Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – September 1, 2023

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Cody Butler, West Hills Golf Course, Hole #5

I have been playing golf since the age of five and this my first hole-in-one at the age of 39. The yardage was 116 and I hit my 54-degree wedge. The ball landed five feet past the hole, and it spun back in. The placement of the pin was in full sight from the tee box. It is certainly something I'm going to remember. I was playing with a men's night group at West Hills consisting of Jarrett Ames, Drake Kinnunen and Braydon Allen.

Mikelle MacDonald, Avon Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

Mikelle MacDonald (12 years old) of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the Ashburn Golf Club, got her first hole-in-one on Thursday, August 24th at the Avon Valley Golf & Country Club in Falmouth, Nova Scotia. The ace occurred during the Avon Valley Junior Invitational. It happened on the 11th hole, playing 150 yards, uphill. She was playing with Lara Fry (Avon Valley) and Chloe Devoe (Eagle Crest).

Mikelle’s dad, Michael, was by the green and watched the ball drop and started screaming and yelling at the girls, who couldn’t see it go in due to the elevation change. It was Mikelle’s first hole-in-one, and she matched her dad, who got his first (and only) ace when he was 12 years old.

In all of the excitement, Mikelle continued to play the 12th hole with the lucky ball and nearly lost it in the trees left off the tee. Luckily, the ball was found and survived the rest of the hole before she switched it out on the 13th hole.

News spread quickly around the golf course and at the end of the round, everyone was congratulating her and, after winning the U13 division in the tournament, the club also gave Mikelle a nice prize acknowledging her amazing shot.

Michael MacDonald, on behalf of Mikelle MacDonald

Evan Menzies, Maple Ridge Golf Course, Hole #13

Recorded an ace on hole #13 at Maple Ridge in Calgary. 130 yards to the pin with an elevated tee box. Used a 9 iron.

Andy Wilson, Sherwood Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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I golfed with my son-in-law and grandson on Thursday, and he shot a hole-in-one! Andy Wilson of Halifax landed an ace on August 24 at Sherwood Golf & Country Club’s 217 yard hole.

Linda Smith, on behalf of Andy Wilson

Anthony Iozzo, Oakdale Golf and Country Club, Hole #3

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I got a hole-in-one at Oakdale Golf and Country Club in Toronto. It was on hole #3 of the Homenuik nine. The hole was playing 128 yards from the blue tees. I used my 9 iron and hit a perfect draw into the flag, landed about six feet from the hole and rolled right in!

This is my second ace. My first one was in 2022 on hole #14 at Royal Woodbine Golf Club in Toronto.

Debbie Miller, Kings Riding, Hole #5

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It took place at Kings Riding on Sunday, August 13th. I was playing with three gentlemen named Kelly Robazza, Choel Yong Lee (CY) and Siegfried Hau. I proceeded to the ladies tee on the 5th hole which is 92 yards from the pin. This block is elevated, and the green is surrounded by sand traps on a downhill slope, so I did not want to be long. I chose to use my pitching wedge which hit the edge of the green and rolled into the cup! It was a very surreal experience, and it took me a minute to comprehend that it was a hole-in-one.

It also happened on a great day as it was at the end of Men’s and Ladies’ Captains League finals, so the club was in full swing on the patio. Members were very sweet and excited for me and thankful for a free drink! I made lots of new friends at the club that day.

Eniska, Harbor Golf Club, Hole #4

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There was a slight breeze over the tress. I played with Randy Heise and Rob Monkhouse.

Fodi Adjaoud, Greyhawk Predator, Hole #11

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The hole played 160 yards from the red flag, but we had a strong wind. My teammate said we needed two clubs less. So, I went to change for a 150 club. Everything happened very quickly. I did not see my ball going in until my teammates jumped in the air saying loudly, “It’s in!” The golfers in the surrounding holes stopped and started to send me congratulations. I was thrilled by the reactions.

It was my second hole-in-one, but this one for different reasons seems to be very special.

Greg Szabo, Cottonwood Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

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I was playing my home course, Cottonwood, on Sunday, July 16th with my buddies Craig and Jim. The wind was brisk in our face as we played the scenic 169-yard par 3 17th hole. I hit a high 6 iron that landed just short and rolled into the hole. Jim commented that he didn’t know where the ball went to which I responded, It’s in the hole baby!”

Jim Weatherby, Hartlen Point Forces Golf Club, Hole #6

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It was 127 yards, and I used a 9 iron. My playing partners were Brian, Kevin and Ducky.

Linda Code, Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

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On the first day of our Ladies Club Championship, I got an ace from 114 yards! I used my Callaway Rogue 7 hybrid!

Matt McCullum, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #14

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It happened during our club’s weekly Wednesday night ‘men’s night’ making it even more surreal. I was playing with Mike Avgousti, Alex Ward and Ben McFarlane. Lucky for me, Ben was ready to capture the moment.

The hole played 136 yards that night s I hit an 8-iron (TaylorMade Sim Max). I was playing a TP5x, my first time using that ball! There was very little wind, and the ball flight was just a little right to left. Single bounced and rolled in. We couldn’t tell from the tee box if it was in or not as the pin was hidden because of a very small slope on the green, which made it a little suspenseful when approaching the green.

Mike Di Savino, Kedron Dells Golf Course, Hole #12

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I was playing with three of my regular golf buddies. It was 180 yards, and I used my 7 iron. I hit it perfectly, but the sad part was I didn’t see it go in. It was too far and there was a small hump on the green.  So, I had to wait for the other guys to hit then I walked up with my buddy, and he was convinced it was in the hole. It was!

Randy Ferguson, Amherstview Golf Course, Hole #13

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It was 165 yards, and I used a 6 iron.

Rob Kostyk, Waskesiu Golf Course, Hole #2

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I organized a Northern Saskatchewan golf trip last year with 12 pals which would become known as the inaugural Trundle Cup golf tournament. We were playing in the final round of this Ryder Cup style event on one of Stanley Thompson’s gems, the Waskesiu Lobstick Golf Course (famous for employing Gordie Howe in his youth). For this round, I was teamed up with my great friend from Vancouver who had never played the course before. As we walked up to the second tee overlooking the downhill and severely sloped left to right green, I was giving him a rundown of how this hole should be played. “Ideally, what you want to do,” I would tell him, “Is play your tee shot about five yards left of the hole so that it will roll out right of the hole leaving you an uphill putt for birdie. Leaving your ball above the hole will bring a three-putt into play.” I set my ball on the tee box and executed the game plan flawlessly (a rarity indeed). The ball landed about five yards left of the hole and proceeded to roll like a perfectly read 15-foot downhill breaking putt. I’m certain that time slowed as the ball dropped to the bottom of the cup. The four of us on the tee box began to celebrate with an exuberance that could be heard from the first tee.

Following this whirlwind of emotions, the sodas began to drain a little faster and, unfortunately, the thought did not cross my mind to set my hole-in-one ball aside for safe keeping. Instead, I kept it in play and ended up sending that ball, and several others, deep into the Northern woods.

Trevor Mask, Brookfield Golf Club, Hole #1

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I used a TaylorMade Stealth pitching wedge from 142 yards.