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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Adam Poapst, Cornwall, Hole #8

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Thank you for the congratulations! It was a very exciting day on the course that I’ll never forget!

I hit the hole in one with an 8 iron with the hole playing approximately 160 yards and was playing with Logan Kennedy and Troy Brownell.



Bill Dickout, Edmonton Country Club, Hole #13

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Many thanks for the recognition. The setting was Men’s Day at the ECC. A blustery day with the breeze into us. My foursome included Harold Schmaltz, Trevor Theman and Dave Reich. I was last to hit (says something about the game I was having) and noticed my partners had come up short on the 172-yard hole. I clubbed up to a 4 iron and hit a baby draw to the left front hole position. My mates could see the ball disappear, I thought it had slipped into the swale at the left side of the green. Harold was first to arrive at the green and when no ball was found on the green, he confirmed the surprise, “in the hole”. Unfortunately, as a bunch of old guys we never considered capturing the moment on camera. Club policy has free beverages for all and as it was Men’s Day there were many happy members to share the event!  

Once again thanks for the recognition.



Bill Whiteford, Brockville Country Club, Hole #15

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Thank you. Yardage was 170 I hit a 3 hybrid and was playing with Rick Moran and Gord Porter.

Chris Northfield, TPC Toronto, Hole #5

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Thanks. The hole was playing about 155 yards uphill slightly into the wind. I used a 6 iron and hit a great shot just short and left of the pin. It rolled about 2 yards turned right then in. I was playing with my good friend Ralph Geronimo. This was my 3rd hole-in-one.

Chris Rooney, Bally Haly Country Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for the lovely note.

It was a chilly and windy day. Hit a decent 5 iron shot into the wind, landed short of the hole then rolled in with some pace. Couldn’t quite tell if it dropped from the tee, but a passerby witnessed it and confirmed that it dropped as we approached the green. My playing partners were Andrew Marshall, Blair Evans and Mark Summers.

Warm regards,


Colin Varley, The Lakes Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thanks for your kind letter.

Playing partners that day, left to right – myself, Kevin Black in the back, Bernie Gouthro and Laurie Murchison far right. The hole can be windy and with that in mind, I punched a 6 iron to the hole – approximately 120 yards away. Someone told me afterwards ‘it doesn’t matter what the yardage is, say you hit a pitching wedge’. It was what it was. As you suggest, a special moment shared with special friends. Thanks again for your letter. 

Colin Varley

Dale Preston, Storey Creek Golf Club, Hole #5

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Thanks for the congrats on my hoke in one.

I was playing with Dan Betinson, Grant Desmet, and Nick Boyd.  Wednesday is men’s night at storey creek. The 4 of us play together pretty much every Wednesday.  That night the yardage was 180 yards. I used a hybrid 4 iron. No of us were sure the ball went in just because of where the pin was. Couple of the guys thought it was in but weren’t sure. I had to go look in the hole to be sure. It was my second hole-in-one on hole 5 at storey creek and third overall. All three happened on men’s night. It was a pretty special moment last week for sure.  


Dale Preston 

Darcy Walushka, The Rise Golf Course, Hole #18

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Appreciate the congratulations on my first ever hole-in-one! Was quite a rush for sure.

Date: Wednesday June 8, 2022

Hole: #18 at The Rise, in Vernon, BC

Yardage: 198

Club: 7 Iron

Playing Partners: Jeremy Yarwood, Tony Walsh, and Kyle Greening. 

Thanks again for the congratulations! Look forward to seeing what you guys do with the rest of my information.

Dave Hathway, Acton Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thanks for taking an interest in my hole-in-one!

It’s only the 3rd time my wife (Kathye) and I have played the course starting last year. As mentioned, I played with my wife and we were paired with a father and son, John and Jeff (we have no details about them) and Jeff graciously acted as a witness when I reported to the clubhouse (and he signed the card). The hole normally plays 160 yards from the Whites, as per the scorecard but the tee box was under repair and as per GPS, it showed as 122 yds to the middle. We were hitting from the fairway and the hole is slightly uphill so we could not see the cup. I used a 9 iron and saw it was right at the pin but as the greens weren’t holding that day, I fully expected the ball to bounce off the back of the green into the rough. Jokingly, before going to look in the rough, I said I’d just take a quick look in the cup and there it was! I was so shocked it was in.

This is my 2nd hole-in-one in my life. My first was last year, June 19 at Nottawasaga Hill course, hole #9. I waited 56 years for my first one and less than a year for the 2nd. Can’t wait for June 2023!

Thanks again for your interest.

Dave Hathway

Diane Paterson, Kelowna, Hole #13

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Thank you so much! It was so fun.

I was golfing with Colleen Simpson, Sherry Bradley and Valerie Bitner. Val saw it hit the pin, but I walked fine with my 9 iron and putter thinking it rolled off the green. 

I used a Callaway 7 wood, and it was a front pin. I believe the front was 128 on my Garmin but it was over water.

I actually had another one almost 6 years ago on hole #7 at Black Mountain. Needless to say, my husband who has never had one is less than impressed. Ha ha!



Dylan Kearley, Raven Crest Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

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On 06/10/2022, I was golfing with my dad and another partner who we had just met that day. It was early in our round, 3rd hole to be exact, when we approached a Par 3 from about 135 yards out. I used my 8 iron and hit a clean shot but just to the right of the green. There was a mound over there, and having previously played there, was hoping for a kick left. Sure enough, it catches the mound, kicks left and rolls towards the hole. It disappears as it got close to the hole and I was pretty sure it was one, along with one of my partners. They let me approach the green and sure enough, the ball was in. The whole day was a blur after!  


Dylan Kearley

Irene Clarkson, Carnoustie Golf Club, Hole #14

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What a pleasant surprise.

Indeed, I got a hole-in-one on the #14 par 3 at the Carnoustie Golf Course on Monday June 6, 2022. I used my Taylormade M4, 6 hybrid to hit 131 yards. I landed the green and watched the ball roll to the pin. I wasn’t certain of it falling in the hole, as that is beyond belief. I actually thought it rimmed the hole and rolled behind the pin. As I approached the green, I finally suspected that I had actually achieved a hole-in-one since the ball did not have enough momentum to roll to the back of the green. It’s an exciting moment of golf!

I played my round with Annie Lucas and Gail Limmert who are both members of the Carnoustie Ladies Club.

Unfortunately, we did not take a picture of me on the green as this is my second hole-in-one on the #14 par 3. The first occurred October 4, 2015, when I was playing with Jan Hull, Trena Cole and Vivian Dawson from our Carnoustie Ladies Club. 

My second hole-in-one July 30, 2019, on the #8 par 3 at Carnoustie while playing with Barb Boivin and Denise Pineau who are members of the Carnoustie Ladies Club.

I have golfed all over Canada and I think it is amazing to get a hole-in-one, however I can’t believe that I have had three of them and all on the same course with ladies from my club.

I can share a picture of the ball. When getting a hole-in-one, I immediately pull out my Sharpie and write the date, hole number, and have the ladies I am golfing with sign my ball.

Thank you so much for the wonderful graphic.  What a surprising acknowledgement!

Kindest regards,

Irene Clarkson

Jeff Pearce, Collicutt Siding, Hole #14

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Thank you very much. The distance was 165 yards. Used a 8 iron and was playing with fellow members Ken Sharrun, Brad Kaminski and Masayaki Tsuzuki. Once again thank you for the email!

John Gustavson, Capilano, Hole #4

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Thank you for the email and the certificate for my hole-in-one. Further to your email, I would like to share the details of my experience.

The day started off with my wife Monica, son Hans and his girlfriend Sarah teeing off in the rain at Capilano. After three holes of rain, the rain stopped, and we all teed off #4 the par 3 at Capilano Golf and Country Club. My son teed of first, then I hit my tee shot… Hans watched the shot and said “I think that went in ?” … Monica and Sarah then hit their tee shots. We all walked up to the green, there were 3 balls on the green … as I walked by the hole I saw my ball in the hole! What a great feeling!

The distance was 148 yards and the club I used was a 6 iron … (I don’t hit my irons as far anymore, but I guess far enough!)

I have played golf for a long time and always wanted to get a hole-in-one. To be able to achieve this with your wife and son was very memorable and special experience for my first hole-in-one! As well, Sarah the fourth in our group has had 2 hole-in-one’s! So there more work to be done to catch her!

Thanks again for your email.


John Gustavson

Jonathan Griffith, Marine Drive Golf Club, Hole #14

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Thank you, it definitely is pretty exciting! The people I played with are Nailin Esmail and Khairun Vellani. I didn’t previously know them and joined up on their tee time. The yardage was 138 yards and I use my Taylor made p7mc 9 iron.


Jonathan Griffith

Josh Sone, King’s Riding Golf Club, Hole #2

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Thank you so much! It was a very exciting feeling!

I was playing with my dad, Evan, and one of his friends, Mark. 

The yardage was 131 Yards to the blue flag placement, and I hit a pitching wedge. 



Luka Brtan, Carlisle, Hole #16

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Thank you for reaching out and your kinds words in regards to my hole-in-one! It’s definitely a moment I will never forget!

I was playing with my two friends, Robby Randhawa and Brent Teunissen, who are both Golf Canada members as well. We were about 125 yards out and I used my Pitching Wedge to hit the shot!

Thanks again for reaching out! Have a great day!


Luka Brtan

Mark Caplan, Point Grey, Hole #13

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Thank you. 13th hole, 160 yards into the wind. 6 iron.

Mark Taciuk, Century Pines Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thanks for the note.

It was my second round of the day, so I was playing with a single and a mom and son twosome. The two men signed the card

It was hole #13 and I was playing the white tees, it was 148 to the pin and I hit a 7 iron. The ball was a ChromeSoft Canada ball. 

Thanks again for the note.

Neil Ringwood, Royal Ontario Golf Club, Hole #8

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Wow…my legend precedes me. Big thanks for the high five and you’re right: I’ll be talking about that one for a while. 

Probably like most distinctly average golfers, I spent too much time looking for my ball over the back of the green. 


Oliver McEvoy, Shannon Lake Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thanks for the kudos.

It was on hole 16 which 147 yards with a 9 iron.

Witnessed by Dana Bennett and Sean Wall.


Ollie McEvoy

Patricia Allyne Hayes, Cedar Green Golf Course, Hole #16

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Thank you for the recognition. Happy to share.

  • Cobra F7 Driver
  • Callaway ECO ball
  • Yardage 131
  • Playing with Ken Ellis of Garson 

Patricia Hayes

Peter Theocharis, Stratford Country Club, Hole #10

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I had to rush to the course to make my 4:28pm tee time because of a busy day at work. Once I got there, I felt flustered because I wasn’t able to warm up on the range or putting green. I didn’t end up shooting very well on the front 9 so I had to grab myself a beer at the halfway house to reset for the back 9.

Hole 10 was playing 168 yards that day with the front pin. My friend Andrew Barton stuck his shot 8 feet near the pin, and my other friend Brad McClure stuck his shot 10 feet near the pin. When it was my turn to hit, I took out my 8 iron and made a subtle comment “want to see a third?” When I hit my shot, it felt so pure as it headed directly for the hole. The ball landed 5 feet short, and we were all watching to see if it would roll in, and once it did the group erupted. Our 4th group member Reilly McCann grabbed me to start celebrating and I felt like I blacked out because I couldn’t believe what happened. I’m sure the whole course heard us celebrating!

Thank you!

Peter Theocharis

Peter Lavergne, Maple Ridge Golf Club, Hole #6

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Thank you for the recognition.

I was playing with some of my regular Tuesday night guys; Greg Nanton, Tim Clark and Geoff Wheaton. 

It was 130 yards to the pin. I hit my 8 iron left of the pin by about 30 feet but it came down off the side hill and across the green and into the cup. 

Ironically, none of us saw it go in from the tee box as the pin was behind a sand trap. When we got to the green, we could not find my ball until I looked in the cup and there it was!

P.S. This was my first ever HIO! I am 67 and I have been playing golf for about 45 years. 

Sam Forgione, The Pulpit Club, Hole #7

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Thank you for reaching out.

Friday was a perfect day at The Pulpit, one of the most beautiful courses in Canada.  

I was playing with two other Members that day, Greg Blackstock and Buddy Pitt as well as our new Director of Golf – Donovan Fraser.

The hole-in-one happened on hole #7, blue tees, the pin placement was back center, wind right to left and the distance was 134 yards. I hit an 8 iron and it one hopped into the hole. A very exciting moment.

This was my second hole in one.  The other one was also on hole #7 at the Paintbrush.

It was a fun moment to share with our foursome and the other groups that we were with that day.

Thank you,


Scott Cherrey, Whistle Bear Golf Club, Hole #8

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It certainly was an exciting evening on June 10 for my first hole-in-one!

We were sitting eating dinner and thought…let’s go get 9 holes in at the Bear, so we quickly finished up and got ready for golf. It was my wife Christa, daughter Katelynne and youngest son Kaese (our oldest son Tyson was at work).

It was a beautiful sunny evening for golf. Once we got around to the par 3 #8 hole, I pulled my 8 iron for the 155 yd shot. When I hit the ball, I knew it was tracking towards the hole, but there was a ridge just over the bunker, so I didn’t know the ball went in the hole (I knew it had to be close to the hole). My family proceeded to hit from the red tees. When we got up to the green, we couldn’t see the ball, Kaese was the first to the hole…and confirmed the ball was in! There was obviously a big celebration (shock)…and hugs all around! It was a fantastic moment shared with the family.

Scott Cherrey

Sebastian Gonzalez, Deerfield Golf Club, Hole #9

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Thank you so much for this note!

Details are:
Hole 9
138 yards
9 iron
SWISH! Not even a roll and dunks right in the cup. Perfect shot!

Best part is it was on my last day in my 30’s! Turned 40 the next day.

Spencer Noakes, TPC Toronto, Hole #7

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Thank you! First one ever. It was on hole #7 north course at Osprey valley golf tees yardage was 201 yards.

Susan Holm, Canmore Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thank you for this nice congratulations note from Golf Canada.  

I was golfing my second round of the day (after a morning women’s open tournament at our club) with my husband David Holm on his  65th birthday, our son Marcus Holm age 24 and who was playing golf as if he’s played all his life (he hasn’t – he’s a skier and a climber) and our best man and friend Allan Zivot who has taught me a lot about golf over 30 years especially when we were members at the Hamptons Golf course when it initially opened. I used to play 36 holes there, as I’m a school teacher with summers off, and was very close to a hole-in-one. I remember that one because I was playing alone and was thankful it didn’t go in as I didn’t have any witnesses.  Well, I sure had the best witnesses today. 

Right after the three men had tee’d off from the blue tee box my husband said matter of factly as they unnecessarily do, “hurry up Susan, the group is right behind us”. So, I grabbed my 9 iron after reading 130 yards on my Garmin. I hit it high and it dropped in front of the pin on the green and rolled right in!  


Susan Holm

Thomas White, Riverside Country Club, Hole #8

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Wow, thank you. My playing partners were Bob Haines, Mike Tilley, and Chris Gulliver. I used a pitching wedge and the yardage that day was 132 yards. This was my first hole-in-one, so we are pretty pumped.

Thank you again, 

Tom White

Tom White, Cordova Bay Golf Course, Hole #17

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Playing with Rob Russell and Robert Reese. 150 yards. 4 hybrid.

Mike Vercillo, Paradise Canyon, Hole #17

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Thank you for your email. It’s as a pleasant surprise as the actual hole-in-one.

The details are:

  • I was playing with Brian Thiessen and Mike Tkachuk who are also members at Paradise Canyon.
  • I was using the championship (blue) tees so approximate yardage was 190 yards and I used a 5 iron.
  • I saw the ball land just before the green, bounce and then roll on the green. It was deep middle (white) flag positioned on the right side of the green. Because of our vantage point we could see most of the pin (flag) but could not see the cup. Therefore, we did not see it roll in. When we got there, we did not see my ball anywhere on the green, so Mike Tkachuk was the first to assume it went in and sure enough found my ball in the cup.
  • Strangely, although I was happy as it was my very first hole-in-one, I took it all in stride and did not get overly excited. I probably would have gotten more excited if I could have watched it roll in.

Thank you for your congratulations. I use the Golf Canada app every time I golf and keep my score and a few statistics on a hole-by-hole basis. It’s an awesome app. Keep the good work.


Mike Vercillo

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.