The Golf Journalists Association of Canada announces the winners of its 16th annual Media Awards for work produced in 2023

Golf Journalists Association of Canada

A panel of judges has examined over 100 stories, photos, videos and podcasts to identify the finest content created by members of the Golf Journalists Association of Canada (GJAC) in 2023. The judges identified the cream of the crop in eight categories: Column, Profile, Feature, Travel, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), Photography (Action), Photography (Landscape) and Multimedia.
There were some notable highlights from this year’s award, including multiple stories focussing on the ways in which golf is impacting a wide variety of communities and on the meaning of the game and the relationships it produces. There were numerous multiple winners this year, including Bernard Brault, Jason Logan, Curtis Gillespie, Rick Young and the Preferred Lie. ScoreGolfGolf Canada and The Preferred Lie were among the outlets winning in multiple categories.
The full list of GJAC 2024 Media Awards winners is below:
First Place: Jason Logan, “Watching Tiger Woods Play Golf Will Never Get Old,” ScoreGolf.com.
Second place: Jason Logan, “The Little Things About Golf,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
Third place: Rick Young, The Heartbreak – and Unanswered Questions – Around a Golf Course’s Closure,” ScoreGolf.com.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
First Place: ModGolf Podcast, “Amy Bockerstette, I Got This,” ModGolf.
Second place: Curtis Gillespie, “In his dream job, Tahlon Sweenie is embracing his Indigenous heritage,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
Third place: Brad Ziemer, “Stroke Survivor Brad Thomas Returns to the Game He Loves,” The Scorecard.
First Place: Rick Drennan, “The Enemy Within,” Pro Shop Magazine
Second place: Scot Morison, “Golf Friends are the Best Friends,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
Third place: Jason Logan, “72 Feet to History,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
First Place: Rick Young, “Mad Scientist,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
Second place: Adam Segal, “The Putting Guru,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
Third place: Curtis Gillespie, “In his dream job, Tahlon Sweenie is embracing his Indigenous heritage,” ScoreGolf Magazine.
Photo – Landscape
First Place: Bernard Brault, “On Top of Alcatraz,” Golf Canada.  
Second place: Bernard Brault, “Sunset in the Desert,” Golf Canada.
Third place: Jeff Curlew, “Cabot bagpiper, Cabot Links,” PGA Canada.
Photo – Action and People
First Place: Bernard Brault, Champagne Tackle, Golf Canada.
Second place: Bernard Brault, Winning putt, Golf Canada.
Third place: Bernard Brault, Hold on little boy, Golf Canada.
First Place: Curtis Gillespie, “Blown Away,” ScoreGolf Magazine .
Second place: Wes Gilbertson, “A Special Trip,” ScoreGolf.com.
Third place: Jeff Brooke, “San Diego,” Globe and Mail.
First Place: Preferred Lie, “Waterton, Season 4, Episode 2,” The Preferred Lie.
Second place: Rob Leth, “7 iron for a Hockey Stick,” PGA Tour Americas.
Third place: Preferred Lie, “Jasper Park Lodge,” The Preferred Lie.
GJAC would like to thank TaylorMade and Golf Town for the ongoing support of this awards program. It is greatly appreciated by every GJAC member. First place winners in each category will receive a TaylorMade Qi10 driver. Second place winners will receive a TaylorMade Spider Tour putter. Third place winners will receive a $100 gift card from Golf Town. Thank you again to our great sponsors!  
GJAC wishes to offer its thanks to the judges for their effort and insight. This year’s judges were Harvey Freedenberg, Bob Condon, Meggan Gardner, Terry Lenyk, Mike Johnny, Norm MacDonald, Cathy Condon, Tim O’Connor, Lorne Rubenstein, Steve Keating, Bob Weeks, Murray Fraser, Scot Morison and Sandra Thompson.
The annual GJAC golf day event will be held on June 25 and the winners will be briefly recognized at that event. The full list of winners will also be posted on the GJAC website at www.gjac.ca.