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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Anita Blanchette, Miskanaw, Hole #4

Thanks so much!

Yes, it was a great day!

I was playing with my husband, Kim Blanchette, and our good friends, Rob and Lorraine Zacharias. Hole #4 was the special hole at 125 yards. I used a 6 iron. It landed on the collar, rolled around the ridge that the flag was on and right into the hole! The guys were saying, “it’s heading for the hole!” but they’ve said that before, so I missed the entire thing as I was thinking yeah right and bent down to pick up my tee when they shouted “It’s in! It’s in!” There was a lot of whooping and hollering for sure! Rob and Lorraine were so excited, they were telling everyone and messaged Chris at the pro shop to let him know.

This is actually my second hole-in-one. My first was also at Miskanaw on July 14, 2006, on hole #8 before the course was redone. This one was about 165 yards, and I used my 3 wood. None of us saw the ball drop in the hole so we were looking everywhere for it. Finally, I said, I’m going to check the cup and there it was! So, this is extra special as most people aren’t fortunate enough to get even one in a lifetime and I’ve had two!

Thanks again!


Chuck Robertson, Kelowna Golf & Country Club, Hole #9

I was pretty excited as was my friend, Ian Dawson, so he videos the ball pickup. Tony, however, didn’t skip a beat, just continued on with his game. Happens all the time, right Tony.

Jacob Green, Predator Ridge, Hole #8

Thanks guys! Was a surreal experience for sure! I was playing with Kevin Morgan, Maisun Ang-Hamilton and Liam Williamson. The yardage was about 180 to the centre of the green and I was using a 5 hybrid. Ball went right off the face of the club and bounced off a hill probably 20 yards to the right of the pin, kicked straight left and rolled right in.



Karl Nielsen, Baxter Creek Golf Club, Hole #12

Thanks for the congratulatory message. Very kind of you guys at Golf Canada.

I was playing with a friend, Bob Nicholson. He’s in my regular Saturday/Sunday game, although he was on holidays, so it was a Tuesday when this happened. The hole was playing 155 yards and I hit 7 iron.



Oswald Ricketts, Smugglers Glen Golf Course, Hole #10

It was on the 10th hole at Smugglers Glen Golf Course. I was playing in the 28th year of the Boland Cup Tournament with many old buddies. It was a very windy day, so I used a longer than usual club, a 7 iron. I scuffed it, it hit the front of the green and just continued to roll and then slowly disappeared into the hole. My playing partners were Glen Fast, Dr. Steve White and Tom Wightman.

Alexander Heuton, Sleepy Hollow, Hole #3

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Thanks for the note. I was playing with one of my usual playing partners and fellow member, Conrad Hansuld. We were playing hole number 3 at Sleepy Hollow from the back tees. The pin was front left. I gunned the flag at 176 yards, but we were hitting dead into the wind. I took a 6 iron and hit a soft draw that landed a few feet short of the hole. It took one hop, then rolled into the cup.

I have been playing for decades and have come close many times, but this was my first hole-in-one. It was quite a rush! 

Anisur Salim, Dentonia Park Golf Course, Hole #1

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Occurred on July 30th at Dentonia Park Golf Course. Hole-in-one happened at hole # 1, using a 56-degree wedge.



Brad Beghetto, Transcona Golf Club, Hole #16

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130 yards. 9 iron.

Brent Choi, Coppinwood, Hole #7

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Thank you for your note. It’s awesome you do this. I was with Mark Applebaum! It was 138 yards into the sun. Used an 8 iron on hole 7 of Coppinwood. Funny that I had a great front 9, partially in thanks to the hole-in-one, but fell apart on the back 9 as I lost the ability to hit the fairway. 

Brent Jewett, Kingswood Signature, Hole #17

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Thanks for reaching out.

I was playing with three close friends: Jason Billing, Shaun Davis and Rob McNeelands.

The 17th hole at the Kingswood Signature Golf Course is considered a difficult par 3 over water to a large undulating green protected by water and two bunkers on the left and large mounds (for those who choose to bail out) on the right.

I had just flushed a 4-iron on previous hole, so coming into hole #17, I was feeling pretty good about my long-iron play. When I got to the elevated tee on 17, a steady breeze was coming from right to left and the pin was tucked toward the back of the green on a downslope. I lasered 184 yards to the pin, with about a 175-yard carry to the middle of the green. I pulled my 5-iron out of the bag, aimed at the right side of the green and hit a slight draw which the wind carried over toward my landing point in the middle of the green. It then slowly started making its way down to the hole (which we could see from the elevated tee). Then, about three seconds later, we all watched it disappear into the cup – boom! – just like that – my first hole-in-one!


Brent Jewett

Brian Martin, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #5

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Hole #5 was playing 119 yards from the white tees. I used my 9 iron to card my first ever ace. I was playing with Gord Wagner, Larry Taylor and Tony Goutbeck 

It was a real thrill. I hope I don’t have to wait over 50 years for my next one.

Byron Rokeby-Thomas, Balfour Golf Course, Hole #7

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Thank you! I was playing with Shaun O’Connor who is also from Nelson. It was from the blue tees on hole #7. I believe it’s about 140 yards and I used a pitching wedge.

Cameron Bartling, Beach Grove Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thank you for reaching out.

Saturday was truly fantastic getting my first hole-in-one. The hole was playing 132 yards and I hit a 9 iron.

The guys I was playing with were Syd Sharp, David Gilliland and Richard Langhammer.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Cam Bartling

Cooper Anderson, Fort William Country Club, Hole #2

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Thank you. Playing partners were Dan Speer and Brian Sippila. I used a 9 iron, and the yardage was 154 yards.

Dan Klimas, Rosemere Fontainebleau, Hole #13

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It was from 155 yards using a 6 iron. I was playing with another member, Norm Hacker, as well as two guests, Dylan Hacker and Tyler Rothstein. It was a great day and experience. This makes four holes-in-one in my 45 years of playing, three of which were at my club, Rosemere Fontainebleau, on three different par 3’s (holes 4, 6, and 13) and one at Mount Bruno in Quebec.

Thank you,

Dan Klimas

Daniel Boire, Darcy Ranch Golf Club, Hole #12

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Happened June 25th. Playing with my friend, Ryan, and two others we were paired with. 155 yards so I used my 9 iron. Thanks for reaching out!

David Munro, Caledon Woods Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for your kind words.

I play from the green tees (combination of the white and red teams) and have played from these tees for a couple of years now. I only started playing golf at 60 years old (am now 75). I never had great distance, and it’s getting more difficult to get to the green every year.

My favourite club in my bag is a ping 6 hybrid, seiners flex. The par three I made the hole-in-one on is 110 yards, and while I could make that distance with a 7 iron, I chose the 6 hybrid, because the wind was in our face and because it is my most accurate club. I chose the 6 hybrid, and I choke down on it a little, put the ball back in my stance and I get height and accuracy, and this time I got extreme accuracy. Playing partners were John Giancola, Rodney Maltais and Darwin Gauthier.

You have my permission to quote, if for no other reason, than to encourage high handicapped players, to not give as they get older, just move to the appropriate tees.

Derek Janzen, Fairview Mountain Golf Club, Hole #10

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I would like to post for one of my buddies.  

Derek Janzen made a hole-in-one on number 10 at Fairview Mountain Golf Club in Oliver, B.C. It was playing 145 yards. He hit a thin 8 iron which landed just short of the hole and rolled into the cup. 


Jason, on behalf of Derek Janzen

Frank Pinilla, Summit, Hole #2

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Hi there, thanks for this!

I was playing with some of our “weekend morning regulars” (about 10 of us that switch around depending on schedules). My playing partners that morning were Mark O, Scott L and Enrique G.

This was on the 2nd hole at Summit, and we scoped the pin at 167 yards, an easy 6-iron for me (which was perfect in hindsight!). I was first to tee it up and had an easy swing that tracked nicely with my fade, the ball hit near the middle of the green and tracked up and left towards the back, left pin.

We were playing into the morning sun so it was hard to see but it was looking really good when we couldn’t see the ball sitting on the green. What clinched it for us was that the rest of our morning regular group, who were up on the 3rd tee, started yelling loudly! I grabbed my range finder to have a better look (we couldn’t really tell if they were yelling that “ooooh, it just lipped out” or “whoa, it’s in the hole”) – but that confirmed it…lots of high-fives and hands in the air! Plus, a round of beers for the boys after the round, on me!

What a fun start to the round!


Frank Pinilla

Janice McCarthy, Pointe West Golf Course, Hole #2

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My hole-in-one was in #2 at Pointe West Golf Course during our weekly Ladies League.  

My foursome consisted of: Jan Groulx, Mary Harris and Alice Saunders.  

I used a 9 iron to a middle pin placement that was about 95 yards away with a slight breeze into us.


Janice McCarthy 

John Whelan, Shelburne, Hole #11

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Thank you for the recognition. I have been playing golf for a little over 50 years now (I am 73), and while I have come close on many occasions, this was my first hole-in-one. I was on the 11th hole at Shelburne, playing with Morgan Rutledge, about 120 yards, using an 8 iron. When the shot landed, it looked to be about 2-3 feet short and I am thinking an easy birdie, then it disappeared into the hole. Funny enough, after so many years of playing golf, my initial reaction was disbelief, and later relief that I could finally cross that accomplishment off.

Golf is such a fun sport, so unpredictable, rewarding in many ways and always looking forward to the next outing.

John Whelan

Jordan Harding, Flamborough Hills Golf Course, Hole #1

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I recently had my first hole-in-one at Flamborough Hills Golf Course on June 27th. It was on my 10th hole (hole #1 on the hills course) Par 4! 315 yards. I was playing with my friend, Chris, and another member which we had just met that day on the first hole. Not only was this my first hole in one it was also my first albatross. 😆

Keith Richards, Mickelson National, Hole #15

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I was playing golf with my girlfriend, friend, Drew, and a fourth fill named Rafi. It was an 8 iron from 170 yards. Tight little draw, couple hops and in the hole.



Kevin Galandy, Country Hills Golf Club, Hole #14

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Hole #14 at the Country Hills, Ridge course. Played tips (gold box), 161 yards, knockdown 7 iron into a strong wind. 

Also, playing in the club championship. Playing partners were Aaron Ma and Chan Woo Lee.  

Went on to win the 2nd flight by 6 strokes. 



Len Teichroeb, Fairview Mountain, Hole #7

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Thanks so much.

Wednesday, July 20th 2022. Hole #7. Par 3. This particular day was a blue pin location (back of the green). Approximately 168 yards. Taylormade M2 19 degree Hybrid club and my Taylormade TP5 ball. Playing with my regulars, Rich Engel and Phil Anderson (missing that day was Jerry Duteil). Picture perfect day for golf, which we have at Fairview a lot.

Amazing course. Expertly directed by our staff of General Manager, Brian McDonald, and head pro, Rob Tadey, and all the rest of our amazing staff.

If you have never had the chance to come and play our course, it’s a “must play” whenever the opportunity might arise.

Thanks again for the email.

Len T.

Linda Gray, Country Hills Golf Club, Hole #12

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Thank you for the lovely email congratulating me for my hole-in-one last week. It is truly one of the most incredible feelings to experience. 

It was a gorgeous day, and we had a slight wind in our faces. It was a back right pin and the distance was 137 yards. The green slopes towards us at that location, so I used my trusty 7 wood. I had one of those swings where everything clicked in to place you could feel the smooth tempo. In fact, I was in such good position, I lost sight of the ball until it hit the green. The ball ran up the green past the pin and then took the slope and rolled into the hole. It was fantastic. What a feeling! This is definitely one for my bucket list.

It was Ladies Day, and I had the pleasure of golfing with some fabulous ladies; Patty Condon, Lesley Cooney-Burk and Barb Sigalet. 

Thanks again and have an awesome day. It is Ladies Day again and I am heading to the course. 


Linda Gray

Linda Stickney, Crown Isle, Hole #16

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Thank you for the graphic for my hole-in-one. I would love to share the event. #16 at Crown Isle is all carry over water 107 yards to a back right pin. I used a choked down Adams 6 hybrid and a Srixon soft feel ball #1. The #1 must be a good sign. Two hops on the green and in the hole. My playing partners, Violet Erskine and Lesley McFarlane, and I all saw the ball go in the hole. Some very loud hurrahs from all of us.

This is my second ace with the first being at Apache Wells Country Club in Mesa, Arizona.

Lyle Dickson, Richmond Country Club, Hole #12

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Was playing with three fellow Richmond Country Club members – David Hinton, Pat O’Brien and Duncan Mackenzie. Hole was playing 175 yards and we did not really see the ball go in, hence had the putter in hand as thought it was at the back of the green but that was Duncan’s ball and mine was in the hole. Used a 4 hybrid club as 175 is a long par three for an old guy. 

Lyle Dickson

Mark Burrell, Glen Cedars Golf Club, Hole #14

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Thanks for the email. Hole was playing 142 yards and I used a wedge. I was playing with Gordon Chilton and Donny Grogan.

Mark Jones, Calabogie Highlands Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you very much. 

I was playing in our Men’s league. Was 159 yards to the pin and I used a 6 iron. 


Mike Cowie, Carnoustie Golf Club, Hole #8

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Hi. I’m Mike Cowie and I got a hole-in-one on #8 at the championship course at Carnoustie. It was 165 yards and I used and 8 iron. I was with fellow Canadian member Marc Laatu when it happened. The date was July 16th 2022.

Mitch Gillingwater, Moncton Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for reaching out, very exciting moment for sure!

It was a great day at Moncton Golf and Country Club. I hit a 5 iron from the blue tees with hole #12 playing 195 yards. 

I played with two of my best friends, Steve McLaughlin and Gerard Reinders, along with Steve’s father, Pat. Moncton Golf and Country Club was my home course growing up, I started playing there when I was 11 years old, must have played hundreds of rounds there. I now live in Toronto and get back to New Brunswick with my wife and two young sons once a summer to visit family and get a round or two in with friends. Amazing trip home!

Nick LaPointe, Country Meadows, Hole #10

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Thanks for the email. It was something I never thought I would accomplish.

It started off somewhat of a normal Saturday morning tee time, we usually have the first two tee times of the morning (7:00am and 7:10am). I’m usually at the course by 5:30am, however today I was running late and went right to the tee box. I was in the first group with Michael Boudrea, Brian Duff and Daniel Hebert. The round for myself was scrappy, shooting 6 over on the front 9. We got to the 10th hole, and I was second in line to tee off. The flag measured 147 yards on a slightly elevated tee to a front pin location on the Champion (blue) tees. I proceeded to hit a soft and controlled 9 iron which was executed as I pictured it, the ball’s trajectory was high and tracking towards the flag with a neutral flight, one bounce and rolled towards the cup until we couldn’t see if anymore. Brian thought it was sitting behind the pin. Since it was in the shadows, I verified with my range finder that it wasn’t on the green and must have gone in the hole.

Celebration isn’t my thing, so it was a gentleman’s handshake from my playing partners once we got on the green and verified it was at the bottom of the cup and moved on. Then it hit me…I was now 4 over with 8 to play and I wasn’t going to have a hole-in-one and shoot in the 80’s. The nerves kicked in knowing I had to put in a good back 9. Well, I managed to finish with 2 bogeys, 2 birdies, and 4 pars for a 4 over round of 76.

That’s the story. Just a beautifully executed controlled soft 9 iron from 147 yards.



Paul Woodward, Arrowsmith Golf Course, Hole #13

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Well, it was a beautiful day for a round of golf and my wife decided to join me. We headed out to Arrowsmith Golf Course on Vancouver Island where I have been a member for a year and a half now. The scenery is spectacular, and the course is well kept and very challenging, especially the greens that always seem to slope opposite to your putt!

We were grouped together with Dan and Sandy, local golf enthusiasts that try to get out a couple times a week. It was on the 13th tee box that a once in 40-year occasion was set up. The flag was at the back of the green on the top tier making it impossible to see the hole. The book distance was 151 yards from the blue tee off, being at the back figured at least 160 to the hole. I cleaned the 7 iron leaned into the swing and let it fly. I remember thinking that it looked really good, nice high apex dropping onto the top tier slightly left of the pin. 

Dan’s tee shot also made the top, but we could see his ball at the edge of the top tier. My wife, Denise, and Sandy made good tee shots but didn’t make the green. The lady’s made their second shots and now everyone was on the green. As I walked up to the top tier, I saw Dan’s ball but no sign of mine, so I automatically walked to the back edge to see if it had rolled past and down the back of the green. When I didn’t spot the ball, Denise said look in the hole and in absolute disbelief there it was, wow first ever “ace”.

I can only hope the next one comes sooner! I golfed occasionally in Alberta but after moving here two years ago, I average a couple games a week so I hope the odds are way better that I will cut the 40-year streak down to a couple years! It’s a tough but great game and I’m looking forward to a repeat performance.

Richard Betkowski, Highlands Golf Course, Hole #3

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Hi! Richard calling from Highlands Golf Course (HGC) in Edmonton, Alberta. 

HGC opened on April 24th this year. I shot my first round on the 25th and while shooting my 2nd on the 26th, I aced the 3rd hole, 197 yards with a 3 metal and Srixon Soft Feel!

Watched it tracking and it was on a good line. Arriving at the hole with putter and chipper in hand, I went ball hunting. My fellow members were chipping onto the green, and I figured I went through the green not seeing my ball on the green. Checked the back of the green, nothing. Walked back to the hole and low and behold, my third ace!

Ron Gerlitz, DJ Coppens and John Keaveny were there to witness!

#3 on the 3rd!

Golf is the best ‘social event’ ever!


Richard Betkowski

Richard Penney, Forest City National, Hole #7

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Playing partners: Steve Irwin, Zaya Lazar and Myron Hladyniuk.

Hole yardage: 163 yards to pin.

Club used: 7 iron.

Ross Lynd, Harvest Golf Club, Hole #16

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It certainly was an exciting day! Our 16th is a steep uphill 151-yard hole from the white tee. I hit a 5 hybrid and as it landed at the front of the green, everyone in the group said, ‘that should be close’! Once arriving at the top of the hill no ball was in sight, so the excitement started to build. Playing partners Ross Shipley and Grant Cooper were the first to the hole and immediately raised their arms. Third playing partner, Doug Campbell, joined me in a cheer before congratulations all around.

It is my second hole-in-one having one on the 15th hole on the Melfort Golf and Country Club in 2001.

Thanks again.

Stephen Colford, Clovelly, Hole #7

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It is my 5th hole-in-one.

It was on the 7th hole at Clovelly which was measuring 141 yards long on Sunday. I hit a 7 iron into the wind. The ball hit just before the pin and one hopped into the hole. The ball mark can be seen in the picture.  I was playing with Charlie Follett, Ted Kwon and Peter Furlong.

Steve Colford

Stewart Storie, The Okanagan Golf Club, Hole #4

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Playing with my wife, Gloria Heung-Storie, and Charles and Bill, Okanagan GC members. 157 yards. Used a 6 iron.


Tommy Schurman, The Old Course at St Andrews, Hole #8

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Hi there,

We did a guy’s golf trip to Scotland this past May of 2022. Peter Dunphy, Brian Francoeur, Mark Francoeur and I played 11 different courses in 11 days and one of them being…The Old Course in St. Andrews. May 26th to be exact. 

I had never been to Scotland before, so obviously it was also my first time playing the most famous golf course in the world…“The Home of Golf”!

Our foursome teed off around 3:00 pm local time and she was “a wee bit windy” that day. I can still remember asking my caddy what he would shoot on a day like today as he was a 40-year-old local and scratch handicap. He said, “I wouldn’t be playing in this!”. He also told me that if the greens were mowed at the height of when The Open Championship would be playing there in July, they would suspend the round as the ball wouldn’t be able to come to rest. Which is scary because I thought the speed of the greens that day was pretty freakin’ fast! Conditions were tough to say the least, but at least it wasn’t raining on top of it all. It was still a comfortable temperature to play as long as you dressed for it. 

Going along fairly steady for the first 7 holes. Get up on the par 3 eighth hole which is playing about 160 yards that day. Wind is howling out of the right and slightly helping. I’m last to hit in our group and I watch how all the balls seem to roll forever once they land on the green. Not that it really mattered as it’s basically just “hit and hope” in that kind of wind! I hit an 8 iron a tad thin, but in the direction I was aiming (way out to the right). After contact was made, my playing partners and all the caddies began to walk towards the green. I hung back waiting to see it as there was some longer fescue grass between the tee and green. Sure enough, that little white ball started rolling towards the back pin. It seemed to roll forever as I stood there watching it. 

All of the sudden, it disappeared and for a split second I wasn’t sure if it went in or off the back. But, luckily there was a golfer and caddy directly behind our green playing the 10th hole as it shares with #8. The golfer and his caddy both raised their arms in the air at the same time as the ball disappeared…and then my arms went up…and then all chaos broke loose! I really don’t remember much from that point until the video starts up on the green when I go to pick the ball out of the hole. 

There has not been a day that goes by that I ask myself, “Did that really happen?” because something like that…making an “ace” at the Home of Golf….is stuff out of dreamland.

Tyler Horning, Wildfire Golf Club, Hole #3

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It was a very exciting moment. A bucket list item I was fortunate enough to experience.

I was playing with my father, Paul Horning, as well as Kenneth Michael Kelly and Pierre Hoppener. The card reads 113 yards from the whites. I used an 8 iron. Pin on the right side of the green over sand traps. Ball landed on the green about 8 feet from the hole, one hopped, and rolled straight into the hole. 


Tyler Horning

Velma MacLean, Stanhope, Hole #10

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Thank-you! I am very happy with my hole-in-one! 

I was playing with two friends, Rosemary MacArthur and Kimberly Ellis, at our home course, Stanhope Golf and Country Club, in PEI.

It was #10 hole which is 135 yards. I used my #3 Mavrik hybrid. It was a red flag! I hit the sweet spot on the club and the ball hit the front of the green, rolled up to the flag and then the ball disappeared. I was sort of speechless. My friends were more excited than I was! I was in disbelief until I picked it out of the hole!

I recently purchased my final couple of Mavrik irons so now I have a complete set and I absolutely love my “Callaway Mavrik clubs”. 

When I retired in 2017, I started golfing, took lessons from our Pro, Shannon Grinton, and got hooked on this sport! I play at least 100 rounds a season and love it!  

Thanks again!

Velma MacLean