Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Lynda Poulin, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #15


Thank you for your email. I was playing with Dany L. (Director of Operations, Clublink) and Christian P. (Golf Course Superintendent, Clublink).

It happened on hole no 15 at Talon (Greyhawk), 120 yards and I used my nine wood, due to strong winds on that day. You will find attached to this message a video and a picture, which you have my permission to use.

Lynda Poulin

John Kim, TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley, Hole #14

I got my ace on the 14th hole, North Course, white tees. I think it was about 128 yards, helping wind and I used my nine iron. The course was in great shape and we had a terrific day. Here is a pic that you can share. Not bad for a 18 handicap!


John Kim

Angela McNaughton, Hylands Golf Club, Hole #7

Thank you for your email!

My foursome was very quick to celebrate with me… Phyllis B; Christine D; and Patricia H. Patricia is one of the league coordinators and spent the rest of the morning yelling out the news to each group that we crossed paths with! I’m extremely lucky to be able to record this as my 2nd hole-in-one… the other was many years ago at the Ottawa Hunt Club while golfing with my dad, Fred J. (he was ecstatic to hear the news of this one).

This one was on the 7th hole of the North Course; 142 yards from the red tees; and I used a magical 7-iron. I was happy to get it on this hole as it is usually one of my more challenging holes for some reason!

I’ve attached the picture that Phyllis took for me and I’m glad she did as I was not thinking very clearly at the time! You also have my permission to use this.

Thanks again for your follow-up with me.


Lisa Walker, Castlegar Golf Club, Hole #8

I was playing with my husband, Mike A., and my sisters-in-law, Judy W. and Donna W. I used my 5-iron on the 141 yard hole #8. I was the last to hit and hit it well but I thought it would be about 5 or 6 feet from the hole if I was lucky.

I bent down to get my tee, and Mike was saying that it was heading for the hole and then that it went in. He likes to joke around so I didn’t get too excited but when I looked, I couldn’t see it but thought it could be behind the flag or even off the green. I kept looking as we walked up to the hole but still couldn’t see anything but couldn’t and wouldn’t believe it until I looked into the hole.

Unbelievable! And I still can’t believe it. What a thrill!


Katie Barron, Cobble Beach Golf Links, Hole #8

Hi – thank you so much! It was an amazing experience!!! I couldn’t believe it happened. I was playing with my fiancé Amy S., and friends Frank H. and Keith D. It was hole 8. It was 98 yards and I used my pitching wedge.

By all means you have my permission to post on any of your stuff. Thank you so much for reaching out!!!

Mike McLaughlin, Trafalgar Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

It was my third hole in one at Trafalgar and it was on the third hole. It was 100 yards and I used an eight iron. My partners for that morning were: David P. and Andrew M. David confirmed that my ball was in the hole and he removed it.

Please see attached photograph.

Thank you,


Jim Sirup, Water Valley Golf & Country Club, Hole #13


Thanks for your congratulatory email acknowledging my hole-in-one. Details are as follows:

  • I was golfing with my wife Karen and another couple, Ron and Donna S.
  • Golf Course: Water Valley Golf Club, Alberta
  • Date: May 16, 2022
  • My hole-in-one was on hole #13; the flag was 172 yards from the blue tee box – I used a 5 iron
  • I am 68 years old, this was my 2nd hole in one


Jim Sirup

Mike Potter, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Hole #14


Thank you very much! It was 138 yards and I used my 9 iron, playing with my best buddy Taylor F., just the two of us that day. Here is the photo. You have permission to use all photo/details as you see fit.

Thank you again,

Mike Potter
Gorge Vale Golf Club

Karen Brosko, Wildwood Golf Course, Hole #14

Good morning,

First thank you very much for acknowledging this accomplishment. The hole-in-one occurred during regular Ladies 18 Hole League at Wildwood Golf Course in Saskatoon, SK. My playing partners on May 22, 2022 were Dorothy C. and Joyce P. The 14th hole is a 108 yard par-3. I played a 7-iron with a Callaway ball. It was extra fun for me because I got to see the ball go into the hole. A special memory for sure. Unfortunately the picture that we took that day did not turn out very well…..

Karen Brosko

Mahboob Nawaz, GlenDenning Golf Course, Hole #6

Thank you for your kind wishes and gesture on hearing the news of my hole-in-one at Glendenning Golf Club (GD). It is certainly much appreciated!

Although this was my second ‘Ace’ in golf, it certainly was the first at GD, which is my ‘home course’ where I have been a member for almost 13 years!

My amazing moment came on a beautiful sunny Saturday May 21, 2022, at the par 3, hole #6, which was playing about 156 yards into a decent headwind (more of a breeze). I decided to go with my 8 iron. Just as I addressed my ball, a light gust hit us head-on that prompted me to back-off my shot and readjust my stance to hit a lower ball flight. My shot was a firm hit with a lower trajectory than I normally hit coupled with a very slight (baby) fade where I saw the ball go in the hole after the second hop! Initially, it was an unbelievable ‘shock’ to the system where I said out loud to my playing partners, “Oh my gosh… that didn’t just happen…”, and they all erupted in unison saying, “That’s in the hole!”

Not too far away from our tee box is the 15th green where a few other members/friends were putting and they also heard the commotion and joined in to congratulate me, and so did another foursome of avid golfers from the previous hole!

Needless to say, it was an expensive celebration after the round (ha ha ha), which in my opinion, needs to change.

In the excitement of this hole-in-one achievement, I forgot to take more pictures, but I thank a good friend, Jeanette H., who took the time to snap a picture of me retrieving my ball out of the hole, which I am enclosing with this message. My other playing partners were Ronnie H. and Gerard P.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to relive that wonderful moment.


Mahboob Nawaz

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