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The newest update for the Golf Canada Mobile App is live. The main enhancements to the app are focused on expanding the social and interactive elements to allow you to celebrate and share your golf outings with friends. Specifically, we’ve added the ability to:

Of course, all existing functionality continues to work as before. The Golf Canada Mobile App will continue to provide hole-by-hole data for over 1,400 golf clubs in Canada, has the only free Apple Watch integration for your hole-by-hole GPS mapping available in Canada, and is your guide to the RBC Canadian Open and CPKC Women’s Open as an attendee.

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How to / FAQ

  • How do I find and add new friends in the Golf Canada Mobile App?

    If you’re not already on the home screen, tap Home in the bottom button bar of the Golf Canada Mobile App. Next, in the top-left corner of the screen, look for the icon of two people / heads with a + icon on top. Tap this button and you’ll get access to a search bar, some suggestions for people you may know, and an option to connect to your phonebook and quickly add people you know who are Golf Canada members.

  • How do I set a profile photo for myself?

    Tap Profile in the bottom button bar of the Golf Canada Mobile App. Next, tap the red Edit My Profile button. Finally, tap the Add Profile Photo button to take a photo or select one from your phone’s photo gallery. Hit Save to apply the change and set your new photo.

  • How do I upload or attach a photo to an existing Score I posted to the app?

    Either on the Home screen, or by tapping the Profile button in the bottom button bar of the Golf Canada Mobile App, and find the Score you’d like to attach the photo(s) or video(s) to. (If you’ve gone through the Profile area to find the score, tap Edit Score.) Find the Add Media section, and select and upload the photos and videos you’d like to add.

  • How do I unsubscribe from emails or push notifications about new likes, comments, or when my friends post a Score or Status Update?

    All notifications you receive via e-mail will have a link to manage your communication preferences in the footer. Tap or click that link and you may choose to disable any or all notifications from the Golf Canada Mobile App.

  • I saw / I received an unwanted comment or photo in the Golf Canada Mobile App. How can I get it removed?

    All comments, photos, videos and Status Updates have a “Report” feature available. Look for and tap the icon of three dots in the top-right corner. For comments you receive on your Scores or Status Updates, we’ll automatically hide it and report it to Golf Canada staff. For comments, photos or videos by others, we’ll report it for Golf Canada staff to investigate.

  • Can I use any of these new social features on the Web?

    Sorry; at this time this functionality is limited to the Golf Canada Mobile App.

  • I have a question or feedback about the app. Who should I contact?

    For all matters concerning the mobile app, please contact Golf Canada Golf Services at:

    Phone: 905.849.9700 ext. 399
    Toll-Free: 1.800.263.0009 ext. 399