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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Mary Beth McKenna, Westmount, Hole #3

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Editor’s Note: Our very own Golf Canada staff member, Mary Beth McKenna, achieved an ace at the Westmount Golf and Country Club. This is her second hole-in-one!

It was at the Canadian Women’s Amateur Championship Media Day, so it was quite an event to get the hole-in-one. It was at Westmount Golf & Country Club on Hole #3 from 179 yards and I hit a 4 iron. I was playing with a few members of the media (Brady Kingsbury and Gary McKay) and the host club exemption from Westmount (Angella Lee). Hole #3 is right beside the clubhouse so there was lots of excitement!

Brad Wightman, Two Eagles, Hole #9

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Was a heck of timing to get my first hole-in-one.

It was the First Men’s night at Two Eagles in over 2 years! We had co-sponsored the night so playing with some friends and work mates.

Shotgun start and we started on hole 3 – on hole 6 I nearly lipped out a hole in one…!! My cousin Tyler, was in the group in front and said the ball JUST cut across the top of the hole and came to rest about 2 feet away. I was asked by one of my playing partners if I have every had a hole-in-one. ‘No” I said… that is about as close as I ever have! But funny enough I also said that before that shot, the closest I ever had to hole-in-one was hole 9 here at Two eagles a number of years ago.

Cut to hole 9… 

I see the Cherry Hill coffee tent set up, but there is no signage to indicate anything special, I assume they just sponsored Men’s night…Cass from Cherry Hill is handing out coffee and I ask what the yardage looks like.  He said it is about 155 yards…with the wind and slope of the green play a 140 yard club.  So, I grab a 9 iron and step up. Hit it crisp with a bit of baby fade, it landed nice. There was a crest in front of the hole that I willed it to get over, because it would leak down towards the hole if it did. It did indeed and began running towards the hole…at this point we knew it was going to be decent, as we watched it roll towards the hole… and suddenly it just disappeared. IN!

Of course, we all went wild and about halfway thru the celebration Cass from Cherry Hill says to me…you know you just won a prize right??!! I had no idea! And the celebration started all over again!  We were all super pumped.

Thankfully not all 120 guys stayed for dinner and drinks, so the bar tab wasn’t too bad!!

Great memory!

The superintendent sent the exact hole stats: 161 yards.

Thank you for the reach out!  Still feels unreal.

Don Jaques, Beach Grove, Hole #10

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Thanks so much for your note and the congratulations.

I was playing with my usual Saturday group and couldn’t have asked for better company to share the occasion with – thanks to Ryan Fathers, Jody Cloutier and Matthew McReynolds (who recently got his first at Cabot Cliffs!!!) for making it an amazing day. Big thanks to my wife and kids for putting up with my obsession.

It was hole 10, playing 170 with the pin back left. I hit a full 8 iron with a draw to hold off the wind coming off the lake from the left.

Finally, and maybe as importantly, the round was by far the best of my life. 67 (-5) gross beat my previous best on my home course (Beach Grove) by 10 strokes.

Grady Taylor, Nest Golf Club, Hole #8

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What a great email to get, thank you very much.  

It was my first ever, so quite the experience. 

I was playing with two of my regular partners, Mark Kolchetski and Terry Needle. The yardage that day was 168 and a strong left to right wind. I used my 7 iron and hit into the wind and let it carry the ball back towards the green. The ball bounced once and then disappeared into the cup. We all saw it so clearly it was awesome. 

Once it happened word spread quickly and before I knew our club GM, Peter Young, was driving out in the cart to congratulate me. So happy that I did it on my home course at the Nest, it’s in beautiful condition and the staff is top notch. It was great to share it with all of them. Thanks for the certificate. 

Grant King, Royal Ashburn Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thanks for the encouragement. As a senior it’s always fun when you do something special and get some recognition for it.

I was playing with two members of Royal Ashburn, Tom Morgan and Doug Acomb. The hole measured 140 yards to the flag, and I used a 9 iron. June 15, 2022 at Royal Ashburn Golf Club.

Thanks again,

Grant King

Greg Kothlow, Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Hole #4

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It was playing about 192 yards with a heavy wind coming at us, I used my 7 wood. I golfed with Rob Side, Ken Brimacombe, and Mark (not sure last name).

Greg Sobie, Elmhurst Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

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My first ace – such a thrill!

I was playing a club match with three of my friends: Jeff Palson, Derrick Smyth, and Jim Scollan Jr. The 14th hole at Elmhurst was playing 159 and I hit 7 iron to a front right pin.

Thanks for the poster!

Best wishes,

Greg Sobie

James Wilkins, Nico Wynd, Hole #6

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My daughter is a new golfer and as a Father’s Day surprise, she booked a round of golf at Nico Wynd in Surrey. On the 6th hole, 150 yard, par 3, I took out my Cobra 5 Hybrid and gave it an easy swing. Nice high, down the middle shot, which took one bounce and a small roll. As we walked up, we checked the hole and there it was. Hole-in-one!

Jamie Newton, Willow Park, Hole #2

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Good morning!

154 yards, 8 iron. 2nd off and aced it just before 7am. Was playing with fellow member Dylan Brigley. Thanks to my friend and pin setter Larry Gems, who set an easy pin for me that day. 

Lyle Langlois, Shadow Ridge Golf Club, Hole #18

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Thanks for the graphic!

Fun way to finish off the round for sure. Best finish ever …birdie, eagle (on a temp green), par and hole-in-one. This was my fourth hole in one since 2015 (when I turned 55) so there is hope for all that stick with this wonderful game full we all love.

Played our annual Father’s Day golf day with two foursomes. Below is a picture of myself holding the ball (and clockwise) brother-in-law Steve Reagh, friends Harry Pettit and Mike Doiron.

The hole played 187yds. I hit a 5 iron into a slight breeze (not a Bandon dunes breeze). The Titleist prov1x ball hit an undulation in front of the green which redirected the ball in a straight line to the hole … the ball felt like butter coming off the club which resulted in the best iron shot of the day.

Malcolm Adams, Earl Grey Golf Course, Hole #7

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Hole 7 at Earl Grey Golf Club. 152 yards to a front right pin. I hit a 9 iron. Landed 4 feet in front of pin and bounced once and rolled in.

I was playing with fellow Earl Grey members:

  • Ying Yuen
  • Chris Zee
  • Derek Gaume   

Was actually playing a match against Chris and won that hole and the match 3&2. 😊

This is my 6th hole-in-one and my third since August 10th 2021.


Malcolm Adams

Marc Laverdiere, Muskoka Bay Club, Hole #17

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Dear Golf Canada,

Many thanks for your message on my hole-in-one at Muskoka Bay. I am in love with my new home course Muskoka Bay as I moved from family to Bracebridge from Oakville and quickly joined Muskoka Bay last October. 

Luckily, this was my second ever hole-in-one, first one in 2003 at Royal Woodbine.

This one was special as was on the fantastic 17th. From blue tees, it was 177 yards, back right pin…playing about 173 adjusted and big slope in the middle of the green. It was extremely windy that day so this hole was playing downwind. I was 3rd to hit. First player hit it little heavy didn’t make the green. Second player, Norm, hit his best iron shot of the day to within 5 feet. Said to myself let’s beat that and finish strong and flushed an 8 iron. One hop and in! The guys I played with were more excited that I was at first….I played in a five some as the Friday groups were mixed up and when I showed up, players had tee off earlier! Thanks to Norm, Jeff, Jean, and David W.

What was interesting was my first hole-in-one (I have the ball, a plaque and the scorecard), I shot the same score and both times the clubhouse was closed. First for a wedding and Friday at Muskoka Bay the power was out so celebrating delayed (mind you we had a toast in the parking lot). Lastly, I played yesterday Father’s Day and on 17th plying it for the first time since the ace! I hit it to 5 feet and made the birdie! Thanks to the staff and members from Muskoka Bay for reaching out as was the first hole-in-one this season! 

Matthew Fleury, Conestoga, Hole #6

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Thank you very much.

This was my second hole-in-one. My first was on #16 at Rebel Creek and I was just as shocked this time around.

I was playing our men’s league round. White tees, so it was only playing about 105 yards, into the wind about 118. I used my Cleveland 54° wedge. Wind was straight into us, so I just aimed at the flag and went for it.

I was golfing with my brother Tim Fleury (who also has two  hole-in-one’s) and Bob Curylo (who has a hole-in-one, on the same hole).

I vaguely recall Tim calling out “that’s in” when the ball landed a foot behind the pin and spun back just enough to drop.

I was just happy to get one hole-in-one. Having two now is something else.

Thanks again,


Matthew Walters, Conestoga, Hole #4

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Thank you for reaching out I appreciate it. I was playing with two ladies I met that day, Sue Howard and Elaine (I’ve forgotten her last name). The yardage to the pin was 132 yards and I hit a pitching wedge.

Michael Hubbard, Gleneagles Golf Course, Hole #14

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I was playing with what I term my “soccer buddies”. We have played soccer with or against each other over many years, now playing Over 55’s even though we are all in our 60’s. I have been playing 9 holes at Gleneagles with these guys with generally two foursomes on Tuesday late afternoon or evenings for the past probably 2 years. I was playing with Peter and Don as we were just a threesome on this day.

The hole was only playing 104 yards this day, no wind to speak of, I was hitting 1st and I was hitting my usual 51-degree gap wedge.

A nice smooth swing and that solid, sweet feel off the club. It was on a good line in the air, and we were all watching it closely. It landed about 4 feet past the hole with me saying “come on get in the hole” and the backspin did just that, drew it back into the hole. Just how you envision it. 😊. We let out a big cheer and were high fives all around. Very exciting that is for sure.

I have been playing golf probably since I was 7, but never very many rounds until recent years even though I thoroughly enjoy getting out to play and this is my very 1st hole in one ever and that even includes pitch and putt.


Michael Hubbard

Michael Jug, Maple Ridge Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you for the great email, I appreciate it. 

I was golfing in Men’s League May 28th, and had John, Ed, Bill, and myself in a foursome. It was hole 13, the yardage was 204, and l used a 7 iron. I knew l had struck the ball well, and was going to be sitting good, but l had no idea it went in the hole. As we came down the hill towards the green l didn’t see a ball on the green, and so proceeded to grab a wedge and putter. After walking around a bit l decided to look in the hole, and there it was sitting at the bottom of the cup. It was my first hole-in-one, so as you can imagine l was rather ecstatic. Pretty sure half the golf course heard my cheer. Ha-ha.

Thank you,


Peter Khouri, Cedar Brae Golf Club, Hole #2

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Thank you so much for the graphic and congratulations!

It was by far the most special golf moment I’ve had. 

I was playing in Men’s Day with my girlfriend’s dad (hopefully future father-in-law Michael Burns). We stepped up to the second tee at Cedar Brae and noticed it was the closest to the pin hole for the week. Someone had already put one close, but I felt lucky. 

The hole was playing 147 so I decided to hit a smooth 8 iron (Mizuno JPX 850 Forged). It was a high baby-draw that looked good the whole way (I was yelling be right). The ball pitched 1.5-2 feet before the pin, hopped, spun hard … then it disappeared. I looked at Michael and yelled “I think that went in the hole”. We weren’t 100% sure until we walked up to the green and saw the ball in the cup. We both celebrated together and it was a really special moment between us. Neither of us had ever seen a hole in one before.

All the best,

Peter Khouri

Richard Watson, Kananaskis Country, Hole #15

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Thank you for the kind words!

I was playing in a foursome with Rick Barnay, his daughter Stephanie and James Early. The pin was 157 yards out and I hit a clean 8 iron, landed short of the pin and rolled right in!
Thank you!

Richard Watson

Ronald Rampersaud, Deer Creek Golf Club, Hole #14

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I am very pleased to have received your email.

I played with Barry Wong, also a Deer Creek member.

The distance was 121 yards to the pin, a front flag, it was a windy day, with about a 10 to 15 kmh wind in my back on this hole, and I used a pitching wedge, that landed softly about 3 yards short of the pin and rolled up. I said to my playing partner that will be very close, and asked…did it disappear?, meaning in the hole. He said he saw it approaching the pin, but couldn’t tell, as it was a light green ball, similar to the green. What he thought was the ball a few feet behind the pin, was just a green leaf, and as I was about 75 yards walking up, I realized, that was a leaf, and quite naturally thought to myself “after 25 years of playing I finally got one”. This was soon confirmed, as I got to the pin.

With sincere thanks,

Ronald Rampersaud

Serge Boisvert, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #12

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Thank you so much for your kind words. 

I was playing with my wife, Véronique Fortin, and my two good friends, Sylvie and Guy Scott. The 12th hole on Talon was playing at 150 yards that day and the pin placement was in front (red flag). I used a 9 iron, the ball hit the green about 10 feet and rolled in the hole… It was very cool to see it fall in the hole. It was my second hole-in-one, my first one was 30 years ago.

Terri Tinella, St. George’s, Hole #13

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Good morning and thanks again for sharing in the excitement of my hole-in-one!  I love the Golf Canada image below as a memento.

Inspired by a fantastic week of amazing golf at the Canadian Open at our beautiful club, St. George’s, both my husband Bruce Barber and I were eager to play again as member play resumed on Tuesday June 14th. The rough was still very rough (!) and the hazards included trucks being loaded up in the middle of the 17th fairway and stands in the process of being dismantled. The clubhouse and most other services were still closed and some of the staff were worried that it was too soon to open for members. None of this mattered to us as it was a gorgeous day, and we were just so happy to be golfing on the heels of the golf greats.  

Bruce played earlier with the boys, and I played with Lynn Benson (Kelly Dalton left our threesome after 10). I have to say I was having a very good golf day. Approach shots inspired by Rory, the putts were hitting their mark like Tony on 18, and while I did find sand and rough, my drives were mostly hitting the fairways. I finally broke 90 at St. George’s – for me a personal best.

When we reached Hole #13, I mentioned to Lynn that I had bought new clubs last year and was still trying to find the right club for this hole. I thought I would try my 6 hybrid (Callaway Mavrik Max W) and it was perfect for the ~134 yardage. It was a good strike, and we watched the ball fly over the water and land on the green about 10 yards in front and left of the flag. It was surreal to watch it roll up the hill towards the flag and into the hole with the Canadian Open signage still standing proudly as a backdrop. I’m sure everyone on the course heard us as Lynn’s excitement confirmed that indeed it was a hole-in-one. Does it get any better for a golfer??!!

Lynn captured the moment with a few pictures and was happy to recount the story over dinner and a celebratory drink with Bruce and her husband James Cook (the clubhouse was closed so we found a nearby patio for the four of us).

Vince Loewen, Ardmore Golf Course, Hole #5

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Thank you for the acknowledgment. It was sure a great feeling! I was golfing with my regular partner, Jeff Wonnenberg, and our two friends, Russ Benwell and Don Galbraith. It was a 110 yard, pitching wedge for me.

Thanks again,


Zack MacMillan, Bayview, Hole #6

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Hey Golf Canada,

That image you guys made is so cool. I was playing with my really good friend Tyler Bunker and a kid from Bayview named Micheal Cohen. The hole was 170 and I hit a 3 wood. Then it dropped into the back right pin. I shot from the white tee. Neon Callaway super soft ball.