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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Kyle Gold, Maple Downs, Hole #2

I played with Benji Dzaldov, Mitch Glazer, Noah Gutmann. It was 178 yards into wind. Hit a 5 iron.

Adam Reilly, Chilliwack Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thanks so much for the congratulations! I also had one 9 months ago.

Alex D’Angelo, Pitt Meadows Golf Club, Hole #3

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We were the 3rd or 4th group out and I was playing with two buddies I play with often and two more visitors from Vancouver Island. It was playing 143 and I hit a 9 iron with a 5-yard draw. Ball bounced in front of the hole and jumped past and then spun back in. When it dropped, I blacked out and simply took off running as fast as I could before being captured and taken down by two of my playing partners. I went on to shoot 80 with a hole-in-one and two birdies due mostly to the fact my hands didn’t stop shaking until the turn. 

Thank you very much for your kind words. 



Andrew Walewski, Piper’s Heath Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thanks very much for your letter. It’s been a long 35 years coming.

I was playing my daily early morning round with my good friend, Bill Bratt, who is also a Golf Canada and Piper’s Heath member, Wayne Randall and his friend Kieth. 

I used a seven iron from 141yds. We all saw the ball bounce once and then it disappeared so we weren’t sure if it rolled through or not. Sure enough, when we arrived at the hole…eureka!

I took a picture of the 13th hole last year because of the magnificent 400+ year old White Oak. Coincidently the picture shows the exact pin position of my lucky feat.


Angela Ross, Timber Ridge Golf Course, Hole #14

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Thank you!

It was hole 14, 115 yards from the red tees and I hit a 9 iron. I was playing with family – my dad Roger Cole, Mark Leavoy and MaryAnn O’Connor.


Angie Ross

Ben Squicciarini, Cambridge Golf Club, Hole #13

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I really appreciate you reaching out to congratulate! Also, thank you for the awesome graphic, it looks great! 

I was playing with my dad. The yardage to the pin was 203. I used a 5 iron and hit it right of the flag, it found the line and rolled left into the hole! Definitely was special and something I’ll remember for a long time! Especially doing it alongside my dad who was there all those years ago when I scored my first ever goal in hockey to now being there with me for my first hole-in-one!  



Bill Stone, Bayview, Hole #8

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Thank you for the kind words on finally getting my first hole-in-one after 62 years of golf!

I was golfing with Jeremey MacRae, General Manager of Bayview, Stephen Lloyd, our current President, and Dominic Calce!

I used a Titleist Pro V1 #7, a Taylor Made P790 – 8 iron, for #8 hole, measuring 149 yards.



Bill Warren, Grande Meadows Golf Club, Hole #12

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I was playing with my brother, Sam, and two other friends. I used the 9 iron. Yardage was approximately 132 yards.

Thank you.

Chanthy Yang, Royal Regina Golf Club, Hole #7

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My hole-in-one occurred on July 1, 2022 at the Royal Regina Golf Club.

Christine Elliott, Windemere Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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Hole-in-one was at Windermere Club, hole #2, 128 yards using a five-wood. Golfing with Cynthia Watada, Julie Didone and Lisa Fay.

Cliff Beattie, The Pulpit Club, Hole #3

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On Saturday, June 23rd 2022, my son (Jason Beattie) hosted myself, my younger brother (Spark) and his wife Sharon at his Pulpit Club. My brother and his wife were visiting us for the first time in 14 years.  

It was a beautiful day to be playing the Pulpit Course – an amazing course with a challenging layout and beautiful vistas. After starting with a par and a bogey, I approached the par 3 third hole with some trepidation. During my last round at the Pulpit course, the tree guarding the left side of the green robbed me of my first hole-in-one! At least, that is what I told everyone. As I approached the tee box on this day, I noticed that the pin was located in the same general area of the green – tucked in behind that same tree. I actually told my group that I was not going to be robbed again. 

I used an 8 iron to attack the pin located 168 yards away. Playing slightly uphill with very little wind, my ball headed directly towards that “tree” and dropped out of our sight somewhere up around the green. As we approached the green, I looked short of the green (thinking the tree knocked it down again). While walking towards the back of the green to check the sand trap, my son gestured that I should check the cup! There it was – a “hole-in-one” on the 3rd hole at the Pulpit Course! I could not believe my eyes! The experience made even more special by playing with my son, my brother and my sister-in-law! It does not get any better than that! 

Colin Stevenson, Cardinal Lakes Golf Club, Hole #18

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I played with RJ YEO and Norm Janitz. It was 166 yards into the wind. I used a 7 wood.

Curtis Martell, Dundee Resort & Golf Club, Hole #7

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I was pretty pumped! It was hole number 7 at Dundee. Elevated tee box. 154 yards and I used a pitching wedge. I was playing with Kelly Pottie at the time. Thanks for reaching out! Much appreciated!


David Broda, The Okanagan Golf Course, Hole #14

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Thank you kindly. It was a thrill to get an ace from 120 yards with a smooth 9 iron, on the Bear in Kelowna. My wife Kathy witnessed it and was perhaps more excited than me. The pro-shop staff were enthusiastic in acknowledging the shot as were fellow golfers.

Thank you.

Dennis Chambers, Clear Lake, Hole #3

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What a thrill. I got a hole-in-one. It was on the 119-yard third hole at Clear Lake. I used an easy eight iron. The ball landed about 5 feet from the hole and rolled right in the heart of the cup. My playing partners were my son, Spencer Chambers, and Trevor and Laura Troyen. It was extra special because Spencer could share the moment with me.

Glenn Delaney, Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa, Hole #8

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I wanted to thank you and Golf Canada for reaching out.

After playing a mediocre first round in a club sanctioned tournament, I was looking forward to playing a pretty stress free second with my buddies. I arrived early Sunday morning, stretched, hit a few balls, and met up with Rodney Phillips and Barry McEwen, my good friends and playing partners for the final round.

We came up to the 8th at the Digby Pines Golf Resort, a Stanley Thompson designed local treasure and after chipping in on #2 for birdie and a bogey on the Legendary 566-yard par 5, 7th, I had a pretty good round going. We got down to 8 which is a downhill par 3. I had 154 yards on my range finder, the Sun had the green just a shimmering with not much of a breeze when I took my new PXG, 0311 XP 7 iron and started my routine. I picked my spot, took a 3/4 swing and was lucky enough to hit it. Both Rodney and Barry said, “that’s got a chance”. Ball lands on the green, short and to the left of the hole. Barry says, “that’s tracking” and it rolls 6 or 7 feet down over the hill breaking left to right and drops into the cup. Another buddy, Robert Cummings, and his group were waiting to hit on 9 so were watching all the action on the 8th green and starts saying “it’s in the hole, it’s in the hole”. By now, the three of us on the tee are all jumping up and down and hugging when I do my best Bill Murray, “CINDERELLA BOY FROM WAVERLEY NOVA SCOTIA…IT’S IN THE HOLE!!! ITS IN THE HOLE”! I’m betting half the course heard me. Just as exciting as my first and another fantastic day on the golf course, playing the greatest game in the world with your buddies! That my friends, is what life’s all about!


Helen Knowlton, Olds Central Highlands Golf Course, Hole #7

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I was golfing with my husband, Lorne, and dear friends Ron and Chris Thorpe at Olds Central Highlands Golf Course on hole number 7, approximately 110 yards. So surprised as this was the second one in 6 months and 1 day! Had one in Mesa Arizona Superstition Springs Golf Course. I also had a hip replacement a year ago so, I call it the results from my bionic hip. The guys never saw it and Chris was cheering so they thought it was her hole-in-one! Very exciting day for me to say the least.

Jacob Kang, Cherry Downs, Hole #6

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Hope you are well and thank you for your email.

I was participating in a charity golf tournament last Saturday, playing with my father-in-law, In-shik Hwang, Pastor Min and Pastor Kim. Uphill, 140 yard out so I hit a 9 iron. It went in after first bounce as per witnessed by the group who were waiting to be on the next tee box, hole 7.

It was my first hole-in-one and a truly exciting experience.

Thank you,


Judy MacDermott, Listowel, Hole #5

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Thank you for recognizing my hole-in-one! It was very exciting. I was playing with my husband. It was a beautiful sunny morning! The par 3 is 78 yards from the red tees so I used a pitching wedge. It was a very pretty shot, landed about 5 feet short of the hole and rolled right in! I was watching it then it disappeared, and I said to my husband, “oh my goodness, did that go in”! He said, “wow, hole-in-one”!

Thanks again,

Judy MacDermott

Kristen McIntosh, Westmount, Hole #12

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Thank you for the congratulations!

I was playing with my husband, sister-in-law and another friend. The yardage on #12 from the golds was 93 yards with the pin on the front left. I hit a 9 iron and it bounced off the front left once and rolled in. Since the tees are elevated, we all had a perfect view of the ball rolling into the hole! The best part of all – I am currently 29 weeks pregnant so it’s a great story to tell our new baby!


Lisa Linders, Legends on the Niagara, Hole #5

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I was playing with my husband and our two friends who are new to golf. We play quite a bit at the Chippewa course at Legends of Niagara, a 9 hole par 3/executive style course. My hole-in-one happened on the 5th hole which from the red tees measures 115 yards. I hit my 6 hybrid and hit it straight towards the green. The ball hit the front of the green and started rolling towards the pin which was about in the middle of the green. As it was rolling towards the hole, everyone in my group was saying “great shot” and then as it got close to the cup my husband yelled out “go in the hole” and then the ball disappeared, and everyone started screaming and cheering. I was sort of dumbfounded and almost couldn’t believe it. My husband teased me because he said it took him 45 years to get one and I got mine in my third year. When we got back to the pro shop some other golfers overheard us talking about it and congratulated me as well. It was a lot of fun and a memory for a lifetime.

Mark Merritt, Rattlesnake Point, Hole #15

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I was very excited to get my first hole-in-one! I was playing with my good friend Tom Morita. It was the 15th hole on the Copperhead course at Rattlesnake Point. It was 155 yards and I hit an 8 iron. It hit about 10 feet short and rolled right in.

I have played golf for 55 years and this is my first hole-in-one.  I am very lucky, because a few years ago I got an albatross. Not many people can say they have both!



Mark Taciuk, Carlisle Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

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I was lucky enough to get a second hole-in-one last week. 

Was playing Carlisle on Tuesday night (July 5th) and a got a hole-in-one on North #4. It was playing 104 yards from the white tees, and I hit my 46 degree gap wedge. I was golfing with my buddy Adam Lewington from Century Pines. 

It’s been a pretty lucky season for me so far. 


Mark Taciuk

Matthew Errington, Fairview Mountain, Hole #3

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Thank you very much for the congratulations and for acknowledging my hole-in-one. It was just another day out on the golf course. Smashed a 52-degree wedge six feet above the hole, which rolled back into the hole. Couldn’t believe it. 

Matthew Howard, Victoria Golf Club, Hole #2

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Thanks for this!

I was playing with my dad, Doug Howard, and my nephew, Sam Howard – both playing VGC for the first time. Unfortunately, my son couldn’t play with us that day because he was preparing for his graduation ceremony the next day. I’ve only ever had one other eagle, on the par 5 7th at Uplands, and my dad was there that day too. We don’t play together often because he lives in Vancouver, so that’s quite a coincidence.  

I’m not sure what the precise yardage was, but the pin position was blue – near the back. I was actually already slightly discouraged by then because I hadn’t been playing well lately and I doubled the first, so I was kind of thinking “here we go again”.  My nephew hit first, using a 9 iron, and hit a great shot but it squirted over the back, so he helped me choose my pitching wedge! That was a good choice for me because if the pin was forward, I should use my new gap wedge, which I had used last time out to shank the ball into the backyard of a neighbouring house!

I knew the shot was okay when I hit it, but to be honest I was a little concerned there was too much draw – I’m always trying to correct that with my short irons. I could see it land and was relieved it was right of the pin, so still okay, but I couldn’t see it roll in. When I got to the green, I was surprised I couldn’t find it and was worried it rolled off the back as well, or into a bunker left. After looking for a while and checking all the bunkers I finally looked into the cup – thinking, like probably everyone does: “nah, it can’t be”.

The next day at my son’s graduation ceremony, I was able to discuss it with one of his teachers and close mentors, an avid golfer. We both agreed that although the grad was indeed special, the really big event had definitely occurred the day before!

Here are some pictures: my nephew is being a good sport even though I probably should have told him 9 iron is too much. 

Michael Rider, Sunset Ranch, Hole #8

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Thanks, most definitely a highlight of my life and a memory I’ll never forget.

#8 has an elevated tee box so all four of us were able to watch the entire shot, made it even more sweet, especially as you see the ball tracking towards the hole. The yardage was 122 yards (measured with a range finder before tee off). I used a pitching wedge. Landed on the green 10 yards or so under and slightly right of the hole, the ball caused quite a divot and gently rolled towards and in the hole. Another 4 inches and it would not have had the distance, I’m sure. The guys I regularly play with who were in my foursome are: Barry Kaechele, Edward Villeneuve and Gerry Villeneuve. All of us are golf Canada members.

Have an awesome day,


Mike Graves, Maple Creek Golf Course, Hole #6

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My name is Mike Graves and I golf in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan at the Maple Creek Golf Course. I’m 73 years old. I golf 9 holes daily at around 06:30 AM. On June 30, 2022, my tee shot went into the hole on hole #6, which was playing at 133 yards. I used my 7 iron Ping G425. The ball landed about one foot onto the green and ran another 13 feet into the hole. I wasn’t sure it went in until I rolled up closer to the hole. (73-year-old eyes). What a great feeling that allows me to cross off one big one on my bucket list. Thanks for your acknowledgements.

Geezer Graves

Mike MacDonald, Chedoke Golf Club, Hole #8

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Really appreciate you reaching out. I had no idea Golf Canada did anything like this. I’d be happy to share. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t playing with any of my friends but was teamed up with another gentleman to make a two-some. I measured the hole at exactly 140 yards, that’s a 9 iron for me. Once I hit the ball, I knew it was close. I even said “get in the jar”. Haha. To my surprise, the ball landed right in the cup. No bounce, no roll. Crazy. Along with my partner I was playing with, the group on the tee block ahead of us witnessed and joined the celebration. I think I’m still shaking. 

Thanks for the graphic! 

Mike MacDonald 

Mike Richling, Canadian Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

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I got the first hole-in-one of the season, May 10, 2022, at the Canadian Golf and Country Club. I used my 5 iron on hole #7. With the sun in our eyes and the pin tucked in behind a sand trap, we didn’t even see it go in. This is my career third. I also got a very nice coffee mug that says, ‘I aced the Canadian’.

Muthanna Subbaiah, Le Diable Golf Course, #16

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I live in Ottawa and was in Mont Tremblant with family to celebrate my birthday. I was playing Le Diable with my friend Andrew and had just three putted hole #15 to go from a 20 foot eagle opportunity to a par. I walked up to hole #16 and it was 155 yard, par 3. Teed up against a gentle but noticeable breeze. I picked up my 7 iron. I remember the feel and sound being perfect, the ball landing two inches from the hole, hitting the flag and rolling in. I could not believe it, was ecstatic and have replayed the shot many times since. Could not have asked for a better birthday gift. Every time I golf, my son asks me if I got a hole-in-one. Finally, I could say yes. 


Nigel Pollard, Glacier Greens Golf Club, Hole #12

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My hole-in-one was on hole #12 at Glacier Greens Golf Club. The yardage was 101 and I used a 50 degree wedge. I was golfing with Perry Lucas, Tom Mann and his son Owen. This was my second hole-in one on this hole, I got one last year on August 27, 2021. This is my 4th hole-in-one overall.

Noel Ananthan, The Club at North Halton, Hole #9

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My first hole-in-one occurred at my home course, The Club at North Halton, in Georgetown, on June 24, 2022. The ninth hole is the course’s signature hole with a picturesque pond laying in front of the green and the clubhouse and balcony forming a perfect backdrop. I had the pleasure of fellow members and pro shop staff actually seeing the ball drop into the hole. However what made the hole in one truly memorable is one of the fundamental aspects that make golf such an enriching activity: I was able to share the moment with so many of my friends. I am a part of a Friday morning group and we happened to be the last foursome of the group that day. The entire group, about 30 golfers, stayed until I finished the round to help me celebrate.

Dr. Noel Ananthan

Peter Blandy, Glencoe Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

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It was a great moment for sure. 

It was July 4. Alberta Golf Tour event. Calgary Premier Open at the Glencoe Golf & CC. Hole #8 on The Lakes Course. 184 yards with a 4 iron. I was playing with Fred Zdanowicz and Barry Galenza. It was my 85th round for 2022.

Some other interesting pieces to this are that this is actually my 4th lifetime hole-in-one. My first was at Colonial Golf Course around 1995, second at Edmonton Springs Golf Course in 2016, and my third was in this same tournament (Alberta Golf Tour) in 2018 at the Jasper Park Lodge course. 

Thanks so much,

Peter Blandy

Philippe Morisset, Hautes Plaines, Hole #9

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Thank you for the congratulations. 

My foursome for the round was: Philippe Morisset, Marie-José Lacroix, Mario Luneau and Lise Lafontaine.

The hole-in-one was on July 4th, on the 9th hole at Hautes-Plaines Golf Club. The flag was 130 yards away and I used a 9 iron. When I hit the ball, I thought it would be very close but did not see the ball roll in the hole because of the shadow on the green. Mario also hit a very nice shot, but it seemed too strong.  When I saw only one ball on the green, I thought it was mine and that Mario’s had rolled off the green. Mario was first on the green and noticed that it was his ball that was 15 feet from the hole. He was surprised and yelled where is your ball, Phil? He walked to the hole and …the rest is history. 

There is a star in the sky shining for me on July 4th. This is my second hole-in-one. The first also occurred on a July 4th, which happens to be on my mother’s birthday.

Ravi Narula, Malone Golf Club, Hole #14

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Playing golf with Greg Doyle, Dave Ariel and Andrew Hawel on Saturday July 9th, 2:30 p.m, hole number 14 East at the Malone Golf Club. I hit a 7 iron on the 146-yard hole. The ball landed on the green behind the pin which was placed at the bottom of the slope leading to the lower tier of the two-tier green. Once it landed on the green, I stopped looking at the ball. Andrew who was still looking at the ball, announced that the ball had started moving down and then exclaimed that he was not sure but thought the ball went in the hole. We drove down on the carts while Dave ran down the hill. Once at the bottom of the elevated green, we all ran up the slope to the green and then to the hole. Dave, who was first reaching the hole, yelled out the first scream. We all reached the hole and joined in the high fives and the rejoicing then I removed the ball for my first ever hole-in-one!

Rob Aitcheson, Springfield, Hole #12

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I was golfing with Joe Franczek. 12th hole was playing around 145 yards to the middle, back flag. Slight breeze from the left. Used an 8 iron and hit it perfect. The three guys all said it was in, but I was not sure. It looked like it hit in front of the pin and bounced over the back. I was happy to see I was wrong. Used a Taylormade TP5X number 1, kept the ball. It was my first.



Robin Love, Eagle Creek Golf Course, Hole #15

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Thank you for your interest. It was about 155 yards and I used a Callaway hybrid 5 iron. It was witnessed by Harry Dickson, Ken Maughan and John Thomas.


Scott Basler, Elmira Golf Club, Hole #6

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It was beautiful Friday night at Elmira Golf Club. A nine and dine with some close friends, a few drinks and some great tunes.

With the 6th hole playing just short of 180 yards, I thought a six iron would be a safe play. If I ended up short, I would stay out of trouble.

I struck it well, landed short and got a big bounce. Rolled up onto the green and fell into the cup. A big yell and a hug from partner Chad Dawson it didn’t take long for word to spread through our 20-person group. The most expensive 9 & dine I’ve ever had but also the most memorable.

Funny how I always glance through your stories. Never thought I’d get one myself.

Scott Basler

Sonny Ennis, The Gander Golf Club, Hole #6

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Playing the 154-yard 6th hole at The Gander Golf Club during the Iron Man tournament (27 holes). I hit a 6 iron into a right to left 50km wind. As soon as it left the club, I knew it was going to be good, but never imagined it would be my first ace. I bent to pick up my tee and my playing partners Chad Yetman, Rick Sheppard and Bill Molloy said, “that’s in the hole!”. I didn’t even see it go in! Great moment that I’ll never forget! 

Spence Palmer, West Haven Golf and Country Club, Hole #15

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I was golfing with three friends Mike, Moe and Jim. It was about 165 yards, and I used my trusty 7 wood.

It was quite exciting. It was my second hole-in-one at West Haven. I also aced #6 a few years back. 

Spence Palmer

Stephen Freiburger, Westmount, Hole #3

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Westmount Golf and Country Club

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Tee Time: 9:15

Stephen Freiburger with William Wilson and Iain Thomson

Third Hole: Between 9:40 and 10 a.m.

Tee Blocks: Blue, White, Red and Gold with all set at same distance: 165 yards

The prefect club for the third hole today was my new Hybrid 6.

I was the first to tee off! I reminded myself to just swing easy, but it had to be a full swing! I swung nice and easy exactly like I told myself! My ball’s flight was right at the pin, it landed, bounced, rolled and then it disappeared. I wasn’t totally sure, but Bill and Iain were celebrating that it was in the hole. 

Steve Freiburger

Steve Kinsey, Shannon Lake Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thank you for your e-mail.

I’ve been sort of golfing for about 20 years and became a member at Shannon Lake Golf Club in 2021. I turned 78 on July 11, 2022 and am trying to become a better golfer as I really enjoy golfing with a group called “The Loonies” on Mondays and Fridays.

The hole-in-one came after a rough front nine and was from the blue tees as we were playing Blue/White tees that day. I used my Taylormade rescue 6 from approximately 158 yards and my ball landed 3 feet from the front of the green and rolled in.

Chris Young, Dave Clare, Dave Munroe and I were in the foursome.

Thank you,

Steve Kinsey