Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – July 21, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Angus Armstrong, Arundel Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

named David and Colin. The hole #12 is advertised at 150 yards, but the pin was at the back of a very long green, so I’d say it was more like 155 to 160 yards. I used a 7 iron.

Italo Paris, Gleb Abbey Golf Club, Hole #15

Seems like every friend I have went crazy and was so thrilled. I received calls and messages from people I hadn’t heard from in a while. We were at a family picnic when my son threw out the idea of playing Glen Abbey on Monday. He grabbed a 2:10pm tee time for Monday the 10th. Eligius my son, my future son-in-law Brandon Conn and my best friend and brother-in-law Joe Barrile were all in.

We are not exactly scratch golfers, but we have fun. It was a gorgeous day, and we were struggling to break 100 from the blue tees. Hole #15 was measured at 105 yards, red flag maybe 12 feet from the front of the elevated green. I pulled my gap wedge and hit an easy swing. It was the best contact of the day and was all over it right from the start. I was happy to hit the green; I was just hoping it was the right club! Don’t be short. Where did it go? It’s gone. Maybe we just can’t see it because of the elevation. We started yelling pretty good. We jumped in the carts and drove to the green. Nothing on the green, checked the cup and it was in!

John Guerra, Carrying Place Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

The hole was 193 yards from the black tees and I hit a 6 iron. I was playing with my son.

Alex Lawrence, Gage Golf and Curling Club, Hole #5

I was playing in a two-man scramble. My teammate hit his wedge long, then I stepped up and thinned mine! The other guys in my group said it’ll be good, watching it go towards the green it hit once and rolled into the hole! My first hole-in-one and I thought I thinned it! What an experience I was stunned! Finally, I have checked it off the bucket list!

Arlene Omelchuk, Eaglepoint Golf Resort, Hole #4

It was July 11, 2023, and it was ladies’ night at Eaglepoint Golf Resort in Kamloops. I was using my TaylorMade 4H hybrid RBZ from 140 yards when my amazing orange ball landed and rolled into the hole. Then the next thing I knew I had my golfing girls jumping up and down hugging me and yelling you got a hole-in-one! The ladies on the putting green from the hole behind us also saw and started yelling too. I could hardly write my score as I was shaking so bad. I feel so grateful that this happened and was able to share it with my three awesome golfing friends.

Belinda Steckler, Mission Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

I was playing with my friends Kathy and Patti. We were playing an early nine holes before our ladies’ night. The hole was measuring about 110 yards, and I used my 9 iron. I thought I saw the ball land just short of the green and bounce up toward the hole, but it was difficult to tell if it went in. I walked up with my putter in case it did bounce by the hole and was pleasantly surprised to find it in the hole!

Brett Olynyk, The Glencoe Golf and Country Club

It was a great moment that I was able to share with my foursome who were a couple of great friends and my sister who has just taken up golf! The couple in the group behind also were able to celebrate with us.

It was a gentle 197-yard draw into the wind with a 4 iron that landed on the front of the green and disappeared into the cup. With the flag creating a shadow, I wasn’t totally sure it was in until I reached the cup. What a great feeling! The Glencoe Golf and Country Club provided a beautiful case for the ball, and a head cover, and of course a drink for all of those in the clubhouse!

Brady Belliveau, Royal Oaks Golf Club, Hole #8

The hole was 150 yards, and I used a 9 iron. I was playing with Anthony Cormier, Jean Mainville and Jeremie Leger.

Bruce Christensen, Fort St. John Links Golf Club, Hole #6

I was golfing with Jim Vanderwark and the yardage was 116. I used my 7 iron by mistake!

Cliff Hodder, Listowel Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

I was playing with my son Cole, and two friends Brady Werth and Rick Snider. The hole was a front pin on #14 sitting just beyond the pond. I hit a very high gap wedge exactly 138 yards directly into the hole, didn’t touch a blade of grass. It was a great moment, especially considering my son was with us! I’ve seen hole-in-ones twice before, but this was my first!

Dale Triol, Malone West Course, Hole #13

The yardage was 132 yards over water. I used an Adams 6 hybrid. A group of 12 guys were on our annual golf trip to Malone, N.Y. The weather was ideal, and the tee shot landed left of the pin approximately 15 feet and followed the break on the green into the hole. We were able to see the ball go into the hole from the tee deck.

David Grant, Lookout Point Country Club, Hole #2

This was my second hole-in-one and a proud moment. I was playing with fellow Lookout members Bob Anderson, Peter Glaub and Don Robert. The second hole at Lookout Point that day was playing approximately 150 yards into a slight headwind. I used my Titleist 6 iron and ProV1x for the shot. After the ball was in the air, I heard one of my playing partners say that the shot looked good. When it landed, I saw it go towards the hole but stated I think it went long. On arrival at the green I saw the ball in the hole. A little celebration and then onto the next.

Don Roper, Links at Crowbush Cove, Hole #17

It was my first hole-in-one. It was a short par 3 which was only 90 yards to an elevated green. I used my pitching wedge. My partners were my wife, Judy Roper, and Lynn and Bill Cabel.

Donna Longo, Summit Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

I got my third hole-in-one at the Summit Golf and Country Club of which I’ve been a member since 2020. I was with my three good friends, Rosanne Longo, Carmela D’Avino and Colette Griffin. It was a back pin reading about 120 yards, I used my 6 hybrid. We saw it land and then disappeared so I assumed it was in the back bunker or in the rough. When I got to the green, I looked in the bunker. I then went straight to the hole. It was so much fun being able to share with my friends!

Evan Grierson, Carman Golf and Curling Club, Hole #8

I was playing with Darci Wood, Eric Klassen and Shelby Orchard. It was hole #8 which was 147 yards with a pitching wedge.

Fraser Allen, Grey Silo Golf Course, Hole #8

I hit a 6 iron from 170 yards and I saw it take a bounce right at the pin. Then we couldn’t see the ball as it was blocked by the hill and bunker that it was tucked behind. We heard all the spectators say, “Go in!” then they all started cheering and our group went crazy!

Garry Fotheringham, Shuswap Lake Golf Course, Hole #7

It was a red pin located behind the sand trap about 110 yards from the tees. I used a King Cobra 9 iron to make the shot which landed nicely on the green and rolled into the hole. My playing partners were my good friends Ecky Pilz, Bill Colley and Dave Kinley. It was also witnessed by a young couple from Armstrong, B.C., who were on their way to the 18th hole. Shuswap Lake Golf Course presented me with a nice keepsake mug and a $100 chip to honour the occasion.

Garth Doll, Earl Grey Golf Club, Hole #15

As luck would have it, I got my second ace in two weeks yesterday. I was playing at Heritage Pointe in Calgary, and on the 5th hole of the Heritage 9, I sunk a pitching wedge from 146 yards. It landed five feet left of the pin, it hopped once and spun back into the cup for the third ace of my lifetime! I was playing with my friend Luke Milan.

Geoff McGowan, Kanata Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

I was playing with Jason Brum, our head professional, Tim Bonnar, our superintendent, and Don Ferrar. It was a 6 iron, 150 yards on #13 at Kanata. I managed to keep it together and finish with a tie for my personal best at Kanata with a 76 as well.

Graham McIsaac, Capilano Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

1988 on the fourth hole at Capilano. It was from the silver tees and was 125 yards. I used a 9 iron and the shot landed on the front and rolled in!

Greg Szabo, Cottonwood Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

A very exciting moment in my golf life!

Jack Logan, Olympic View Golf Club, Hole #16

I was playing hole #16 at Olympic View Golf Club. It was a Callaway ball and 106 yards.

Jake Jeffries, Bayview Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

My first ace occurred on the 145-yard 8th hole during the Bayview Golf & Country Club member/guest tournament. I hit a gap wedge to a blind pin placement and luckily there was a group on the first green who were able to witness it.

Janet Bremner, Rasberry Ridge Golf Course, Hole #3

I got my first ace 20 years ago on this course. It was a great feeling, I used my pitching wedge, and the distance was 105 yards. I played with Susan Curll, Gina Boswell and Linda.

Janis Byrne, Bally Haly Country Club, Hole #2

I played with Sharon Gregory, Janet Ash, Jeannie French and Madeline O’Keefe. The yardage was 93 yards to the flag and I used a 9 iron. I hit it past the hole and it rolled in off the slope. Sharon had a hole-in-one on #2 at Bally Haly South the week before and I played with her then too.

Jean-Guy Faubert, Pheasant Run Golf Club, Hole #8

My father-in-law, Randall Drake and I were out on July 10th, at Pheasant Run, north of Toronto. The track we started on was Highland and we would later finish on Midland. It was a bright warm morning, and we weren’t paired up with anyone that day.  Gave us some quality time to catch up and enjoy this wonderful course. 

The first few holes were slow off the get go. My drives were off, but my short and putting saved them for a close to par start to my day. My father-in-law gave me the honors to hit first on the 8th tee box, and I lined up the shot, which was over some water. I decided to use my 7 iron.

I struck the ball, with a solid hit, really good compression, and the ball lands at the edge of the front of the green. As I was watching, the ball took a light curve towards the pin, and then, I lost it. Having only golfed at this particular track twice, I wasn’t sure if the ball had fallen off the green behind the pin, and then, behind me, the groundskeeper let’s out a huge “Wow, that’s a hole-in-one.” Still unsure, my father-in-law hits his ball, and we get in the cart, and head on over to the green. I couldn’t see my ball, but there was no other possible reason why, other than it being hidden in the cup. I walked to the pin, and I let out a huge scream. The groundskeeper was applauding on his tractor, and my father-in-law was so excited, as he had never seen one. What a feeling.

Jill Snell, Fernie Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

I was playing with my partner, Greg Kosinski, from the green tees. The shot was to a front pin giving it a distance of about 45 yards.  This is the hardest shot on the course given it is over a mound onto a downhill sloped green. I used a half swing with my gap wedge. This is my first hole-in-one ever and it was nice to get it on my home course.

Jo Chow, Delta Golf Course, Hole #17

I was playing on a Tuesday for our Ladies Club at Delta with Donna, Leslie and Cheri. It was playing 125 yards that day over water, so I figured a 7 iron. Cheri said she thought it went in and I said it went by the hole. We get up there and there it is in the hole. It only took 44 years for this moment to happen. The members of our Ladies Club were very congratulatory, and they all had a free drink on the Ladies Club.

Jo-Ann Richardson, Saint-Raphaël (Club de golf), Hole #3

On July 11th, 2023, I was playing a round of golf at Saint Raphaël with my husband, Mike Baumel, and friends Anne Wilson and Donald Reid.

On hole #3, the pin was positioned in the middle of the green. There are sand traps at the front of the green and the back, and a lip at the front preventing you from seeing the hole. It was about 115 yards, and I used an 8 iron. The ball landed just after the sand trap and while it was dead straight at the flag, we couldn’t see if it had come up short or had rolled in. I was thrilled to see that it had, indeed, rolled in the hole!

Joe Guagliano Jr, Hamilton Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

I was playing with Gino Ingraudo, Anthony Rizzuto and Brian Hoyle. After a good start to my round, I came to #7 one-over par. I dialed in the yardage at 149 yards and was the first to play. I chose a pitching wedge for my shot. When I struck it, I knew immediately it was good, the ball was right at it. Hugs and high-fives were shared all around.

This is my second hole-in-one at Hamilton, my first one was July 15, 2008, almost fifteen years to the day! This one was really special as all four of us saw it go in, very memorable! Something I won’t forget.

Jordan Thiel, Galt Country Club, Hole #8

I love the game of golf and find it to be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. I go into each game trying to make it better than the previous.

On July 13th was my second hole-in-one in two years and I couldn’t believe it.  It was a very exciting for myself, and the guys I played with couldn’t have shown more gratitude. Vinny Luka, Chris Hohol and my dad, Marc Thiel, are always a great group of guys to play with and make the game that much more enjoyable. The yardage was 195 and I used a 5 iron with a little draw. It took one bounce and a couple yards of roll; it dropped in the hole!

Justin Neufeld, Aberdeen Glen Golf Club, Hole #8

This is my third one in my life. My round started off well and I stumbled a bit in the middle, then started hitting some pretty good shots coming in. The hole was 169 yards, with the pin in the front right, and tucked behind a bunker. I hit the exact shot I envisioned, a cut starting at the center of the green, cutting towards the right. It was struck so well that I exclaimed out loud “that’s perfect” followed by “go in the hole.” The ball landed, bounced twice and disappeared. I could hear the ball contact the pin. We were the first group to play that pin location that day, and I hit the first shot of the group. The greenskeepers had just finished setting the pin on that hole and were still waiting behind the green for us to finish the hole. I was using a Pro V1 that I had found and had been playing for a few holes after having lost my original ball earlier in the round. I still have the ball; it is my current provisional.

Justin Schultz, Kelowna Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

It was hole #17. The shot was 152 yards, playing about 146 with slope. The pin was placed dead centre of the green. I flushed it off the tee, started about eight yards left of the hole with a tiny butter cut on it. The ball landed about five feet left of the pin and had some side spin on it and rolled in like a putt. We could see the entire thing. The boys went crazy. I was playing with Craig Eisenhut, Cody Franson and Brock Raddatz.

Ken Kachur, Willows Golf & Country Club – Lakes-Bridges, Hole #4

I got a hole-in-one at Willows playing with Colin Bowerman and Bob Morrison. I used an 8 iron and it was 125 yards.

Laura Kim, Carnmoney Golf Club, Hole #4

I was playing with my husband Harry Kim and Carnmoney members Chris and Sheph McIntyre. I played from the silver tees, 90-yard distance and used my pitching wedge. While I have golfed sporadically throughout my life, my husband and I joined Carnmoney in 2021. Since joining Carnmoney, I have played in the Ladies program and have benefited tremendously from Ladies Clinics led by Tiff Gordon.

Les Channell, Beverly Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

It was a mixed match on hole #12. I was 153 yards out and I hit a 7 wood. I am 72 years old, and my wife Liz and I are avid golfers and supporters of Golf Canada.

Magda Salib, Weston Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

I used my 7 wood, and the hole was 114 yards. I played with Christine Johnson and Teresa Karolidis.

Marc Donnelly, La Champêtre, Hole #4

This is my fifth hole-in-one. It was on the fourth hole at Le Champêtre and used an 8 iron. The hole was about 148 yards.

Marco Rulez, Turtle Creek Golf Club

Great day!

Mary McNeill, Hampton Golf Club, Hole #4

I was playing with Gary, my husband and Gerry Connolly. I used a 7 iron to hit it 110 yards. I have been golfing for 12 years and go out twice a week.

Matthew Di Vona, The National Golf Club of Canada, Hole #5

I made my ace on July 12, 2023, at The National Golf Club of Canada. It was hole #5 from the black tees, which was playing 183 yards into the wind. The pin was at the back right. I hit a perfect 6 iron with a soft fade that landed eight feet short of the hole, bounced twice, and trickled in.

Patrick Leonard, Georgetown Golf Club, Hole #6

I was playing with Ian Patterson, Steven McShane and Covy Mareemootoo. The hole was 149 yards. I used a 7 iron and was playing with a Pro V1X golf ball. This is in fact my third hole-in-one at Georgetown as I have also previously aced the 8th and the 12th hole. Now I set my sights on the two remaining par 3’s, the 14th and the 16th.

Peter Shield, Riverside Golf Club, Hole #14

I was playing in the men’s league at Riverside Golf Club in Edmonton. My playing partners were David Halbauer, Kevin Bouchard and Norman Modeste. It was 130 yards and I hit a perfect pitching wedge that never left the flag. Unfortunately, as a raised green, we didn’t see it go in. When we got up the green, we were missing a ball and looked over the back; it was not there. We could see a pitch mark six feet short of the hole. Norman was the first to see it in the hole and then the cheering started.

I have kept the ball and have a picture of the scorecard. This is my second hole-in-one, but social media and camera phones make things easier.

Rick Button, Tower Ranch Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

I was playing with Vic Margetts and Marty Bray. Vic is a part of my regular foursome, the other two (Neil and Mick) were away that day. Also present was Liam Kightley-Kauser who works in the pro shop at Tower and just happened to be there putting slope adjusted yardages on the yardage board. The distance was 141 yards and I hit 9 iron. It was my third hole-in-one at Tower Ranch but my first on the 12th hole.

Sid Green, Avon Valley Golf Course, Hole #5

I played Avon Valley with Allan Rendell and Paul Marriott. I had a hole-in-one on #5. It was playing 130 yards and I used a 9 iron. 

Terry Bell, GlenDenning Golf Course, Hole #15

It was a front pin location from 144 yards. There was a strong headwind, so I clubbed up to a 6 iron. It glided through the air and landed perfectly on the side of the hole and dropped in.

Vince Kennedy, Huron Oaks, Hole #17

I celebrated my first ace at Huron Oaks. I used a 7 iron and hit it 145 yards.

Will Belanger, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #13

On hole #13 at Greyhawk Predator, the hole was playing 155 yards from the black tees. I hit a 9 iron with the wind in my back and it landed six feet away from the pin and slowly rolled in. I was also playing with Andrew Milloy and two members from Greyhawk that I didn’t know at the time.