Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – August 4, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Cody Luu, Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

The hole was measured at 183 yards, a bit down wind and I hit an 8 iron. It came the day after my 37th birthday, and after 28 years of playing golf, I finally got my first ace.

A couple weeks prior, I had just began filming my par 3s to hopefully capture my first hole-in-one on video. As luck would have it, my camera fell over before I took my shot and so I have a video of the grass with the sound of my excited screams in the background.

Frank Deiter, Predator Ridge Golf Resort, Hole #6

It was at Predator Ridge on hole #6 which was 211 yards! I used my hybrid.

Jiri Hudecek, The Winston Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with Steve Easthope and Dennis Murphy, both Winston and Golf Canada members. The hole-in-one happened on #11, a challenging par 3 that is all carry over a hazard to a green surrounded by trouble everywhere but right. It was playing 157 yards into a half club headwind, and the pin was centre right. There was room on the green short of the pin, so I thought a 7 iron would get there and also take the back hazard out of play.

I hit it well and it was on a great line; it drew in nicely over the hazard, pitched eight feet short of the pin and rolled in. There were shrubs partially blocking the view, but I saw it disappear. Steve was only pretty sure, and of course I wasn’t saying anything till we got there, but there it was. It was my second one, but the first one at my home club with regular playing partners, so it was way more special.

I have sore knees, so I ride a cart, and I usually grab whichever one is handy. That morning there were several, including #1. I grabbed it. I never pick a cart because of the number but that day I did.

Mark Kupko, Kingsville Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

It's been a week now since my first hole-in-one and I still cannot believe it happened. It was a sunny Sunday in Kingsville, Ontario on July 23rd. The course got a lot of rain the prior day, so it was cart path only. Thankfully for me it didn't matter on gold #2, our second hole of the day. I was playing with my Chuck Cup teammates Shawn Davidson, Jamie Boccioletti and Darryl Burgess. After coming off a par to open the day, we stepped up to the second hole that was lasered at 164 yards. I was in between club selections as I had just hit a 9 iron from 162 yards on the first hole, but I couldn't feel the wind down in the valley for this par 3, so I grabbed my 8 iron. I started the ball about five yards right of the pin, hoping for my usual fade, which is exactly what happened. The pin was on the right side of the wide, but not deep green. The first bounce hit the fringe in front, then took a few rolls directly into the hole. There was a little ridge, so I could not see it go in, but my group heard the "click" of the ball hitting the pin and saw it disappear. I was in complete shock and didn't celebrate until all of them confirmed they knew it was in. The group ahead of us were on the next tee, which is up on a hill. They ran back to confirm it was in the hole. We proceeded to enjoy cold beers the rest of the day and night, while the rest of my golf round was a blur.

Robin Tomalty, Shannon Lake, Hole #2

Thanks for your kind words of congratulations! It happened to be my third ace but still pretty darn exciting! I was playing my home course, Shannon Lake, with my usual Friday fun group of ladies. I believe it was a mid-pin, possibly around 125 yards. I decided to use my 4 hybrid club on that hole.

It was mid-morning, and I felt the swing was smooth and the direction was straight. What I didn’t know was that two of the ladies actually saw it go in the hole. I walked my cart down to the side of the green to park it and ambled towards the green looking for my ball. One of the gals had the foresight to push record on her phone so actually got my reaction when I discovered it in the hole! Hugs all around and we shared a little toast of something yummy that one of the ladies always carries as ‘birdie juice’.

Abe Fehr, Essex Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

It was a wonderful feeling and accomplishment for me. I was playing with fellow Essex Golf and Country Club members Gary Langeman and Jake Neudorf. It was hole #7 and we were playing the blue tees. I used my 8 iron from a distance of 142 yards.

Adele Williamson, Canmore Golf Club, Hole #12

It was a thrill to have a hole-in-one on July 15, 2023. I was playing with Sandra, Judy and Cheryl, the members of my newly formed Masters competitive curling team. I was trying to impress them at my Canmore course but without much success until we came to hole #12.

When I stepped onto the tee box, I recognized that the pin placement was the same as it had been last July 13th when I had an ace on the same hole. The same white flag was again placed in line with the left edge of the sand trap. The distance was the same at 107 yards. Even though I have new clubs this year, I reached for my 7 hybrid as last year’s success was with a 7 iron. The ball soared and landed three feet from the hole and rolled in at the same angle as my last. How uncanny is that! The other cool fact is that everyone watched the ball go into the hole. There was a pause and a look of disbelief between us before the cheering began.

Alison Griffin, Andersons Creek Golf Club, Hole #8

It was an exciting moment. I was playing with my mother, Iva Griffin. The hole is 95 yards, and I used my 7 iron. It was a beautiful day, and the wind was just enough to help my ball get into the hole.

Amanda Barney, Prince Rupert Golf Club, Hole #4

I was playing with my partner Tim Young, and the yardage was 115 so I used my 7 iron. The pin placement was behind a large sand bunker, so we didn’t see the ball go in. We knew it was a great shot, but we looked for the ball off the back of the green before I glanced in the hole and saw the ball.

Angela Arora, Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #8

Editor’s Note: Angela Arora, a Team Canada and University of Tennessee golfer, recorded a hole-in-one during the 2023 Canadian Women’s Amateur Championship.

Ann Newberry, Barcovan Golf Course, Hole #18

I had a hole-in-one at Barcovan Golf Course on hole #18 on July 25th. I was playing in the weekly ladies’ league with Janet, Linda and Kim. I used an easy 8 iron for the 99 yard shot. The ball landed off the green and rolled on and into the hole. A superb ending to what had been a horrendous round.

Bill Woodley, Mabel Lake Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, 29 degrees with a light wind. My playing partners were Phil Malbeuf, Mike Striha and Eric Hoffman. It was 159 yards, and I used a 6 iron.

Brodie McRae, Shaganappi Point Golf Course – Valley, Hole #7

I had been playing with my friends (Aiden McRae and Riley Douglas) and the yardage was 170 yards. I used my 6 iron.

Chloe Wills, Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #14

My first hole-in-one!

Cliff Truax, Islington Golf Club, Hole #10

On July 25, 2023, I aced the 10th hole at Islington Golf Club. The hole was playing 165 yards uphill to the green. I was playing with my buddy, Brian Beith, and I used my Taylor Made M4 driver. This was my second hole-in-one, having aced Islington #6, on September 22, 2020.

Dan Klimas, Lachute, Hole #2

The hole-in-one was the fifth in my lifetime. This was just as special as the others. It was hole #2 on the Thompson Course at Lachute Golf Club. It was 164 yards, and I used a 5 hybrid.

Dave Lewis, Gander Golf Club, Hole #4

I used a 6 iron to complete this feat and the hole was playing 135 yards.

David Huffer, Canmore Golf Club, Hole #8

This was my second hole-in-one, both have come on the 8th hole of the Canmore Golf Club. I was playing with my friend Dieter Kuhn. My first was October 2014 with an 8 iron from 135 yards out, my recent was with a 5 iron from 157 yards.

DJ Stevenson, Woodlands Links, Hole #7

I used a 9 iron from 155, landed roughly eight feet past the hole and spun back into the hole! It took about 10 seconds to fall into the hole. I didn’t think it was going to go in but finally fell! I was playing with a couple of my buddies at men’s night, their names are Brandon Gibson and Tom Dawson.

Dustin Boydell, Cultus Lake Golf Club, Hole #2

I was playing with my friend Andrew and a twosome that got paired up with us. Their names were Jae and Mac. The hole was playing about 110 yards so I hit a nice, controlled pitching wedge. The depth perception of the green made it seem as though the ball had landed short of the pin and spun away. However, when we arrived at the green, we discovered the ball in the hole!

Evan Cranshaw, Malone Golf Club (east), Hole #3

It was in the second round of the St. Lawrence eight man tournament at Malone Golf Club. I was playing with Sean O’Conner, Matt Heney and Tanner Wiseman. The hole was 186 yards and I hit a 6 iron.

Fred Hill, Granite Springs Golf Club, Hole #16

My latest hole-in-one was at Granite Springs Golf Club from 123 yards. I used a Callaway Apex Pro 8 iron and a Vice Pro Plus golf ball. Stuart Tebbutt and Scott Murphy were my witnesses.

Gail Halsall, Cardinal Lakes Golf Club, Hole #12

I had a hole-in-one at Cardinal Lakes Golf Club! It was on the back nine on the Sparrow course! We were 94 yards with a 7 iron! Margaret Edwards and Tom Halsall were with me to celebrate the shot.

George Mulligan, Deer Ridge Golf Club, Hole #6

The yardage was 160 yards and I hit my pitching wedge. I was using Titleist clubs and a ball. My playing partners were Kevin Casey, Bob Fleming and Brian Hopkins.

Guy Allford, Granite Hills Golf Club, Hole #12

I played Granite Hills Golf Course in Lac Du Bonnet, Manitoba. We were visiting from Calgary and played with my brother-in-law, nephew and a longtime friend. I used a 7 iron on the 12th hole, 154 yards. It hit the pin and straight in the cup. This was my 7th hole-in-one.

Nine years ago, we were playing Granite Hills and on the 12th hole, as we were teeing off, we received a phone call that our son who was 35 years old passed away very unexpectedly. It will be nine years on August 5th. I was golfing with my brother-in-law and nephew as well that day. As I was teeing off the other day my thoughts were with our son Ryan and as everyone said he was as definitely looking down on me. We are going to make a trip to Scotland next July, hopefully to play the Old Course to honour my grandparents who immigrated from Scotland, my parents and Ryan; they were all avid golfers.

Jackson Telka, Pine View Golf Course, Hole #11

Today, I’m overjoyed to share the incredible news that I achieved a hole-in-one! The magic began with a special moment before the match at 11:11, I made a wish to become the world’s greatest golfer. Little did I know that destiny had something extraordinary in store for me. On my way to the course, my friend Gavin Hopkins and I shared laughter, imagining what it would be like to get a hole-in-one. As I reached the 11th hole, 132 yards to the pin, I confidently stood at the tee, holding a 7 iron. I took a swing, and to my absolute amazement, my ball disappeared into the hole. It could only mean one thing! A dream come true that I will cherish forever.

Jamie Girolametto, St. George Golf Club, Hole #17

I was playing with my son Elijah Girolametto, Ernie Romaine and Tom Fisher. It was on the 17th hole at the Oaks of St. George. The hole was 117 yards. I used a pitching wedge. The ball went over the flag, stuck on the green and then came back down the slope about 10 feet. This is my first ever hole-in-one.

Jamie Spademan, Water Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

I was in a group of four with two of my golfing buddies. It was James McKeage and Keith Field. The fourth member of the group was James’s nephew Chris VanTilborg. The yardage was 105 and I hit a pitching wedge.

Jean-Guy Boudreau, Pine Needles Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

On July 17th, I was playing with Freddy Vautour who shot 91, and Bernard Savoie who shot 83. They witnessed my hole-in-one on the 4th hole of the Pine course which is 150 yards long. I hit my pitching wedge. I used a Titleist ProV1x ball. My score that day was 74 from the yellow tees.

Jean-Philippe Bolduc, Saint Raphaël (Club de Golf), Hole #17

I was playing with Vincent Lecavalier, Mark Allison and Karik Boisjoly. It was 108 yards and I hit a 56-degree wedge.

Jérôme Himbeault, Kanawaki Golf Club, Hole #11

I had a hole-in-one on July 30th on the 11th hole at my home course Kanawaki Golf Club, during my final qualifying round for my Interclub team tryouts. The distance was 163 yards, I used my 9 wood to hit my shot and it took a bounce and in. My playing partners were Paul Rice and Nicolas Ponton.

Jerome Northcott, Gander Golf Club, Hole #4

It is the fourth hole at Gander and I used a 5 wood. I played with Judy Goulding, Ryan Tobin and Kevin O’Keefe on the 29th of July.

Jim Gerhart, National Pines Golf Club, Hole #17

After 58 years of golf, I finally made a hole-in-one! A few weeks earlier, on the same hole, I hit the pin and finished six inches from the hole. I wondered if I would ever score an ace.

I was playing with fellow National Pines members Mike Sullivan and Shael Dolman in our regular Tuesday morning tee time. The scorecard yardage was 158 yards. The actual yardage to the pin was 142 (front pin). I used an 8 iron. 

John Powers, Sunset Ranch Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

I was golfing with Mike Hodder and Brian Bleakley. I used a 7 iron for 181 yards. I did not catch the ladies name that was the spotter as it was a hole-in-one for 5,000 dollars during the Sunset Men’s invitational.

Jordan Hollett, Cabot Cliffs, Hole #14

The yardage was 143 yards, and I used an 8 iron. I was playing with Shane Roney, Brodie McGregor and Ron Hately (there was also a Cabot caddie with us).

Karen Dove, Blue Springs Golf Club, Hole #5

This is my fourth hole-in-one. On July 18, 2023, I scored an ace on hole #5 at Blue Springs Golf Club. It was 115 yards over a pond with a 7 wood. It was witnessed by my good friend Leini Locsin and my husband Ron Falsetto. We celebrated later in the club house along with other members, one of whom had also scored an ace on the same hole earlier in the afternoon. High fives all around! I have to say it never gets old.

Karen Hodgins, Maple Ridge Golf Club, Hole #3

It was my ladies night at Maple Ridge. It was 99 yards on hole #3 with my pitching wedge. I will remember it forever!

Leslie Rahie, Pointe West Golf Club, Hole #2

It was hole #2, 141 yards and I used my 8 iron. I was golfing with Mike Vrionis and Nick Magyar.

Luke Fender, Quarry Oaks, Hole #15

What a day!

Marcel Desloges, Cowichan Golf and Country Club, Hole #6

I’ve only been playing golf for four years. I started when I was 59. It happened on hole #6 which is the most difficult par 3, according to many golfers. The green slopes left to right. My club selection was a 9 iron. The ball landed left of the pin, which was my aiming point, about eight feet. It looked like the ball had stopped then it started slowly rolling to the right and fell in! All the playing partners, Nate especially, were as excited as I was.

I’ve played many different sports in my life; golf is by far the most challenging and rewarding of all. I am hooked!

I would like to acknowledge Doug Morgan, the Club Professional at Richmond Golf and Country Club, in Richmond B.C, that I belonged to when I first started my journey in golf.

Doug’s first lesson, was a verbal lesson and a very important one. He said, “Marcel, you are not good enough to get mad.” I’ve taken that advice to heart, and it has paid off immensely.

Marlene Vickers, The Links at Dover Coast, Hole #1

It was 115 yards from the yellows, and I used my driver.

Martyn Gray, Bally Haly Country Club, Hole #13

I was playing my friend and work colleague Paul McGrath and shared the tee time with Don Bursey and Jim. It was 115 yards, and I used a pitching wedge. The wind was blowing right to left, I aimed at the right side of green. The ball hit the green and rolled, then it disappeared. Of course, we just thought it rolled behind a mound, but Paul took out his range finder and couldn’t see a ball on the green. It was in the hole!

Mitzi Koebernick, Drayton Valley Golf Club, Hole #4

It was the first time golfing with my three good friends after Drayton Valley had to evacuate due to a wildfire. The hole was one of the most beautiful holes at our course, 81 yards from the red tees, over a pond that looks as large as the Pacific Ocean. I was the first to tee off, I grabbed my 8 iron, and had a great swing. The ball hit the green about two yards in front of the hole and rolled to the flag. From the angle I was standing I was sure the ball had rolled past the flag, but my friends whooped and hollered and told me it was in the hole. I didn’t believe them.

Morley Woloschuk, Windermere Valley Golf Course, Hole #16

My first ace on hole #16! It was 145 yards uphill with a 7 iron. I was playing with my wife and son.

Nathan Le-Nguyen, Weston Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

I was playing with my sister and hit a pitching wedge from 137 yards.

Nathan Strom, Greensmere Golf Club, Hole #14

I played with my dad, wife, daughter and one of my good friends and his son. The pin was over water and 130 yards. I went on to shoot 81 that day, it was unreal!

Rob Atitise, Whitewater Golf Club, Hole #5

I had 178 yards from the blue tees to the pin and it was favouring the right side of the green just a bit so as a leftie I decided to play a little draw to that pin. It landed about one foot past the pin and it one hopped back right into the cup. It was special because I had just missed one on the Friday prior with my friends on hole #15 at Whitewater. It was a very cool experience and even cooler because it was in the presence of my parents and daughter.

As a side bar, a good friend of mine was playing behind me and drove up to the green after he realized I had made an ace and almost tackled me to the ground; obviously very happy for me as well. I will never forget it!

Rob Mannila, Spruce Needles Golf Club, Hole #9

I used a 7 iron and was playing with Luke Boiseneau and Ron Maxwell.

Rosemary Willett, Paragon Golf and Country Club, Hole #15

This was my sixth hole-in-one, and I am very happy about it. It was a sunny July 30th, and I was playing with Michael Willett, Lorraine and John Drummond. Hole #15 at Paragon is 128 yards, and I used my 3 wood.

Spencer Hagopian, Calgary Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

It was a 165-yard hole and I hit an 8 iron to about 10 feet on the left side slope of the green. It had some side spin and managed just to go right in the hole.

Stephanie Holland, Hylands Golf Club, Hole #16

My hole-in-one was made while playing in our weekly Ladies League, so I was credited with an eagle for our Birdies, Ringer and Chip-in competition. I was playing with my friends Linda and Elise who helped me celebrate, very loudly, I might add.  The distance to the flag on hole #16 measured 111 yards but as the green is elevated and there was a bit of wind, I played it 121 yards with a 7 iron. My shot was perfectly straight and aimed at the flag. The ball landed on the front of green and rolled perfectly straight into the centre front of the hole.  Honestly, it seemed to take forever to get there.

There is a bit more to this story. Two days later, I was playing on our South course again in our Senior Intersectional team try-outs with a lady named Heather. I told her about my hole-in-one, and she said that it was on her bucket list. As we played the 16th hole, she made a hole-in-one! Unbelievable!

Steve Stone, The Okanagan Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with my wife Megan Stone, and our good friends Geoff and Cathy Cruickshank. It was 140 yards with a pitching wedge that never left the flag.

Thomas Considine, Landings Golf Course, Hole #17

A magnificent day for me!

Tim Helferty, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #13

I had joined three other members as a single that day. Paul, Ferd and Ian who had someone drop out of their regular group. It was 170 yards, I used an 8 iron.

Tony Cupido, Beverly Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

I’m thrilled about my hole-in-one on July 30. I was playing the par 3, the 200-yard 14th hole at Beverly Golf and Country Club.  I’m a proud member of Beverly. I used a 3 wood and because of the glare and distance, we couldn’t actually see it go in the hole! We knew it was close but did confirm until I investigated the hole.

Trevor Klassen, Pine Ridge Golf Club, Hole #14

It was hole #14 at Pine Ridge Golf Course, which is 178 yards adjusted to a back pin. I used an 8 iron on a perfect evening. I was with my brother-in-law and two friends.

Trevor Quesnelle, Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with my good friend Adam Bourgeois. We were playing from the gold tees and it was 163 yards uphill in the wind and the rain! I used a 7 iron.

Trudy Spidle, Eagle Crest Golf Course, Hole #1

I was pretty excited to get a hole-in-one! I’ve been a member of Eagle Crest since 2001 so it’s been a long time. I was golfing with my great girlfriends Ruth Ward, Karen North and Ann Marie Legge. I used my 3 wood and a Noodle golf ball. It ran onto the green and right into the hole. Ruth was standing right beside me!

Yvonne Gütz, Pakenham Highlands Golf Club, Hole #6

My golf partner Kate Swift and I were playing our front 9 on the Island Course at Pakenham Highlands Golf Club in Pakenham, ON. 

Hole #6 is the Island green and is Pakenham Highlands’ signature hole. It is unforgiving. I knew I needed lots of loft to not overshoot the green. Since I tend to slice my irons when under pressure, I choked down on my 5 wood and aimed directly for the flag. 

Kate shouted, “you did it – you did it, a hole-in-one.” I was skeptical and Kate just kept grinning at me. I thought that I had bumped into the flag stick and rolled onto the fringe. She said, “I saw and heard it hit the flag stick and drop in the cup.” When we approached the flag stick, with my putter in hand and peeked in, sure enough there was my Pinnacle Rush ball in the cup!