Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Allan Lu, Quilchena, Hole #13

Thank you for your email.

I waited over 30 years for the moment.

I was playing with Ted Tran, Ustani Tran, and Ally Ng.

The yardage was around 148-150 back pin location.

I was hitting my 9 iron with a little draw and landed around 4-5 yards short and roll in the hole.

Antoinette Krusto, Glendale, Hole #4

What a wonderful surprise. I just got a new set of irons and have been having some difficulty adjusting to them. Not anymore! I hit an 8 iron 99 yards to the pin on Glendale #4 hole. I was golfing with Mary-Ann Burgess, Jessica Mancini and Susan Vance  – my regular Sunday morning group. I was sure popular when I came in and everyone enjoyed their free drink. I look forward to seeing this on the Golf Canada page. 

Antoinette Krusto

Brad Hannah, Langara Golf Course, Hole #14

Thank you for your email, first one during competition. 

Earlier in the year, I had a hole-in-one on the same hole playing with some buddies. Who knew it would happen again?

On Sunday it was raining, hole was playing 158 yards, 7 iron, to a three-tiered green.

Playing with a member, Dan Gomes, and we did not see it go in, but we knew it was close as the middle part of the green is below first tier.

When we approached the green, we did not see my ball so I immediately got excited and sure enough it was in.

Brett Van Den Bossche, Revelstoke Golf Club, Hole #14

The ace happened on hole 14 at the Revelstoke Golf Course. It was playing 140, a hair downhill to a back right pin. I was down in a skins match 8-2 and we had 4 skins riding on the hole and I had to give my buddy a stroke on a short par 3 so in my mind I needed a birdie just to push. 

I hit a 52-degree wedge right at it and it never left the stick. It landed about 3 feet long, but with the firm greens I had given up on it going in and was just happy to have a good look at a two. But after a short hop forward it ripped back, and my buddy called it in just before it dropped in dead weight. 

Needless to say, the entire course heard us and I managed to take the remainder of the skins to eke out a 10-8 win. Broke my buddy’s heart, but if there’s a way to do it, I think that’s it!

This wasn’t my first ace. I got one in 2015 in California, but this one is extra special getting to share it with a couple friends. 

Thanks for reaching out and to anyone out there patiently waiting for theirs, I promise you the wait is well worth it. 



Cody Stewart, Fredericton Golf Club, Hole #4

When I recorded the hole-in-one I was playing with David Dewolfe, Nathan Greenbank and Jacob Ebbett. I hit a 9 iron from 174 yards. It was our normal grouping, and we always play a match. Jacob had just hit a really good shot to 12 feet before I hit and then I followed it up with the hole in one. It was the first for any of us, so we were very excited. Glad that those guys were there with me when it happened! Yes, you have my permission to share this information on your social platforms and golfcanada.ca. Thank you for the graphic. 

Colin Ben, Silver Springs, Hole #7

Playing with Gary Simpson, Ron Anderson, Scott Shepherd. Silver Springs G&CC Blue Tee. #7 193 Yards uphill into the wind, 3 hybrid (played a 215 yd shot).  

Debbie Clark, Beverly, Hole #7

Good day:

I got my hole in one on the 7th hole at the Beverly Golf Club on Friday June 3rd. I was playing with my husband, John Benedetti, and our friends, Barb Galway and her husband Paul McKeon. The pin was at 119 yards and I hit a 9 iron.

It rained and we were called off the course twice due to storms, we went back out the 2nd time and finished all 18 holes, taking 6 hours. True friends to play the whole round with me!


Debbie Clark

Don Dayian, Upper Unionville, Hole #8

Thank you for your email. I played the course with two good friends of mine in the afternoon. 

8th hole

126 yards

Pitching Wedge

Randy from Upper Unionville Golf Club was very courteous, offering me a UU hole in hat for the accomplishment, I was very impressed with the kind gesture…it’s the little things that should make us happy!

Eddie Chan, Coppinwood, Hole #11

I was playing with 3 other members – Lawrence Ho, Juan Lau and Huy Do. Yardage was 180 Yards – Hole 11. Club Used: 5 iron.

I’ve attached some pictures.  Feel free to share on your social media channels and GolfCanada.ca.



Fred Dyck, Harvest Golf Club, Hole #16

Hole No. 16

175 yards uphill (front flag)

5 Iron

Playing with other Harvest member, Guy Frigon.

You may share.

Greg Hay, Country Hills Golf Course, Hole #6

It was the 6th hole on the Talons course. It was 125 yards and I used an 8 iron. I was playing with Ross Fujino, Jim Foster and Mike Taylor. No pictures.

This was my 3rd Hole-in-One.

Feel free to put on GolfCanada.ca.


Joe Chambers, McCleery Public, Hole #7


Thanks for the email. Yes, you can share the hole in one on your website and social. I have attached a couple of photos.

It was the 7th hole at McCleery Golf Course. The yardage was 133 yards and I used a 7 iron. I was playing with my sister Colleen Chambers, friend Michael Tablit, and Jennifer Sydenham.

Thanks so much,

Joe Chambers

Jordan Pettetie, Sturgeon Valley, Hole #5

Thanks for the email! I was playing in a foursome with one of the others being a Golf Canada member: Chance Thomas. The yardage was 142 yards and pitching wedge was club of choice. I have also attached a photo!

Thanks again.

Lane Menage, Lloydminster, Hole #6

It was a beautiful morning in Lloydminister and I was playing with three of my best friends. Their names are Mark, Rylan and Stephane. I was having a particularly rough round so I just reached in my bag and grabbed whatever ball came out. It turned out to be a very dirty taylormade ball. My friends were laughing at me saying why are you using that ball! When we got to hole 6 it was playing 179 yards from the blue tee’s and I pulled a 7 iron out of the bag. It was the purest 7 iron I have ever hit. As soon as I hit it it felt so good! The ball flight never left the flag and my friends kept saying “oh this looks good! Ohhhh this could go in” we heard a loud bang as the ball struck the pin and disappeared. We didn’t see it land on the green and my friends got very excited! I wasn’t buying it as I thought I saw something go right after we heard the ball hit the pin. My friends kept telling me it was In. I grew more curious and more excited but I had to wait for Stephane to hit. After he hit we rush down to the green, I ran towards the hole and didn’t see any balls that’s could have been mine. I got more and more excited and when I got to the hole I saw my dirty Taylormade ball sitting in the hole! I screamed with excitement and threw my hat with extreme excitement and started running away from my friends. Haha. When I turned around they were chasing me down and we celebrated on the green for a few minutes and took a couple pictures. The old dirty Taylormade ball is now retired and I still can’t believe this is real life. What a day, something my friends and I will never forget!  

You can absolutely share my story and picture on your website and social Chanel’s, thank you for reaching out! 


Lane Menage 

Larry Plante, The Dunes at Kamloops, Hole #13

Thank you for the email.

It was hole 13 at the Dunes of Kamloops. It was hailing at the time with a little wind. The yardage was 143 and I hit a pitching wedge. 

Thank you,

Larry Plante

Mary Monk, Kelowna Springs, Hole #13

Happy to share my story. I was with two of my golf girls on the 13th hole at Kelowna Springs; Maureen Ziprick and Gloria Westgate.   

The distance that day was showing 122, which put me in between clubs. I opted for my 7 iron – glad I did. I could see the flag but not the hole. My friends said “it went in”! I didn’t take them seriously. When I got up to the green and didn’t see my ball I figured I over shot the green. Gloria walked over to the pin and said it’s in!

Needless to say my friends and I were thrilled as were some of the other golfers that were close by.  

Thank you for interest in my hole in one. It was a great afternoon.  

Matthew Hunter, Riveredge Golf Club, Hole #4

Was playing with a few buddies on men’s night. Yardage was around 137 yards. Little into the wind. Hit 8 iron. Nice high draw. Two bounces and the ball vanished. Because the pin was tucked just over a ridge we weren’t 100% certain if it was in or bounced long. Didn’t take long once we arrived on the green before we located the ball in the hole. I ran all the way back to the tee and jumped in the pond with the boys chasing/filming.  

Feel free to share as you please!

Maureen Haight, Sirocco Golf Club, Hole #7

Thank you for acknowledging my Hole In One at Sirocco Golf course, where I am a member. It was very exciting. 

I retired on May 1, 2022 and had my first ever hole-in-one on May 31, 2022;  which is a great way to start my retirement.

I was playing in our Ladies’ League with three great friends. It was a gorgeous evening.

We were on hole 7, down hill to the pin 93 yards. The pin was middle left. I used my wedge; the shot felt good and even better, when it rolled into the hole.

Please feel free to share my story and picture.

Mike Wraith, St. Mary’s, Hole #18

Thank you for the congratulations. I was playing with Rich Parsons and Jim Robson. The 18th hole was playing about 122 yards from the white tee block and I used a 9 iron. It was my third ace on that hole.

Thanks again,

Mike Wraith

Sue Stankievech, Kamloops, Hole #4

I played with Garry Stankievech and Brent Bowden. Yardage 132. I used a 3 wood. The ball hit the front of the green and rolled in the hole, we all saw it.  So exciting. 

Tim Ricketts, Beaconsfield Golf Club, Hole #8

Hi. Tks,

No problem on sharing the info. 

So it was hole #8 at Beaconsfield Golf Club, about 160 yds into wind. I hit a 7 iron, one bounce and in landed in the hole on the second bounce. 

I was playing with fellow members Shep Abbey and Cameron Long.

Photo attached.


Tim Whitton, St. Mary’s, Hole #2

Thank you for you email. It was my first hole-in-one, hole #2, 179 was the yardage that day with the pin front on the two-tiered green. I hit 3 rescue and well it went in. I was playing with Mike Forestell and Laurie  Jackson.

I have attached the photo Mike took of me retrieving the ball.


Vic Juzenas, Batteaux Creek, Hole #8

I was playing with my wife Cheryl Juzenas. However Sunday was a slow day the group behind us was waiting on the same tee with us Andrew Lauren also witnessed it. 

I used a 9 iron pin was 127 yards from yellow tees.

This is my 5th hole-in-one, the second on the 8th hole at Batteaux. I also had a hole in one at Settlers’ Ghost 2 weeks previous. All of my hole-in-ones have been at Golf North managed courses. I had one in 1992 at Trafalgar.

Hopefully I have not had my luck run out.

Vic Juzenas 

Vishal Tulsi, Silvertip Golf Resort, Hole #3

Thanks for reaching out. I was playing with my brother-in-law the day before his wedding at Silvertip in Canmore.

The hole was number 3 playing 196 yds. I hit a solid 6 iron and it was tracking but we lost sight of the ball as the green is slightly uphill. When we got to the green I didn’t see my ball so I checked the cup and saw my ball in the hole!

It was an incredible experience and was capped off by an awesome wedding the next day.


Vishal Tulsi

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.