The Financial Assistance Program, which is supported by Golf Canada, The Gary Cowan Heritage Fund and the Canadian Senior Golfers Association, supports golfers, mainly juniors, with financial aid to help offset expenses that come with traveling and competing in National Championships and regional competitions.

Initiated in 2022, the Financial Assistance Program was introduced with the understanding and goal that financial constraints shouldn’t be a barrier to compete in high performance championships. A number of donors contribute to this program which started out in 2022 and the fund allocation continuous to grow.

How the Program Works? 

Please check the specific overview documents under the application process heading for full criteria breakdowns.

2024 Financial Assistance Program

Continuing in 2024, the Financial Assistance Program will see an increase in funds available to eligible participants and their families for the following competitions:

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Application Process 

Once you have reviewed the eligibility guidelines in the overview document. Please see below for the specific application forms for each championship. 

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Timeline and Acceptance of Application Process 

In general, applications will be reviewed and accepted beginning thirty (30) days prior to the championship. An approval letter will be sent to the participant that has submitted a successful application outlining next steps before the championship begins. 

An accepted applicant MUST compete in their respective championship in order to receive the approved funds through the Financial Assistance Program. 

Disbursement of funds will begin following the conclusion of the championship and payments will be deposited within thirty (30) days from the conclusion of the championship. 

About the Canadian Seniors’ Golf Association (CSGA)

The CSGA is a trustee of the Golf Canada Foundation supporting the First Tee program and three Golf Canada scholarships. This includes the support of the Financial Assistance Program that is aimed at lifting the restrictions on financial obstacles that will not hinder a high performance athlete from playing in National Championships or NextGen competitions. Through these programs, the CSGA is delivering on its initiative to grow the game. 

About the Gary Cowan Heritage Fund 

The Gary Cowan Heritage Fund (GCHF) was established with the Golf Canada Foundation (GCF) in conjunction with The Canadian Seniors’ Golf Association (CSGA) to provide needed support to financially restricted junior golfers that will enable them to pursue their golfing aspirations. The GCHF will supply funding through existing Golf Canada programs and will work to fund future programming to support junior golfers.

A Steering Committee will support the GCHF by: