackie Nesbitt and Lorne Sarmiento. It’s a short par 3 (85 yards), but with the gusty crosswind I used more club than normal. My Ping 425 7 did the magic. I’m in my 70’s, so age doesn’t matter in golf for hole-in-ones!

Lynn Pavlik, The Pulpit Club – Pulpit, Hole #3

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I was playing with my husband, Jim Cambell, on Monday, April 29th and the hole-in-one occurred on hole#3 at the Pulpit. The distance was 144 yards that day and I used my 7 hybrid. It was later in the day with gloomy weather so there were only a handful of members in the clubhouse to celebrate. I would have happily bought the entire club a round! My husband was extremely excited for me too and was texting all his golf buddies. Jim is my favourite golf partner so it was extra special that he was with me that day. I have also been struggling with a very damaged knee so the hole-in-one was a wonderful gift from the golf gods.

Chad Hauser, Highwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

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Last year I had my first hole-in-one on a par 3 at The Canal at Delecour Golf Club in my second round of the season in May. This year it was another great start to the season and my fourth round of the season at the Highwood Golf & Country Club. It was the 17th hole, 306 yards. I pulled out my 9 degree Taylormade Stealth Driver and knew that I needed to go over the trees and water to go straight at the green. I had a line and told my playing partners Mike Grainger and Cory Williams that I need to go right over the tip of the tall pine tree but need to tee it a little higher so that it will land soft if I hit the green. I choked down my driver a couple inches and teed it up a little higher and let it go. It came off the face absolutely perfect. Once it went over the trees we couldn’t see it. My one partner Mike said, “I think it should be just left of the green.” and my other partner Cory said, “How about more like just left of the pin.”

We drove up the fairway and they hit there second shots and I was looking through my laser and couldn’t see anything on the green or around the green. We pulled up and automatically went to the back of the green and checked the bunkers because I have driven over this green before. Cory didn’t see anything, so I decided I would just go look at the hole. Sure enough as soon as I got towards the hole I saw the ball. We went absolutely crazy! Everyone within two fairways of us heard us! I had always wanted to get a hole-in-one on a par four. I have been inside of 3’ a few times in my life, but never thought this was going to happen. It was definitely an awesome day!

So now I have two hole-in-ones, par 3, par 4, and an albatross on a par 5 as well. Definitely things I didn’t think I would be able to do.

Dawson Gilgan, Prince George Golf Club, Hole #10

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I was with Golf Canada member Tyler Smith and his friend who’s name I don’t know. It was a 7 iron.

Josh Kerychuk, Blue Devil Golf Club, Hole #12

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It was my first hole-in-one and I was pretty excited. It was hole #12, 172 yards and I used a 7 iron. I was playing with my buddy Carman Penner. The best part was there were two maintenance guys at the back of the green that started celebrating before I did! They were very excited and kind, and even notified the pro shop on my behalf. The team in the pro shop had a nice souvenir waiting for me when we finished our round. The whole team at Blue Devil deserves kudos for how awesome they were.

Scott Miller, Murray Municipal, Hole #9

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– Played with Joe Bladyko and Shaun Koroluk

– 160 yards

– 22 degree hybrid

– Third career hole-in-one


Michael Karasinski, Twenty Valley Golf & Country Club Inc, Hole #7

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It was great! Played with a few members here at the club, Mal Smithson, John Gardner and Ed Devries! It was playing 181 yards into the wind and I hit a 5 iron! Initially, I thought it was long and then I heard Mal from the other tee block yell over to say it was in! I couldn’t believe it! There was excitement and fear knowing it was our Men’s League opening dinner that night and it could get expensive! All in all, it is a moment I will never forget!

Francis Macdonald, River Hills Golf Club – Shelburne, Hole #18

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Happened at River Hills Golf and Country Club on hole #18 using a 8 iron. Bounced twice than rolled into the hole. It was about 115 yards. Playing with Bobby Stoddard Sr. and Don Dares.

By the way Bobby had a hole-in-one about a week and half earlier. I missed his as I wasn’t there but two of us in our regular group has an ace. His was on hole #10.

Michael White, Oshawa Golf & Curling Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for the email. I was playing with Rob Ford a buddy of mine. Played in the rain and into the wind, I hit a seven iron high draw, it rolled five feet into the hole from 156 yards. My friends were playing in front heard it hit the pin. Our pro was playing behind us and heard the cheers. This was my fourth hole-in-one.

Maurice Robert, Stony Plain Golf Course, Hole #12

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– Playing with Ian Mccreath and Gord Duckering

– 148 yards

– Big Bertha 8 hybrid


Bruce Card, Craigowan Golf Club, Hole #14

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I did get a hole-in-one on April 22nd my first round of the year after being away in Florida for the winter. I had it on hole #14 at Craigowan it was playing 180 yards and I hit a six iron. I was playing with Dean Olson, Mike Aggerholm and Gord Munro it was the third one that I have had.

Brian Kebic, Conklin Players Club, Hole #2

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I was with ClubEG on their annual trip to Binghamton, NY at the Conklin Players Club. On the Saturday, April 27th outing I was playing with Owen Preston from ClubEG along with Jack Kenny and Keith Blake from Brockville Country Club. It was hole #2, playing 111 yards. I hit my pitching wedge and was asking for it to get a big bounce so it would get up and on the green. The ball landed just short of the green and rolled up to the hole, breaking from right to left. We watched as the ball went behind the pin and then disappeared, obviously falling backwards into the hole.

Louis Forbes, Timber Ridge Golf Course, Hole #17

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The yardage was 117. Used a Ping G15 9 iron. Was playing with Brad Little, Paul Whitley and Ron Romard.

Jeremy Spence, Bear Creek, Hole #15

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The hole-in-one was Friday, April 26th. It was on Island course, hole #6, par 3, 154 yards and I used 8 iron. Playing partners/witnesses: Paul Shervill and Dan Babins.

William Garbarino, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #12

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This was my first hole-in-one after 15+ years of playing golf. The yardage was 161 and I played a 7 iron. Ball landed five and half feet before the hole, took one bounce and rolled in. The rest of my foursome are all GreyHawk Golf Club and Golf Canada members (Jim Neubauer, Tim Smith and Chris Seidl).

A very exciting moment! The group photo includes a fifth person who was a prospective member driving by, he stopped to congratulate me when he witnessed the hole-in-one shot.

Derrick Tuyl, National, Hole #5

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It was hole #5 at The National Golf Club of Canada, 8 iron, 168 yards with two of my closest buddies: Danny Mauti and Danny Tersigni.

Jamie Bagan, Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Hole #9

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Here are the details of my hole-in-one; golfing with Perry Mogus, Ron Pacholko and Adi Lintner (part of a group of 16 that golf every Friday at Arbutus Ridge Golf Club). Hole #9. Approximately 110 yards and the club used was a pitching wedge.

Nick McBride, Oakfield, Hole #15

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Been playing for over 30 years and this was my first ace! Such a great experience. It was hole #15 at Oakfield Golf and Country Club. 160 yards from the white with a 7 iron. Playing partners were Mike Juurlink, Kyle Millen and Ryan Millen.

Trish Snowdon, Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Hole #13

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This was my first hole-in-one ever so needless to say I was pretty excited. I was playing with my partner, Jayne Boyle, and her two sons Jonathan and Michael Cramton. The day was overcast and rain had been falling for a few holes. The 13th hole has an elevated green with water directly in front. We were playing the white tees, so it was about 140 yards. I pulled out my 5 hybrid and just thought, “get it over the water.” My shot went up directly in line with the flag and landed on the little crest right before the green. We saw it roll off the hill and Jonathan immediately said, “Oh, this has a chance.” Then it disappeared. Because it’s elevated, we couldn’t see where it went after it came off the hill. We jumped in the carts and took off for the green. I fully expected it to have rolled past the pin and be on the far side of the green. But as we got closer, no ball was in sight. I sprinted up to the flag, still holding my club and sure enough, there it was at the bottom of the cup. My TaylorMade TPS 5 was staring back up at me. Let the whooping commence. Even some guys a couple holes over were cheering and giving air high fives. Definitely a hole to remember! 

Ingrid Kim, Langara Golf Course, Hole #2

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On Langara Ladies Club Day last April 30, Anne Findlay-Shirras, Geordie Stowell, Shelley Sluggett and I teed off in group six. On the 130-yard second hole, after hitting the tee with a 5-wood club, I came down from the tee box after seeing that my ball had landed well on the green and was rolling toward the hole cup. I arrived at the green and couldn’t find the ball right away on and around the green, but eventually, we found my ball sitting in the hole cup and shouted “hole-in-one!” Everyone shouted in unison.

Rylan Isaac, Valleyview Delisle Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

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Sunday, May 5th 2024 I was golfing with my brother, Corey, at Delisle Valley View Golf Club. It was a cool, windy day. We stepped onto the fourth tee and I lasered the flag. 169 yards with a roughly 30km/h wind dead into. I estimated it was playing about 190 yards to the flag which was cut left centre of the green. I grabbed a 6 iron and flighted it down into the wind. The ball started at the right/centre of the green and began working right to left, pitching about 15 feet short of the pin. Just before the ball reached the green I heard Corey say, “Get in the hole.” This got the attention of a buddy of ours who was in his backyard, which backs the tee box, with his family. We all watch as the ball continues to roll towards the hole, breaking right to left, and then disappears! Everyone starts cheering and I turn around to look at Corey in disbelief! It was my first hole-in-one and an incredible feeling as I was starting to believe it may never happen. I then proceeded to three putt bogey the next hole (of course), but still finished the round with a one over par 70. Fun fact, my buddy who was in his backyard with his family also recorded a hole-in-one on this same hole last year while his family watched from the deck! 

Jeff Reader, Whispering Pines, Hole #5

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On hole 5, I used an 8-iron to get my hole-in-one. The blue tees are under repairs and we shot from the red tee box. The yardage from the red tee off is 116. I was golfing with Eric Belanger and Carl Berends who are also members at Whispering Pines Golf and Country Resort.

Andrew Crow, The Oaks of St. George Golf Club, Hole #5

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It was the first week of my men’s league at The Oaks of St. George Golf Club. I was having a bad round but having fun as it was the first week for my league foursome to be back together. Blaine, Tony and I played simulator golf all winter but hadn’t played with Teddy since last summer. There is nothing like the verbal abuse Teddy brings to the game. On to the game, I hit a great drive on the par 5 hole #4 but managed to stick handle my way to bogey. We came up the hill to the tee box on hole #5 downed our birdie drinks because Tony drained his birdie putt on hole #4. Hole #5 at The Oaks is a Beautiful Downhill shot with a pond and bunker to the left and a big bunker to the right with a Big Willow tree at the back left. The green is an upside down “L” shape bending to the left with a small bunker at inside of the bend. It plays 127 yards to the front and 143 yards to the back. The pin placement was in the hardest spot on the green four feet from front the edge just past bend and the bunker at about 135 yards. Tony went first and didn’t hit his 9 iron well and ended up pin high. I also had my 9 iron in hand but was too lazy to walk back up the hill to my bag and grab my wedge so I tee’d up my 9 iron and hit a 75% shot really clean. It landed just clear of the bunker slowly rolled in. Of course most of my group was still celebrating Tony’s previous birdie and weren’t sure it went in. I was pretty sure but have been close in the past and didn’t want to get too excited. As we came up to the green Tony ran up to hole and started screaming. At that point my legs got a little wobbly. I couldn’t believe it, it finally happened.

Bill Hillis, Trillium Wood Golf Club, Hole #14

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– May 3, 2024 at Trillium Woods Golf Club – Hole #14

– Playing with Richard Bough

– 130 yards with #6 hybrid

– Elevated tee over a swamp to the green

– First hole-in-one at 70 years old, 55 years of playing the game.

Stan Loach, Mississipi Golf Club, Hole #5

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I was playing with Ray, Mark and Verne; all members of the Mississippi Golf Club. The hole-in-one was on the fifth hole, a short par 3 of about 107 yards. I used a pitching wedge. This was my second hole-in-one on this hole and of the three that I’ve had, the only one I have seen actually go in. 

Fraser Sutherland, Fort McMurray Golf Club, Hole #8

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I was playing hole #8 on our Black Bear nine at Fort McMurray Golf Club. It was playing 171 yards and I hit a 5 iron. My playing partners were from left to right: Barry Reid, Claude Howse, me (Fraser Sutherland) and Brian Goodale.

Cameron MacPherson, Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy, Hole #15

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My hole-in-one was the 15th hole at Two Eagles, which was playing 152 yards to a front pin. I used an 8 iron to get there. I was playing in a junior tournament with three others around my age. The round started with torrential rain which seemed to ease off right after hole #13.

Sherri Carroll, Kawartha Golf Club, Hole #8

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It was a cool, breezy morning, golfing with my ladies Diane Johnson and Krista Thompson, my second round of the season that started at the pro shop looking to sign up for a refresher lesson with Shanna as my first round was so bad! After this hole I thought, “maybe I will just stick with what I know.” Big surprise and great start to my season.

Robert Hindle, Credit Valley Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

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I was playing with my buddies, Ken Johnson, Jim Carmichael and Bob Babensee. On hole #7, at 143 yards, managed to hit a pure 7 iron. It flew high and straight at the pin, landed and rolled about 10 feet, and disappeared into the hole. I started playing golf as a 12 year old, and now, 64 years later, I finally got my first ever hole-in-one!

Shamin Babul, Mayfair Lakes Golf Course, Hole #8

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It only took me 22 years to get my very first hole-in-one. On Saturday May 4, I was playing with three other lady members at Mayfair. (Lynne, Judy and Gin). The yardage to the hole, as per my watch was 111 yards. I used my 9 wood which normally hits about 105-107 yards. It was a great shot. Flew high and landed about four feet from the flag. We could see it rolling towards the hole. My playing partners got all excited, but I reassured them that it was probably sitting behind the pin. Low and behold, it was in the hole. What an amazing feeling it was. One to remember forever. 

Lillian Zeng, Fraserview Golf Course, Hole #3

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I got a hole-in-one on hole #3 , which is a par 3, at Fraserview Golf Course in B.C. on May 3rd. I used a 6 iron aiming for 130 yards and I did it perfectly. I also made my best score of my three years of golfing.

Mark Whitwam, Greensmere Golf Club, Hole #3

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I was playing with my golf partner Chris Koch in the Nortel (Northern Telecom) golf league against Dick Keilty and Bill Allan. (Nortel went bankrupt almost 20 years ago, but the golf league lives on with 45 two man teams in three leagues playing Monday and Wednesday evenings at three different Ottawa golf courses). Chris and I have been partners in the league since 1992 and we have won six times including last year. Playing last Monday at the Greensmere golf and country club, from the white tees I hit a 7 iron at the 150 yard 3rd hole on the Premiere course. The ball bounced once in front of the pin and then disappeared. Hole-in-one? When I got to the green, I checked the hole and my ball was at the bottom of the cup. It is my 2nd hole in one. The first was also in the Nortel golf league in 1998.

Jackson Fabris, Mickelson National Golf Club, Hole #3

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I was playing with Mateo Kern, Alex Adler and Max-Hamel-Balaski. It was 74 yards and I hit a 54 degree.

Cole Fedorvich, Westlock Golf Club, Hole #17

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The moment I watched the ball roll out of site I knew it had gone into the hole. Then like everyone’s worst nightmare I remembered I was golfing alone so to the world it might not be official but to myself and all my family and friends it does. I was playing a par three on the back nine. It was about 135 yards as I didn’t range it specifically and I used my pitching wedge to carry the distance.

Bill Dettweiler, Stone Tree, Hole #16

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My first and only hole-in-one at Stone Tree Golf Owen Sound. Mens night June 16, 2022 on hole #16 using an 8 iron, 124 yards to the pin.

Brae Rogalczyk, Ponoka Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

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I was playing with my dad and grandpa, as we usually do every week. It was an amazing experience, and a memorable one to have that happen with my family. With my 7 iron in hand looking at the tee box sign I thought about how cool it would be to get a hole-in-one on #17 considering 17 is our family’s lucky number. I was 210 yards out and as soon as the ball landed on the green close to the pin I heard my Dad yell, “It’s going in” then roll about four feet and drop in the cup! We all jumped in the air together in joy sharing the amazing moment together with my dad and grandpa! Special thanks to Ponoka Golf and Country Club for having the course ready in great condition as this was my practice round for my upcoming Alberta Men’s Amateur Central Qualifier.

Grady McDougall, Stone Tree, Hole #16

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Par 4, hole #6, blind tee shot over the hill about 310 yards playing more like 295 hit one in line with the left side of the green we thought went and looked in the grass bunker left and to the back and then finally checked the hole.

John Pagotto, Islesmere Blue Course, Hole #5

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– Yardage: 135

– Club: 8 iron

– Ball: Titleist ProV1

– Date: May 15, 2024

– Summary hit an 8 iron to elevated green, ball hit three feet to left of the pin, side spin and rolled into the    hole

– First ever hole-in-one

– Amazing feeling!

Pat Peden, Sunnydale, Hole #10

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How exciting to score a hole- in-one on #10 while golfing on Sunday afternoon, April 14th, in Courtenay, B.C. at our home club of Sunnydale. I must say I hit a pretty good 8 iron 117 yards and was just happy to hit the green. My friends Jen Zbinden, Kathy Binns and Kim Haaf were yelling that it went in the hole as well as the foursome on the next tee. I couldn’t believe it as I never even get a KP on ladies day! To make it even more fun I was playing with Kathy when she got a hole-in-one the year before at our ladies Tillicum tournament. Plus, a couple years earlier I was with another friend Linda Broadbent when she got a hole-in-one. It was the second time for me as I had scored one in my first year of golfing 40 years ago in the early 80’s. Guess I’ll be an old golfer when I score the next one.

Lori Seward, Playa Dorada Golf Club, Hole #17

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I was having a not so great round, but it soon took a turn for the better! I was with my fiancé, John Taylor, and our friends from Lindsay, Ontario, John Walsh and Leigh Amyotte! It was hole #17, a par 3, 115 yards. I used a pitching wedge. I’ve only been golfing since May 2023, thanks to the COVID pandemic! It’s something I have always wanted to learn but just didn’t have the opportunity. I have to thank my guy, John, for guiding me and always pushing me to be better, but most importantly, to be honest with my scoring, “No gimmes.” I am obsessed with the game and love trying to get better with every single round. Some are good, some are not. But that’s golf! It only takes one great shot to bring you back! 

Heng Phosy, Olympic View Golf Course, Hole #4

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I made a hole-in-one on May 20, 2024, on hole #4 at Olympic View Golf Course in Victoria, B.C. The hole was playing 139 yards from the white tee. There was a slight breeze against us. I used a 7 iron, usually my 150 yard club. The ball landed short of the hole, ran out, breaking right as it did and went into the hole. We did not see it go in but thought it was going to be within 15 feet of the hole. Frank Mikkers and David Tobacco were my playing partners. This was my second hole-in-one. The first one was also on this hole years ago.

Blythe Comer, Watson’s Glen Golf Club, Hole #6

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I got my first ever hole-in-one while playing in our LPGA Durham Chapter league Wednesday night on May 15th, 2024 at Watson’s Glen GC, hole #6, par 3, hitting a gap wedge approximately 78 yards and witnessed by Rosemary, Nicola and Sandy. Posted round to Golf Canada on May 16th scoring 40 for nine holes.

Greg Parker, Kedron Dells Golf Club, Hole #8

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I hit an 8 iron from 141 yards out on hole #8. The ball landed just to the left of the pin, spun to the right and disappeared. At first, we weren’t sure if the ball just rolled off the green and out of sight. But we also thought, “I think that went in the hole.” As we walked closer to the green, the ball was nowhere to be seen. Sure enough, we get up to the hole and there’s the ball. Unbelievable feeling and one that I won’t ever forget. I’m still in disbelief that it happened!

Alexander Nemeskeri, Sherwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

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Got an ace in 2019 (September 19th) at the Sherwood Golf & Country club on hole #16. 182 yards. 6 iron. Witness was My Oma (Austrian for grandmother).

Sharon Dunn, Viewpoint Golf Resort (Championship), Hole #3

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Hole-in-one I got in Mesa, Arizona on March 10, 2024. My first hole-in-one.

Neil Washer, Roundel Glen Golf Course, Hole #1

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I got my first hole-in-one at 60 years of age! Roundel Glen Golf Course, CFB Trenton, Ontario. Hole #1, approximately 120 yards, witnesses were Cathy and Ian Taggart alongside Mike Griffiths. Taylormade Stealth pitching wedge and yellow Taylormade distance golf ball.

Joan McFarlane, The Landings Golf Course, Hole #11

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Recorded my fourth hole-in-one on Tuesday, May 28th at The Landings Golf Course in Kingston, Ontario with my friends Sharon, Diane and the waiting grass cutter. A perfect shot on hole #11 on a not so perfect weather day!

Peter Renaud, Arundel, Hole #5

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Hole #5, 155 yards with a hybrid 4. The hat I was wearing was the first time that I wore it. It’s a gift from my son who is in a Broadway musical in New York called Water for Elephants. You can clearly see the logo. So now it’s my new lucky hat.