19th Hole

Aging with the game

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(Osteoporosis Canada)

Golf is a game for all ages – from youngsters swinging a club for the first time with Golf in Schools equipment to seasoned veterans of the sport who are well into their greying years.

Golf – and all sports – carries its own set of challenges as players grow with the game. While it’s great to stay active and keep fit, players of any sport should always be mindful of the increased risk for injury as they age.

Osteoporosis Canada introduces us to Gary – an avid golfer in his 70s who suffers from the condition affecting the fragility of his bones due to low bone mass and the deterioration of bone tissue.

Those with osteoporosis can still play the game like Gary does, but here are a few exercises to help strengthen muscles and improve balance to lessen the risk of fracture and injury.

For more information from Osteoporosis Canada, please visit their website here.