Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Golf Canada.

Recruitment for the Golf Canada Committees listed below as well as Tournament Officials (Starting, Scoring and Rules) is now open. Please click here to register and apply.

Before applying, please click below on the names of the Golf Canada Committees for their Terms of Reference.

If you would like more information regarding volunteering with Golf Canada, please email volunteers@golfcanada.ca.

Golf Canada is grateful for the time, talents and efforts of our volunteers to operate our many and varied activities.

Terms of Reference

Please note that individuals who have previously served a 10 year term as a Golf Canada Governor are still eligible to serve on any Golf Canada committee, with no term limit, except the Board of Directors, which still carries a 10 year maximum.

Golf Canada Professional Championships

To apply for general volunteer duties for Golf Canada championships please click below:

Golf Canada Amateur Championships

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