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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Aline Hollowink, Cranbrook Golf Club, Hole #2

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I was playing with Marie Mayer. Yardage was approximately 150. I used my 5 wood. Marie said I got a hole-in-one. I wasn’t sure as I couldn’t see that far with the morning shadows.

Bill Wilbur, Weston Golf & Country Club, Hole #8

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Golf Canada,


Here are the details of my hole-in-one:

– 8th hole at Weston, 119 yards

– Gap wedge

– Playing with a past captain, Jim Hingley, and our club General Manager, Rob Ackermann.



Brad Hewitt, Muskoka Bay Club, Hole #11

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Thanks for reaching out about my first ever hole-in-one. I was playing with my brother, Steve Hewitt, Don MacDonald and Geoff Mitchell (Steve, Don and Geoff are all members at Whitevale Golf Club).

Yardage that day was 135 to a middle pin that had a slight ridge behind it. I hit my 9 iron 12’ past the hole, caught the ridge and rolled back into the hole (just like TV).

Brenda MacKellar, Bell Bay Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you for this message and congratulations.

Sunday was a rainy drizzly day at Bell Bay. I was playing with John Theriault. Hole #8 was 116 yards, and I used an 8 iron.  

Thank you again for your interest and recognition. Much appreciated.

Brenda MacKellar

Doug Heard, Mill Run Golf & Country Club, Hole #8

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I was playing with my buddies, Dale Anderson and Mo Farrokhi. The 8th hole at Mill Run Highlands is carded at 173, but yesterday it was playing about 163. I hit a nice little cut with my 7 iron that was tracking well, landed just on the front edge of the green, checked and spun a little left. It released for the final 10-15 feet and just dropped in the front of the hole.

I wasn’t 100% sure that I was seeing this correctly, so I looked over at Dale and said “Did that just drop?” and he said “yes!”. I looked over my shoulder at Mo, for further verification, and said “Did that really just go in?” and again got a positive response. I was pretty calm on the surface of things, but I’m sure my heart rate went up around 100 bpm for at least two or three holes until I calmed down again.

The only picture that I thought to take was the ball in the hole. The context behind it was that 10 days earlier the ball stopped one inch short of a hole-in-one on #13, same course. I had taken a picture showing the ball in that position, and showed it off to everyone, so it occurred to me that this was on better.

All in all, pretty exciting; my second hole-in-one coming exactly 40 years after my first!

Thanks again,


Elaine Arsenault, Eaglequest Grandview, Hole #12

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Thank you! It was a very exciting experience to say the least as it was my first hole-in-one in my six years of playing golf. I only started playing after I retired and love the game.

I was golfing with Beth Reage (on the right) and Judy Kirby (on the left) on Ladies’ Day. Hole #12 is approximately 115 yards from the red tees and I used my 6 iron.

The group picture was taken the following week with a few of the other amazing ladies from Ladies’ Day group. (many were missing on August 9th due to rain).

Eaglequest Grandview also presented me with a souvenir flag that I’m holding.


Elaine Arsenault 

Florence Mackey, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #5

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I was enjoying my game with my husband, Steve, and two staff members of Sirocco, Taylor and Ben when I got my hole-in-one on #5. I used my six iron and had a great shot that rolled to the pin for a distance of about 109 yards. It was very exciting as this is usually the most difficult part 3 for me on our course. 

Gary Brown, Simoro Golf Links, Hole #7

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I was playing with my best friend, Brad Moore. It was 152 yards, and I used an 8 iron. I didn’t think to take picture as funny enough I got a hole-in-one on that same hole last year. A big wind in my face lead to using the 8 iron (last year I had used a pitching wedge). Attached is the picture from last year’s hole-in-one that Simoro took.



Greg Newton, Flamborough Hills, Hole #14

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Thank you for contacting me regarding my recent hole-in-one. I was playing with my co-worker, Louie Smith, and his friend, Nelson. Louie and I work as paramedics for the city of Hamilton. The par 3 was playing 185 yards into a slight breeze and I hit a 4-iron to a front flag. It was my first hole-in-one, so a memorable one!


Greg Newton

Howard Levy, King’s Rding Golf Club, Hole #16

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Saturday was a beautiful day. The front nine was very kind to me; I scored well on the easier holes and got some lucky breaks, I played well. Then the turn. Bad shots were punished, bad bounces and poor lies. It seemed the luck had run out. Scored poorly on holes #10, #11, #12 and #13. On hole 14, my favorite hole, I managed a par. 15th another poor shot was punished.

On the tee-box of the #16, I’m thinking, “three more holes…let’s see if we can post some good scores…”  The 16th hole measured 144 yards. The pin was in the centre, no wind (which is unusual), water in the front.

Played an easy 8 iron. It tracked the hole. From the instant I hit it, I knew it was a good shot, maybe in birdie range. My playing partner, Richard Wong, screams “it’s in the hole”. I look at him and say, “no way, not the way I’m playing today”.

I was convinced the ball landed behind the flag pole, Richard was convinced it was in. It was in

My first hole-in-one. What a thrilling ride!

Golf Canada, thanks for the recognition.

Howard Levy

Jane Clegg, Wildfire, Hole #15

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Occurred on August 11, 2022, on hole #15 at Wildfire. Used my pitching wedge. 109 yards. Hole-in-one number three. 😃

Jeffry Janz, Rockway Vineyards, Hole #6

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Thank you for the email.

Saturday morning, I played with Rick Vaive (ex. Toronto Maple Leafs player/captain) and Donald Cooke. Rockway hole #6. From the blue tees to the middle pin measured 148 yards. Used an 8 iron. 

Joanne Galbraith, Bighorn Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

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Thank you very much for your email.  

Most definitely it was an exciting day for me on Friday, July 22, 2022! It was an early morning round with fellow Bighorn Golf and Country Club members Jim and Deanna Choppen. Hole 17 is a par 3 with the tee box distance set that day at 93 yards and the green is slightly elevated. There are four traps located on this hole, one in the front, one on the left side of green and two on the back on the green. I made the shot with a TaylorMade pitching wedge, executing great contact and ball flight was dead on the pin. With the green being elevated and a left side pin location, we were unable to see the ball until we made our way up to the green. The only thing better that day would have been to see it drop into the hole! 

It certainly made my day and made me realize once again my love for the game of golf!


Joanne Galbraith

Johnathon Stamper, Georgetown Golf Club, Hole #6

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Thank you very much.

I was playing a round with my friends, Trevor, Jordan and Connor. I hit a 6 iron from 174 yards. Faded it in. Then, it dropped a few feet in front of the pin and it ran right up and disappeared. 

Kenton Liu, Richmond Country Club, Hole #12

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Thank you for reaching out. It was on hole 12 at Richmond Country Club. I was playing off the blue tees and it was lasered at 168 yards. There was a decent amount of wind into us off the right, so I told my group (Kenrick Li and Nash Zheng) that I was going to knock down a 6-iron with a little cut. After I hit it, I knew it was a good swing, so I quickly went down to pick up the tee and when I glanced up to see where the ball landed, I saw it one hop and go into the hole. I said to my group that I think it went in…either in the hole or over the green. When we walked up, I saw the pitch mark a couple feet from the pin and knew it was in. 

Kind Regards,

Kenton Liu

Laura Roberge, Dalewood, Hole #11

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I was playing with my husband, Rene Roberge, and friends, Ann and Brian Hall. The yardage was around 135.

Mark Woodhouse, Huron Oaks Golf Club, Hole #2

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Thank you for the kind note regarding my hole-in-one. My playing partners that day were Dave Slack, Ernest Ellis and Wayne Mitchell. We were playing in the Senior Men’s League. Play was from the forward tees and the second hole was playing 135 yards with a back centre pin placement. I used a Titleist AP2 8 iron and a Titleist Pro V1x ball. Unfortunately, given the time of day and the shadows on the green, I was did not see the ball go in the hole. Only after looking for the ball behind the green and not finding it, did I decide to check the hole and was quite surprised to see it had gone in. This was my third hole-in-one. The other two were on the 17th hole a Huron Oaks. Those I did see go in. It is a very exciting experience! 

Michael Drotar, Black Mountain Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for the kind email.

The following are the details for my hole-in-one:

– August 9, 2022

– Black Mountain Golf Club – Kelowna, B.C.

– Hole #13

– Par 3

– 150 yards

– White tee box

– 7 iron

– Weather conditions – overcast

– Shot was a moderate draw with a mid-level apex. 

  • Playing partners – Larry Helfrich, Rockie Frizzle, Bruce Asselin.

Mike Drotar

Michael McDonald, Bellmere Winds, Hole #11

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We had just finished the front 9 and went into the clubhouse to buy a drink. Two or three weeks prior, a little four-year-old died in a golf cart roll over near the golf course. In the club house they were raising money to help the family with elastic bracelets with the little boy’s name on it. I donated to help the Williams family and took a bracelet!

I believe it was the spirt of young lad that help get the hole-in-one! I would like to dedicate my hole-in-one to the little guy and the Williams family in his memory!

11th hole Bellmere Winds. 161 yards to the pin. Over water by the green. I used a 5 iron. I was playing with John Lea, Grant Sumler and Haris Armstong.

Mike McQuade, Lookout Point, Hole #5

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Thanks for your email.

My first hole-in-one. Played with fellow Lookout Point member, Jim Neudorf. Pin at Lookout #5 was at 143 yards that day. I used an 8 iron. I’ve been playing since I was 14 years of age (I’m now 64). I retired on July 31 – so the ace was eight days into my retirement.

Mike McQuade

Neil Hanlon, Lionhead Golf & Country Club, Hole #11

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Thank you very much for reaching out asking about my first hole-in-one and its experience. Who can believe it!

Fresh off from arriving home from winning as part of a Canadian team in the Euro Junior Cup in St. Andrews, Scotland, I didn’t think my week could get much more memorable but, I captured my first hole-in-one! It occurred while playing in the CJGA Canadian invitational at Lionhead on hole 11, par 3, 165 yards. I pulled out my 9 iron from my bag and hit off the tee and landed it five feet from the hole and watched it drop in. I couldn’t believe it! Memories for life with footage to look back on and smile. Got to love this game. 

Paul McNeil, Eden Golf & Country Club, Hole #11

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Thank you for your email. 

Hole #11 is an uphill par 3. The yardage was between 155-160. I used a Taylormade 3 hybrid. Lenorad MacDonald was my playing partner. 

I knew I hit the ball well but didn’t see it land. I was nervous when we got to the green and didn’t see the ball. I was going to look out front of green, but playing partner said check the hole. I was doubtful, but pleasantly surprised when it was there. Never thought it would happen to me. 



Pete Fischer, Arrowsmith, Hole #3

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It was during the Arrowsmith annual Men’s Club Championship. Was golfing with Jeff Calahoo, Peter Hanson and Don Johnson. On hole #3, the pin was at the back of the green playing about 170 yards. I used a 5 hybrid club. All it took was luck!

Thanks for your interest.

Pete Fischer

Peter Lemieux, Dundas Valley, Hole #2

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Thank you very much for the memento! 

Bob Potocic, Jan Dubois and Don Graham witnessed my hole-in-one. White tee-box to the blue flag was approximately 130 yards. I used an 8 iron.

Sincere thanks!


Randy Nyholt, Williams Lake Golf & Tennis Club, Hole #5

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Thanks for your email. Was definitely a special moment for me.

I was playing with two of my friends, Ronan Ventry and Riley Ventry. It was 203 yards to the pin, and I used a 5 iron. 

Raymond Barkwill, Cowichan Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

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Yardage was 161 yards on hole #6. I hit an eight iron. 

Rosemary Willett, Paragon Golf & Country Club, Hole #13

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What a surprise!  I guess there is a second benefit for posting scores hole-by-hole!


I used a 5 hybrid for 105 yards at #13 at Paragon Golf and Country Club. I was playing with Mike Willett, Doris Armsworthy and Wayne Armsworthy.  


This was my fifth hole-in-one, and each has been special.

– #1 was scored on Mother’s Day, 1999, on #13 at Oakfield Golf and Country Club. I memorialized that day with a quilted wall hanging. At that time, Oakfield rewarded those who scored a hole-in-one with a page in the chit book. Other members signed the book giving me a drink at my convenience. I did not buy a drink until September!

– #2 was scored on #17 at Paragon Golf and Country Club shortly after we retired to the Valley.

– #3 was scored on #15 on February 11, 2012, on the Hills Course at Timber Pines. It propelled our weekly scramble team to a win (entry fee $1/person yielded $3-4!)

– #4 was scored on #2 on January 28, 2018, on the Lakes Course at Timber Pines.  

Sheila Wilson-Kowal, Glendale Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

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Thank you, it was an amazing feeling!

I was golfing at Glendale with my husband and two fellow members, Marty and Zane. It was a beautiful evening. The third hole was about 105 yards, and I used my Callaway 9-iron. It’s a tougher hole given the water that you need to go over to hit the green. The shot looked good, and it was heading for the flag. We saw it hit the green and roll, but then disappear. With the sun shining in our eyes a bit, I thought it might have just rolled to where we couldn’t see it. As we approached the green, we only saw three out of the four balls and thought, maybe just maybe, my ball rolled into the hole. Indeed, it had when we went to inspect! Very exciting to get my first hole-in-one!

Stefan Karpowicz, Bear Creek Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you for reaching out, what a nice touch!

This was my first hole-in-one, what an awesome feeling.

The details:

– I played with family friends, Connor Campbell, his brother, Matt Campbell, and their dad, Mark Campbell.

– It was on the 8th hole of the Central 9, 175-yard, par 3 – Pin was middle/back

– I chose a 6 iron as we were into a slight breeze, I hit my line of just 5 yards right of the pin but originally thought it came up short. It landed just on the front and rode the slope of the green about 25 feet before dropping. It was very cool to see it drop, a feeling I will never forget!


Steve Medhurst, Water Valley Golf Course, Hole #16

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My ace was attested by my wife, Marianne Astle. I used my 8 iron from 148 yards on the 16th hole at Water Valley Golf Course in Alberta on August 3,2022.

Steve Medhurst

Tina Ting Hu, Diamondback Golf Club, Hole #12

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Thank you for reaching out and celebrating my achievement. I am still overwhelmed by the events that took place on Saturday, August 13, 2022. I never thought I would secure a hole-in-one so early in my time playing golf. 

I was playing with three of my close friends who are all Clublink members; Teresa Chu, Rosa Zheng and Wei Vivian Tang. The mileage, measured by Teresa, was 109 yards. Normally I would use my 9 iron for this shot, but due to oncoming wind and to carry over a bunker positioned in front of the pin, I decided to use my 8 iron. After I took my swing, Vivian thought that she might have heard my ball hit the flagstick and it could’ve jumped in, however, we were all not sure because we couldn’t see the hole from the tee box. When we reached the hole, my amazement the ball actually landed inside! 

Thank you for making me the graphic of this great memory I will keep for the rest of my life.


Tina Ting Hu

Vicki Gough, Ridgetown Golf & Curling Club, Hole #8

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I used my 3 wood on hole #8 at Ridgetown Golf and Curling Club while golfing with Catherine Chavis on a quiet mid-morning Monday during the height of the pandemic. 

If you are familiar with our course, you know our greens are very small. We call them postage stamps!

Hole 8 is a 162-yard par 3. 

Bob Moore, a member of our grounds crew was cutting grass near the green at the time. He got off his mower to walk over to the cup and confirmed the hole-in-one as Catherine and I walked onto the green. 

I’m not sure who was more excited!

This was my one and only hole-in-one after playing golf for over 50 years!


Vicki Gough