Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Bill Embree, Dalewood Golf Club, Hole #11

This was my fourth hole-in-one (all at Dalewood) and my second on Dalewood’s eleventh hole. The hole was playing about 125 yards, and we were into a bit of wind. The club was a 9 iron. The irons were new to me (Taylor Made Stealth). I had used them for about a week. My playing partners that day were P J Lennon, Fred Hopkins and Paul Hryciw.

My first two holes-in-one were in 2014 and were 27 holes apart. My last one, before this one, was in 2019 and also on the eleventh hole at Dalewood.


Bill Embree

Bryan Bodell, Mission Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

Thank you for this opportunity to showcase my ace.

It was our Thursday Seniors Golf and as noted, it was on the 12th hole of our Mission Golf and Country Club. We are playing a temporary green for the 12th as our signature 12th was damaged in the November rain storms. The hole was playing 102 yards uphill. I used a 54-degree gap wedge. The ball landed within a yard of the pin, one hop into the hole.

Of my three aces, this is the first one I have witnessed.  The beer drinking members were happier than I.  All in all, it was a memorable shot. 


Calvin Curtis, Royal Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #16

I started my round by myself on Sunday but joined up with a threesome on #12. I was glad I did as they brought me good luck!  Thanks to Mike Jovanov, Kevin Jovanov and “Harold”.

Hole #16 was playing 136 yards from the white tees according to my GPS watch. I used a seven iron.  

Thanks again,


Carl Inacio, Lookout Point, Hole #2

Thanks very much for reaching out. My special day was witnessed by my good friends at Lookout Point, Gino Paolone, Dave Grant and Bruce Herbeson. The hole was playing 130 yards and I used a smooth 8 iron.  


Carl Inacio

Cathy Beaton, Beach Grove Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

I had my second hole-in-one on June 22, 2022 on the 12th hole at Beach Grove. 

My first ace was on hole 12 at Beach Grove, August 31, 2012. Almost 10 years between them.

I hit my 5 hybrid. I hit a pretty shot on the green and seen it roll in the hole. Was a beautiful day.


Cathy Beaton

Chris Fradelos, Spring Lakes Golf Club, Hole #13

This was my second hole out of the season on the South Course. On May 13th I holed a SW from 110 yards on Hole 8. Must be something in the water! 

The coolest part of this hole-in-one is that on Tuesday night my son and I were at Spring Lakes to practice, and on the way home he asked me where my previous hole-in-one happened. Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club is down the street from Spring Lakes, so I turned down Warden Ave. Instead of driving towards Hwy 404 to go home, I showed him the 3rd hole (which is visible from the road), where I had my 1st ace in 2017. My son then said, ‘maybe you’ll get another one soon.’ I didn’t think soon would be 3 days later!

I played with Colin Coull (Colin and his late father introduced me to Golf), who is a fellow Spring Lakes & Golf Canada member and with my brother-in-law John Owen-Hicks.

The hole was playing 160 yards and I hit an 8 iron.


Chris Fradelos 

Craig Mackereth, Willow Valley, Hole #15

Thank you for the congratulations email. 

Details of hole-in-one:

#15 at Willow Valley, Hamilton

102 yards over a pond and tucked behind a sand trap

Used pitching wedge

Playing partners were John Roger & Wayne McLean

Dale O’Brien, Gander Golf Club, Hole #13

Thank you so much for your generous congratulations.

I was golfing with three of my good friends (Shirley Nolan, Nancy Dawe and Margie Day) who were extremely delighted to be part of my exciting moment. The yardage was 133 yards, and I used my Lady Cobra nine wood.

Thank you so much for the graphic you sent. I enjoyed it immensely.

Again, thank you for your congratulations,


Dan Seibel, Hills at Portal Golf Club, Hole #13

Thank you very much for your e mail message and your efforts promoting the wonderful game of golf in Canada.

A quick summary of my June 22nd, 2022, hole-in-one. It was on the par 3, thirteenth hole, at the Hills at Portal Golf Club in Surrey, B.C. The hole measured 

164 yards and I used my Miura 6 iron and a TaylorMade TP 5 golf ball. The ball landed on the green, bounced once, then rolled about 3 or 4 yards and dropped in the hole.  

My awesome playing partners were ‘Southpaw’ Dave Edison, ‘Down the Middle’ Bruce Johansson and ‘Halibut Hook’ Al Kirten. This was my second hole-in-one.

Thank you once again!

Best Regards,

Dan Seibel

David Shorey, The Landings Golf Course, Hole #13


Playing in a high school alumni golf tournament at The Landings Golf Course in Kingston ON. I hit my first hole-in-one playing in a scramble event with Craig Shorey, Mark Witheridge and Jordan Tekenos-Levy on the 13th hole, Par 3, 148 yards. The wind was heavy that day and directly at my back when I hit my 50 degree wedge. The ball landed on the green with one bounce at the front pin placement and disappeared into the hole. We all knew it was in from the tee box and started yelling in excitement. Of course, it being a tournament made for quite the expensive round at the 19th hole, but it was worth every penny to finally get my first ace after playing golf for 23 years!

Thanks Golf Canada!

Dave Shorey

Dora Dunlop, Sunnydale Golf Society, Hole #4

I was playing with my husband, Daniel Dunlop, and another coupe, Diane and Brian Fulsom, who are also members at Sunnydale Golf Club. The yardage was 115 yards, and I used my 7 wood.

Such a thrill for sure.

Glen Whitlock, Predator Ridge, Hole #15

Thank you for your email!  

What an exciting day to get my second ever hole-in-one. On this day we were supposed to play with friends but unfortunately, they had to catch an early flight so it was only my wife Sandra and I playing. 

I decided that since we were in between foursomes that I would play from the black tees. The yardage on the par three was 148 yards to the pin and I used an 8 iron. I hit a soft floaty cut to a front right pin placement and when it hit the green, we couldn’t see because of the higher grass at the edge of the pond. As we drove up we couldn’t see the ball anywhere, only Sandra‘s ball at the back of the green. We walked up to the cup and my Titleist ProV1x was laying in the bottom. 🎉🕺

Thank you again for reaching out and everything that Golf Canada does for Canadian golf.

Kind regards, 


Ian Thomson, Canmore Golf Club, Hole #17

It was on the 17th hole. 194 yards, red flag (front third) and I hit a 5-iron arrow straight. The ball landed about a yard short of the green, bounced on and rolled straight in.  It’s my third one-in-one, but my first in tournament play. The last was 25 years ago in North Ireland at Malone GC.



Jason Goldshlager, TPC Toronto, Hole #15

It was a great day indeed.

Playing partners: my daughter Jacky, and to buddies of mine Darren and Paul. The flag measured 133 yards I think. I hit a 9 iron. Beautiful fade :-). But nobody saw it because they were all using the washroom. 

That was our “47th” hole of the day.

Jamie Innes, Springfield, Hole #7

Thank you so much for reaching out.

Hole 7 at Springfield from the blue tees is roughly 180 yards to the centre of the green. I hit my 6 iron and it landed just on the front left of the green, took a nice bounce off the hill on the green and shot straight to the flag and fell in. Unfortunately, I was out for a round by myself, but I had the people on my tee box that were waiting (was a pretty busy day) that got to see it happen! (thank goodness someone saw it). I didn’t take a picture unfortunately, but I was to over the moon about getting my first hole-in-one!

Jim Wall, Cataraqui, Hole #2

Hi, and thanks.

It was at hole #2 at Cataraqui Golf & Country Club in Kingston ON. Date was 26 June 2022. Scorecard yardage is 197 yards. Club was a 5 iron. Playing partners were Frank, Richard and Takis.


Joe O’Donell, Henderson Lake Golf Club, Hole #4

I had the good fortune of my second hole-in-one at Henderson Lake Golf Club on the 4th hole (140 yards, par 3) in Lethbridge June 22nd.

What are the odds of this….in 2000, I got my first hole-in-one. Same conditions, very windy. Hit a 6 iron and my twin brother Dan O’Donnell was with me. The other thing…both times I used a 6 iron.

John McDonald, Garrison, Hole #11

Thanks for your best wishes.

I used an 8 iron on a 138-yard pin placement. The other members of the group were: Greg Reid, Tom Thayer and Eric Lockhart. I am 68 years old, an index of 10.7 and this is my second hole-in-one.

Thanks again for your interest and keep up the great work. The score posting system with performance information is outstanding.

John McDonald

Judith Rash, Rockland, Hole #3

Thanks Golf Canada for recognizing this exciting event! It occurred on the Rockland West course, Hole #3. I used my 7 iron for the hole was playing 130 yards that day. My long time Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day Tournament partners were Jan Meyer, Bob Price and Ole Sorensen. All of us watched as my shot landed on the green and rolled straight into the cup. My first ace after 30 years of close calls. Sharing it with good friends made it all the sweeter.

Kevin MacDonald, Saugeen Golf Course, Hole #7

Let me first state the hole-in-one occurred Friday June 24, 2022, at Saugeen Golf Course which has three 9 hole layouts: Legacy, Sunset and Sunrise. Our rotation that day was Sunset then Sunrise. I was playing with Bill Jacques, John MacLeod, and John Maybury. All full members of the club.

We were on our back 9 (Sunrise) on the 7th hole which was our 16th hole for that 18. We were playing the blue tee blocks and measured the distance to the pin at 154 yards; slightly up hill and green protected by large bunker in front. I hit an 8 iron and cleared the bunker landing on the fringe, ball leaped forward and over a knoll and disappeared. Playing partner Bill Jacques stated that it was a hole-in-one immediately, as he had gotten a hole-in-one on this hole several years ago with the pin in the same spot.

Approached green and the ball was nowhere to be seen, Bill stated “look in the cup”. I have been playing golf for almost 50 years and this was my first hole-in-one.

Finished playing and purchased a round of beers. At the same time, my wife was at the club house decorating the banquet hall for my daughter’s wedding which was taking place at the club on Saturday, June 25. I went to the banquet hall to offer my help and she was with my daughter and all of the bridesmaids. They asked how was golf?  In which I stated I got my first hole-in-one, they all congratulated me. 

The next day the wedding was beautiful, it was my daughter’s day, and I didn’t mention my hole-in-one from Friday during my father of the bride speech, however the maid of honour opened her speech by congratulating me on my hole-in-one. All 100 guests started to clap, I stood from my table and thanked them, then stated that all drinks tonight are on me! (it was an open bar anyway).

It was the best two days of my life. A hole-in-one on Friday, and my only daughter’s wedding on Saturday.


Kevin MacDonald 

Kody Tremblay, Sunningdale Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

Good afternoon,

Thank you for reaching out!

I was playing with Sunningdale members Mathew Carlton and Chris Carreiro, as well as Byran Straatman who is a fellow member of St. Mary’s GCC with myself. 

The yardage was about 170 yards (scorecard reads 168), and I hit a 7 iron. The reaction from my group members was something I’ll never forget! 

Linda Lucas, Kings Links by the Sea, Hole #6

Thanks for the congrats. Yes, it was fun to watch the ball disappear into the hole. And, better yet, to see a 1 on the scorecard.

I was playing with Dianne, Kelly and Barb; the hole was number 6 with a yardage of 120 yards and I used my 8 iron. It wasn’t a classic shot, but it went in!



Marie Lynd, Elmwood, Hole #8

I was playing with Betty Bateman and Sharon Pollock in the Elmwood Ladies Morning league. It was at #8, a 100-125 yard par 3. I used my #8 hybrid (Adams, IDEA techV3) and a yellow pinnacle ball. 

It was the first hole-in one of my life.

Micah Walker, Parrsboro Golf Club, Hole #7

Thanks for your email, and your kind words.

As for the details you asked for, here they are:

Who were you playing with: Erin MacIsaac, Matt Brewer and Robert Davis. What was the yardage: 209. What club did you use: 4 wood.

Kind regards,


Michael Holyland, Lee Creek Valley, Hole #15

Thank you for your interest. I was playing our second round of golf that week at Lee Creek Valley Golf Course with my wife Audrey Holyland. The course is in great shape and well looked after, the 15th hole was a 129 yards uphill a cross helping wind. I used a pitching wedge. I could not see the green so aiming to the right of the green, when I reached the green, I started looking for my ball not knowing it had gone into the hole until I asked my wife to look. What a surprise. 

Michael Moland, Blackhawk Golf Club, Hole #6

Thanks for reaching out! I was playing with my girlfriend and one of our friends. They were busy chatting off the tee box and missed the shot completely. Haha! They did watch me pull the ball out of the cup though. It was hole #6 roughly 130 yards and a wedge that did the trick.


Michael Moland

Nathan Procter, Whitevale Golf Club, Hole #14

Thank you.

I was playing with three other people. Two of them juniors like me and one is an adult member. 

The yardage was 168 and I hit 8 iron. 

Olga Fleming, South Muskoka Golf Club, Hole #8

My hole-in-one was on the 8th hole par 3 at South Muskoka Golf Club. The hole that day was 105 yards long over a large pond surrounded by bunkers behind the green. It was a forward pin placement right side of the green that morning. I used a Ping 8 iron with a Callaway V matte green ball which hit the slightly elevated right side of the green and rolled straight in. …a lucky day for sure. 

Phil Starr, TPC Toronto, Hole #15

I am happy to share the story of my hole in one last Saturday. There is a small group of about two dozen members of TPC Toronto called the “Straight Shooters” that play a regular round on Saturday mornings. I was introduced to the group through Dillon Crosby, the (former) member liaison at TPC Toronto three years ago. We rotate partners weekly, keep track of Stableford, gross and net scores and play to be the “Straight Shooter of the year”. The group has been great for me to play with as a high handicap, relatively newer golfer to learn the true rules of golf, and to improve my game.  

I didn’t really get “into” golf until 2017. Like many people, I would play a few rounds a year, but between work and an active young family, golf was low on my list of priorities. In 2017, I started to find more time to play, and the more I played the more I enjoyed golfing. I have been a member at TPC Toronto since 2018, when it was simply Osprey Valley. This is actually my second hole-in-one, my first coming August 3rd of 2018, on the Hoot on hole number 8. Other than my playing partner Chris Terry, and a few staff members, there were virtually no other golfers not actively golfing to celebrate with that particular day. 

On Saturday, I was playing with Peter Garnham, Andy Currie and Bryan Dyke on the Hoot course at TPC Toronto. My hole-in-one came on hole number 15. We were playing off of the white tees, the flag was about 115 yards out. I choked up on my Ping Utility wedge and hit my yellow Titliest Pro V1 onto the green. I saw it land close to the pin, then disappear. I was definitely shocked and a little stunned, not believing what had happened.

Once our round was over, I was given a flag to commemorate the event by TPC Toronto. I asked the members of the Straight Shooters to sign the flag for me as we enjoyed a refreshing beverage on the patio. This time, I had a great group of golfers to share in the celebrations at a great facility, on a picture-perfect day. 

Phil Starr

Roger Trull, Links at Crowbush Cove, Hole #8


Thanks so much for your very kind note! It was indeed a thrill to get my 8th hole-in-one on the 8th hole at Crowbush on the last day of our incredible golf trip to Cape Breton and PEI.  

The hole was playing 162 yards into a slight breeze.  I used a 6 iron which took one bounce and rolled into the hole! My playing partners were two friends from Heron Point, Don Wallace and Ray Dalby. A fourth was added by the pro shop and he was a member of Crowbush, Ryan Mette. 

Thank you again for your note.

All the best,


Tom Siegfried, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #5


Thank you for your email! On Tuesday June 14th, I was playing Whistle Bear GC after work with my friends Rob K., Trevor S. and Mark E. The Par 3 5th hole was playing 138 yards into a slight wind. I hit what looked to be a pretty decent shot with an 8 iron, but we couldn’t see the ball land. When we got to the green, there were only three balls, but I didn’t think mine had gone long. I decided to look in the cup and my ball was at the bottom! There was no ball mark and some slight damage to the edge of the cup, so it went straight in. I can’t explain how excited I was and it’s still a little crazy to think that I got a hole-in-one! It’s a golfing moment that I will definitely never forget! 

Tom Siegfried

Tyler Colvin, Rebel Creek Golf Club, Hole #7

Thank you for the email!

The hole-in-one came during our men’s night. The hole was set at about 146 yards, and I used a pitching wedge for the second ever hole-in-one.