Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Alex Matheson, Palmeto Hall Plantation, Hole #6


Really appreciate you and the team reaching out, big fan of Golf Canada and the great work you guys do.

We were on a golf trip to Hilton Head, playing with a few buddies. 7 iron from 177 yards that we got to watch go in the whole way. Two hops, a bit of a roll out, hit the pin and dropped. Surreal feeling.

Would like to add my playing partners were Joe Hemingway, Peter Dabic and Jared Lubczuk.

Andrew Bouchat, Belleview Golf Club, Hole #16

1st ever Hole-in-One

– Occurred on April 20, 2023

– Member at Belleview Golf Club – Woodslee, ON

– Witnesses: Claire Primeau Bouchat and Cody McFarlane

– Handicap – 8.3

– Hole 16 – Par 3 – 93 yards – used a Titleist Vokey 50° Gap Wedge


April 20, 2023, was a cold, windy day. I was playing with my wife and a friend. Came close earlier in the round and my wife Claire (who has 2 holes-in-one) who stated it will happen, eventually, with a smile. Had recently ordered new Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges and other then the practice range, had not hit my 50° wedge many times. The shot on the 16th was two feet left and short of the hole. It bounced and hit the lower part of the flag stick and dropped in the hole. After an immediate fist pump, I yelled “yeah – finally” loud enough that the group behind us and the group on the 17th tee heard me and clapped. Shot 76 and told the Golf Course Manager (Josh) who sent a notification to the Membership via Facebook. This was my very first hole-in-one even though I have been playing for 50 years!

Anul Patel, Woodside Golf Course, Hole #7

Thank you for the opportunity to share the ace with Golf Canada!

I was playing with two Woodside Members (Cal Daling and Ron) as well as another single, Chris Brown. 135 yards into a 1 club wind. Punched 9 iron struck a couple of grooves low on the face. The ball landed at the front of the green, hopped, checked and rolled into the cup! I’m thrilled for my third ace!


Anul Patel

Brent Glanville, Summerland Golf & Country Club, Hole #4


Playing with friends Dave Bowman of Kelowna B.C. and Harold Schneider visiting from Calgary, AB.

4th hole at Summerland Golf and Country Club plays 133 yards to middle of green over water. Pin was at the back playing 140+ yards. Both friends hit and put their shots onto the green.
I was last to swing and swung an easy eight iron. “Johnny Miller Baby Draw.” The ball landed directly in front of pin and tracked in for the hole-in-one.

All smiles!

Brent Glanville

Brett Bateman, Sandpiper Golf Club, Hole #12

Good morning!

Thank you for the message and the visual to share.

I was playing in week two of the six-week BC Zone 3 Spring Tour with a foursome that included a friend of mine, Max. The yardage was 113 yards and I hit a 52-degree wedge. 

This is actually my second hole-in-one! My first was at the Willows course at Surrey Golf Course in May 2021.

Thanks again.

Brett Bateman 

Chad MacMillan, Paragon Golf & Country Club, Hole #13


Thank you for your e-mail! I used a gap wedge from 122 yards. I was playing with Colin Muise and my father, Gerry MacMillan. It was my second career hole-in-one, but my first while playing with my father – to share that moment with him was special.

All the best and thank you once again,

Chad MacMillan 

Darrell Peters, Markland Wood Golf Club, Hole #2

Thank you for your congratulatory email!

I made a hole-in-one at our Club’s opening day! I was playing with friends Richard Innes, Frank Vrabel and Orest Szot.  On hole #2, with my 6th swing of the year (yes, I bogeyed #1 ☹️), I got my hole-in-one. The hole was playing 157 yards to a middle pin. I hit my 7-iron. Two bounces and in! This is my second hole-in-one!

David Boddington, Whispering Woods, Hole #6

I was playing with Warren Hynes, Brad Jones and Ronn Reaman. We hit from the whites. 176 yards. Playing 180 yards and I hit my 4 iron in on the fly.

David Stone, Raven Crest, Hole #3

First round of the year. Playing with Malcolm Grist, Jerry Hall and Ed McGonaghy at Ravencrest. Back pin. Ranged at 140 yards against the wind. 7 iron. Jerry and I both hit decent shots but only one wasvisible by the hole. Looked in, and there it was, my third hole-in-one. Great way to start the year.

Ellie Kerr, Morgan Run Resort & Club, Hole #3

Hello to Golf Canada and thank you for your congratulatory e-mail.

I’m a member of Cherry Hill Club in Ontario, Canada. I was golfing with my good friend Tami McClenny at our winter course, Morgan Run Club and Resort, in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  

We were playing the North course as our second nine on Saturday April 8, 2023. The 3rd hole is listed as 97 yards for the red tee, and it was a back pin. I hit a 9 iron to the elevated green and when I walked up and didn’t see my ball on the green, I feared it bounced off the back. When we found it in the hole, we couldn’t believe it. We shouted and jumped up and down and looked around to share the moment but there was no one behind us or in front of us on the course. Some folks walking across the road from the course heard us and we shared the great news with them. It was my first hole-in-one.

My husband and children surprised me by being at the clubhouse when we finished, and we celebrated together.

Here’s to a great season of golf in Canada.

Ellie Kerr

Fred Ollewagen, Deer Creek Golf Club, Hole #7


I was featured in your October 2022 feature with my first and second holes-in-one in the space of one weekend. 

Only 15 rounds later I’m proud to say I have my third. It was the 7th hole on Diamond at Deer Creek GC. 123 yards. 54-degree wedge.

Jason Jiang, Mayair Lakes, Hole #4


I was playing in the Chinese bald eagle tournament. On hole #4 I had my first official hole-in-one.

Josh King, Osprey Ridge Golf Course, Hole #8

Thanks! This is a nice touch by Golf Canada.

I was playing with Ryan Nowe and Patrick Gillis. Hole #8 at Osprey is 150 yards straight uphill. Ryan and Patrick both hit really good shots and then I hit a 9-iron that never really left the pin and when I got up to the green and only saw two balls I sort of knew mine had to be in the hole and sure enough it was. Lord knows my scorecard needed it as I was playing awful up to that point. It’s my third career hole-in-one and hopefully not my last!


Josh King CA, CPA

Kay Tsurusaki, Marine Drive Golf Club, Hole #4


Thank you for your message.  Yes, it was very exciting as it was my first hole-in-one! It was at hole #4 and 107 yards. I used 7 iron for the shot. Amazing it went in.

Thank you for sending me the graphics to commemorate this event!

Kay Tsurusaki

Susan Barnes, Creston Golf Club, Hole #6

Hole-in-one at the Creston Golf Club on April 21st with my girl friends Shirley and Petra. It was 112 yards, and I used a choked down 5 utility. Shirley is my good luck charm as she was with me last year for a hole-in-one (same hole).

Tab Clark, Listowel Golf & Country Club, Hole #2

Thank you for the congrats on the hole-in-one.  I’ve been golfing since I was a teenager, and this is my one.

As per your note below, it occurred on the second hole Listowel Heritage course from the White Tees, roughly 125 yards. 8 iron. The ball landed about one metre from the hole. I bent down to pick up the tee and the guys I was playing with said “it’s in”. Because I was picking up the tee, I did not see the ball go into the cup. I was playing with Wayne Harwood, Andre Paradis and Wayne’s son Gavyn Harwood. It was my first time out for the season during the stretch of nice weather we had in Southern Ontario.  

Best regards,

Tab Clark

Teddi Swalm, Landings Golf Course, Hole #6

Thank you for acknowledging my hole-in-one. I’ve been golfing since I was a kid and finally at 63 got my first hole-in-one. I was golfing with my husband Tim Merrill and friends John Van de Ven and Dave Wein. It was a 100-yard par 3 and I used my Utility Wedge.

Tom Fraser, Yarmouth Golf & Curling Club, Hole #7

I was teeing off on number 7, 100 yards with my pitching wedge and my Titleist 5. I showed the ball to my playing partner Richard because it was a bit warn. Given the cart was a distance away, I decided to just play it. When I hit the ball, we thought it would end up in the bunker but instead it kicked right up to the green and we watched roll right into the hole. Want a moment. 

Thank you.

Tom Fraser

Trevor Coldwell, Paraiso del Mar Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

Thanks for the email. The hole was playing 131 into the wind. I hit a 9 iron. I was playing with my wife, Terri, and our neighbours, Terri and Lisa McCreadie.