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FootJoy launches website to educate players about golf gloves

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(Golf Canada/ Kim Stallknecht)

FootJoy has debuted golfgloveguide.com, a new microsite dedicated to educating players about the importance of a proper-fitting golf glove and providing insight as to how a glove can enhance a player’s game.  The site includes instructional and experiential content, outlining the five most important topics pertaining to a golf glove: equipment, grip, fit, durability and care.

“All of the feel in your golf game comes through your hands. You must wear a glove with the best feel,” says professional golfer Adam Scott. “It is so important that I have a good feel through my glove, as my hands are connected to the club, which is doing all of the work.”

FootJoy estimates that over 50% of players are wearing the wrong sized glove, often dismissing the glove’s importance as a piece of equipment and the improvement a glove can provide to an individual’s game.

“The make and fit of a golf glove can affect a player’s swing more than most realize. At FootJoy we’re dedicated to making the best golf gloves in the world. The care we take in their creation reflects a long-held philosophy that the right glove can mean as much to your game as the right ball or right club,” says Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing, FootJoy Gloves & Accessories, Acushnet Company. “The glove is not just an accessory but an essential part of every player’s game.”

A proper fitting can improve a player’s performance and provide valuable insight to adjustments the player should make to their grip and hand positioning on the club. This information is readily accessible to consumers on golfgloveguide.com. From the make and fit of a glove to its care and durability, these items are essential to consider when purchasing a golf glove and utilizing the glove to improve one’s game.

“We need our hands so much in this game and we need to take care of them. I need a combination of protection and feel in my glove and I trust FootJoy gloves to provide both of these qualities,” says professional golfer Hunter Mahan.