Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – June 16, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Jeff Hawken, Buckingham, Hole #3

I was playing with seven buddies in our usual weekend game. We were in the second foursome. When it happened, our buddies in front of us had moved to the next hole and could no longer see us, but they heard us yelling when it happened! Our group text then lit up asking who put it in! The hole was playing about 115 yards that day and I used a “soft” gap wedge. We were playing a game called Wolf. $2 a hole, double on birdies, eagles and others. We have a rule where we each have to “wolf” at least once during the round, which means we play alone against the other three. The first player that went was 10 feet from the green and decided to wolf. The second guy put it to 8 feet! I then proceeded to put it in the hole. It was a bad time to be playing alone.

Bill Wiseman, Don Valley Golf Course, Hole #5

had my first hole-in-one today which is Wednesday, June 21, 2023. It was on hole #5 at Don Valley Golf Course in Toronto. I used a 6 iron, and it was 163 yards out.

Bob Lalonde, Marvel Rapids Golf Course, Hole #4

I played Marvel Rapids Golf Course in Apsley, Ontario on June 19, 2023. I was with Guy McDougall, John Wilcox and Dave Husband. I holed out on hole #4. It was 124 yards, and I used an 8 iron. Celebrations ensued!

Brad Heykoop, Port Hope Golf and Country Club, Hole #1

I was playing with my good friend Darren White. The distance was 173 yards, and I used my 8 iron!

Chris Stapleton, Yellowknife Golf Club, Hole #11

It was very exciting, it’s my first one. It was a 7 iron from 165 yards over the pond. I was playing with Ryan Moss.

Dave Bowers, Yarmouth Golf and Curling Club, Hole #15

It was a very exciting event for me. My playing partners were Paul Foote, Happy Bourque and Frank Laxton. Hole #15 is 125 yards, and I used an 8 iron. This is my third year as a member and before becoming a member I played in a couple of best ball charity tournaments. My average score has gotten down to the low 90’s. With the hole-in-one I actually broke 90 and got an 88.

Jason Cheng, Don Valley Golf Club, Hole #5

On Monday, June 12th, I was rewarded with my second hole-in-one. This happened on the 160-yard hole #5 at Don Valley Golf Course. I say “rewarded” because an hour before our 5:50 AM tee time, I sent a screenshot of Environment Canada’s special weather statement to Cameron Tedford hoping that he would be sensible and cancel. Nope! He said, “Since we are up, we should go check it out!” As long as there was no lightning, he was going to play.

Little did we know that it ended up being a record setting rainfall day! It was the most rainfall on that day since 1954. I was in head-to-toe Gore-Tex and double FootJoy rain gloves looking more like a hunter than a golfer. Conditions were miserable to say the least. 

I hit a 7 iron to the front fringe, and we watched it roll and disappear into the cup. What will always stand out in my memory after seeing the ball drop was Cam’s excitement for me and witnessing his first hole-in-one. As we walked up to the hole, I reserved my excitement until I knew for sure the ball was in the hole. Cam couldn’t contain his excitement and was quick to bring out the camera to capture photos and videos of this moment. 

Our threesome (including Phil Bermingham) and apparently, one other single were the only crazy people on the course that morning but it was worth it! Thanks Cam!

Jo-Anne Jobin, Rideau Lakes Golf and Country Club, Hole #8

I was playing Rideau Lakes Golf and Country Club. It was hole #8 from the white tees. The distance was 136 yards, and I used a 6 iron. It was my first and it was so much fun.

Josh Lawlor, Diamondback Golf Club, Hole #3

I was playing Diamondback Golf Club and aced hole #3.

Link Neufeld, Winkler Centennial Golf Course, Hole #8

On June 18th at the Winkler Centennial Golf Course, I made my first hole-in-one! It was hole #8, 196 yards to the pin with a 4 iron. I was golfing with Golf Canada member Stephen Dueck.

Michael Tablit, Copper Point Golf Course, Hole #15

It was a very memorable time for me when I got my first hole-in-one. First of all, the three gentleman that I was playing with was Greg Adams, Lawrie Anderson and Randy Kieper, all of them have a Golf Canada membership. 

It was twelve of us that went on this golf trip in the Kootenays. We played seven courses all over the Kootenays and wouldn’t you know it, I got my first hole-in-one at Copper Point Golf Course. It was about 142-yards, and the pin placement was back right of the green. I was telling my buddy Lawrie about what shot I will pull and told him I’ll use an 8 iron and aim at the flag and spin it back. We were joking about it as it is their signature hole and both Greg Adam and Randy Kieper were close. Then it was my turn to hit so I decided to hit my 8 iron and tee up a little higher. We watched the ball, and it was heading straight to the hole. We saw it hit the back of the green and because of the shadow of the tree and the flag we did not see it go in the hole. Greg said to me, “It will either be very close or in the hole.”. When all of us finished hitting, we started driving to the green and of course with my excitement I was a bit shaky. Closer to the green we only saw two balls, so someone yelled at me to check the hole, so I ran to the hole, and my ball was in the hole. I was so happy and shaky at the same time.

Mike Di Savino, Kedron Dells Golf Course, Hole #12

My buddy hit a 6 iron over the green, so I decided to pull out my 7 iron which I normally hit 170 yards. A nice light swing as I kept my head down and hit it as straight as I’ve ever hit a ball. Because it was so far, we didn’t see it go in. My buddy scoped it with his range finder and told me he couldn’t see it. I said, “Come on there must be a hill on the green and it’s got to be there hopefully for a tap in birdie”. So, my other two buddies hit their tee shots and we started the walk to the green. As we got closer, I noticed there was a small hill on the green so again I assumed it was on it. When we didn’t see it, my buddy yelled to check the cup. I went to the cup and there it is. My buddies came and congratulated me. I took a picture of the ball in the hole and then waited for them to finish the hole. It was so amazing, and I’ll never forget it.

Mike Roberts, Innerkip Highlands Golf Club, Hole #12

I was playing with my brother Jamie Roberts and my friend Dan Dunlop. I hit a 6 iron and the hole was 180 yards.

Peter Atkinson, Camelot Golf and Country Club, Hole #15

I was playing with Rick Hillier, his son Chris Hillier and my son Mitchell Atkinson. It was hole #15 and the yardage was 172. I used a TaylorMade Stealth Rescue #4 and a Vice ball. When I approached the green which is elevated, you cannot see the landing area from the tee box, I thought the ball had gone off the back of the green. I was looking for my ball in the rough when Rick called out my name and pointed to the hole. Life is good, I love golf, especially getting to play with your friends and in this case also our sons.

Rob Duggan, Peterborough Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

This is my first hole-in-one ever! It definitely wasn’t my best round, but I was having a fun day with a fellow member Glen and his guest Andy. We came up to the 16th tee chatting away, stepped up and got a distance from my range finder. It was 142 yards. I grabbed my 8 iron and hit a nice smooth shot straight towards the pin, it landed short and rolled towards the hole. I was happy thinking it was going to be nice and close for maybe a tap in birdie. Then the ball disappeared as it fell in the hole! I think we scared the ladies who were playing the next hole beside us cheering and screaming! We got up to the green and I found my pitch mark about 10 feet from the pin.

Robert Jackson, Eden Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

I was playing with my brother, Stephen Jackson. It was 150 yards uphill with an 8 iron (TaylorMade Stealth).

Roger Anderson, Monthill Golf and Country Club, Hole #3

It was the third hole on the blue course of Monthill. The pin was on the front of the green about 100 yards away. I used a gap wedge, and it landed on the fringe and took a bounce and rolled into the hole. My foursome that day was Della, Bruce and Rick.

Ron Mitten, Galt Country Club, Hole #16

It was a 142-yard shot with a light 8 iron. I was golfing with another member and his guests. I was originally supposed to be out of town, but my daughter was due with our fifth grandchild, so we cancelled the trip at the last minute, and I figured why not try and find a game. It was my first ace!

Savio Dias, Glasgow Hills Resort, Hole #7

I was on my own as I live in Glasgow Hills and decided to play the front nine. It was 145 yards, and I used a 4 hybrid.

Shabina Bholim, Meadowbrook Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

It was just amazing to watch with great friends! I knew roughly the white pin is around 115 yards with the wind and just hit it and it was in the air, bounced right in the hole. Fantastic moment!

Simon Richard, Royal Oaks Golf Club, Hole #8

This is my first hole-in-one, and I made it on #8 at the Royal Oaks Golf Club from 135 yards with a pitching wedge. I was playing with my friends Gabriel, Jean-Luc and my father, Marc. I was hitting first off the tee, and we proceeded to celebrate for at least a few minutes. After all the excitement, my dad Marc (who was hitting last), proceeded to hit the pin and dropped down to about an inch and proceeded to roll a few inches away. Almost going in on the same hole! His is the ball that you see by the hole in the picture. I managed to hold it together and shot a 71 that day.

Steve Shaw, Brookfield Golf Club, Hole #1

I was playing my Saturday morning game with my buddies. In our group there was Dan Cain, Steve Hay and Dave Hett. Unfortunately, we did not see it go in the hole because the green is slightly below the fairway, and the hole was at the front center. Another group was in front of us on the next tee, and two of them walked on our green after I finished hitting. They walked to the hole and signaled that the ball was in the hole. They watched it drop! It was at the blue course at Brookfield. The first hole was 135 yards that day and I used a 7 iron.

Tracy MacDonald, Countryview Golf Club, Hole #8

I got my hole-in-one at Countryview Golf Club with Renee Williams. It was about 110 yards, and I used an 8 iron. It was very exciting watching it head straight to the flag, land on the green and then watching it roll closer and drop.

Troy Avis, Broadmoor Public, Hole #11

I was playing in a Broadmoor Men’s club tournament. The hole was 189 yards with a front left pin. I hit a 6 iron with a slight cut. Unfortunately, I could not see it go in the hole as there is a mound in front of the green. I was playing with Chris Krogen, Bob Richardson and Grant Weissbach.

Tyler Barker, Island Brae, Hole #6

I was playing men’s night with Jake Shields and Jayden Reid. The hole was a 145-yard par 3 and I used a pitching wedge. I had no idea the ball went in at first since you can’t see the hole from the tee blocks only the top of the flag. Then, as I approached the green, I wasn’t happy since I expected my ball to have been on the green and it was nowhere in sight. Of course, I had to look in the hole just in case and there was my ball sitting in the cup.

Vic Rosser, King’s Forest Golf Club, Hole #14

It was playing 130 yards and I hit a 9 iron.

Victor Warren, Elmira Golf Club, Hole #14

I was on the 14th hole at Elmira Golf Club. It was a 130-yard par 3. I hit an 8 iron from a new set of Wilson’s. I was playing with Bill, Barney and George, all members of Elmira.

Wayne Delbridge, Bighorn Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

I was playing with three members on June 1st. I stepped up to tee off and hit my ball into the bush. I decided to tee off again and aced the hole for par. This was on the 17th hole par 3 at Bighorn Golf & Country Club. Ten days later on June 11th, I was playing with Dean Bachand, Kirk Galbraith and a green fee player. We reached the 17th hole again. This time when I stepped up to hit, I managed to ace it for real. The shot was 100 yards with a pitching wedge. I guess practice makes perfect.