19th Hole

Canada’s Craziest Golfer Contest winners

You sure made us proud Canada!

We we’re truly impressed by the entries we received for our “Canada’s Craziest Golfer Contest”. It was almost impossible not to share them all. Here are your 3 winners:

1st place: Mark Balon

Marc Balon

” Too much snow! Waiting for warmer weather and remembering a great trip to Pebble Beach and Palm Springs just a month earlier! What better way to reminisce than to practice your putting!”

2nd Place: Ed Bergen

contest 3 entry

“My greatest day of golf was a long one.  My golfing partner Rob, and myself were up early and were lucky enough to have the first tee time of the day at the beautiful Mt Lorette course at Kannaskis.  With no one in front of us, we walked and were able to complete the round in good time and collect our “I kept the pace” ball marker upon completion.  We also had a tee time booked at The majestic Banff Springs Golf course in Banff.  It’s hard to play quickly when surrounded by such scenery, but the pace of play was good and we still had a good piece of the day ahead of us.  With maybe a lack of sleep or a bit to much sunshine on the brain, we thought, “hey, why not race to Jasper National Park, if there’s no tea times available. we will play in the morning”.  For anyone that hasn’t travelled that stretch of road, its only 287 km, but in the middle of July it is about a four hour drive!  After the lengthy drive through what may be Canada’s most scenic stretch of road we arrived in Jasper and secured the last tee time of the day!  At last light we, we walked off the 18th green, knowing that we had just finished walking 54 holes of great golf, on 3 of Canada’s greatest courses and travelled over 350 km by car and still had time to set up our tent in the dark and get some sleep so we could start over in the morning!”

3rd place: Sebastien Arcand


4 years ago I built a backyard putting green for my kids and myself. The green is made of bentgrass and built to USGA standards. After 4 years, my kids and myself are still practicing almost everyday on it. My kids love golf as much as I do…

Honourable Mentions:

A creative “Urban golfer”.. Jeremy La Salle-Pike

urban golf


A golf-crazy scuba diver who took his homegrown love of golf all the way to Belize, Todd Keirstead


Desi Harcourt’s son is an impatient and innovative golfer. He’s been known to shovel himself a makeshift driving range and spend days in the cold training for the upcoming competitive season.


Thank you Canada for sharing your photos and passion for the game, keep on golfing!