One-on-one with Birchbank Golf Course’s Dennis Bradley

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Nanjing, China (Getty Images)

Dennis Bradley

GC: What prompted Birchbank Golf Course to host the CN Future Links
Western Championship?
DB: We were looking for an opportunity to help promote junior golf in our local area, B.C., and Canada. So when this opportunity arose, we couldn’t refuse.

GC: What preparations have went into hosting this championship?
DB: Meetings with the Junior Committee, as well as local businesses, radio, and newspaper have been a big part of the preparation. We’ve also had many members step up to volunteer in various capacities for the tournament.

GC: What can players expect when they arrive at your club?
DB: Friendly staff, a great practice area, a playable course… just a great week overall.

GC: What do you think will challenge competitors the most?
DB: Most players will find that keeping the ball in play right off the tee will be the most challenging aspect of the course.

GC: Are there any significant holes or sections of the golf course that should provide excitement for the tournament?
DB: Starting holes #1 – 4, as well as the 18th are certainly one’s to watch.

GC: What does your club do to encourage and engage your junior membership each season?
DB: Free lessons on Mondays, as well as a very reasonable rate for Junior Memberships.

GC: What is your club looking forward to the most in hosting this
DB: Seeing talented junior golfers from across the country play our course.

GC: What does hosting an event like this do for your local community?
DB: We’re expecting this event to bring a lot of players, as well as their family, to the area. And hopefully they enjoy their stay and plan to return in the future.