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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

George Hare, University Golf Club, Hole #7

Thank you for the email.

June 28, 2022 will be a date I’ll never forget!

The closest I could describe the feeling of my hole-in--one, would be how I felt after the first time I jumped out of a plane. Adrenalin will run throughout you like you have never felt before. I’m not kidding. I played high level hockey up until I was 25, playing in front of filled stadiums, winning championships and my hole-in-one exceeding the high of any of those experiences, I suppose because it’s a solo experience. It truly is magical. 

June 28 showed a 60% chance of showers, and I forgot my umbrella. It started to rain lightly on the 6th hole at UBC golf course. A week prior, I was organizing my storage room and found an old favorite golf hat, which I haven’t seen in 20 years, excited to find it, I put it in my bag. With no umbrella, I pulled out the hat and proceeded to tell my buddies Arv Singh and Eric Thrall the story about, what I called my lucky hat. Boys, check this out. I bought this hat 30 years ago when I lived in Japan. In 1992, I worked as a golf caddy at the Appi Kogen Golf Club. I haven’t worn this hat in 20 years…she’s my lucky hat.

The next hole was the par 3, 7th hole. The pin was 140 yards and slightly up hill. For me this is a perfect 7 iron, a club I’m super comfortable with. One practice swing, then line up, exhale and everything felt effortless, it was a pure shot, hardly felt a thing. I could see the ball clear as a bell. It was like slow motion, watching it fly high and straight at it. One bounce and clink! I knew it, right away! My club went flying and fell on the t-box yipping and hollering and my buddies were too. This carried on for a bit. The foursome on the green behind us saw the shot, I could hear them and turned around and they were on their knees in full worship…not worthy. What a feeling!

Walking up to the green, there was a small part of me that thought perhaps it might not have gone in, as the green was elevated and the sightline was about even with me standing, so I was a bit anxious.

I am fortunate my buddy got my reaction on video because it says it all.

Rounds and food were bought, including for the worshippers behind us and the Marshal.

For a hole-in-one at UBC, they make you an embroidered flagstick flag with their emblem and hole number and your name and date of your hole-in-one.

Thank you for acknowledging my hole-in-one.

George Hare

Larry Kotack, Richmond Hill Golf Club, Hole #17

Thank you very much for the congratulations and for acknowledging my hole in one at RHGC on July 2nd. I was golfing with my brother-in-law, Louie Sartor, my nephew, Jamie Sartor and a friend Carl Koteff. As you know, it was on # 17, 141 yards and I hit a 7 iron, TaylorMade Speedblade. I didn’t actually see it go in, but Jamie said he thought it did although he didn’t know for sure.

This was actually my 2nd hole-in-one. The first one was on April 13, 2013, on hole #5 at Eagles Nest in Vaughan.

Thanks again for your interest in this personal achievement. 

Kind regards,


Arnold Shaw, Holiday Park Golf Club, Hole #2

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I was golfing with Gerry Zado, Dr. Bert Ball and Bill Michaluk at Holiday Park in the Seniors golf on Thursday June 30th. The second hole was 110 yards. I used my 50-degree wedge and fortunately hit the perfect shot. I was very high and came down about two feet from the pin and bounced once and into the hole. Gerry birdied the hole and Bert and Bill each had pars. Not bad for four golfers who average over eighty years old. This was my fourth “hole-in-one” so it wasn’t as exciting as the first one. We had beers in the Club House after.

Bill Froehler, Silver Creek Golf Course, Hole #12

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Thank you. Yes, a very exciting time!  That was my first one.

I was golfing with three other members of Silver Creek golf course (Jean Bleoo, Ron Brown, Chris Mantai). #3 west is over water to a three tiered green. This was a blue flag and was sitting on the back tier at about 120 yards. My club of choice was an 8 iron.

Chris Schnarr, Credit Valley, Hole #4

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The hole-in-one was on #4. It was playing 131 yards. I used a pitching wedge. I was accompanied by club member Patrick Brown and with guests Dale Orlando and John Abdo.

Dan McCaskill, Madawaska Golf, Hole #13

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Yes, very exciting indeed! Yardage was 172 yards, and I used a 7 iron. I was playing with my wife, Carole McCaskill, and another couple, Rob Cathcart and Mellisa Lee. Thanks again.

Dave Tuck, River Oaks Golf Club, Hole #7

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Thanks so much!

I couldn’t have had a better group on Canada day. I was golfing with my dad (Allan Tuck), my uncle (Gord Tuck Jr) and my son, Ryan Tuck. It was 142 yards, 50-degree wedge, with a good prairie tail wind behind me. 

Thanks again! 

David Walker, Braestone Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for your nice note on my hole in one at Braestone Club. Twelfth hole. 125 yards. Adams 9 iron. Wilson50 golf ball. It was my first hole-in-one. After 52 years it was nice to finally get one. I was playing with my wife Kylie and friends Jim and Carolanne Merza. 

Dave Walker

Ed Coulter, Copetown Woods Golf Club, Hole #7

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Regular weekend slot at Copetown Woods. Sunday, July 3rd morning with my son Andrew and two other Golf Canada members – Eric Kivlin and Iain Gardiner. 7th hole. Par 3. Flag scoped at 123 yds. 9 iron. One bounce and rolled to pin – dropped – the rest was history. 

I had walked to my bag to return my club when my son indicated “it’s right at the hole dad” then he and the other two gents erupted as it dropped into hole – they said they watched it disappear – I never saw it.

Ernie Hawkins, Delta Golf Club, Hole #5

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Thanks for the email.

I’ve been playing this game since I was 10 years old (now 50) and never had a hole-in-one. I became one of those guys that just accepted the fact it was never going to happen for me so I was happy to see it go in. 

The hole was 105 yards, pin tuck on the crest of the hill left side with a dramatic slop to front of the green. If you didn’t hit the correct landing area for this pin placement, you’re off the green.

I used my 52 and landed about a foot in front of the pin, hopped about two feet behind the pin and slowly rolled back into the cup. Amazing to see it go in, like slow-motion.

I had been playing pretty well in the weeks leading to Saturday but on this day, I had my worst round of the year but the feeling I had for one shot outweigh the round I had. 

Will Keenlyside and Gary Hemlow were my playing partners that day.

Thanks again,


Evan Irla, Twin Willows Golf Club, Hole #12

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Thanks for reaching out!

I was out for a casual round on Saturday that was going really well. On hole #12, the back tees were roughly 150 yds from the pin, so I pulled out a 9 iron. I hit the ball a little off the toe, but it drew right in line with the flag, pitched a good 8 foot from the hole and rolled in. Best miss-hit I’ve ever had haha.

Ended up coming back the next day with three guys and drained a huge right to left putt for birdie on the last hole.


Fred Stoneman, Cedarhurst Golf Club, Hole #16

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I was playing with Jordan Strickland and Jack Foran. The hole was 107 yards, and I used a pitching wedge.

Garett Tanner, Darcy Ranch Golf Club, Hole #3

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It was Saturday, July 2. I was golfing with three buddy’s: Harry Zipple, Phil Kinney and Dev Padhi. We were on hole #3, 124 yards and I used a pitching wedge. 

Glen Hoffman, Murray Municipal, Hole #7

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Thank you for the note and graphic!  This is awesome 🙂

Details – 
Playing with my regular golf group – Mike Merk, Scott Manz, Donny Mah
Yardage – 198 yards
Club – Hybrid
Wind – Cross wind left to right at 30 KM / HR


Glen Hoffman

Glenn Harrison, Dalewood Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thanks for the email.

I have attached a picture of my hole in one on the 13th hole at Dalewood Golf club in Port Hope, Ontario on June 29th 2022. I was playing with Jim Horner, Phil Varty and Derek Masters. We were playing from the blue tees and the distance was 167 yards and I used a 6 iron. This is my 4th hole-in-one, my last one was July 16, 2008 on the 17th hole at Dalewood. 

Thank you, 

Glenn Harrison

Grant Froese, Deerhurst Golf Course, Hole #8

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Hi, thanks for this. Appreciate it.

The yardage was 128 and I used a pitching wedge. My 22-year-old son was with me and may have been more excited than I was! But you are right, a memory we will have forever. 

Thanks again and you should know the folks at Deerhurst were spectacular!



Greg Rehberg, Brockville Country Club, Hole #9

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Hi, thank you. My playing partners were Klyde Brayton and Robert Arnot fellow BCC members. The yardage was 122 yards to a blue flag on the back right corner of Little Misery the 9th hole at the Brockville Country Club. I struck a high pitching wedge into the middle of the green that released about 12 feet and disappeared into the hole. Hard to describe the feeling after having so many end up close to going in and finally seeing one drop!

John Spearn, Westmount, Hole #17

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Thank you, most appreciated.

At age 73 with a 24 handicap, the odds were definitely against me. I will, however, fondly remember Men’s Day League, June 30, 2022. My high handicap League grouping was allocated the “closest-to-the-hole” competition for #17.

I was having a decent back 9-hole competition round (for me); finishing with a 43. On the way to the 17th tee box, my playing partner, Kerry, reminded me of my #17-hole competition since we were on the same league team. I asked him if I could win if I holed my drive. He understandably was somewhat doubtful but later remarked that I had, in fact, called it.

Hole #17 is on an elevated tee box with a front bunker protecting the green and the pin centre back with about a 130-yard distance. My 8-iron was clean, but I did not see it drop. My playing partners, Kerry Gerber, Jim King and Don MacKenzie all saw it go in and shouted the news! My partners offered hearty congratulations.

My wife and I played the back nine the next Sunday and I checked the hole posting of the names of those who had achieved an ace over the years.

My playing partner, Jim, was listed but he said nothing of it following my little celebration; a true gentleman golfer allowing me my very brief moment in the sun. Golf, as in most sports, provides the opportunity for players to demonstrate his/her true nature.


Judy Calvert, Chateau Whistler, Hole #16

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Well hello Golf Canada!

Word travels!

Yes, it was a super exciting day for sure!

My husband, Doug Anderson, and I, are members at Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Course and we had an 0900 tee time on July 1st. We were with two other corporate guests. Super nice guys that were thrilled that this happened too!

It was hole 16, red tees, 88 yards, and my pitching wedge. That hole’s green has a slant from right to left, so you always aim for the high side (but not in the bunker right there) hoping it will run down to wherever the pin location happens to be that day. I did a full swing, hit it great, we were all watching – it landed perfectly on the high side and started to roll to the left, down towards the pin. I was playing with an orange ball, so you could perfectly see its movement. It was moving along nicely and then it all of a sudden disappears and we all knew what that meant and erupted into “oh my god’s” “hole in one” “sank it”. So exciting!

Back at the club house, I was happy to make the announcement to all the guests on the patio and bought everyone a round – all were thrilled…for me…and for the drink! LOL.

FCWGC is an amazing club (shout out to Padraic O’Rourke – Director of Golf) and the team did a lovely remembrance flag for me (in the photo). Shout out to our Master Instructor, Matt Denzer, (Leadbetter) who we had just started taking lessons from.

Warmest regards, Judy 🙂

Kim Brierley, Wyldewood Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

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Many thanks for the recognition of my hole-in-one. This was my sixth and it was just as exciting as my first.  

I was playing with my friend Lori Collinson. The 11th hole is an elevated green with a hidden pin. It was playing about 125 yards into the wind. I used my Callaway 5 wood. As soon as I hit the ball, Lori said, “that’s right at it”, I said, no I think it’s in the bunker”.  Right then, there was a greens keeper who was working on the green, he came running to the edge of the hill and yelled “that ball went in the hole”. We both started jumping and celebrating. It was Ladies Day at Wyldewood Golf and Country Club with many friends to share the event.

Thanks again Golf Canada.

Kim Brierley

Landon Touchette, Metcalfe Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thank you for reaching out.

Landon agreed that he would love to have you post his story.

He used a pitching wedge from 115 yards and was playing with me (his father) and his aunt. He is also the youngest member at the Metcalfe Golf and Country Club to record a hole-in-one.


Phil Touchette on behalf of Landon Touchette

Larry Osaka, Henderson Lake Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you for your recognition of my hole-in-one on Canada Day at Lethbridge’s Henderson Lake Golf Club. On that day, the 8th hole was playing about 140 yards to the flag and the ball went into the hole with the luckiest 6 iron I’ve ever hit in my life.

Thanks again for your interest.

Larry Osaka

Lisa Loewen, Valley Ridge Golf Club, Hole #3

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Thank you for the congratulations on my hole-in-one, it was a thrilling moment.

My husband and I were enjoying a quick nine holes at the course where we are members, Valley Ridge Golf Course in Calgary, Alberta. We approached the third hole where there was a front flag. As I remember, my GPS watch said I had 83 yards to the front of the green and approximately 93 to the flag. I teed up my ball and used my nine iron. I hit the ball right on the sweet spot and it flew beautifully high in a lovely arc, landing just on the first cut and rolling toward the hole on the right side. My husband was coaching the ball along, saying “get there, get there, now go in” and it did!

I was stunned – then I started yelling and jumping up and down on the tee box. I was congratulated by public players. Once I calmed down, I realized that we would have to play 18 holes which was going to be a challenge because the weather was not looking good. By 17, there was thunder and on 18, we were really risking it as the lightning was getting very close. My last two strokes were taken during brief stops between sprints toward the green in a downpour! A great chip left me only a one-foot putt. I was wet but exultant! I finished one of the most exciting rounds of my life.

I truly love golf. It is something I enjoy so much I go out most weekdays and most rounds on my own with whomever I can join up with. I started golfing regularly six years ago and now get in about 100 rounds a year! Still working on breaking 90 but hopefully this will be the year. The hole-in-one certainly gives me confidence that I am getting closer to that goal.


Lisa Loewen

Lorry Greenspan, The Country Club, Hole #9

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I was playing with Mathew Sherman and Alex Nayyar. It was hole 9 on the East course at Country Club. The hole was playing 170 yards and I hit an 8 iron.

Take care. 

Lorry Greenspan

Nancy Winn, Knollwood Golf Club, Hole #4

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Thank you so much. I was golfing with my husband, Jim, and our good friends, Grace and Erwin Raaber. I used a 7 hybrid and the hole is 107 yards. Hit the pin and dropped in. Had one years ago and never expected to get another one!

Richard Vaughan, Tarandowah Golfers Club, Hole #7

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It would be an honour for me, that you want to share my hole-in-one accomplishment on Saturday.

I was playing with two other members of Tarandowah, Terry Duffy and Brad Clothier. The 7th hole at Tarandowah from the gold tees measures 178 on the score card, but Saturday it played 185. I used a Srixon zx7 5 iron with a Srixon Q-Star tour ball for the accomplishment. It was around 9 in the morning. Wind was light and blowing off the right shoulder and a little help, the hole plays north to south, and the front is guarded by four bunkers. In honesty, we thought Terry’s ball was going in the hole, but came up just a bit short. When I hit my shot, we watched it roll up to Terry’s ball which we thought it was going to hit his ball, then rolled pass Terry’s ball, then I said, “well I guess I’m long and then it hit the stick then disappeared, it took a second or two to realize what actually happened.

Ron Runstedler, Sarnia, Hole #12

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Thanks for reaching out regarding my recent hole-in-one.

I was playing with my usual Tuesday afternoon group: Dean Edwardson, Albert Pilote, Brian Hurst and Jurgen Kuhwald (by the way, fivesomes are allowed at Sarnia Golf Club).

I used a 9-iron for the 120 yard shot.

All the best.

Ron Runstedler

Steve Sparrow, Olympic View Golf Club, Hole #6

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I was playing with my uncle, John Smith, also Dave Macdonald and Ian Birnie. The yardage was 190 and I hit a 6 iron. It is my first hole-in-one and I’ve been playing for nearly 25 years.

Sylvie Robitaille, Blainvillier, Hole #17

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Here is the information about my hole-in-one at Le Blainvillier, Royal course.

17th hole. 118 yards. Hit with my driver. My husband, Claude Landry, and my brother, Martin Robitaille, were playing with me. 

I was very happy returning to golf after more than 20 years not playing. It was only my fifth game of the season. 🥰

Thank you.

Sylvie Robitaille

Toby Symes, Richmond Country Club, Hole #9

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On the nineth hole, I used a 5 iron. It was about 125 yards. I played with Bud Moore who birdied, Paul Kim who had a par and Bill Smith who had a sandy par. It was a great hole for all.

Todd Clerkson, Pitt Meadows Golf Club, Hole #16

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I was playing with Rob Foot and Curt Bogren, fellow members at PMGC.

The 16th hole at PMGC was playing 155 yds into a fairly stiff breeze. I hit 6 iron.

The best part was that the hole-in-one was in addition to 6 birdies and 2 bogies, leading to a personal best 66 — a score I never dreamed of shooting in my lifetime!



Tom Pinter, Braeben Golf Course, Hole #7

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This was my second career ace and much nicer than the first some 25 years ago which was a topped shot that bounced and rolled some 150 yards into the hole.

This one was on the 138 yard 7th at Braeben with a pitching wedge. The swing felt great, and the ball went high and never left the pin, bounced once and disappeared. 

I was with my friends Wally, Dominic, and Phil.



Tom Wile, Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #14

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138 to the pin, no breeze. No bounce or roll, dunked it. Was playing with Perry Smith, Mark Farrell and Brad Barton. 

Victor Jarjour, Equinelle, Hole #13

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Thank you for your interest in my recent hole-in-one. Number 13 hole at Equinelle was playing about 165 yards that day. I used a four hybrid. It was somewhat anticlimactic as my partners and I did not see the ball roll in. We knew it was on a good line but lost sight of it coming down and on the green. I thought it had rolled through the green so that is where we looked for the ball. Eventually, we walked back to the hole and discovered it there! I was playing with other Equinelle members, Hugh Craig, Howard Spaulding and Erin Coyne.

That was my third hole-in-one. The previous two, also at Equinelle, were on number 16.

Again, thanks for your interest.

Best regards,


Wayne Fenemore, Heron Point Golf Links, Hole #16

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Thanks for your email.  I was playing with my buddies; Terry Derouhe, Wayne Vanhorne and Ken Anderson. The hole was 133 yards. I used a six iron. The course was beautiful, and the service was excellent. We all enjoyed our time there.

Wayne Fenemore

Wilson Doornekamp, Landings Golf Course, Hole #4

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4th hole. Two older gentlemen (don’t know their names). 170 yards. 3 wood.