Canadian Golf Hall of Fame needs help saving rare golf magazine collection


The $6,000 goal has been reached. The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame thanks everyone who made contributions.  Any additional funds raised for this project will be put towards web programming a searchable platform to home The Canadian Golfer.

The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum (CGHF) is raising funds to help preserve The Canadian Golfer, a rare collection of golf magazines covering the sport in Canada for more than 25 years.

The Canadian Golfer, printed monthly from 1915 until 1941,  is full of stories and histories of Canadian golf clubs, tournaments and people. The CGHF is home to the only public repository and complete collection of the publication.

“Due to the age and frequency of use of these documents we are seeking the public’s support to digitize the more than 200 issues we have in our archives,” said Meggan Gardner, Curator of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. “The Canadian Golfer is often our first resource for conducting research.  It’s also the first resource requested by scholars, journalists or club’s looking researching their club history. The digitization of The Canadian Golfer will aid in its preservation as we eliminate the need to ‘flip’ through the pages for information.”

Bound copies of The Canadian Golfer are fragile and extensive, tallying approximately 24,000 pages for the entire collection.  Scanning will be competed by a company with extensive experience digitizing records and working with delicate material. The cost of digitizing the collection is $0.45 a page.

Once the scans are completed they will be housed online and all issues will be fully searchable. Potions of the publication will be available for the public to download at no charge.

A hundred percent of all funds raised will help in scanning and thereby preserving this important collection of sport history.

To make a donation, click here.