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A note to kids: Get to golf camp this summer

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Hey, kids. Don’t let your parents read this. Let’s keep this our secret, OK?

Yeah, I’m a parent with three grown kids but, more importantly, I am a grandfather and we all know that grandparents are the best. Right?

So here’s my advice: Tell your parents you want to go to golf camp this summer.

But do it reluctantly, like it’s their idea. Parents like to think they are in charge. Just humour them and try not to doze off when they’re rambling on.

But be prepared for the usual parent stuff.

Even if they don’t golf, they’re going to natter on about how golf will make you a better person and, perhaps, a better student at school. (Yawn.)

They’ll lecture you about how most golf camps embrace the Future Links concept that not only makes you a better golfer but educates you in some valuable life skills: two core life skills (focus and sportspersonship) and six associated skills (perseverance, goal setting, emotional regulation, honesty, teamwork and respect).

But who wants to think about school right now? You’re more interested in enjoying the summer and a week or two at golf camp is the way to go. You might even persuade your folks to get you a junior membership at a local course. It’s a great way to enjoy the summer out of doors with your friends. But let them think that was their idea.

“All our kids leave with a big smile on their faces,” says Jake Patte of Geared To Golf. His innovative programs attract kids who are new to golf as well as those who want to get better. He even invites parents to come on the last day of camp for a barbecue and a scramble with the kids.

At my course, Midland Golf and Country Club in Ontario, some camps are paired with other activities, like hockey, robotics, rocketry, fishing, and mountain biking.

Most courses can provide you with clubs, so you don’t need to bring your own. Similarly, even if you don’t go to a camp with your friends, you are sure to meet new ones there. Guaranteed.

Just about every summer golf camp is organized by a PGA of Canada professional who has a background in instruction and understands the Future Links concept. That ensures you will not only learn about the game but have a great time.

If you’ve never golfed before, you’re in good company. Whether you’re five years old or 15, it doesn’t matter. Camps are designed to make you feel welcome and to have fun. Some courses even have specific weeks just for beginners as well as girls-only sessions.

So go to golf camp this summer. If you do, you’ll not only enjoy the game for the rest of your life, but get to play with your parents and, most importantly, your grandparents. You’ll make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Maybe it’s time you schooled your parents about going to golf camp this summer!

Check out Golf Canada’s junior camps and clinics, to to find one that’s right for you.