Jeevan Sihota

Victoria, B.C. • National Junior Squad

General Facts

  • Date of birth March 23, 2004
  • Hometown Victoria, B.C.
  • Home club Gorgevale Golf Club
  • School
  • Years in team 2 (2019, 2022 Junior Squad)

Notable moments

  • T2 – 2021 Mackenzie Tour Reliance Properties DC Bank Open (pro)
  • T6 – 2021 Mackenzie Tour ATM Financial Classic (pro)
  • Champion – 2021 Golf Canada Junior Squad Selection Camp
  • T4 – 2021 Canadian Junior Boys Championship


  • Q: How did you get into golf?

    My dad introduced me to the game.

  • Q: What is something most people don’t know about you? Any hidden talents?

    I can switch hit in baseball.

  • Q: What is the best thing about your hometown?

    The people are awesome!

  • Q: Do you have any superstitions?


  • Q: If you could have a walk-up song on the first tee box, what would it be?

    The honest truth is if I was walking up to the first tee I would want it to be only crowd noise.


  • Driver: Titleist TSi3
  • Putter: Scotty Cameron
  • Ball: Titleist ProV1