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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Alice Yeung, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thank you for the email.

I was playing with my husband Joseph and a Korean couple, however, they left after playing 9 holes.

I had my hole-in-one on 24/5/2022 at Glencairn GC, Speyside #17, blue flag of around 140 yards, I used my 5 wood.  The ball ran really well on the green and along the break towards the flag, but owing to the slope, we could not see it ran in.  After reaching the green, we could not find the ball anywhere.  My husband walked to look at the hole, and saw the ball there.

This was my 3rd hole-in-one, my 2nd hole-in-one was at a charity golf tournament, I won $10K.

Hahaha, I will work hard on my 4th, and many more to come, cheers!


Alvin Shen, Scarlett Woods Golf Club, Hole #16

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Thanks very much for this email!

I was paired with two other guys who were great to play with. The hole was only 80 yards and I hit a lob wedge. The ball actually clipped the end of a tree that hangs between the tee box and the hole. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the ball landing or going in. However, I was fairly confident it was on the green (80 yards is a great number for me – just a stock/smooth LW) and the line was right at the pin – so I thought it may be in the hole as I didn’t see the ball anywhere. After the short walk, we found the ball sitting in the hole!

Thanks very much,


Brad Aitken, Islington Golf Club, Hole #15

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Playing with Head Pro Phil K. and two long time friends since Junior days, Rick S. and Glenn S.

15 hole. 165 yards 7 iron. 

Brad Klein, Riverside Country Club, Hole #11

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I was golfing with a couple of weekend golf buddies and fellow members of Riverside, Corey H. and Wes U.  The scoped yardage was 205 yards from our gold tees, I used a well struck, baby cut 4 iron.  Unfortunately, I did not see the ball fall into the hole, as the tee box angle and pin placement obscured the view of the green with the slight ridge just in front of the green.  My playing companions also hit good shots that looked to be green high, and as we approached the green we only saw two balls, it was at that point that I thought, maybe just maybe, I had my second hole in one of my 40 year golfing career.  Walked to the green with wedge and putter in hand, but low and behold I took a peek into the hole and there it was…slightly muted celebration, but high fives all around.

Happy to let you know it was just my 11th hole of the season…lol…tough way to start the season.

I am attaching a picture of the illustrious occasion, and you have my permission if you decide to share.


Brad Klein

Cam Robinson, Tor Hill Golf Club, Hole #17

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I was playing with my friends from the Tor Hill men’s club. I was playing the West Course hole number 8 which is a beautiful downhill shot that is well bunkered and lots of trees to go over. We were playing the blue tees and it played 195 yards with the back pin position. I hit my 5 wood to clear the tree height and landed just short of the green and bounced up and rolled it into the hole. Although it is my 2nd hole in 1 this one in particular holds special meaning to me as my father’s ashes are spread around this hole and I was hoping that 1 day that I could get an ace there.

I am sure my dad was helping me out that night so thanks pops.


Cam Robinson

Daniel Waugh, Metcalfe Golf Club, Hole #8

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For my round at Metcalfe Golf Club, I was a single who was paired with a twosome whose first names were Phil and Tony (not sure about last names). 

Hole #8 was 180 yards and I hit a 7 iron. Slam dunk.

Dennis Campbell, Vernon, Hole #17

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On May 24 I was playing in an interclub Seniors’ match at the Vernon Golf & Country Club. My partner was Rob L. from my club, the Kelowna Golf & Country Club, and our Vernon opponents were two much younger, fitter, and harder hitting players, Mike S. and Earl S. The 17th at Vernon was playing 178 yards that day into a strong breeze; I went up a club and selected my old 5 wood. The shot, a gentle draw, was virtually perfect, all four of us watched my ball disappear into the hole; Rob claimed he even heard it hit the pin.

The Vernon Back nine has two par 3’s, I tell everyone I played those two holes in 3 under par. It’s fun to watch some golfers ‘do the math’.

I’m 77, and currently playing to a13.  This was my 6th hole-in-one over 65 years playing golf; in perspective, considering  my 17,378 double bogies over the same time frame; I feel I deserved this one.

Dennis Campbell

Derek Melo, Oakville Golf Club, Hole #11

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I was playing with Andrew C., Rob E., and Mike T. Yardage was 148. Played a less than full 6 hybrid cut shot. We couldn’t confirm from the tee block as the hole was cut just a few yards from the back of the green which was surrounded by deep rough.

As I walked to the green, I wasn’t seeing the ball in the back rough. My heart started to pound as I continued to the hole. Looked in and there it was!

Donald Veinot, Kenwo Country Club, Hole #2

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Thank you – it was 152 yards uphill I used a 7 iron. Playing partner was Kyle D. You have permission to use it. Thanks again.

Hope you have a great day.

Donny Troschuk, Steinbach Fly-In, Hole #18

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Thanks for reaching out to me about the great moment. I was on the 18th hole, par 3 playing 148 yds with a wind into us and off the right…pin was back right over the water and I hit a little extra club with my 6 iron. I had to the pleasure of sharing this experience with Ron T., Don T., Howard S. and Dan M.


Donny Troschuk

Doug Sherman, Bayview, Hole #17

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I was with two longtime friends and regular early morning group, Troy M. and Gary K. and our ‘Sunday Guy’, Jeffrey A. The hole measured 150 yards, but downhill, so likely playing 140.

Calloway Big Bertha 9 Wood; it is the same club I used a few years ago for my other hole in one on the 12th hole at Bayview; the hole in one was obviously great fun, but following it up with a finishing par was very cool too!

Thanks… very cool by Golf Canada!

Iain Carruthers, Dalewood Golf Club, Hole #17

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I was playing with part of our usual group, Ron J., Bill E. & John P. Hole 17 goes straight north, there was a 35~40km/h wind out of the northwest into our face, so it was a choice of one or two extra clubs.

I went with two & hit a 3 hybrid with a slight draw, the wind just kept the ball heading straight for the flag until it disappeared from sight, my first ever hole in one.

Please feel free to use the story & photo as you wish.


Vaughn Perusse, Don Valley Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thanks for the email. The hole-in-one I had on Sunday was my 4th, but most satisfying. My first was in 1995 on Dentonia Park #1. I have 2 other aces at Don Valley, #5 in 2000, #15 in 2020 and now #13 last Sunday. I was playing with my wife, Rossana Cossaro, and our regular playing partners Steve Lowe and Eduardo Gutierrez. I believe the yardage was 140 and the best part…my club was a Tom Auchterlonie hickory mashie from St. Andrews, about 115 years old!

Thanks, Vaughn 

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.