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Foresight Sports’ New GC3™ Launch Monitor Promises to be a “Game Changer” for all Golfers.

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The company’s latest Launch Monitor provides uncompromising accuracy and performance both indoors and outdoors, at a price that puts a Foresight Sports Launch Monitor in reach of every golfer now more than ever.

More than a decade after the debut of its GC2 – the launch monitor now known as the market’s all-time best-selling performance technology – Industry leader Foresight Sports has just released this legendary product’s successor; the GC3.

This newest addition to the Game Changer (GC) family of technology will allow more golfers to access the unparalleled data accuracy and true-to-life simulation that only Foresight Sports is recognized for.

Built on the same advanced photometric technology found in the company’s Tour-Dominating flagship launch monitor, the GCQuad, the new GC3 features a three-camera system that delivers ball and club performance data, both indoors and outdoors, with industry-leading precision.

According to Foresight Sports Canada’s Director Aaron Hardy, the GC3 answers a long-awaited need in the golf industry – making the highest-level performance, gaming and entertainment within reach of all golfers. “The GC3 was designed from the start to fill the space between our original ball data-only GC2and the unmatched data insight of our GCQuad. It delivers the essential ball and club data players need to reliably improve their game and empower a true-to-life virtual golf experience. No other product on the market comes close to delivering this range of options – nor the level of indoor and outdoor accuracy – at this price.”

The purchase of a GC3 includes FSX 2020 & FSX Pro Software, 20 Standard Courses, the FSX performance app and exclusive first-time access to the Beta version of the yet-to-be-released FSX Play Software (expected early 2022).

The GC3 will also be available with all styles of Foresight Sports Canada’s SIM-IN-A-BOX collection and the BackYard series; you can extend the Canadian golf season from 4 months to the whole year.

We are expecting a high demand for the GC3; Foresight Sports Canada suggests that anyone interested in purchasing a unit in 2021 should contact them as soon as possible to be added to the waitlist.

To learn more about the GC3 or to sign up for the waitlist, CLICK HERE.

For further information, please get in touch with Jim Hill at jim@foresightsports.ca