Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – July 28, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Adam Webb, Woodlands Links Ltd., Hole #15

I hit a 9 iron, 150 yards and hit it three feet beyond the pin and spun it back into the hole. My brother and I erupted once we saw the ball disappear. The whole course heard us.

We proceeded to celebrate the last few holes of our round and I opened a tab at the course to give a few drinks to other patrons. 

Allan Druskin, Three Hills Golf Course, Hole #2

I am 75 years old with an 18 handicap and have been playing golf on and off for 50 years. My friend, Barry (Hoppy) Hopkins and myself were golfing on the afternoon of July 21, 2023, at our home course near Three Hills. Using a 6 iron, I shot the ball over a creek about 160 yards to the green, thought it landed on the green, but lost sight of it in the sun. Upon reaching the green, I couldn’t find it. After searching for it for a couple of minutes my friend suggested I look in the cup. Sure enough, there it was!

Betty Millen, Newlands Golf Club, Hole #10

I was playing with the three members that I play with a few times a week. The hole was 98 yards uphill, and I used my little 9 wood that I have had for 20 years. This is my third on that hole, my second one this year. Unfortunately, I didn’t record the others on the Golf Canada site. I’m pretty proud of myself for a 79-year-old!

Betty Oliver, Sault Ste. Marie Golf Club, Hole #7

I was playing with my sister. Kathy Palombi and two good friends, Barb Bumbacco and Anita Litalien. The yardage was 116 and I used my Cleveland Launcher UHX 8 iron and a yellow Srixon soft feel ball. It was so exciting for all of us to watch it disappear into the hole as it rolled across the green. Hopefully, I’ll experience that moment again with either myself or a golfing buddy.

Bill Raponi, Cranberry Golf Course, Hole #13

What a great day!

Brett Skakun, Lac La Biche Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

I was out for an early morning round with my good friend and fellow Golf Canada member Greg Zevola. It was a 148 yard 9 iron that was on line the entire time it was in the air. Both of us said, “be good” while the ball was up and then silence waiting for it to spin. It spun and went in! We both took a few seconds staring in disbelief making sure it was gone. Then we erupted! I turned and jumped on him while cheering and celebrating! The groups behind us heard, the group ahead came back from the ninth tee to see what was happening and everyone at the clubhouse heard. My wallet’s a little lighter after it but it was the perfect experience celebrating the rest of the day with family and friends. A little fun fact, hole #8 is sponsored by my dad and uncle’s fountain tire shop in Lac La Biche. So, a little bit of family luck there!

Cathy Bildfell, The Okanagan Golf Club, Hole #4

I was playing Senior Ladies night with Vicki Dallon, Kate Dusik and Jan Hecht. My 9 iron was used to hit it 115 yards. My seventh ever ace!

Chris Moote, Oliver’s Nest Golf Club, Hole #3

The hole-in-one was 117 yards and I hit a pitching wedge. I was playing with Steve, Ron and Bill who are good buddies that I do a Myrtle Beach trip with every spring. Memorable for sure but four holes later I hit a 52 degree from 90 yards that also went in for my second eagle of the day!

Chris Patrick, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #12

I got the hole-in-one using a TaylorMade 6 iron with a Titleist ProV1 and the yardage was 175 yards. It happened to be on the second day of our Club Championships. My playing partners were Ken Hall and Randy Sevienson.

Chris Webster, Wintergreen Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

It was men’s night at Wintergreen Golf and Country Club in Bragg Creek. Nestled in the foothills of Alberta, the par 3 hole #7 from the gold/blue combo plays 163 yards. With an altitude of 4,300 feet an 8 iron was the club of choice. I hit my shot, watched the trajectory, and as it hit the green, turned to my playing partners to boast ‘that line is good’. I entirely missed seeing the ball actually roll in!

Elna de Klerk, Meadow Gardens Golf, Hole #7

I was playing with two friends, Joan Arnold and Susan Balenzano. The yardage was 127 and I used my 7 iron.

Erwin Tapnio, Riveredge Golf Course, Hole #9

Didn’t actually realize it went in until I got to the hole. I was looking all over the surrounding areas and decided to look in the hole and found my ball! Best experience of my life!

Gordon Gilman, Algonquin Golf Course, Hole #14

It was a great moment on a great course.

Harlen Van Wynsberghe, Century Pines Golf Club, Hole #13

I was playing 18 holes with an ex-billet brother from junior hockey and our friend on a perfect morning at Century Pines. As we watched it fall in the hole, I’ve never been more excited! They all tackled me before it even registered what happened. A round and a morning I will never forget.

John Thomas, Pheasant Glen Golf Resort, Hole #15

My wife and I started playing golf about four years ago, when we moved from North Vancouver to Parksville. We got hooked on golf, so we decided to join Pheasant Glen about a year and a half ago after we looked at other courses. On July 19th I was playing men’s day with Dan McGuire, Bob Steele and Cary Connell. On hole #15 I was 147 yards out wind blowing towards the tee, and I picked up my 7 iron and hit the ball towards the flag. The ball dropped about four feet from the front of hole and rolled in for a hole-in-one. What a great day.

Jon Bulmer, Madawaska Golf – Twisted Pines, Hole #8

Thanks to my witness Nick, who had taken an extended lunch break to swing the sticks! I used a pitching wedge.

Jon Ginsburg, Twenty Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

It took me 30 years of wondering whether it would ever happen! I used my TaylorMade Stealth driver to hit the ball approximately 125 yards playing from the white/green tee box. I was playing with my regular group who could not believe what they saw, forcing me to buy a round of drinks for them! Thank heavens there were only two of them!

Judy Cross, Princeton Golf Club, Hole #15

This was such a special day. We were playing in the two-day club championship. I was playing with members Barb Jones and Gloria Gagnon. The hole was about 135 yards over a gulley. I was using a 5 wood. Best celebration ever.

Karen Merrylees, Riverbend Golf Community, Hole #12

My husband Bill and I were playing in a couples’ match at our home course at Riverbend Golf Community in London, Ontario. We were all square going into hole #12. It was 104 yards, and I used my 9 iron. I usually go to the left on this hole and when I made my shot, it was going straight to the green, which I was very excited about. My husband was watching and after the shot hit the front of the green, he said, “watch this.” The four us all watched as the ball rolled on the green, turned to the right towards the hole, and we all saw it fall into the hole! It was a magical moment, and one I will never forget as I am sure all golfers that get a hole-in-one will say.

Ken Baker, Surrey Golf Course, Hole #12

Finally, after playing golf for over 50 years, I did it. It happened at the Surrey Golf Course playing with three others from a group of eight that play every Wednesday and Friday. I was not playing up to my handicap level until I reached hole #12, a par 5, which is 500 yards. The next hole was playing 129 yards to a red flag. It has a large pond in front and a sand trap to the left of the front of the green. There was a wind coming in our faces, so I choked up on an 8 iron. The ball hit a mound just right of the trap bounced once hit the pole straight down. Last time I checked, they all count. Honored to join the club.

Kevin Boland, Bally Haly Country Club, Hole #2

My second since I started golfing 16 years ago. The hole was #2 at Bally Haly Country Club South and the yardage was 151. I used a 6 iron. The players with me were my usual group of Don Coady, Andrew Hynes and Damien Dubourdieu.

Larry Taylor, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #17

I was playing at Sirocco Golf Club on hole #7.  It has an elevated tee box and is 115 yards. I used my gap wedge, hit it high, banked it off the left side hill, it rolled across the green and in. I was playing with my wife, Ellen, and fellow members Louise and Barry. I now have a hole-in-one at each of the three courses where we have been members.

Lin Chen, Angus Glen Golf Club, Hole #17

Thank you for your congratulations! I played with my friend Ivan and my yardage was 110. I used a 6 hybrid. It was July 17th at Angus Glen South Course, on hole #17. When I hit the ball, I couldn’t see my ball from where we were. I couldn’t believe my ball went in and kept asking Ivan where my ball was. As we approached the green, it was in the hole! Immediately I contacted Susan who had invited my family and I to the Chris Li Golf Classic. I said to Susan, “I used the lucky rain check and hit a hole-in-one!” I received congratulations from Mr. Chris Li and friends.

Lincoln Garraway, Caledon Woods Golf Club, Hole #13

Great day!

Lori Graves, Walter Gretzky Municipal Golf Course, Hole #2

The yardage was 105 and I used a 7 iron. I played with my Saturday group of Judy and Cindy plus a gentleman joined us named Matt.

Marc Donnelly, Champêtre (Club de Golf), Hole #4

I played with Olivier Frenette, Mark Mirza and Paul Poliquin. We arrived at the fourth hole, and I was the last to tee off. The hole location was in the back of the green on the left side, behind the bunker. It was playing at 148 yards. I moved over to the right side of the tee box and was deciding between a 9 iron or an 8. I went with the 8 iron. I hit the shot with a slight draw. We all saw it heading towards the hole. It carried the bunker and landed three feet in front of the hole.

My playing partners all said that that was going to be very close. No one could see the result because the hole was hidden by the bunker.

We all walked up to the green and we saw the ball mark, but no ball. We looked in the hole, and there it was, my Titleist 4 resting at the bottom of the cup.

Mike Mills, Northumberland Golf Club, Hole #8

I was playing with Rick and Ken from Toronto, and Mario from Hamilton. I had not played with any of them before. I used a 4 hybrid. The yardage was around 138 in a light wind.

Niels van Oyen, The Paintbrush, Hole #4

I was lucky enough to get my first hole-in-one on Friday, July 21st at The Paintbrush in Caledon, Ontario. For those of you who know the course, it is quite a challenging track and I had never seriously considered the possibility of recording an ace on any of its challenging par threes. I play to a 15 handicap and play 30-40 rounds a year, so my chances for an ace in my lifetime didn’t seem great.

The big moment happened on #4, playing 152 yards and into the wind. I pulled a 7 iron and my ball landed about 15 feet short of the hole. You can’t see much of the putting surface, so when we got to the green and didn’t see my ball, one of my playing partners started to get excited and ran up to the hole. When he threw his hat on the ground, I knew something big must have happened. The rest, as they say, is history.

We celebrated the feat with some single malt scotch (we were on a links course, after all) and lots of laughs for the remaining 14 holes.

Nikki Otterbein, Legacy Ridge Golf Club, Hole #8

It was certainly great fun for me. We were playing the fusion tees which is the white tees on hole #8 and the pin was at the back. The yardage was 121 and I hit my 5 hybrid. I knew I had hit it well and was afraid it would go over the back of the green but luckily the hole got in the way! I was playing with my daughter Karen and her friend Michelle. For no good reason I was wearing mainly pink on Saturday and Karen was calling me Barbie (the movie opened on Saturday) but after the 8th hole she began to call me Brooke (Henderson) instead! She did remember to take a photo of me taking my pink ball out of the hole. 

Paul Jeppesen, Flambourough Hills Golf Club, Hole #11

The hole-in-one occurred at the Flamborough Hills Golf Club in the late afternoon of July 19th, 2023. Flamborough Hills has 27 holes and on this day the 11th hole was the second of the Lakes nine. It is a 127-yard hole on the card but played a bit longer with the hole on the back shelf of a two-tiered green with a bit of a back stop. I played a pitching wedge which landed about three feet short and right of the pin. It bounced behind the pin and came back into the hole from behind. The moment was shared with Howard Hollingham, James Davidson and Nico Bopp. This happens to be my fourth hole-in-one. People have asked me how I do it and I always tell them that it’s hereditary. My mother had seven, my father had two and my uncle has four. I am on a mission to catch my mother’s total and the odds are improving!

Peggy Blacklock, Olds Golf Club, Hole #7

I was golfing with my friends in the Olds Ladies Golf tournament. It was 110 yards to the hole, and I used my Callaway 11 wood. Another woman got an ace that day too! Ironically, I had just met her that morning through a mutual friend. We laughed that we were wearing the same shirt. By the of the day, we had both gotten a hole-in-one. 

Ron Worden, Black Mountain Golf Club, Hole #4

It was great!

Ryan Mckean, Oak Island Golf Course, Hole #12

I was playing in the 2023 Golf Manitoba Men’s Amateur Provincial Championship. My other two competitors were Ben Bandura and Jackson Delaurier.

For the tournament, the organizers swapped the front nine and back nine so on the tournament scorecard it says hole #3, but it was hole #12 at Oak Island. The tees were moved up to 135 yards for the final round and I used a pitching wedge.

Sandy Rathgeber, Chilliwack Golf Course, Hole #4

As I have only been playing golf for five years, I had never anticipated getting a hole-in-one. Surprisingly this was my second one this month! The first was on a local par 3 course so it wasn’t entered into my Golf Canada app. The one I got on July 23rd was at Chilliwack Golf Club where I was playing with my husband, Wade and two nice fellows from Kamloops, Glen and Koji. It was the fourth hole which was a 118-yard par 3. I hit a solid 7 iron straight at the pin, the ball landed at the front of the green and rolled to the back pin location. We could all see that it had a chance to go in and luckily it did. It was hard to believe it had happened again so quickly after my first one but there it was sitting patiently at the bottom of the hole waiting for me to bring it back out into the sunlight.

Sean Bolley, The Legends Golf Club, Hole #14

My hole-in-one was on hole #14 at The Legends golf course in Warman. I was playing from the blues that day and the yardage was 128 so I used my 9 iron. I was playing with my girlfriend Allison, and we got paired up with another couple, JR and Michelle.

Shari Molchan, Mount Breton Golf Course, Hole #3

I’ve been golfing for 22 years! It was on hole #3 at Mount Breton Golf Course in Chemainus B.C. My Garmin watch said 114 yards to the pin. I knew the hole played a little uphill, so I used my 7 iron and a nice easy swing.

I was last on the tee box and so the others were standing to the right so they couldn’t see the ball finish because of the bunker. But then it disappeared, and I thought it went off the back. We looked for my ball behind the green and it was not there then one of the gals looked in the cup and there it was!

My home course is Cottonwood Golf Course, and we were doing our ‘away’ game at Mount Breton. I was golfing with my teammate (Cottonwood member) Cheri Holder.

Sharlene Coates, Rideau Lakes Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

On July 18th, 2023, I was blessed with a hole-in-one on hole #17 at Rideau Lakes Golf and Country Club. This hole is a steep drop down to the Upper Rideau Lake. I used my 5 wood to drop it left of the green as it runs quickly to the right and was awe struck to watch it roll slowly into the hole. This took place during our regular Tuesday Ladies League, so I had a large group of witnesses waiting to play the hole.

Sharon Creelman, Cabot Cliffs, Hole #6

It was hole #6 at Cabot Cliffs. The hole was 130 yards. I used a 9 iron. I was playing with Elizabeth Czenczek and Judy McCrae. My first and hopefully not last hole-in-one and such a memorable course! The course celebrated me very well. With a flag, signed by the golf pro at the course and a hole-in-one hat.

Sharon Gu, Gull Lake View Golf Club, Hole #15

What a great moment!

Stephanie Simpson, The Hamptons Golf Club, Hole #9

It was 110 yards and I used a 9 iron.

Yuhao Shen, Bethesda Grange/Rolling Hills, Hole #5

I am nearly 11 years old. I started golf during the pandemic and have been playing for three years. I love golf because it puts up a challenge and I like challenges. Also, because golf courses are good places to make new friends. I just made a hole-in-one, which makes me love golf even more. Rolling Hills is my home course. I’d like to play as many courses as possible. But other courses are very expensive. When I grow up, I hope to be a professional golfer.