Alberta Golf expands athlete development program

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Alberta Golf is pleased to announce an expanded high performance athlete development offering in 2018. In all, five tiers of programs will provide a circle of support for golf athletes in the province.

“Supporting athletes who intend on competing at the highest levels in their chosen sport begins with the establishment and management of an organization-wide commitment to high performance,” said Phil Berube, Alberta Golf’s CEO. “These athletes, from the introduction to competition to the compete to win stages of Long-Term Player Development, are a product of a circle of support that includes personal instructors, coaches, parents and club programs and will proudly represent Alberta as they compete on the provincial and national stages.”

Alberta Golf invests $280,000 annually in sport development programs and services. The goal is to support 100% of athletes who make an application to enter the program at any tier, with the superior level of coaching they desire and the resources to assist them succeed in their journey.


Alberta Golf provides investment to players, clubs and coaches in support of our athlete development programs. Our objective is to ensure that all athletes who have been identified on world golf rankings have access to High Performance Coaching. Alberta Golf monitors ranking systems from around the globe as well as our National Golf Canada Rankings and invites players to apply to our tiered support programs.


If you are interested in pursuing a pathway to becoming an elite golfer, speak with your local golf professional about Alberta Golf’s Player Support Program. Our staff work with athletes by providing funding and resources to assist individuals in reaching their performance objectives. This includes: skills assessment, performance planning, sports psychology, nutrition, strength & conditioning, travel, equipment, grants and scholarships.


If your club is interested in Alberta Golf’s High Performance strategy, please contact us to learn how we can work together to grow your facility’s development programs. Our Get-Linked granting program provides facilities with co-operative funding to complement existing golf programs and our Future Links, driven by Acura resource library outlines a pathway to help golf facilities initiate and promote a successful program.


If you are interested in pursuing a career in coaching and developing local athletes in your region, contact us to find out more about Alberta Golf’s High Performance strategy. Our staff work with coaches by providing funding and resources to assist individuals in reaching their career objectives. This includes: coaching requirements, training, career planning, team support, travel, equipment, contract fees.

Alberta Golf will be inviting identified athletes and interested clubs and coaches to apply to the High Performance Athlete Development programs throughout the remainder of 2017. For more information please follow the links below:

2018 High Performance Athlete Development Program Outline
2018 Application Form


TIER 1: NextGen Local Program

TIER 2: Regional Player Development Program

TIER 3: Team Alberta Provincial Program

TIER 4: Alberta High Performance Squad Program

TIER 5: Alumni Program