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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Robert Backus, Rattlesnake Point, Hole #15

Good afternoon, thanks for reaching out. Was a great day yesterday with hitting the hole-in-one. Playing on Copperhead at Rattlesnake, we started on the back nine and got to hole 15. Blues were playing 168 with a blue flag. Took out the 8 Iron and proceeded to hit the shot of the day. Ball was tracking nice fading in from left to right. I watch the ball hit the green but where the tee box was and the fact the pin was below elevation, I lost sight of it. I walked to my left to see if I could see the ball and was still unsure due to my sight line.

In my group was a friend Paul Chapman who was playing from the white tees, so he was standing on those blocks and did not see it from there either. After Paul hit his into the bunker on the sand, I said to Paul, “I think the ball is in the hole”. Paul did a small laugh and then we walked up and onto the green to see no ball in sight. As we walked up, I started a video on my phone, and you can clearly see my ball mark on the green and then we followed it right into the hole.


Rob Backus

Zara Kenley, Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa, Hole #8

Thank you for acknowledging Zara’s hole-in-one. This is her mother, Nancy Kenley helping her respond to the email as Zara is 12 years old and going in grade 7.

She was super excited about getting a hole-in-one. Zara was playing a round by herself at her beautiful home course and I was driving her in a cart, like I often do. The yardage was about 129 yards and she hit the ball with a 9 iron. It was raining on and off.

I actually recorded a video of the hole-in-one, as I often video her golfing, and especially usually on par 3’s as Zara has been obsessed with wanting to get a hole-in-one since she first learned about them.

We hope to find a program that will track and show the ball, as you can barely see it in the air on the left, then it drops and rolls to the hole.

I could see it through my camera phone, and you can see Zara’s surprised expression as she realized it went in the hole. Her reaction is priceless.

The story is even more exciting, as a few years ago, a member, Joey, mentioned that he jumped in the pond once he got a hole-in-one. Our assistant, Pro Fletcher, had promised Zara that if she ever got a hole-in-one, she could push him in the pond on hole #2. So, this Friday, everyone is meeting at hole #2 at 6pm for Fletcher, Joey and Zara to get pushed/jump in the pond.

Thank you,

Nancy Kenley, on behalf of Zara Kenley

Alan Inkster, Balfour Golf Course, Hole #16

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Thanks for your interest in my recent hole-in-one.

This was my third hole-in-one and second pretty one. The first was a near shank that somehow found the green and rolled 40 feet into the hole. The latest was on the 147-yard 16th hole at Balfour Golf Course in Balfour, B.C. It’s a pretty par 3, guarded by a sand trap on the left and a pond on the right. The red pin was tucked behind the pond about 25 feet from the front of the green. My Adams 5 hybrid had the ball on the flagstick all the way. Two bounces and a short roll before the ball dropped in the hole. I was playing in our retiree league, so was rewarded with $200, which helped defray the cost of customary libations in the clubhouse.

Thanks again for your interest.

Alan Inkster

Anisur Salim, Dantonia Park Golf Course, Hole #7

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Occurred on August 19, 2022, at the Dantonia Park Golf Course. Hole number 7. Used a 56-degree wedge and a ball ProV1X.



Blair Schmidt, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for the note. Yes, it was such a great experience and a tremendous feeling to get the hole in one.  

The hole was playing 157 yards and I hit 6 iron – front pin. I know that there’s no such thing as a perfect golf shot but, I have to say that I hit this shot pretty sweet. Landed on the green, two bounces and rolled in.  

I was playing with thee other members on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Jim Carney, Tejinder Mangat, and Brad Lock.  

Thank you.


Blair Schmidt

Bob Seidler, Delta Golf Club, Hole #4

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I was playing with three other members of the senior club, Eddy Martin, John Hooker and Carl Thompson. This was my second hole-in-one, this one was much more satisfying as it was a par three, 164 yards. The club I used was a 3 wood. I am 81 years old, so this was very gratifying for me. The funny part of this is that nobody saw the ball go into the cup, as none of us could see that far. Once we got to the hole, we looked around for the ball and couldn’t find it. So, Eddy Martin had gone over to the cup and pointed down, and there it was. I had jumped up and down with joy and we had all gone a little bit nuts. It was something I will never forget. It meant free beer for everybody at the club.

Thanks to Golf Canada for acknowledging this accomplishment. 

On the next hole, I sank a 30-foot putt for a birdie.


Bob Seidler

Craig Maciver, Canal at Delacour Golf Club, Hole #9

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I was playing with two women, one is a member, and another guy. I was playing the worst round of the year and was going to leave after 9, but this happened. The other guy said it was 151 yards, and we 

had a wind with us so I used a 9 iron. We didn’t see it go in as the pin was in a bit of a hollow. This is my fourth and it still is as exciting as the first. I’m hoping for another one so I could have a handful.


Craig Maciver

Dan McGuire, Peasant Glen Golf Course, Hole #8

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August 18, 2022. Peasant Glen G.C. Qualicum Beach. Hole #8. 160 yards. 6 iron. Playing partners were Jim Raynard and Toby Lawrence.

Darren Grant, Copper Point Golf Club, Hole #15

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The hole measured 138 yards, so I used my pitching wedge. Played with JR, 28 and Mike. 

Dave Brar, Cordova Bay Golf Course, Hole #13

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Playing with Frank Marcheluzzo and Don Kaluza. 8 iron. 137 yards.

Dominic LaFrate, Royal Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thank you. The real story is that my wife, Anna, had her third hole-in-one the previous Thursday, August 11, on hole number 4 at Royal Ashburn. She then had one more than I. I needed to catch up! It’s my second hole-in-one on the same hole (last one was September 2019).

My playing partners were Anna, Bob Stephenson, and Lorne Rintoul. I used an eight iron from 148 yards out.


Elizabeth Wolfe, Oakdale Golf & Country Club, Hole #9

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I am happy to share the good news. 

I was playing with Faye Minuk, Marya Grad and Judi Gottlieb. It was on Homenuik #9, about 115 yards, uphill. I used my 5 hybrid. I knew it was a good shot onto the green, but I did not see where it landed (mainly due to poor eyesight). When I got to the green, I did not see my ball. It was not on the green, not in a bunker, not on the fringe or anywhere nearby. I took a chance and checked the hole and found the ball!

Elizabeth Wolfe

Glen Philips, Stewart Creek Golf Club, Hole #3

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Happy to share my experience at Stewart Creek – my home course. I was playing with my wife, Irene, and used a 5 iron on a 154-yard shot. 

Of note, it was my sixth hole-in-one; my fifth hole in one happened on the same hole at Stewart Creek four years ago. There is a trend – had my first hole-in-one in my 20’s Jasper, Alberta; second in my 30’s in Silver Springs, Calgary; third in my 40’s at Bearspaw, Calgary; fourth at Eagle Falls Palm Springs, CA in my 50’s; number five (late 60’s) and six at Stewart Creek at 73 years of age. Hopefully I do not have to wait until my 80’s for number 7.



Helen Houle, Burnaby Mountain Golf Course, Hole #4

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I had my first hole-in-one in our club championship! On hole #4, 140 yards up hill. My playing partners were Sharon Marshall, Yvonne Chang and Sherry Camron.

It was one of the best days of my life!


James Johnston, Lynx Ridge Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thanks for the email! I was playing with my mother which was great because I was with my dad for my first hole-in-one. The yardage was 160 and I used a 9 iron.

Jerry Jones, Glendale Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

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Thank you. Second one of my life! Very exciting.

It was scored on the third hole at Glendale Golf and Country Club in Winnipeg.

The hole was playing approximately 125 yards and the pin placement was front of the green. I hit a pitching wedge right over top of the flag about 15’ past the pin and it rolled back down the slope and into the cup!

I was playing with three friends who are also members at Glendale; Doug Petersen, Bruce Rannard and Jamie McDonald.

Does Golf Canada still send out certificates for a hole in one? Pretty sure I got one for my first one in 2006.



Jim Cronin, Crimson Ridge Golf Course, Hole #7

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I recorded my hole-in-one on the hole #7, par three, at Crimson Ridge Golf Course in Sault Ste. Marie, ON on August 22, 2022. I used a two hybrid on the 180 yard back pin and lost sight of the ball. We didn’t see it on the green, so I figured it had rolled off the back. After searching through the deep grass, one of my playing partners yelled. “There’s a ball in the hole!”  Sure, enough I had aced the hole, my first at Crimson Ridge and second in 39 years of golf. My golfing partners were Gino Cavallo, and Val and Jean Suriano.  

Jim Cronin

Jim Guild, Millcroft Golf Club, Hole #15

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I was playing with two fellow members of the Millcroft Golf Club Senior Men’s League. It was a regular Monday morning game we thought was going to be rained out, but it turned out to be a great day. I was playing with Kirby Smith and Barry Markowsky. The hole measured 135 yards that day, and I used an 8 iron. Interestingly, I found the ball on the 13th hole, and put it in play on the 15th. Walking from the 14th green to the 15th tee, we were discussing holes-in-one. I’ve been waiting 60 years to get an “ace” and won’t soon forget it.

Many thanks for your interest, and thanks for the graphic you forwarded.  



Keith O’Neil, TPC Toronto, Hole #8

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I was playing with John Dickson, who also had a hole-in-one on the same hole with the same pin placement last year. The pin was 120 yards into the wind, and I hit a 9 iron.


Kim Somers, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #7

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Thank you so much for your email!

Last Thursday was a day I won’t soon forget. It was a special Ladies’ Day at our club as member, Wendy Hanson, arranged for a Golf Fore the Cure day. She reached out to Michael Murillo, the General Manager of Subaru of Mississauga, and a “win the car” hole was organized.

I was playing with great friends: Margaret Green, Lisa Trudell and Darlene Monkman all members at Glencairn.

Darlene hit first and I was next to go. It was hole #7, Scotch Block, the car was on the tee box and the Director of Golf, Mike Grierson, was also there.

The hole was a downhill par 3 and the pin measured at 155 yards. I used my 27 degree hybrid. The ball landed a few inches short of the green, hopped on and seemed to roll in slow motion towards the pin. We were watching it and getting more excited by the moment when all of a sudden it disappeared and that’s when the hugs, high fives and cheering drew notice from the other golfers. 

I was shaking. I couldn’t believe what had just happened! We got down to the hole to retrieve my ball, took some photos and tried to carry on with the remaining 11 holes the best I could.

I phoned my husband, who was golfing at Rattlesnake, to share the news with him and he was just as excited as I was.  It was our 15th wedding anniversary that day and it’s an anniversary to remember! We celebrated with a glass of wine that evening.

Funny story…we have a hole-in-one trophy in our house, and it travels in the family, by blood or marriage, to the person with the most recent hole-in-one. The first hole in engraved on it is from 1930. Most recently, my husband has had the trophy with three consecutive hole-in-ones beginning in July 2020 and I’ve finally been able to take it away from him. 🙂

Larry Olson, Tsawwassen Springs, Hole #15

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Thanks for reaching out. 

I was playing with Tsawwassen Springs/Golf Canada men’s club members Laurie Jesty, Chris Gardiner and Bob Peters. It was on hole #15, par 3, 102 yards into about a one club wind. I played a nine iron high into the wind. It landed softly about five feet short and six inches to the right of the pin. Two little bounces and it rolled right in. I was delighted to see this happen as it was my first hole-in-one. I have holed out from the fairway several times but there is no feeling like a hole-in-one on a par three. Our men’s club has a slush fund for this, so everyone gets a free drink tomorrow on me, or rather, because of me.  

Best regards.

Marian Gallaugher, Duntroon Highlands Golf Club, Hole #8

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It did feel like a very special gift to myself as it was three days before my 75th birthday.

I was playing with Linda Wilson and Anne Emerton. The yardage is 134 from the reds and I used a 7 iron. It is my fourth hole-in-one but my first at Duntroon Highlands. It’s interesting that a few days before on the same hole my shot hit the flag stick and sat about five inches away. I was lamenting the unfairness of this game.

A funny but frustrating shot on the same day was my drive on the 15th hole. It was wedged in branches of a cedar tree about eight feet up and Linda got a photo of that too. So, I went from elation to deflation. Such is golf.

Thanks for your interest.

Marian Gallaugher

Marie-Anne Hinds, Watervalley Golf Course, Hole #2

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Good day! 

I had a hole-in-one on the second hole at Watervalley Golf Course on August 10! I golfed with my husband, Ken Hinds, and friend, Andy Thomson.


Marie-Anne Hinds

Mark Finstad, Cornwall Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

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Fifty years; yes 50 years – that I have been playing this glorious, frustrating, amazing game! Finally, on Friday, August 5, 2022, I got my first hole-in-one! It was on the 12th hole, (my new favourite hole) at Cornwall Golf and Country Club, 190 yards with a 6 iron! We all saw the ball hit the green and roll – but weren’t sure if it went in. So, out came the range finders – two of the guys checked and said they didn’t see the ball on the green and said confidently, “it must be in the hole, no way it went over!” With me leading the walk onto the green and the lads about one step behind; we looked in the hole…and there it was in the bottom of the cup! Euphoria, a great big yell, chills down my spine, and a big smile on my face…what a feeling!

Michael Rodgers, Glendale, Hole #3

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Thanks so much for reaching out. I couldn’t believe it when it happened. Apparently, the group I was golfing with have all had a hole-in-one except for me. I was golfing with Kent Craig, Jack Josephson and their guest Zach. Funny thing is with hole three is that Kent got an ace on it last year and my friend Joe Foderaro also aced the same hole a month ago. We decided to play from the tips that day and the yardage was 159 so I figured a smooth 7 iron would do the trick. Luckily, we were all watching it land towards the hole and it disappeared right into the cup.



Paul Rankin, Comox Golf Club, Hole #9

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Wow and thanks. I was playing with my usual partners, Cindi and Gary; my wife was away. I used a #3 wood. The yardage on the score card says 166 yards, but it was less than that.

Peter Benson, Highland Country Club, Hole #10

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The hole-in-one was at Highland Country Club during the guest tournament. It was on hole # 10. It was playing at 155 yards. I used a 6 iron and a Titleist Pro V1 golf ball. It happened August 19, 2022. My partner was Brad Sparling.

Not bad for a high handicap 😁

Randy Miller, Cooke Municipal Golf Course, Hole #12

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Thanks for the interest. 

The tournament was the Prince Albert Senior Northern, second day of a two event. Threesome; Glen Erickson from Medicine Hat and Barry M. from Saskatoon. His wife was caddying. 

The day before, on the same hole, it was the $10,000 hole-in- one hole. I played pretty well the same shot and lipped out. We thought it had gone in because it was behind the pin and hard to see. The spotter told us it lipped out. Of course, no money the next day when I did ace it.

About 138 yards, into a wind, used a TaylorMade 6 hybrid.  I got a hole-in-one in the same tournament in 2021 on a different hole. 

Take care. 

Rob Brown, Coloniale Golf Club, Hole #8

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I was playing with a father and son (Blaine and Blaine Jr.) on a sunny Friday afternoon after work.

The 8th hole was playing 191 yards downwind with the flag at the front of the green just over a hump. I hit 6 iron and it was in line with the hole, but we couldn’t see it. I was expecting to see the ball roll up the hill past the hole, but it never appeared. One of my playing partners said, “I think that might be in” but I had my doubts. 

As we approached the green, the ball was still nowhere to be seen. I walked to the hole and sure enough it was there. I’m not sure who was more excited – me or my playing partners – but it was a special moment. The rest of the round was a great time for all of us.

Rob Couch, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #3

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In regard to the details of my hole-in-one, I was playing with my friend I play with almost every round and one other person we were matched up with. The yardage was 175 with the wind at my back. I used an 8 iron and dunked it straight in the hole.

Thomas Considine, Landings Golf Course, Hole #5

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Thank you for your email.

I was playing with Chris Hall and Dan Wiles. My golf watch said the distance was about 135 yards. I was using my 7 iron.

Thomas Considine 

Tom MacLeod, Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club, Hole #9

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On August 1, 2022, I was playing on the final day of our Club Championships at my home course of Priddis Greens (Hawk course). Hole #9 was playing 195 yards downhill into a bit of a fan. Hit a good 6 iron into a back right pin and my playing partner, Boyd Hall, also hit a decent shot, but neither of us saw either ball land due to the glare of the sun off the surface of the green.

Boyd was driving a cart and I was walking, so he got down to the green well before I did. On my walk to the green, I could see Boyd’s about 20 feet left of the hole, but still couldn’t see mine. My ball mark was about six feet in front of the hole, and Boyd told me to look in the hole to find my ball. Whoot! Ace!

Fun fact, my last ace prior to this one was also during our Club Championships and was on the very same day, August 1st, 2021, exactly one year earlier.

Tom MacLeod

Warren Higginson, Dakota Dunes Golf Links, Hole #6

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Got my hole-in-one on August 16 at Dakota Dunes Golf Links while playing with my regular weekly senior golf group. It happened on the par 3, 6th hole, approximately 155 yards with a 9 iron. There was a small  bush in our line of site so we didn’t see it go in.

Wayne Allen, Inglewood Golf & Curling Club, Hole #15

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It was on hole #15 at Inglewood in Calgary. It was a beauty of a 5 iron at 177 yards. I was golfing with a couple members and a teacher who taught in Morley. I’m the one with the glove on and it was my second one at this course!

Zac Austin, Kamplooks Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

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So, on Saturday I was playing in an amateur tournament in Kamloops, B.C., hole number 4, literally 4th hole of my tournament. I was playing with three others named Wyatt, Taylor and Aaron. Yardage was about 149 so I hit a comfortable pitching wedge. It landed one foot behind the pin and spun in. I ended up finding out that it was on the money hole, and I won monetary prize on my first ever ace!