Checking in with Team Canada

Coaching Team Canada in a new era

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Tristan Mullally

Two weeks ago, Women’s Head Coach Tristan Mullally was in Palm Springs, Fla., leading Team Canada’s first training camp of the season with a new squad. While the group is together, Mullally, along with the supporting sport science staff, must ensure they maximize every minute they have with the athletes.

“We’re always trying to enhance our coaching—through different seminars, dialogue with coaches and other pieces that help us create new ideas for how we can continue to move forward,” said Mullally. “With this camp, we are focusing on fine-tuning details and tendencies to ensure we maximize their time in the off-season.”

After the camp, Team Canada athletes usually head back to their U.S. college campus to implement what was worked on at camp in anticipation of the upcoming NCAA spring season. Meanwhile, Mullally dives deeper into planning the competitive year ahead.

In total, he is responsible for coaching seven athletes—four on the Amateur Squad and three on the Young Pro squad. With varying schedules, Mullally designates “contact days” in which he conducts individual visits with athletes throughout the season.

To enhance the team’s communication outside of those days, he uses an online private coaching network, Edufii—accessible by only him, the athletes and the supporting staff. Included in the network are analytics, assigned tasks, voiceover videos and more. Each athlete has their own private network in addition to one team network for all.


Edufii is one of the many tools Mullally will look to maximize in hopes of repeating Team Canada’s remarkable 2014 season.

The PGA of Canada class ‘A’ member has been showing off his tech skills in the social scene as well—taking this nice photo blend to the masses on twitter: