Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – August 25, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Andrew Hibbs, Wildstone Golf Course, Hole #8

It was an optimistic-looking par 3, 168 yards, and the pin was located behind a hill that we could not see from the tee box. I opted for a 6 iron, as short would not be good. I chose to aim slightly left, as I tend to fade my low irons. It was a solid strike and was fading nicely to the pin. We saw one bounce, and it went straight right, second bounce, then we could not see it. My friend Greg stood on the golf cart and said, "I cannot see it!" It was an exciting drive up to the green, and the video tells the rest.

Daniel Peixoto, Turnberry Golf, Hole #4

I used a pitching wedge from 103 yards. I played with Alvin and Ryan.

Maroun Achkar, Mill Run Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

I was playing with my son, Christian Achkar, Neil Duggan and Alex Siblock, and because they are long hitters, they wanted to play the tips.

Hole #4 has an elevated green, measuring 212 yards but it plays like 225 yards.

I hit my driver, the ball hit the green and ran towards the pin, but we didn’t see it go in because of the elevated green.

Mike Milligan, Wyndance Golf Club, Hole #8

I was using my Titleist 21-degree 4 hybrid from the silver tees measuring 196 yards to a white flag in the middle of the green. I knew the shot was good fading off the edge of the bunker and tracking to be on the green but lost sight of it due to the distance.

My foursome included my longtime friend and constant playing partner Ryan Townsend and two others that I met that morning: husband and wife Oak (Jackie) Lee and Charlie Lee. Jackie first realized it might be in the hole but didn’t tell me until I approached her ball on the green thinking it was mine. She said, “No that’s my ball, I think yours is in the hole!” It was! When I got to the green originally, I waited patiently for Ryan and Charlie to chip out of two different bunkers before walking on the green not knowing the gravity of the situation. At that time Jackie had already marked what I thought was my ball (presumably so it wouldn’t be in the way of the two chips). When she put her ball back down on the mark I was confused and asked if she marked my ball. That’s when she said I think yours is in the hole and she approached first to confirm it.

After realizing the accomplishment, I shot a brief video removing the ball from the hole and we took pictures as a group on the 19th hole where my friend Ryan celebrated by having a Michelob Ultra to honour the ball.

I was using an Ultra ball that I had found that day on an earlier hole after an errant shot was lost in the woods. My late father used to play Ultra so I thought it to be a fitting tribute to play the ball I found, though now it’s retired due to the hole-in-one!

Bob Gray, Cobble Beach Golf Links, Hole #8

I was playing with Rob Chaput, Grant Egerdeen and Jeff Kirby. I hit a 7 iron from 154 yards.

Brock Appleyard, Oak Island Golf Course, Hole #8

I used an 8 iron from 178 yards.

Cathy Sutherland, Cardinal Lakes Golf Club, Hole #18

I was lucky enough to get my first hole-in-one at Cardinal Lakes in Welland, Ontario on the Heron course. I am a member of the club and run a Thursday morning ladies league with approximately 50 ladies. I was on hole #18 and the pin placement was in the front of the island green 96 yards from the tee. Using my 9 iron, the ball landed slightly short of the green bounce twice and then rolled the rest of the way in. I was playing with three other ladies from my league, and it was wonderful to watch the ball go into the hole.

Cindy Penton, Bonaire Golf Course, Hole #6

What a day!

Craig Manning, GlenDenning Golf Course, Hole #11

My hole-in-one happened during the final round of the Glendenning Golf Course member’s club championship. I was playing with three other members: Reuben, Bob and Gerard. It was my first ace and it occurred on #11 playing around 168 yards. I hit 7 iron on a good line but we didn’t see the ball go in. It was getting a little foggy, so the visibility was not great.  After walking to the green, Reuben and I found the ball in the hole. It was a great feeling. The ace also helped me card my lowest round, an even par round of 71, and to win the championship by two strokes. It was a special day that I won’t soon forget.

Dan Rochon, Woodside Golf Course, Hole #3

The shot was on a 131-yard par 3 hole, and I used a 5 hybrid. I was playing in Woodside’s Mixed Senior Golf League. Our team strategy was to hit approach shots and tee shots on par 3’s close to but not onto the green so we could chip or putt onto the green close to the hole and only have a one-putt score. That was Plan A. Plan B was that if you hit onto the green, finish the hole with only one or two putts. I didn’t get enough height and the ball bounced just before the green, rolled up to the back of the green and into the hole for a zero-putt score! I guess that was a Plan C shot but I’ll take it!

Dave Crozier, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #8

I played with Ashu Avasthi and used an 8 iron to go 176 yards.

Dave Edgelow, Black Mountain Golf Club, Hole #11

It was 156-yard hole. It’s a little downhill so I used an easy 8 iron. I hit it nice and high with a little draw. It two hopped about 20 feet in front of the hole and then rolled straight to the hole and dropped. My two playing partners and I went wild. Darren hit left into a bunker and Brian left his 30 feet short and left of the hole. Brian made his putt for birdie.

Dave Rurak, Mayfair Lakes Golf Course, Hole #4

It was my first hole-in-one ever after playing golf for 55 years. I was playing with my wife, Faye, and friends, Scott and Liz Holroyd. The hole was 152 yards, and I used a 6 iron. From the tee box, we weren’t sure if it actually went in, but Scott ran up to the hole and verified.

Doug Middleton, Briar Fox Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

The people with me were Steve Yeates, Frank Parker and Wayne Kimball. The distance was approximately 127 yards. The club used a TaylorMade Max pitching wedge.

EJ Babey, Saskatoon Golf and Country Club, Hole #8 and Austin Garvey, Saskatoon Golf and Country Club, Hole #15

During the round my friend, EJ Babey, hit a hole-in-one on #8, at Saskatoon Golf and Country Club. A 145 yard back left pin for the one hop and in.

Then later in our round, on hole #15, I used a 4 iron for the 214 yard back left pin. Two hops and a roll later and we had our second one in our group.

Austin Garvey

Gordon Miller, Barcovan Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with my friend Randy Covell. It was the 11th4 hole at Barcovan Golf Club. It was playing that day about 130 yards with the pin in the back right corner and the tee blocks all the way back on the white tees. I took an extra club, 5 iron, because there was a hurting wind from the left. I hit the shot and watched the ball bounce a couple of times on the green and then disappear. We immediately assumed it had gone off of the back because the pin was in the back. When we got to the green, we couldn’t see it, so we spent about five minutes thrashing around in the rough looking for it. I decided I would take a drop, incredulous that we couldn’t find it, then I decided to look in the hole and there it was. It is only my second hole-in-one.

Grace Yeomans, Vespra Hills Golf Club, Hole #7

I used my 5 iron off the tee, beautiful flight, landed on the green with a slight bounce to the right and broke towards the hole, and in! I was playing with my husband, Jared Yeomans, and another couple, Lynn and Roger with whom we got paired up with.

Needless to say, the three of them were so excited, jumping up and down, sharing hugs and with the foursome on the 6th hole behind us sharing in the excitement. I was more stunned and speechless.

Herbert Samek, Pointe West Golf Club, Hole #13

It was a 160-yard par 3 with a 6 hybrid. My fellow golfers were Mario Diponio and Bob Voth.

Jack Shearer, Truro Golf Club, Hole #2

Our foursome included Brenda D’Arcy, and the McGillivray brothers, Brian and Neil. The hole measured 151 yards from the white’s and I used an 8 iron. I dribbled my “ace ball” into the pond on the next par 3.

Jim Aziz, Oakville Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with two fellow members, Dr. Ken Collett and Denis Clement. It was 127 yards with a 9 iron.

Jimmy Jacquard, Metcalfe Golf Club, Hole #7

It was hole #7, measuring 154 yards and I used an 8 iron. I hit it a tad bit fast, but it landed just before the green, took a bounce and rolled in. If I had flushed it would likely have been too much and overflew the hole a bit.

I was paired with three guys that I didn’t know. I often get early morning tee times at Metcalfe and get paired with random folks. I don’t know their last names but there was Jay and Quinn which knew each other, and Sajiit who was also by himself.

There happened to be a promotion on the hole, so I won a $500 credit at the pro shop which is nice.

Joe Lannan, Port Colborne Country Club, Hole #10

I have been playing golf since 1964, pretty funny that it took probably over 3000 rounds! I hit an 8 iron from 144 yards on our first hole of the day, which was also Men’s league night which had everyone start on the back nine. I was playing with Mark Yallin and Kent Kilpatrick.

John Cliff, Highlands Golf Club, Hole #7

Hole #7 at Highlands was playing 136 yards that day with the hole located in the very back right of the green, down in a hollow. It was protected by bunkers in front, trees tight to the right, and even more trees behind.

Since my normal shot is a high draw, I would normally use a pitching wedge from that distance. But the hole location that day would never accept a draw.

Walking to the tee, I openly cursed that hole location; one of the toughest possible on #7. My unsympathetic playing partners gleefully relished every moment of my dread.

The shot started left of the green, rose very high and started cutting, cutting, more and more; we all gasped. The ball landed softly, short and left of the hole, then rolled like a putt and disappeared into the cup.

My playing partners shouted to our other friends up ahead on the 8th tee box, Jamie McSporran and his son, Kent and his friend Jag Pandher. They all ran back down to the 7th green to verify the ball was in the cup but more likely, I suspect, to make sure they were included on the list for free drinks.

JP Kyla, Gorge Vale Golf Club, Hole #2

It was 103 yards and I hit a 50 degree.

Ken Greer, Michaelbrook Golf, Hole #11

I was playing with 12 family members. We were in Peachland for my wife’s aunt’s 90th birthday. My foursome was with my younger son, and my wife’s uncle and cousin.

Kevin Ross, Rivershore Golf Links, Hole #17

After my night shift, on the morning of August 17th, I teed off just before 8am with fellow member, Tavis Carlin, at Rivershore Golf Links. I was playing a pretty average round that had more downs than ups. We came to the 17th hole; 180 yards from the white tees. With a middle pin location and being slightly elevated a small ridge had the hole hidden from view. I played a 7 iron, and it flew straight at the flag the whole way landing on the front right fringe. Being a slight up slope and it took a little hop to the left and rolled out of sight straight towards the pin. Travis looked at me and said, “That might be in.” To both of our astonishment we arrived at the green with no ball in sight until we were looking down at it in the hole. My first hole-in-one after nearly 30 years of golfing and it was an amazing and exhilarating experience.

LGQ, Fraserview Golf Course, Hole #13

Last February I came to Canada from China. On June 13th I made my first hole-in-one at Fraserview Golf Course after living in Canada. It happened on the par 3 13th hole. I was hitting from the blue tees and the yardage was 180. My playing partners were as excited as me! It was a great day!

Lorne Childs, Burlington Golf and CC, Hole #6

I played with Harry Walsh, Adam Thomas and Dave VanWely. It was 128 yards and I hit a nine iron.

Lynda Pataky, Fairwinds Golf Course, Hole #6

The exciting hole-in-one was witnessed by three ladies on our Tuesday Ladies Day. It was hole #6 with a blue flag. The distance is around 130 yards. I used my 9 wood Callaway Epic Max. My friends were Sharon Whitehead, Shireen Brooks and Aliza Hutchinson.

Marc Poirier, Lakeside Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

Great day!

Melbourne O’Brien, Olympic View Golf Club, Hole #6

It was on the 6th hole at Olympic View, which was 205 yards. The club is a TaylorMade 2 iron. I was playing with Blair, Donnie and Kyle. The shot was good contact with a slight draw over the edge of the pond, landed on the fringe, kicked left toward the pin. It took a second bounce on the green, and clank into the pin and bottom of the hole.

Mr. Bogdan, Chiliwack Golf Club, Hole #17

Yesterday was my dad’s 62nd birthday and I took him golfing at Chilliwack Golf Club in Chilliwack, B.C. About two months prior we played golf together at the same course and I made a hole-in-one on the 17th hole.

Yesterday, my dad made an ace on the exact same hole I had one on. He hit a 5 iron from 155. To top it off he called it on the tee box, and it was his birthday!

Luke Bogdan, on behalf of his father

Nathan Welford, Richmond Country Club, Hole #12

I used a 9 iron and hit it up the right-hand side of the green, the pin was playing in the middle of the green, and it rolled right down and dropped in the hole. I was playing with Brandon Chen and Justin Jiacheng. This was part of a two-day junior club championship event. The hole-in-one happened on the first day. This was also the first time I was playing the back nine, so I hadn’t played that hole before that day. I was using a Titleist 4 Pro V1. I am keeping the ball and the scorecard to frame.

Norm Forshner, Cardinal Lakes Golf Club, Hole #2

I was playing with Rob Chiki and Vic Chevalier. It was 142 yards with my 8 iron.

Rachel Gannage, St. Catherines Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

I played with Taylor Lafrate and I used my 3 wood from 129 yards.

Richard Bacon, Mill Run Golf and Country Club, Hole #9

It happened while playing with my regular group on Thursday. We call ourselves the “Irish Canucks”. I was joined by a pay as you go couple and one member, Mike Warriner.

The ninth at Mill Run Highland is a 183-yard downhill par 3. I hit a 4 hybrid. It was a high draw and the ball landed about ten feet short of the hole and disappeared shortly after. We thought it had gone off the back of the green. It was in! That was kind of cool!

Rob Mannila, Spruce Needles Golf Club, Hole #9

Playing partners were Ron Maxwell and Luke Boisoneau. It was with a 7 iron.

Sharon Case, Miramichi Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

It was an exciting day as the ladies I was playing with in our weekly Tuesday league had not witnessed a hole-in-one. The hole is recorded as 88 yards on our scorecard, and I used a wedge. This is my 8th hole-in-one, and each are special. My husband has six and I gave him a little teasing now that I am two up. Members at our course are surprised with our household total.

Shawn Allen, Weston Golf Club, Hole #15

It was hole #15. It measured 181 yards, and I used a 6 iron.

Shelley, Golf Kenosee, Hole #8

I was very excited, but also doubtful that it actually happened. My playing partner that witnessed it was Loreen Wakefield. The other two ladies I was playing with had stopped at the bathroom.

Loreen told me it went in, but I thought it rolled past the hole, so when we got to the green, I hopped off the cart with my putter and proceeded to look behind the green. But Loreen, she knew. She went straight to the hole for the wonderful discovery!

Skyler Thomas, Pine Ridge Golf Club, Hole #10

I was playing with my wife Courtney Thomas. On hole #10 at Pine Ridge, I hit a 6 iron from 202 for my ace.

Steve Toms, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Hole #3

I was playing with my son Harrison Toms who purchased the round at Wooden Sticks as a birthday gift for me. It was on the 3rd hole at about 145. I used a 7 iron as I did not want to be short in the water or bunker in front. Apparently, this hole is modelled after the 12th hole at Augusta. The ball landed a few feet short of the hole and skipped in!

Stuart Justason, Countryview Golf Club, Hole #6

The club used was a 6 iron for 171 yards. As for partner’s, I joined up with brother and sister Dawn and Kyle. First time we ever met. They were just as excited for me as I was. Two very nice people.

Wayne Bulloch, Vulcam Golf and CC, Hole #16

I used a Cobra 5 hybrid from 163 yards.