Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – June 2, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Matthew Kasujja, Greystone Golf Club, Hole #11

This past Monday at around 5pm in the evening, I stood on the 11th tee playing a match with my buddy Sameer. At the time I was two shots behind in a gruesome match. Little did I know that this picturesque hole would become the stage for a moment that will forever be etched in my memory. I embarked on an unforgettable and remarkable journey.

I stood 170 yards out from a blue pin that was tucked into the back-right corner of the green. I was only ‘armed’ with my trusty Srixon 6 iron. I swung the club effortlessly and launched the ball into the air. I had hit the sweet spot. A small space of time seemed to stand still as Titleist #91 gracefully sailed through the clear blue sky, as though guided by an invisible force. The trajectory seemed to be a little right of the flag and I expected that the ball might have rolled through the undulating green to the back.

As we approached the green, we both started searching around and could not find it. But then, in that single instant, a euphoric rush engulfed me, as I looked into the hole, I saw then that I had accomplished the extraordinary. A sense of elation mingled with a humbling awe, at the gravity of such a feat. To be among the chosen few who have conquered this challenging course is an honor that words cannot fully capture.

The rest of the back-nine was a blur, I seemed to walk on a cloud as I shot one over on the back with five pars and three bogeys. I posted a final score of 83 which is two under my course handicap.

As I reflect on this unforgettable experience, I am reminded of the timeless allure of golf—a sport that humbles, challenges, uplifts, and rewards in equal measure. The 11th hole at Greystone will serve as a testament to that. I think I can now hang up my cleated boots…or should I?

Please excuse my embarrassing dancing.

Denise Cadieux, Camelot Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

This is Helen Banning, the witness of the hole-in-one!

Denise was on hole #11 when she hit the ball with her 7 wood. Only one of us saw the ball skip over the right bunker and take one hop into the hole. It wasn’t until Denise walked up to the hole that we knew for sure. It was Denise’s first hole-in-one.

Jean-Pierre Galipeault, Cabot Cliffs, Hole #6

I was playing with friends Dave, Tony and Dano at beautiful Cabot Cliffs in Inverness, N.S. The "Dunes" 6th hole was playing 159 yards and the back pin placement meant we couldn't see the hole from the tee box. I hit a 9 iron short and played the drop to the back of the green. We didn't see it go in the hole and had no idea it was in until we noticed one ball was missing. It was a nice surprise! Great trip, amazing course and a wonderful experience.

Al Gibson, Highland Country Club, Hole #10

It was on hole #10 which is 165 yards. I used a 5 hybrid, and it was during our men’s league play. Thanks.

Alice Melanson, East Bay Golf Club, Hole #4

It was quite a surprise and a good feeling to make my second hole-in-one in eight months. My first one was on August 1, 2022, on hole #4 at Pine Needle. This second hole-in-one was on hole #14 at East Bay in Florida.  I was golfing with my husband Mike Melanson, my sister-in-law Claire Roy and her husband Garry Roy. It was 128 yards over water, and I used my 5 hybrid (the same club as my first hole-in-one). I really like that club! The ball bounced once and then into the hole it went. 

Anna Caron, Larters at St. Andrews, Hole #12

Thanks for letting me share this great experience which I never thought would happen! It was a very windy day, and I used my 5 wood. I hit my ball up in the air and when it landed on the green it was heading right for the hole. Three of us saw it go in, my cousin Darlene Caron, my friend Maureen Switzer and myself. Wow, what a feeling! Once up on the green, I was still hesitant to look in the hole. I play in a travelling league and on May 23rd we were playing Larter’s at St. Andrews. I hope everyone who loves the game of golf as much as I do will be lucky enough to get a hole-in-one someday.

Brad Sammon, Renfrew Golf Club, Hole #4

I made my hole-in-one at Renfrew Golf Club in Renfrew, Ontario on May 28th, 2023. I was playing with my sons, Carter Sammon and Jackson Sammon. The yardage was playing about 200 to a front hole location. I hit a 4 hybrid that rolled my Bridgestone ball into the cup!Thanks for sharing my story!

Bretten Roissl, Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, Hole #17

It was the 17th at Inglewood Golf and Curling Club in Calgary, Alberta. The first real round in Alberta since moving here, first tournament as well. It was 198 yards, and I used my 6 iron. We couldn’t see the ball it was so bright and didn’t know until we got to the green. However, I had a weird feeling about it. I asked my playing partners if they ever got a hole-in-one on the way up to the green. After checking the cup, they couldn’t believe it!

It was in the YYC Open which is an Alberta golf tour event. What a time to do it! With a customized TaylorMade TP5x.


Cross it off the bucket list!

Bruce Rowsell, Kanata Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

I was playing with my wife, Mary Rowsell, and David and Sheila Reeve. The 13th hole is 143 yards from the white trees but played a little longer with a blue flag. It’s a raised green which has a ridge running across the middle which means that I could not see the hole. I was searching for the ball on the downslope beyond the green when my wife found it in the cup. I used a Titleist 7 wood for the shot.

Bruce Rowsell

Carolyn Gorrill, McKenzie Meadows Golf Club, Hole #7

It was certainly an amazing moment for me to get a hole-in-one at McKenzie Meadows Golf Club. It was on my bucket list and now I can put a checkmark beside that accomplishment. I was playing with my husband Gregg Koenig and a single golfer who joined us by the name of Cody Dean. We were on the 7th hole, and I was playing my shot from 142 yards. We saw it land on the green but didn’t see it go in the hole. Both Gregg and Cody were on the green before me and as I walked up to the green, I knew something special happened. Both Gregg and Cody turned and looked at me with a huge smile! Funny story about the club I used, I’ve had my 7 wood in my bag for 25 years. I continue to hit it consistently 150-160 yards. After I purchased new clubs two years ago my husband and son said to me “never get rid of that 7 wood” so I didn’t and now I never will. 

Best regards,


Charlene Doucet, Hampton Golf Club, Hole #7

I don’t think I’ll ever forget my hole-in-one. It was really exciting to see the ball drop into the hole from behind after watching it sit there for a few seconds. The club I used was my new Callaway Max OS Lite 8 Iron from a distance of 109 yards. I have a group of girls that golf every Thursday and they were my witnesses. I had been saying to them “okay girls…let’s get a hole-in-one today”. Power of positive thinking. Also, yesterday I shot my best round of 77 (it’s my year). Thanks again for acknowledging my hole-in-one.  

Chris Buffi, Coal Creek Golf Resort, Hole #4

Thank you so much for the email. I was playing with two coworkers, Kyle and Russ. The hole had a middle-left pin, and it was playing 142 yards. I used a 46-degree wedge.

Curtis Whelan, Glendenning Golf Course, Hole #4

In the wind and rain, I hit a 9 iron into the wind that took one hop and rolled straight into the cup. The first hole-in-one of my life and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited. The worst part is that I was so excited I flubbed my next tee shot about 20 yards off the tee.

Dale LaGrange, Turner Valley Golf Club, Hole #5

I played with Larry Porier, Ron Zastre, and Rick Quine. It was on hole #5, 147 yards and used a 9 iron.

David Barry, Tobiano Golf Course, Hole #12

Wow…what an exciting moment. I’m nearly 60 and I have golfed on and off since my teens. But I have really picked up the game again in the last 10 years. My ace occurred May 21st on the 12th hole at the beautiful Tobiano Golf Course. It was 149 yards and I hit an easy 5 iron. The ball landed six paces in front of the pin, bounced once and then rolled nicely before disappearing into the cup. I’m a 20 handicap…so I don’t know who was more surprised, my partners Mike and Trevor, or I. We had an early tee time, and no one was in the clubhouse when we wrapped up. So, I bought a round for everyone there…Mike, Trevor and myself!

Dennis Finch, Barcovan Golf Club, Hole #11

I was playing with three of my teammates on our Monday men’s league. I scored the ace on #11 which is 120 yards with a 9 iron.

A picture was not taken that day; however, this is a picture taken on the same day, May 22, two years ago when I aced another hole at Barcovan! Lucky date for me!

Dennis Finch

Donna Davis, Garrison Golf Club, Hole #13

I got my hole-in-one on hole #13 at Garrison, in Kingston, Ontario.

Douglas Corrigan, Guelph Lakes Country Club, Hole #2

On May 22nd, I achieved my first hole-in-one at Guelph Lakes Country Club, Guelph, Ontario.

It was on hole #2 using a gap wedge. 104 yards after a 45-minute frost delay. It was witnessed by Michael Mahony and two late joiners visiting from Calgary.

Eugene Shereshevsky, Lakeview Golf Club, Hole #17

I was playing Lakeview Golf Club with my friends Patrick Booth and Tyler Hall. Lakeview’s 17th hole is a short par three (95 yards) but with a tricky green that slopes from the back to the front.

It was a front pin playing 90 yards that day. I used a lob wedge, hit it right at the pin, the ball landed close, took one hop past the hole and spun back into the hole. We all celebrated; I think the whole course could hear us. I went on to shoot my best round ever of 70.

Fred Yack, King’s Riding Golf Club, Hole #16

I was playing with two old friends Chris Giannou and Ron Bartucci. Chris and Ron were buddies from the old Board of Trade Golf Course. We moved over to King’s Riding when they closed down our beautiful Country Club after 45 glorious years. By the way, I will be celebrating my 85th birthday on June 8, 2023. I have played this marvelous game for roughly 67 years and hopefully for a number of years to come. The actual date of the hole-in-one was Victoria Day May 22, 2023. The yardage on the hole was 140 yards. I used a Callaway Big Bertha 8 hybrid purchased specifically for that distance. I got rid of my 4 iron, 5 iron and 6 iron and replaced them with a 4 hybrid, 6 hybrid, 7 hybrid and 8 hybrid. I might add I was very surprised that the shot was as good as it was. It was high, straight and was not a degree off line. Another interesting point to my hole-in-one was that the ball used was a TaylorMade ball that had been found by Ron and he gave it to me.

I am not bragging but this is my sixth hole-in-one that I’ve had. Even though it was a great shot we all know there is luck involved in getting that little ball in the hole. Thank you for commemorating my event.


Gerry Tresierra, Big Horn Golf Course, Hole #17

I got my first hole-in-one after 45 years of golfing. It was gratifying to get this before I get too old to golf and it was special to get it on men’s night! It was 100 yards, slightly uphill with an aiding wind on #17 at Big Horn Golf Course in Kamloops!

Holly Chandler, Chester Golf Club, Hole #2

Thank you very much, it was a lovely day. It was my second hole-in-one and was very exciting. It was on hole two, which is 128 yards. I used a (Calloway Rogue) 4 hybrid. I was playing with Barb Bond, Brian Bond and Gary Graves. It was a lovely day at our beautiful Chester Golf Club.

Have a wonderful day,

Holly Chandler

Irene Ottenhof, Landings Golf Course, Hole #15

It was a lovely day. I was golfing with Astrid Barber and Maija Burton. It was the 15th hole and about 111 yards into a hefty wind.  My club was a Ping 5 hybrid.

Jason Mabley, Innerlip Highlands Golf Course, Hole #2

I was playing with two longtime friends, Derek Adam and Dave Vogel. This was my third hole-in-one, and it was 140 yards with a 9 iron. This was my second hole-in-one with a 9 iron. The other was a 4 hybrid 190 yards. Innerkip is one of our favourite courses.

Thanks again.

Jason Mabley

Joel Reilly, Wildfire Golf Club, Hole #15

Hey! I hit a low flighted 6 iron into the wind about 168 yards.

John Miholics, Chedoke Golf Club, Hole #8

Thanks, much appreciated!

John Usher, Lac La Biche Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

Well, it took 37 years to get another one but a different spin on this one. It was at Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club on the 17th par 4 hole which is 257 yards. It must have been my new Titleist TSI driver. The hole-in-one was witnessed by Gary Harman and Tony Nowicki. Never would I have thought that my second hole-in-one would be on a par 4. Always a nice feeling.

Kevin Magill, Riverside Golf Club, Hole #14

I was delighted with my effort on May 17th (which also happens to be my son’s birthday!) I’ve been playing golf since I was 13 years old, so it only took me 45 years to achieve this milestone! I played last Wednesday in the Riverside Senior Men’s Wednesday draw, as I do each week (I am also the webmaster for the club). I played with Derek Edwards, Randy Talbot and Ken May (the latter leaving us after the front nine, so he missed my Michael Block emulating shot).

Although a short and supposedly ‘easy’ par 3, a mere 125 yards and a stroke index of 18, the 14th at Riverside in Edmonton has an elevated green, some 20 feet higher than the tee box. With a transverse slope, the hole is quite challenging. It’s fair to say I hardly ever put the ball on the deck, making this effort all the sweeter! I celebrate if I’m within ten feet of the pin on my second shot, let alone my tee shot.

On this occasion, the pin was in the middle of the green and the hole was playing around 135 yards. I took my wedge, teed up my Titleist 2, and hit it flush. My shot tracked straight as an arrow for the pin. My playing partners both congratulated me on my shot, and I figured it would be close, but being an elevated green, I could not see the landing or where it ended up.

Once I got up to the green, I saw a ball about 10 feet from the pin which I assumed to be mine. Upon checking, it was not. I then looked along the fringes of the green thinking my ball must have rolled off and settled in the second cut. My playing partner, Randy, checked the hole and low and behold, there she was – Titleist 2 smiling up at me from the bottom of the cup! No need for the putter. An eagle on that par 3 was nice, but unfortunately didn’t help my overall score, I shot 99 on the day.

Thanks for your interest.

Kevin Magill

Kyle Rossiter, Edmonton Petroleum Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

It was quite a day. It was Victoria Day, and I was playing with my wife, Dena Rossiter, but just behind us were my three regular golf friends, Jason Jenkins, Ziad Sheena and Jeff Alliston. 

The 13th tee box is directly perpendicular (separated by a small pond) from the 12th fairway. So, as I was teeing off my close friends were in the fairway and watched me hit. They couldn’t see it go in, but I was able to turn to them and started yelling that it was in. My wife didn’t know what to do. I asked her to tee off and then we will check the cup. Sure enough it was in.

The hole was 120 yards from the blue tees. I hit a 60-degree wedge and it landed about three feet short right with draw spin (I’m a lefty). I heard the audible “click” and watched it disappear. 

I was so lucky to have some of my friends with me and my wife to enjoy some beers after. Sadly, I dunked that ball into the water on the next hole on the approach. Win some, lose some.

Leo Burns Scully, Donalda Club, Hole #3

My story actually starts about a week before my round when I found a very fresh looking ProV1x that said “NICE” on the side of the ball while playing a round. I thought that this would be a good ball to get my first hole-in-one with, so I stored it in my bag and only used it on par threes moving forward. I played one or two more rounds after that day but still no hole-in-one with the special ball.

However, over the long weekend I was playing with my partner and two of our friends. On hole #3, (the first par 3) I teed up with my normal golf ball only to realize I had forgotten to get my “NICE” golf ball out for the par 3. I explained what I was doing to my playing partners, and they laughed at me, but I went back to my bag and teed up the “NICE” ball. It was 184 yards, and I hit a lovely 8 iron draw. It landed about eight feet short of the pin, and it rolled in. It was written that I would get my hole-in-one with that ball! We celebrated well!

Linda Wilson, Highwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

I recorded my third hole-in-one at my home course in High River, Alberta on May 24th. I was playing in our regular Wednesday ladies’ group with Carol, Arlene and Lee Anne.

I hit a nice 7 iron 100 yards and it landed on the green and rolled toward the hole. It looked like it was going right in, and the ladies all said it dropped, but I didn’t want to get too excited until I saw my pink Bridgestone ball in the bottom of the cup. 

It was very exciting as it had been 22 years since my last one and I wasn’t sure it would ever happen again. 

Luca Dichio, Oakville Executive Golf Course, Hole #11

I was playing with three of my buddies from Etobicoke and wasn’t having the greatest of rounds. I strolled up to the 11th and shot a pitching wedge from the tee (151 yards) and watched it fly straight at the pin. It took one hop and rolled right in. One of the best feelings ever! I didn’t believe it until I saw it in the hole!

Mario Demello, Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #5

It was hole #5 playing 160 yards and I used a 6 iron. I played with Garry Paton, Dwayne Gaudet and Roger Sinclair.

Mark Acheson, Legends on the Niagara, Hole #17

I was with Josh Snoek and Austin Kuiack and we were paired with Anthony Gladue. The pin was at the front, so I had 141 yards slightly into the wind and I used a wedge (47 degree). 



Maurizio Camilletti, St. Andrews East Golf Club, Hole #14

This was a great and special feeling to experience for the second time in less than a year. The yardage was 157 yards, and I used an 8 iron.

Thank you and best regards!

Maurizio Camilletti

Mitch Davis Mann, Dragons Fire Golf Club, Hole #17

It was a great day for sure! I was playing with my friend Cyril. It was the 17th hole at Dragons Fire Golf Club. A small hole surrounded by water; I believe the yardage was 116 that day. I used my 60° wedge and landed it about a foot past the pin and it spun back and dropped right in the hole.

All the best,


Norma Columbus, Banff Springs Golf Course, Hole #8

I had a hole-in-one on #8 of the Stanley Thompson Course at Banff Springs Golf Course during the Alberta Golf Upswing event.

Paul Madgett, Nanton Golf Club, Hole #3

I was golfing with Cameron King as well as the town of Nanton hockey, music and golf legend Felix Endres. The hole was 162 yards and Cameron had just hit his shot to three feet. I then hit it and incredibly it went in. I was using an old Ping G10 28-degree hybrid that once belonged to my dad.

Randy Yee, Delta Golf Club, Hole #13

It’s the second hole-in-one I’ve had, but the first since 1993. I was playing with a group of 12 but Todd, Chad and Jeremy were in my group. It was the 13th hole, 90 yards but playing about 100 into a slight breeze. I used my gap wedge, landed it about 12 inches in front of the hole and the ball rolled in.

Ray Barkwill, Cowichan Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

I hit a hole-in-one at Cowichan Golf and Country Club. On hole #13 I used a gap wedge from 119 yards.



Richard Lim, Sleepy Hollow Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

Thank you for the congratulatory note. It was indeed a special moment. I was playing with my wife, Bella, and a Korean couple, Miyung Kim and Mikyung Song, who are very skilled golfers. It was quite surreal to watch the ball hop a couple of times and roll into the hole. The sixth hole at Sleepy Hollow Golf and Country Club plays 170 yards from the white tees. I used a 5 iron on the shot.

Riley MacIsaac, Antigonish Golf and Country Club, Hole #12

Hey there,

I was playing with my brother, Patrik MacIsaac. We always compete against each other as we are really similar golfers. The yardage was 165 yards, and I used a 7 iron.


Rob Brown, Paragon Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

I recorded my hole-in-one at Paragon Golf & Country Club in Kingston, Nova Scotia. It was on hole #7, with a 7 iron, during Men’s League. The distance was 179 yards, playing slightly downhill and down wind.

Scott McCharles, Willow Ridge Golf and Country Club, Hole #5

I got my hole-in-one (the first for me) on April 27th on hole #5 at Willow Ridge. We were playing from the blue tees. The laser said it was 142 yards and I hit an 8 iron. I was playing with my golf buddies Doug King and Ken Pickering. Lunch that day was on me!

Shane Dyck, Pine Ridge Golf Club, Hole #14

It was a 177-yard par 3 with a 6 iron.

I became an adaptive golfer after I was initially paralyzed from below the neck and given a 1% chance to walk again. My whole spine was fused with metal after a 12-hour surgery and doctors said I would be in a power chair for the rest of my life. I am beyond grateful for how the game of golf has helped me throughout my injury, both mentally and physically.

Tammy Kondryshyn, Transcona Golf Club, Hole #8

Good day!

My hole-in-one was my very first in thirty years of golf. Approximately 128 yards away, I selected my 9 iron and there was a slight cross wind. I hit the ball and it was not my best strike at it as it was going towards the sand trap.

It hit the edge and started going towards the pin. We were watching it and it looked like it was going towards the back sand trap. We both looked at each other and said, “do you think it went in?”

We start to video as we roll up to the pin and then boom the ball is in the cup! We both screamed and laughed! What a way to end my round at ladies’ night.

Into the club house we went to celebrate, and I bought shots for everyone. As I walk in, the girls behind the bar say congrats! Thank you for listening to my very exciting hole-in-one story.

Terry Rockwood, Eaglequest Grandview Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

My hole-in-one happened on the 150-yard seventh hole at Grandview Golf Course in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I used a 4 hybrid for the shot from a pushed back tee box to a blue flag. I was playing with Paul Gallivan, who is the nephew of the famed Hockey Night in Canada announcer Danny Gallivan. A few years before, Paul was playing with my buddy Cordell Poirier when he got a hole-in-one on the same hole. As Cordell’s ball was in the air heading toward the flag, Paul was doing a play-by-play of the event. When my ball went in the hole, I turned to Paul and said, “You didn’t do the play-by-play”. We had a laugh and proceeded to the green to retrieve the ball from the hole. Like many long-time golfers, I have been close multiple times, but it took 56 years to finally get a hole-in-one.

Tim Salisbury, Carne Golf Links, Hole #5

Carne Golf Links is in Belmullet, Ireland. It was the first round of our golf trip (six total rounds) in which 20 of us went. It was the fifth hole, a 155-yard par 3. I was playing alongside Bryan Rothery, Chuck Hitchen and Rick Meyers. I hit a pitching wedge and not one of us, including the forecaddie, saw it go in. The forecaddie thought it might have rolled to the back of the green. When we approached the green, we didn’t see it and started to look around. It wasn’t until the other three started playing out the hole that one of the guys’ went to pick out his ball from the cup and discovered it. Amazing start to an unforgettable trip to Ireland.

Willie Bruce, Race Brook Country Club, Hole #12

It occurred on Saturday, May 27 at Race Brook Country Club. It was on hole #12, a 195-yard par 3 and I used a Ping G425 5 hybrid. I was playing a Taylor Made TP5x golf ball. My playing partners were my son, Steve Bruce, and Dave Germain.