Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – August 18, 2023

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Nick Lepine, Hillcrest Golf Club, Hole #12

It was a beautiful evening in Moosejaw, next to no wind. The course was booked up solid for Toonie Tuesday at the Hillcrest. William Coutts, Arden Ausland and I snuck out to the back 9 to start our round. We got to #12, the group in front of us was still on the green. I shot the one gentleman who appeared a few paces past the hole at 183, perfect for a smooth Nike Vapor 6 iron. My go to shot is a baby fade, so when I teed up my red vice pro plus, I was aimed to the left side of the green. The moment the ball left the club I knew I hit it well. The boys liked it the whole way. The ball landed a foot left and three feet past. With the cut spin it rolled straight for the hole. To see that red vice disappear was very surreal. I’ve played a lot of golf. Feels great to finally be part of the ace club!

Rob Vinje, Springbank Links Golf Course, Hole #2

My second hole-in-one but 32 years apart. The first one was down in Lethbridge at Paradise Canyon on hole #2 in 1991!

For this one, I was playing with my buddies Oggie (Jeff Ogden) and Zman (Alvin Szott). I hit a pitching wedge 136 yards and it hit the left side hill and rolled to the right just like a putt into the hole! I still haven’t got my voice back from screaming in excitement!

Runfei Yang, Morgan Creek Golf Course, Hole #3

On August 12th, I played at Morgan Creek with Jason Li, Feng Lv, and Lily Liu. On the par 3 third hole, measuring 185 yards to the left back flag, I used a 5 iron to execute a draw shot. The ball landed to the right of the green and proceeded to roll all the way into the hole. Due to the elevated green, all four of us witnessed the ball rolling directly into the hole throughout its journey. It was an exhilarating moment. This marked my very first hole-in-one, and it happened on my home course, making it an extraordinary and meaningful experience!

Trevor Parry, Lakeview Golf Club, Hole #17

Yes, it was an amazing moment for me. I have been a weekend hacker for many years and this season upon retiring I began to commit to playing more frequently and improving.

I play weekly on Wednesdays with a core group of guys at Lakeview. The ace actually happened on Wednesday the eighth. It was Micheal Oleary, Lucky Bajwa and me.

p> We got to the 17th tee closely tied on stapleford points, playing from the blues. It was 95 yards to the middle where they had placed the flag. I stepped up with my pitching wedge and after a quick practice swing, I took my shot.

p> The ball flight was dead centre in line with the flag and after one bounce and a roll it plopped right in. I couldn't believe it saying to the guys, "I think it's in!"

p> Upon walking up to the green I verified it, and it was high fives all around. My good friend Gurmit Thiara was in the group behind along with his uncle Surinder and our mutual friend Raj.

p> They came up after finishing the 16th to our cheers and woos. Of course, it was drinks all around at the clubhouse afterwards.

Bo Bennett, Blomidon Golf and Country Club, Hole #3

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Great day!

Brett Allan, Olds Golf Club, Hole #16

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I was playing in a club run match play event against James MacDonald. Jay Rosehill was also playing with us. It was a 132-yard shot and I used a 50-degree gap wedge. This is my second hole-in-one.

Brian King, Whitevale Golf Club, Hole #4

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It was hole #4 and approximately 145 yards over water. I hit five feet over the pin and spun back. First hole-in-one ever. I used a 7 iron. I used a Callaway Crome soft ball. Playing partners were Whitevale members Bob Nebel, Steven Rodriguez and Jim Glover. I was in a friendly quota points game and got eight points for that hole. Took a triple on the next hole.

Calven Wang, Ledgeview Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

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My first ace at Ledgeview Golf Course on hole #17 at 131 yards. The course was in tournament conditions as we sponsored the PGA of Canada Seniors Championships and got to play the course after the last group teed off. I didn’t see the ball go in, but the group in front of us gave us the live play-by-play of the ball landing and spinning back into the hole. Surreal to get congratulated by former PGA Tour and current Champion Tour players and was given the 17th hole flag with autographs.

Carlyle Humeston, Cowichan Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

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I was playing with a few other members, and we teed off from the gold tees on hole #6 which is a par 3 and was 150 yards from the pin. I was using a Cobra 8 iron and a Titleist Pro V1.

Craig MacLeod, Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

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My playing partners were JP Drapeau, Mike Gaudet and Rob Hancock. The hole was about 185 yards, and I used a 5 iron. It’s a blind green and you can only see the top of the flag from the tee box. I thought that I had left the ball short. There were two balls at the front of the green when we walked up, and I assumed one was mine. Mike walked around green looking for a ball. Finally, he said, “better look in the cup” and there it was. I thought it was his and was shocked to learn it was mine.

Darryl McGillivray, Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club, Hole #15

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I was playing Sleepy Hollow Golf & Country Club with my son Jake. On hole #15 from 130 yards to the center of the green pin. I hit a pitching wedge; we saw it bounce twice but didn’t see it go in because of the slight ridge on the green. We drove up to the green and I said, “Where’s my ball, there’s no way it was long.” We ran out onto the green and it was in the cup!

David Thistle, Seymour Golf & Country Club , Hole #11

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Great day! It was 173 yards.

Debbie Young, Semiahmoo Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

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I was playing with two of my fellow members, one a Canadian and the other an American. It was 128 yards, with wind into us and I used a 6 hybrid.

Ella Hillier, Loyalist Country Club, Hole #8

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It was 85 yards, and I did not see it go in. My two friends started jumping up and down with joy!

Ian Emberley, Twenty Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

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I was playing with Maria Peplowski and Sandy Burrows. I used a 6 hybrid. The distance was 157 yards.

Jackie Menard, Derrick Golf and Winter Club, Hole #2

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It was 147 yards and I used a 3 wood. I was playing with Carla Duncan and Heather Tansem.

Kathy Binns, Sunnydale Golf Society, Hole #4

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I hit my hole-in-one on hole #4. The yardage is 115 on the score card and the pin was at the back. I hit my 8 iron and it was a beautiful shot that bounced at the front of the green and rolled into the hole. It was witnessed by the spotter for the hole as it was the ‘closest to the pin’ hole. I was playing with Pat Peden (Sunnydale member) as well as Jenny Steele and Nancy Riva both from the Comox Course.

Kerry Diotte, Highlands Golf Club, Hole #16

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I got my hole-in-one on Saturday August 12, 2023, on hole #16 at Highlands Golf Club in Edmonton using a 4-hybrid from 182 yards. I was playing with my wife Clare Denman (with me in photo) and our friends Darrell and Jacquie Holowaychuk.

Kevin Koetke, Uplands Golf Club, Hole #11

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I used an 8 iron from 152 into the wind on a rope. One hop and in. I was playing with Dave Brown, Randy Price and Barry Hornsberger.

Kirk Gamley, Capilano Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

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I hit an 8 iron from 159 yards and played a little downhill. What was amazing for me is I was playing with my two sons Luke and Ben who are very avid golfers and play on the MJT Tour regularly as well as another junior member from our club. Dad was a hero for a few moments as I think the boys were even more excited than me.

Kyle Hoeght, Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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I used my Titleist wedge, and it was 127 yards. I was playing with my regular Friday group.

Logan Bunn, Mountain Woods Golf Club, Hole #9

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I was golfing with two older gentlemen. had 120 yards to a white middle pin with a little wind left to right. I pulled out my 50-degree wedge when I made the hole-in-one.

Madeleine Carter, Heron Side at Cardinal Lakes, Hole #16

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It was a very windy day, and I was playing with my friend Linda Duliban. I had been telling my friends since the season opened that I was going to get a hole-in-one this year as it had been three years since my last one. Lo and behold we are playing Heron side at Cardinal Lakes in Welland, Ontario. There was very strong wind that day, and I played a five hybrid as the hole was playing about 120 into the wind. She was excited as she was sure it had gone in, and I thought it went off the back. As we got to the flag, it was in!

Marc Mammoletti, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Hole #2

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In the first round of a three-day golf trip with 24 guys, I made a hole-in-one at Wooden Sticks in Uxbridge on the second hole which is a par 4.

The hole measured 284 from the yardage tile of the white tees and using my driver, I hit a drive that took off on a direct line with the flagstick which was on the left side of the green. The ball just cleared the top of the bunker and my group never saw it again. We drove up and saw no ball on the green or at the back rough. I cautiously walked to the hole and didn’t see it at first but took another step closer and it was tucked on the near side at the bottom of the cup. It was witnessed by Greg Lewis, Neil Slater and Rob Park.

It was my first hole-in-one and probably on one of the more unlikely holes at the course.

Mark McRae, Hole #10, Lakeview Golf Course

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Best day of my life!

Mark Johnson, The Okanagan Golf Club, Hole #11

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I was playing with Darcy Sigfuson in our annual Men’s club match play tournament. I was three down after 10. Hole #11 is 165 yards slightly down hill and it was playing down wind. My opponent had just hit it over the green, so I choked down on a 9 iron and swung easy. I just wanted to make sure it was on the green and below the hole for an easy birdie putt. I hit it pure landing about five yards on, ball rolled out and dropped.

This flipped the match for me as I won the 12th with a birdie, won the 13th and 14th giving me a one up lead in the match which I was able to hang onto closing it out on hole #18.

Marty Floris, Omineca Golf Club, Hole #2

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The second hole is 195 yards so I used a 6 iron. My golfing group consisted of myself, Brian Naka, Ernie Thiessen and Steve Silver.

Mason Moorhead, Whitevale Golf Club, Hole #12

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It was 163 yards, I hit a 7 iron and I was playing with a kid named Dylan who’s a member at Whitevale.

Matthew McClure, The Pulpit Club, Hole #16

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This was my third hole-in-one, after a wait of 17 years between the others. It was #16 at The Paintbrush, measuring 182 yards that day. Looking forward to chasing number four!

Michael Elliot, Equinelle Golf Club, Hole #3

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It was the third hole at Equinelle Golf Club, my home course, on the first day of our Club Championship. I used a 6 iron for the blue pin approximately 170 yards into a slight breeze. My fellow golfers were Justin Calow and Steven Eardley.

Mike Perry, Glacier Greens Golf Club, Hole #7

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I’ve been golfing since my teen years, and now in my sixties, and this is my first ace ever but hopefully not the last. I was playing at Glacier Greens Golf Course with friends Ken McDonald and Frank Nadon. I hit my Ping I500 6 iron to a 180 yard downwind blue flag pin. One bounced in front of the green and rolled up the green and into the cup on the back of the green. The funny thing is because it was an early morning round, and the sun was in our face, green in the shadows, we did not see it actually go in the cup. Ken said he thought it went in, but I was not sure. I looked at the green with my range finder from the tee box but did not see the ball and actually thought it may have rolled off the back of the green. We walked up to the green and I looked at the fringe and slope behind the green but did not see it. I finally looked in the cup and there it was.

Orion Comeau, Clare Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

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I hit a 48-degree wedge from 134 yards which landed right of the pin bounced a couple feet and spun back right into the cup.

Patrick Horncastle, West Hills Golf Course, Hole #5

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This was my second hole-in-one, but still as exciting as the first.  It happened on Wednesday August 9th, 2023, hole #5 at West Hills Golf Course. It was playing 110 yards, I hit my 56-degree about four feet past and let it spin back into the hole. It looked good the *hole* way. It was witnessed by Carter Belyea, Karl Kolada and Serge Boucher.

Penny Mastronardi, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #8

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On Sunday, August 6, 2023, I was golfing at my home club, Whistle Bear Golf Club, with my husband Gino Mastronardi, and good friends; Tina Cain Holland and Andrew Camman, who are also members. Hole #8 is a par 3 which has a pond on the left side and part of the front. It is also protected by bunkers in the front and back. The pin location on this day was front middle right, but it was also playing into quite a wind. This is quite typical at our golf course. Playing from the forward red tees, the distance today was 87 yards. I know that the carry onto the green is 70 yards. I fly my ball quite high with my irons, so based on the information I had, wind, flag, carry, I selected my 8 iron. We could only see the shot and the line. We could not see the finish into the hole. My playing companions were quite sure that it went into the hole. It was confirmed once my friend Tina ran up and looked into the hole. It was a fun experience and great to share with my husband and great friends. The only hard part was finishing the round before celebrating with more friends on the patio after. It was a good day!

Rachelle Fiola, Grand Pines Golf Course, Hole #7

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I was playing as a twosome with my husband James Hoddinott. It was a slow afternoon, so fellow golfers Ken and Peggy Maeren had caught up to us, waiting on the back tees for us to play. I hit my Srixon bright pink ball with my Cobra 5 wood from the red tees, 124 yards away. The ball had a great loft, landed with two bounces and disappeared into the hole. It was a white flag. Both Jim and I were excited to get to the green. As we weren’t totally sure it went in, when we drove up, my pink ball was nowhere to be seen. I got out of the cart without bringing my putter. Jim got to the hole first and confirmed it was in. I screamed with excitement, and then, almost simultaneously, the Maeren’s screamed and yelled too. What a great moment!

Reg Clarkson, Granite Pointe, Hole #17

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It was a beautiful afternoon, and the 17th was playing 141 yards. I hit a solid 9 iron that landed about three feet past and it backed right in! That was my foruth hole-in-one. I was playing with Al Grant, Peter Muirhead and Monty Fredrickson.

Renee Raphael, Braestone Club, Hole #12

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This was actually my fourth hole-in-one but just as exciting as the others. My last one was at Vespra Hills on June 4, 2011. Both holes-in-one were with my Callaway Divine Nine. At Braestone, I was playing with Barb Coutanche, Helen MacRae and Ann McGee. The hole was playing 113 yards.

Rick Hall, Pakenham Highlands Golf Course, Hole #4

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After only 30 years of trying my hand at this sport I finally drained my first ace at Pakenham Highlands Golf Course on Tuesday, August 8th. A wonderful course with three separate 9-hole tracks just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. We were playing from the gold tees. I used a 7 iron to land it short left and run it to the back. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing it drop because of the contour of the green. The pin was at the back and when the ball disappeared, I thought it had rolled off into the rough behind the green. While I was still looking, one of the other players announced that there was a ball in the hole, and sure enough it was mine. What a hoot!

My playing partners that day were Ken Brown, John Callendar and Roger Lebeau (my usual Tuesday group). In addition, we got to share the excitement with a quick playing twosome that we waved through. It didn’t occur to me that I should save that ball and I proceeded to put it into the pond on the next hole.

Robert Hunter, Credit Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

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An amazing experience. It was 137 yards and I used an 8 iron. My playing partners were Richard Charlton, Grant Fleming and Randy Smith.

Rod Hooktwith, Maple City Country Club, Hole #3

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It was 155 yards, 7 iron at Maple City. I’ve been a member there since 2007 and been golfing for 57 years. It was my first ever hole-in-one, witnessed by Richard Gilbert and Lorne Phillipow, both members at MCCC. I used a Vice Pro golf ball.

Russell Johnson, Fox Hollow Golf Course, Hole #11

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I was golfing with my partner Leslie Lawson and our Saturday morning crew, Denis and Dave Ramlal. We just walked over to the 11th tee box to check the distance. The red flag and range finder measured 140 yards. I thought my 9 iron should be the club. I took my time, one practice swing. Well, I let one rip. One bounce then second on green with a short roll into the hole. Then I was surrounded by loud cheers from my golf friends.  What a great feeling and I’m now looking forward to ace sometime in the near future.

Ruth Reeves, Mylora on Sidaway, Hole #16

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I was playing with three ladies in my Thursday Ladies golf group, on the first day of our club championship. When I came to hole #16, (approximately 100 yards with an elevated sloping green), I used my trusty 30-degree hybrid and the rest is history. Even though this is not my first hole-in-one, it’s still super exciting, especially at the tender age of 82!

Ryne Hepditch, Harmon Seaside Links, Hole #17

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I was playing with three other members at my course. Hole #17 is 180 yards and I hit an 8 iron. There was a strong wind at my back that evening.

It was actually a one day 36-hole Ryder cup style tournament that I was playing in, ‘Over 50 vs. Under 50’, where players over 50 played against players under 50.

Scott Messenger, Cranberry Golf Course, Hole #13

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It certainly was a lot of fun getting it! My wife is a member at Cranberry, and we were playing with another couple who are friends and neighbors. The 13th hole showed 113 yards on my watch, and I used a pitching wedge. The hole has a large waste bunker in front of it and I knew it was tracking well but didn’t see it actually bounce in the hole. My friend walked to the front bunker to see if it was there and I looked in the hole, and there it was! In my father’s lifetime, he had three, so I have some catching up to do!

Sharon Hines, Lora Bay Golf Club, Hole #8

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This was my first hole-in-one. It definitely was a moment to remember as we watched my ball hit the green and roll into the hole. I played from the forward tees on hole #8 at Lora Bay. I used my Titleist driver and hit a TaylorMade ball. The yardage was 123. I was playing with a group of women that I regularly play with on Fridays. We call ourselves the “Friday Foxes”. Our shouts of joy could be heard by the group ahead of us halfway down the 9th fairway. The staff at Lora Bay were also excited to congratulate me. At the end of the round, we celebrated achieving this bucket list event with my golf friends in our backyard. I love what playing golf has given me, the friendships and laughter, overcoming the challenges and enjoying my successes.

Steve Walter, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #17

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It was 129 yards from the blue tees. I hit a pitching wedge and all of our group loved it in the air. I saw it go in and turned around and said, “Did that go in?” Everybody thought it did, but nobody would commit to saying it because of the shadows. I had to wait for everybody to hit. When we got up there, I walked faster than I ever have in my life and sure enough, it was in the hole!

I was playing with a good friend, Matt Godbout who is a member as well as Joe Romeo and Kevin Lu. Whistle Bear treated me great and was a perfect place to get my first ace.

Tamara Chamberlain, Eagle Creek Golf Course, Hole #8

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My hole-in-one was on hole #8 at Eagle Creek on a perfect day for golf. I was playing with friends Cathy and Kathleen. I had just lost a match against Kathleen but got the ace for an amazing consolation prize!

It was a front pin, and I used my 8 iron to hit the 120-yard shot. I landed the ball short on the green and we watched as it took two short hops to land in the cup. I had to grab my range finder to make sure the ball wasn’t hiding just behind the pin – it wasn’t! It was my third ace and second on #8.

Thomson McDowell, Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club, Hole #1

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I was golfing at Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club in Gormley, Ontario on Sunday, June 18th, 2023; a special day in our family for lots of reasons. Not only was it my husband, Todd’s birthday, but it was also Father’s Day. Our group consisted of my husband and I, our three kids, Thomson (11), Eira (9) and Brooks (7), as well as my dad Rob. This was our 11th annual Father’s Day golfing outing, as we established the first ever event back in 2012. Each year, we have modified the outing and the number of holes we manage to play to suit the group, which has included up to four generations in a few years of doing it.

This year it was particularly memorable. Tight for time following a hockey tournament but determined to continue our tradition, we teed off on the Meadowbrook par-3 course. On the very first hole of the day, an 83-yard par 3, six of us shot, leaving only my son Thomson to make his attempt. He teed up his Seattle Kraken logo ball and took a full swing with his 9 iron. We all watched as it landed on the green about 10 feet from the pin, then proceeded to roll decisively towards (and eventually into) the cup. We were all very excited to witness a big event on a very special day for our family.

Thomson’s first ace (aged 11 years and 15 days old) on his 11th annual Father’s Day golf extravaganza.

Liz McDowell, on behalf of Thomson McDowell

Tim Steen, Hautes Plaines, Hole #13

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I am a member of “The Old Crocs,” a group of mature ClubLink members from Kanata, Eagle Creek and Greyhawk who play Wednesdays at ClubLink courses in the National Capital and Montreal areas. Last Wednesday at Hautes Plaines, I was playing with Matt MacDonald and David Simpson. We had the yardage at about 140 and I hit a 9 iron.

William Petropoulos, Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

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I was playing in my Wednesday night “Boykie” group (South African for friendship) on August 9th, 2023, at Meadowbrook Golf Club in Gormley, Ontario. It was hole #16 with a middle-left pin placement. The hole was playing 191 yards from the blue tee box, and I flushed a 5 iron into the left side of the green. The ball landed softly, rode the slope to the right and tracked directly into the hole. It was a surreal moment for sure as this was my first hole-in-one. After 50 years of playing golf, I thought for sure, my best days were behind me. My playing partners that day were Allen Leroy and Dave Reed. Drinks were enjoyed by many that evening on the clubhouse patio.

Zak Patel, Glendale Golf Club, Hole #9

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I used a 7 iron. It was 140 yards into wind. I played with Roy Ferron, Stephen Ng and Tariq Patel. I didn’t see it as the sun was in my eyes and my eyesight is not that good.