Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – Week of March 4, 2024

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Chad Connelly, Lakeview Golf Club, Hole #17


I played with a father (Lee) and son (Dan). Dan lives in Etobicoke/Mississauga and Lee and his wife just moved back to Nova Scotia recently. Having lived in N.S. for over five years, we had a good chat about the region and the golf courses out there. When I asked if they were playing for anything, Dan said, “We don’t get to see each other very often so it’s just nice to get out and spend time with him.” How’s that for a feel good moment?

Standing on the 17th tee, the blocks were at the back of the deck and the laser revealed 104 to the front pin. I hit a smooth 50 degree which was right on target the entire way. It hit just past the pin by about five feet (can can see the pitch mark in my first image). It took a pretty sweet check-bounce and started trickling back towards the hole until it disappeared. Lee started cheering, “It’s in” but I still didn’t believe it having been close more than a few times only to find it sitting directly behind the pin. As I approached the green, sure enough, it wasn’t on the surface. It was in the hole.

I then birdied the very next hole (18) after landing my approach to one foot!

All-in-all, a funday and a pretty surreal moment on 17.

In traditional fashion, I bought Lee and Dan drinks on the patio, and we chatted a bit more before saying our goodbyes

Jeff Soltesz, El Rio Golf Club, Hole #7

I was playing in a weekly get together with friends from a condominium community in Fort Myers, Florida. We play El Rio in North Fort Myers every Thursday morning while us snowbirds are here in Southwest Florida. The same group of 16-24 people get shuffled about, so they try to have everyone play with everyone at least once. I cannot recall who precisely I was playing with that day, but I had three witnesses. 

The hole was #7. It was playing 162 yards into a strong headwind. I hit a 5 iron and watched it land a little front and to the left on the green then it rolled for about 30 feet into the cup. 

I’m on average what one would consider a bogey golfer…this was the second hole-in-one of my life. 

I did take note of the fact that I was playing a higher quality ball that day (Taylor Made TP5) that was gifted to me and things just felt different/better. I normally play a more budget friendly ball (Noodle) because I didn’t think I could feel the difference, but now I’m starting to think differently. We’ll see how things go from here. 

Stuart Dickinson, Penticton Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

It was a 9 iron from 137 yards, little baby draw and spun it back into the cup. My first hole-in-one. I played golf from 14-19 and then took it up again at 40 when I joined Fairview Mountain Golf Club.

Nicole Hunt, Yuma Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

I was playing with my husband. The hole is 145 yards to the middle and the flag was in the back so the yardage was closer to 150. I teed off with my driver. I could see I hit the green as was excited about that. As we are walking towards the green I could no longer see my ball and assumed I over drove the green. My husband started looking in the bunker in the left and I went off the green expecting to have to chip on. We couldn’t find my ball so I said to myself “no way”, I decided to go check the hole and there it was. I spend a lot of time on golf. We winter in Arizona and usually golf every day of the week except Saturdays.

The ball behind me in the picture is my husband’s ball. It’s my first hole-in-one.

Diana Kirkland, River Strand Golf & Country Club (Tributary/Estuary, Hole #5

I started golfing casually with my husband’s old set of golf clubs back in 1989 participating in friendly games and tournaments with our family and friends, I never played more than two or three rounds per year. In 2004 I was started playing in corporate events while working as a sales representative, again only an additional two or three rounds a season.

In 2016 I purchased my first set of golf clubs so that I could play regularly at our winter residence at River Strand Golf and Country Club in Bradenton, Florida. Upon my retirement in 2017, I joined the private golf club that my husband was a member at, York Downs Golf and Country Club in Unionville, Ontario and started playing regularly during the 2018 season.

When golfing I am typically very relaxed but a rather fast golfer, I rarely take a practice swing and cruise quickly up the fairways in order to hit my next shot. On the greens I am not very good at reading putts so I typically just aim for the center of the hole and hope for the best result.

Generally, I am a very positive person and have a very optimistic view on life. Over the years I joke with my family and friends that on every par three I am going to get a hole-in-one. Everyone would laugh or smirk and my husband would shake his head indicating that “sure you are good luck once again.”

At 4:15 pm on Monday, January 1, 2024, my wish came true while playing in a foursome with my husband, Stephen Kirkland and our friends, Laurie Gain and her husband Roger Kennedy. We were playing at the River Strand Golf and Country Club, on the Tributary course, on the fifth hole, from the gold tees at 128 yards to the hole. I teed up a water-logged green Titleist “Velocity” golf ball that I pulled from the bottom of my bag so as not to lose one of my better balls into the lake that ran up the entire right side of the hole. The club I used was a TaylorMade Aero Burner 4 Rescue.

I hit the ball in the air right down the middle to the elevated green and watched the ball climb up onto the front of the green and roll down into a depression that runs horizontally across the center of the green. The ball tracked to the right side of the green and then disappeared. Roger Kennedy then announced that he heard the ball hit the pin, my husband indicated that he did not hear anything so we were all intrigued to find out where the ball ended up. I started walking along the shoreline of the lake with my ball retriever looking for stray golf balls in the lake while my friend, Laurie Gain started walking quickly to the green, curious to discover the final resting place of my tee shot. Laurie arrived at the green and did not see a ball on the green so while walking briskly to the hole she pulled out her mobile phone so she could video my reaction if indeed the ball was in the hole. At this point in time, I picked up my pace and started sprinting to the green while dragging along my pull cart. Laurie peered into the hole and then she threw her hands in the air and screamed, “It’s in the hole.” Everyone stated yelling and screaming and jumping around in a circle hugging each other while whooping it up until I finally bent over and pulled the water-logged golf ball out from the hole. Exhilarating is all I can say.

We completed the round and headed back to the Clubhouse to report the event to the Pro-Shop staff and have a drink in the Grill Room to celebrate my achievement. Upon our arrival back to the clubhouse we were disappointed that the Pro-Shop had closed, the Grill Room was closed and the Clubhouse Dining Room was closed because it was New Year’s Day. We packed up our golf equipment and we all headed back to our home and celebrate with a shot of Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey.

That night I woke up at 4:00 am in the morning and could not get back to sleep until I researched the odds of getting a hole-in-one. Apparently, the odds for getting a hole-in-one, according to Google are 12,500:1 for an amateur golfer and 2,500:1 for a professional golfer.

I guess that I am one of the lucky one’s!

François Lépinay, Avondale Golf Club, Hole #15 & #8

The poster that was put on the boards at Avondale for my two, yes two, holes-in-one in two consecutive days.


Mel Hennigar, Forty Niner Country Club, Hole #8

I was playing with two other members of the Forty Niner Golf Club, Tom Koester and Frank Balcom. New Year’s Day. It was 161 yards and I used a 6 hybrid (Taylormade Stealth). It was one of those shots that felt good right as soon as I hit it. We watched it land on the green and roll straight to the pin and drop. This is my second hole-in-one within six months. My third overall.

Wendy Larson, Golf Club at Terra Lago, Hole #6

My hole-in-one was on the par 3, sixth hole. About 100 yards. I used my 5 hybrid as I am not a long hitter. I hit the front of the green and the ball rolled to the left a few feet. I heard the ball hit the flag and thought I would have a short birdie putt. My husband Jim saw it roll in. I was also golfing with Michael, a gentleman that joined us.

Karen Anderson, The Links of Spruce Creek South, Hole #16

Back in 2008, I had two holes-in-one at our home course, along with an Eagle on our par 5 hole #10 at West Haven G&CC in London, Ontario. My husband also happened to have two holes-in-one that year and we were written up in Golf Ontario magazine. Quite a thrill. However, it’s been a long 16-year draught for me since then. On January 7th we played at my favourite course just outside of The Villages, FL. It’s the Links at Spruce Creek and my husband and I played with very good friends Nan and Chuck. I was having a killer round with three birdies and then came to the 16th par 3. It was 117 yards and I used my 7-wood. When the ball left my club, it felt so pure. We watched it travel up the elevated green, heard it rattle the pin and then watched it disappear in the hole! I then went on to have my personal best round EVER, with a 76. Definitely a day to remember for a long time.

Caroline Calderone, Lambton Golf & Country Club, Hole #8

Thursday, June 21, the start of Summer Solstice was super exciting at Lambton Golf Club! I am somewhat of a new golfer and member at Lambton since 2019. I have been taking lessons from Ann Carroll, one of Lambtons amazing golf pros, to help me improve my game for my ladies Valley league.

My friend, and Lambton member, Mary Fernandes were enjoying the gorgeous afternoon when I teed off on the 8th hole about 130 yards using my Taylor Made M2 driver. The sun made it difficult to see where my ball landed but Mary said wow I think it went in the hole. Of course I started laughing with a no chance disbelief but when I approached the green and could not find my ball, I looked in the cup and could not believe my eyes! I screamed with excitement and another golfer came running over to take pictures. A truly incredible moment I won’t forget!!

The funny part is afterwards I was sitting with my husband Michael and people were coming up to congratulate Mr. Calderone with big smiles I was able to correct them and say sorry it was Mrs. Calderone.

James Stuart Barkwill, Oshawa Golf & Curling Club, Hole #10

In August 2021, my 16-year-old son was lucky enough to have shot a hole-in-one at Oshawa Golf & Curling Club in Oshawa, Ontario.