Full steam ahead for CN Field Trip program

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Together with Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada, the Golf in Schools and CN Future Links programs have introduced over 1.5 million juniors to the game of golf nationwide.

The new CN Field Trip program aims to ensure that elementary and high school golfers participating in the Golf in Schools program have the ability to experience the sport outside of the classroom at an active CN Future Links facility in their community.

With access to Canada’s national junior golf program, CN Future Links offers educators and active CN Future Links sites the perfect opportunity to begin closing the gap between the two programs by bridging them together.

By providing Golf in Schools programs with a direct link to a CN Future Links active site, students will have a better understanding of where they can gain access to a regular youth golf program and will hopefully continue to play outside of school and long into the future.

Thanks to CN’s continued commitment to support junior golf in Canada, they have provided 50 CN Future Links field trip grants of $500 each to be provided to active CN Future Links facilities that wish to take part in the program. These grants were created in an effort to assist with the costs associated with hosting a school’s field trip at their facility.

CN continues to be a proud supporter of the CN Future Links program alongside a number of activities like the Golf in Schools program that promote and ensure children’s well being throughout our communities.

With the launch of this program in communities across Canada, there should be little standing in the tracks of the next generation of junior golfers making it out to their local golf courses.

The CN Field Trip grants are now available. They will be determined on a first-come-first-serve basis and applicants will be required to submit a grant proposal that is available on the CN Future Links website.