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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Erica Otaguro, Dundas Valley, Hole #2

Thanks so much! It was very exciting!

It was quite the morning. We teed off at 7:10am on Thursday, August 4. The group of us all had awful tee shots on hole #1 so we thought it was going to be a rough round. I was playing off the white tees (my first time this season), so I wasn’t sure what to hit on hole #2. I looked at my buddy Kyle and said, “I don’t know what to hit here so I’m just guessing”. It was a blue pin, and it was about 135 yards out. I hit a pure 8 iron and right away my buddy said, “that looks real good”. I saw land on the green and it rolled to the left and then it dropped in. My friends started shouting saying it was in and I started to argue saying it couldn’t have gone in. I ran up and saw it and couldn’t stop shouting. It was fantastic. Best part, my buddy, Kevin Oikawa, then got a hole in one on hole #4. So, two holes-in-one in the same group on the same day!

It was such an amazing day!


Erica Otaguro

Kevin Oikawa, Dundas Valley, Hole #4

It was quite the morning (August 4th, 2022) as our group’s excitement was still in the clouds with Erica Otaguro’s hole-in-one on the second hole, a perfect 8 iron to the 135-yard ace.

So, stepping up on the 4th tee box, there was still a lot of excitement and laughter about her hole-in-one. The 4th hole at Dundas Valley is an uphill par 3 where the bottom of the pin is hidden from sight due to elevation and slight ridge in front of the green playing 184 yards. There was still some golf razzing going on as one of the group members (Pierre) says just during my pre-shot routine, ‘hey Kevin, I think that is a bit too much club!’, as he was watching me take a practice swing with my driver. In the past, I’ve told those playing with me I don’t want a hole-in-one on this hole for that reason of explaining driver! I also said if I do get one, we’ll agree to say it was a 5 iron. I step up, swing, hitting a ‘punch cut driver’. It’s on the way cutting back to the flag, I look and walk towards the cart, even if it’s a good shot it usually runs to the back, middle of green at best. It hits the ridge in front and Erica yells “I think it hit the pin!’ Like little excited school children waiting for their summer vacation to start, we approach the green, giggling and dazed. A numbness grows as I get out of the cart and walk on the green. As all of us just look at each other with that look, ‘is this really happening’. There it was, my ball in the hole. Our groups’ second hole-in-one after four holes played! Then the explosion of joy of why we play this game! Thank you, golf gods for taking us to a special place for that moment of time.

Kevin Oikawa

Alex Vandenbosch, Flamborough Hills, Hole #11

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I was playing with my friend, Brian, and a couple of other members. The back pin was about 151 yards and I hit a smooth 9 iron. The ball took one hop and dropped out of sight. Last year, I had a hole-in-one on the same hole, middle pin. Now I’m hoping for a front pin there every time I go out!



Alice Melanson, Pine Needles, Hole #4

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Thank you. It felt pretty good yes to finally make a hole-in-one. I was golfing with my husband and had an employee from Pine Needle just behind us that witness the event. It was approximately 140 yards, and I used my 4 hybrid.

Barry Nichol, Spallumcheen, Hole #15

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I was golfing with the regular Saturday group; Mel Krysko, Dan Vukadinovic and Donn Kim. We come to the 15th hole and Dan was saying he birdied last three holes and we check for yards, and it was 162 yards to the center of pin. I took my Titilist hybrid 818 and got a good contact and it felt good. The ball was high in the air so at that time, the sun was in our ruses and could not see where it landed. We heard it hit the green and thought it went over. Or short. Walked up to green and could not find my ball. So, one of the guys says, “look into the cup it may be there”. So, there it was sitting in the cup. It had rolled down the green into the hole. This is my first birdie I have made. Came close but never had one. 

Becker Handous, Glendale, Hole #2

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Thank you, it truly was a great feeling.

I was playing with three other members at Glendale; Mike Chanak, Ray Elwenni, and my brother, Mohamed Handous. The hole was playing 191 yards and I used my 5 iron. The shot looked amazing but, I thought I went over the green because I couldn’t see it land. I drove down to the back of the green and immediately started looking for my ball in the rough. After spending a few minutes down there, I thought I would check the hole because going out long didn’t make a lot of sense with the club I used. As I was walking towards it, Mike was setting up for his putt and noticed the edge of the hole being damaged and said, “I think you might be in”. I took a look and there it was, jarred!

Thanks again for the recognition and shout out.


Becker Handous

Berkley Beingessner, Redwood Meadows, Hole #12

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The round when I got my hole-in-one, we were competing in an interclub match with the Inglewood golf team. The foursome competing included Rob Wilson (Redwood), Colin Hasick and Davis Yates (Inglewood). The 12th hole was playing 142 yards. I hit a 9 iron.

Bill Dettweiler, Stone Tree, Hole #16

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On July 16, on hole #16 at the Stone Tree in Owen Sound. This was my first hole-in-one and was witnessed by Watson Rowe. A #8 iron was used for 131 yards to flag.


Bill Dettweiler

Blaine Reid, Pheasant Glen Golf Resort, Hole #8

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Hole-in-one occurred on the 12th hole at the Victoria golf course. I used a 56-degree Vokey wedge.

Brett Arthur, Lost Creek Golf Club, Hole #8

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I hit my first hole-in-one on August 3rd, 2022, on the 8th hole at Lost Creek Golf Club in Beaverbank, Nova Scotia! The Yardage was 140 yards and I hit a draw with my pitching wedge just right of the pin when my ball bounced once and hopped right in the hole. The ball also happened to be a Titleist 1 ProV1, so it seemed like it was meant to be. None of us knew how to react as it was our first time witnessing a hole-in-one, but once we realized what happened, we celebrated on the tee box for about five minutes. My playing partners that day were my cousin, Jaden Griffen, and my friends, Nolan MacIntyre and Michael Crawley. It was a special experience, especially since we got to see the ball go in from the tee box! It felt like a dream at the time and it’s something that me and my playing partners will never forget.

Brock Brown, Westmount, Hole #6

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Hello Golf Canada!

Thank you for your email and I appreciate your words! 

It was the 2nd round of our Club Championship at Westmount last Sunday, so it was extra special to have an ace during that event! I was playing with Brad Goulding and Rob Cowan (son of Canadian Golfer of the Century, Gary Cowan). The hole was measuring 204 yards that day and I took out my 5 iron. The ball (ProV1) sailed on a straight line towards the hole, about two feet left of the pin, just cleared the bunker, landed on the green and broke that two feet to the right and disappeared! One to remember for sure!

Very happy to be a Golf Canada member and I look forward to playing in more of your events next year!

Best regards,

Brock Brown

Christine Gervais, Tsawwassen Springs Golf Course, Hole #9

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Thank you for the acknowledgement of my hole-in-one.

I was playing with two business ladies’ members, Kathy McGuire and Kristin Hamaguchi. It was the ninth hole and measured 106 yards and I used a 9 iron. The good news is that it was also a round of our club championship – bonus.


Darsey Lavigne, Moncton, Hole #8

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I was playing with Shawn Murphy, Remi Cyr and David Moore. The pin was 183 yards away. I hit an easy 5 iron with a small fade. It bounced at the front, and we could see the ball rolling straight at the pin. I yelled ‘disappear’ which has never worked before…until now because this time, the ball just dropped into the hole. I was obviously fired up to say the least and on a big adrenaline high for a few holes afterwards. Certainly, a memory of a lifetime. 

Doug Stewart, Assiniboine Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for your e-mail.

Ed Gough, Oliver’s Nest Golf Club, Hole #3

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Thank you for your kind words.

I was playing with my good friends Gil Gauthier, Rick Foster and Rick Purdy. The third hole at Oliver’s Nest is 115 yards from the white tees and I used a pitching wedge. This was my second hole-in-one, the first time being in April 2010. That time I used a 9 iron from the blue tees (125 yards) on the same hole at Oliver’s Nest. In 2010, the hole was number twelve because the front and back nines were reversed a few years ago.



Gary Carew, Black Bull, Hole #2

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The 2nd hole at Black Bull is a par 3. 176 yards. I hit a 4 hybrid right at the stick. It landed about 15 yards short and rolled into the cup. 

The best part of getting that hole-in-one was getting four “specials” on my opponent, Ian Johnston. Made some money on that shot. 

I am 68 years old I live in Edmonton and am a member at the Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club   

This is my second hole-in-one. My first came in July of 1980 at the Peterborough Golf Club. 42 years ago. Wow. 

Greg Harris, Braestone Club, Hole #13

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Looks like another beautiful day for golf in Canada!

Our Men’s night group that day was Artie Rogers, Norm Feaver and Neil Kennerney.

The par 4, 13th hole, had a temporary green in the fairway at 159 yards. I used a 6 iron (Titleist AP2).

At the time, I did not accept any congratulations from the group, as I did not believe a temporary flag and green would be honoured. Regardless, I bought the group a round of drinks.

The club pros Brady Zordan and Cole Posluns have confirmed, it will be the only hole-in-one there as the temporary flag has now been removed.

This is my 3rd hole-in-one. The first two were at Sleepy Hollow in Stouffville.

Thank you,

Greg Harris

Gustiaman Deru, Nicklaus North Golf Club, Hole #10

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Thank you for your email.

This was my first ever hole-in-one after over 30 years of golf. I was playing my casual round with my guest, Neal Rockowitz, and fellow Nicklaus North members, Alan and Kim Cross. We teed off the blue tees that day and on the 10th hole, the pin was located on front left of the green, at 145 yards. I hit my 8-iron straight at the flag and thought it was good and walked to pick my tee. Kim Cross, who was standing at the ladies red tee, shouted “it’s in the hole!”.



James Maloney, Humber Valley Resort, Hole #14

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I hit a 9 iron and it was 138 yards. I played with a friend James Rottboll, a fellow club member. It was my second hole-in-one, I also had one on number 17, about 10 years earlier.

Jim Maloney

Josh Rutherford, Nanaimo Golf Club, Hole #8

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I was playing the third and final day of the Nanaimo AM and got off to rough start and was two over through three. I made a great two putt par on hole #4 and a great bunker save on hole #5, this got me going a little bit. I made a great birdie on hole #6 and then almost made back-to-back birdies on #7.

On the 8th tee box, a member of our group withdrew from the tournament because he thought he might have a broken bone on his hand, and it was just too painful for him to play. It was actually my turn to go, we were exchanging score cards and I’ve never had to deal with that in a tournament before, so I was a little bit rattled by everything, making sure the scores were right my score was now on the card I had. So, I wasn’t 100% zoned in like I was the previous four holes. The hole was playing 146 yards into wind. It’s my home course and I knew to get it to the back blue line tucked behind the right bunker I had to take a little more club than normal because it plays 4-5 yards uphill. I figured the hole was playing 160 yards. I hit a really smooth iron and still remember the feeling of the ball hitting the face of the club, felt very buttery to say the least. I knew it was going at the pin, once it came down behind the bunker, I just picked up my tee since I can’t see it anyways. Put my club in my bag and the group ahead of us and the spectators watching them started to try and get our attention and yelling, “It went it”. I was very confused since I never got one until the members of my group started saying it as well, then pure adrenaline took over and huge smile on my face, high-fives to everyone in the group and the people following us as well. Such a cool moment and a memory I’ll never forget. 

Josh Rutherford

Joshua Lane, Tobiano Golf Course, Hole #15

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I appreciate the message! 

It was on hole #15 on Tobiano, wind coming off the water from the left, 162 yards/ I’m a lefty so I took a 7 iron and hit a fade to fight the wind. The ball landed about 15 feet short and right of the hole and rolled down the slope to the left, dropped in the hole right before it stopped rolling. Could see the ball all the way from when I hit it to right when it vanished into the cup!

I was with my cousin, Stephen, and friends Trevor and Dave, but I should add that the twosome behind us, Matt and Riley (one of the pros at Tobiano, both witnessed it drop in the hole as well and came running down to join in the celebrations on the tee box with us, and of course the post round drinks as well!



Kellie Howe, Brockville Country Club, Hole #17

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On July 17, 2022, I had my first hole-in-one on #17 “The Hilltop” at the Brockville Country Club, where I am a member. It is 158 yards with a big elevation drop. I used my 5 wood. I didn’t see my ball go in the hole as I was looking all around behind the hole for my ball. I was playing with my mother, and she suggested I should look in the hole, and there it was to my surprise.

Kellie Howe

Ken Benoit, Duntroon Highlands, Hole #3

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Thank you for sending me an emailing regarding my hole-in-one on hole number three at the Duntroon Highlands Golf Course. I have been a member at Duntoon Highlands for five years.

My hole-in-one happened on Saturday July 30, 2022.

The third hole at Duntroon Highlands is a 105-yard par 3 over the corner of a pond. I used a nine iron and shot a TaylorMade RBZ soft ball.

It was my first hole-in-one at any golf course. My wife and I were very excited.


Ken Benoit 

Laiken Reid, Fort McMurray, Hole #4

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I was playing with Jen Dupilka, Jill MacDougall and Cindy Ure. Was 166 yards and I used a 5 hybrid.

Larry Belcourt, Victoria Golf Course, Hole #12

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Hole-in-one occurred on the 12th hole at the Victoria golf course. I used a 56-degree Vokey wedge.

Len Vis, Mystic Golf Club, Hole #7

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I woke up on Sunday August 6 at 7:00am and was having my coffee and I really felt like playing golf that morning, but I didn’t have a tee time. I checked the tee sheet at Mystic and it was full until 11:30am. I decided to drive to the club to see if I could get on. I arrived and a threesome just teed off so I ran to the Proshop and asked if I could join that group.  As this group was playing the silver tees, I decided to play silver as well.

I was 1 over as we made our way to the 7th hole. By now the group is getting to know each other and one gentleman asked if I ever had a hole-in-one. I said, “it’s been 35 years of waiting” and he said that “he has never witnessed one and he’s been playing for over 40 years”.

As I was stepping up to the tee one of the other gentlemen said, “just put it in the hole then”. I checked my yardage, and the pin was at 115 yards, so I lined up with my 52 degree Taylormade wedge and put a solid strike on the ball. It never left the flag and landed two yards in front of the pin and jumped forward and then spun back into the hole What a rush! I was so excited and was high fiving hoot and hollering and hugging my new friends that I just met one hour ago.

The saddest part is I didn’t even think about saving that ball. On the next hole, my approach shot into the 8th green hit the sprinkler head and bounced out of bounds. That’s golf!

Len Vis

Majid Kaddoura, Lakeside Greens, Hole #6

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On July 24th, I got a hole-in-one at Lakeside Greens. Hole #6, playing 144 yards. Used a pitching wedge.

Mary Murphy, Hirsch Creek, Hole #6

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Hole-in-one happened at the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club on hole # 6. Was playing with my husband, Harry, daughter, Alannah and her husband, Art Sivyer, and my great nephew, Calder.

Mike Dziadyk, Qualicum Beach Memorial, Hole #5

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Thank you for the congratulatory email and graphic!

As far as further details, I used my 9 iron off the grass to a blue flag. The scorecard stated 118 yards from the white tees with a 111 slope. I was golfing with my beautiful wife, Regan Dziadyk, who is also a member at Memorial and of Golf Canada. Best BC Day I’ve ever had!



Mike Morton, Olympic View Golf Club, Hole #16

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Playing Olympic View Golf Club in Victoria, BC. The 16th hole was 121 yards, so I hit a pitching wedge. Ball was within 6 feet and rolled in. It was great. Playing with my wife and another couple, pretty exciting! 👍😁

Paolo Peloso, The Country Club, Hole #6

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Thank you. I was playing with The Country Club members Anthony Arci, Marco Mannella and his 8-year-old son.

The hole was #6 on the West course. The yardage as per our Bushnell was 143 to the pin, a red flag that day. I played a 9 iron right at the flag and it landed three feet behind the pin and spun back into the hole.

Patrick Shay, Idylwylde, Hole #4

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I was playing on Monday August 1st with my 6-year-old son. The yardage was 175 yards into the wind and I hit an 8 iron. The sky was grey with a strong headwind and so I saw the ball land short of the green and roll up towards the flag. It did cross my mind that maybe it went in the hole as I lost track of the ball from the tee, but I assumed it was behind the flagstick or just rolled off the back. As we walked to the green, I didn’t see the ball, so I asked my son to check the hole (the joke was completely lost on him) as I walked towards the back of the green. But then he yelled “Dad! I found it in the hole”, and proudly lifted it up and handed it to me. 


Peter Loukopoulos, Pine Ridge Golf Club, Hole #16

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I was playing with a friend. I was playing from the blue tees which was 164 yards. Used a 6 iron. Hole #16 has a gully behind it so I though it just rolled behind the hole. It wasn’t until we walked up and could see my ball that my buddy looked in the hole.


Peter Loukopoulos

Phil Williams, Beaumaris Yacht Club, Hole #12

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Playing with my best friend of 25 years, Pearce Jarvis. I hit a pitching wedge to a 150-yard downhill green.



Rob McFadyen, Nanton Golf Club, Hole #3

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Thank you for the kind words. I had five people witness it as I was playing with another single and they were letting us play through on #3 where I got the ace. I had the member I was playing with sign my scorecard, but I don’t have his name. The yardage was 169 and I used a 7 iron. This is my first hole-in-one, and it was pretty cool to see as I’ve never seen one before.

Robert Brown, Inglewood, Hole #2

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Hole #2, blue tees at Inglewood Golf Club. Used a pitching wedge from 147 yards. My first hole-in-one. Playing with wife and her mother. Neat side note, my wife had a hole-in-one the day before at D’Arcy Ranch, her second.

Robert Lynch, Thornhill Country Club, Hole #5

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I am a member at The Thornhill Club, and I was playing with two other members, Joe Berberich and Bob Linghorne, when I got the hole-in-one on the 5th hole. It was playing at 157 yards into a front pin, and I used a 6 iron into the elevated green. The ball flight was directly at the pin but we did not see the ball go in since it is a plateau green, but Joe said that he saw the ball when it landed and he said “It disappeared”. That was our first inkling that it might have gone in but we didn’t give it much thought then. We climbed up the steep slope to the green and then saw that there was no ball on the green. Bob Linghorne was first to the hole and he confirmed that the ball was in the hole.

This was my third hole-in-one but my first at The Thornhill Club. 

Thank you for your interest. 

Bob Lynch

Roger Prudhomme, Roundel Glen Golf Club, Hole #1

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I scored a hole-in-one on Monday, August 1st, at Roundel Glen Golf Club in Astra, Ontario, using a gap wedge on the first hole. The pin was cut on the front of the green, about 110 yards, one bounce with a short roll and it was in the cup. It was witnessed by Al McLellan and Ritson Linear.

Roger Prudhomme

Scott McCallum, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #3

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I had two hole-in-ones within a month! Crazy! 50 years with one and then two within a month. The first was May 7th at Glencairn, hole #3 on the Leitchfield course. Blue pin. 185 yards. I hit a 4 iron.

Then, a month later, June 11th, again at Glencairn. #3 on the Scotch Block course! 171 yards. Blue pin. I hit a 7 iron.

I’m hoping it’s a month occurrence!


Thomson Doucet, Scarboro Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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Hey Golf Canada,

Thanks so much for reaching out about my hole-in-one. I’m an 11-year-old junior golfer at Scarboro. I absolutely love golf and was pretty excited to get a hole-in-one at my home course. My first! It happened July 31st on the second hole. Red tees. 130 yards. I hit a 7iron. I was playing with my 8-year-old brother, Harrison, my dad, Steve, and his girlfriend, Kim.

By the way, my brother got his own hole-in-one back on January 19 in Florida at the Caloosa Golf & Country Club. 4th hole. 126 yards. 7 iron!

Thanks again!

Thomson Doucet

William McKechney, Dalewood Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for the email. It was very exciting as I have never witnessed a hole-in-one or got one previously.

Here is the information of the hole-in-one:

– Sunday, July 31

– Dalewood GC

– Hole #13

– 143 yards

– 9 iron

  • Group Members: Bryan Lemmon (Dalewood member), his wife and son.

I retired from teaching at the end of June and my wife had a retirement gathering for me at my house. She had each guest sign and write something on a golf ball. It was one of those golf balls that I used for the hole-in-one. It was signed by a teaching college of mine, Mariette Rozon. Since I retired, she wrote on the ball, “No one is the Boss of You!”, which is fitting I guess if you retire. This made the moment more meaningful to me as I really valued her as a college.

Yvon Legault, Loch March, Hole #16

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The distance was 133 yards. I used my 6 iron from the white tee box. My shot looked short when I hit it, however it bounced just over the last bunker on the right and kicked forward toward the pin. It then grassed the pin and continued past the hole and up slope heading for the third tier. The ball stopped near the top of the slope and rolled back into the hole. It was a lucky shot and was witnessed by two golfers ahead of my threesome. I was paired with a couple I met at the course, Wendy and Bob.

I received a flag from the pro shop, and they took a photo. My first hole-in-one and I’ve been golfing for over 40 years Woohoo! 😁


Yvon Legault