Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – May 26, 2023

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Andy Pritchard, Rocky Crest Golf Club, Hole #5

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My playing partners and good buddies, Rob White (Port Carling GC), Brent Kelly (Georgian Bay Club), Dan Brown (Georgian Bay Club) myself from (Georgian Bay Club) were the foursome for the day. The hole measured 135 yards. I used a 9 iron. One bounce and in!

Thanks again. 

Anthony DeMizio, Cherry Hill Club, Hole #16

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I was with three friends, Blake, Adam and Jordan. Happened at Cherry Hill Golf Club on hole #16 which measured 138 yards.

My fourth career hole-in-one!

Anthony Dunn, White Sands, Hole #16

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Anthony Dunn got his hole-in-one on May 21st while he was with his dad. They were celebrating his dad’s 70th birthday. What a gift that was to witness a son getting his hole-in-one on the first hole.

What a way to start the day of celebrations. They were playing at White Sands in Orleans.

Proud dad and mom!

Janyce (Anthony’s mom)

Barry Louks, Remington Parkview Golf and Country Club, Hole #17

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It was on the 17th hole – 110 yards with a 9 iron. I played with Bob Forrester, Peter Littlejohn and Lloyd Ono. At the end of last year, Lloyd Ono had a hole-in-one on the upper course at Remington with the same group of old hockey players.

Barry Loucks

Bob Jones, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #12

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This is my third hole-in-one…still a bunch more to come. It was 177 yards with a 5 iron. I was playing with some great golfers: Swanny, Timmy, and JZ, who are all original members at Glencarin and great hosts.

All the best,

Bobby Jones

Brian Smolik, Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, Hole #15

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The yardage was 162 and I hit a nice high 6 iron that landed about a foot from the hole and rolled in. First ace! I was playing with Rob Karch, Garth Caron, Jim Walsh and Calvin Traub.

Carson Foxcroft, Burlington Golf and Country Club, Hole #15

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– Hole #15 at Burlington Golf & Country Club

– 167 yards

– 8 iron

– Back left pin placement

Accompanied by Randy Ambrosie, Steve Foxcroft (who insisted it was off the back of the green) and JD Foxcroft (who insisted it was in the hole)!

Chris Gittleman, Roseland Golf and Curling Club, Hole #8

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It was a tremendous moment. Quite a shock and thrill to watch that ball disappear.

I hit a 5 iron from 176 yards. Wind was slightly into and off the right. The flag was in the front left. The ball pitched once about five feet right of the flag and rolled in. I played with Joe Braidford and Andrew Butler, two guys I met on the first hole that day. The group on the 9th tee waiting to hit also saw it go in. It was a very special moment. It was my first ace and first time under par (35) as I found a way to make a par on nine right after all the commotion and celebration. I really enjoy being a member of Golf Canada for these neat reasons.

Chris Szostak, Surrey Golf Club, Hole #13

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It was exciting to say the least!

I’m always trying for the ace, but when it happened, I was shocked that it did. I was playing with my regular “Firefighters Golf Club” (150+ members) in the Lower Mainland of B.C., at Surrey Golf and Country Club. I moved foursomes that day to balance the groups out as they were short one golfer, with my regular group right on our tails.

Two had teed off already and put their balls 15’ and 25’ feet from the pin.

My time to tee off, 148 yards, white flag, middle pin, slight head wind, 8 iron should do the trick! My natural shot shape is a slight butter cut, so the right edge of the bunker on the front left of the green was my target point. Perfect contact, good shot shape, though it was cutting a bit too much, it landed on the green about 18 feet from the pin and took one bounce then into the cup and disappeared!  For a split second it didn’t register that it went in, it happened so fast. The roars from myself, Mike Rudnisky, Mark Burton and Randy Simons were heard several holes away. I was told after “That wasn’t just a PIZZA KP celebration, that had to be a hole-in-one”, by another group on the fifth green.

Thank goodness our Firefighter golf club has hole-in-one insurance, so everyone in the club got a beer! Yes, I still did buy a couple rounds for my playing partners that day. Worth every penny.


Dave Worlin, Glendale Golf Club, Hole #2

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I was playing with three of my buddies who are members: Marco DiCienzo, Connor MacTaggart and Chris Adoranti.I used to be a member as a junior and student, however, I started to work in Toronto so I couldn’t find the time to play enough to justify a membership at the adult rate. The yardage on the Bushnell was 162 downhill and playing downwind. The club I used was an 8 iron.

Thanks again,


Derek Jones, Beverly Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

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It was my second hole-in-one. I was playing with my wife, Irene, and friends, John and Deb. The 4th hole at Beverly GCC was playing 158 and I used a 7 iron. The ball landed on the front of the green and took one hop and went in the hole.

The other members at Beverly were happy for me because they enjoyed free drinks in the clubhouse with the insurance!

Derek Jones

Don DesCotes, The Quarry, Hole #8

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My hole-in-one came on Slate # 8 at The Quarry in Edmonton. I play from Deck 3 which indicated 138 yards. It was playing approximately 125 yards into a slight breeze. I used my 9 iron at about 80% of a full swing. I saw the ball bounce twice, roll, and disappear into the hole. I was playing with friends Ken and Lewis.

I am 67 years old and have been golfing for 45+ years. I have had some close calls, but this represents my one and only hole-in-one to date. I have shared it with my Facebook friends already, as this is a bucket list item for me.

Donna Rollier, Salmon Arm Golf Club, Hole #7

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I got my hole-in-one on the 7th at the Championship Course at Salmon Arm Golf Club on May 21, 2023. I was playing with my husband Brian, my daughter Julie, and her partner Ross. I teed my ball up as it needed to carry the sand trap and then land close to the front pin. I couldn’t believe it when it landed and rolled into the cup! The hole is 114 yards off the bronze tees, and I used my 3 hybrid (the newest club in my bag). Seven and 21 have always been my lucky numbers!

Garrett Prosofsky, Elmwood Golf and Country Club, Hole #13

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The hole was 172 yards. I used my 7 iron. Jeremy Schwartz, Slade Prosofsky and Keegan Percival played with me.

Guy Gaudet, Memramcook, Hole #14

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My playing partners were Francis A LeBlanc and Vincent Poirier. Both are members at the club. The yardage was 148 (blue pin). I took an extra club, 7 iron, to make sure it would be deep enough. No one saw it go in due to sun going down (8 pm). When I got to the green there were two balls on the green, neither was mine. Thought it had to of rolled off the back. But with no ball in sight, I decided to take a look in the hole…there it was!

James Cooley, Abercrombie Country Club, Hole #5

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It was on hole #5 playing about 145-150 yards that morning. I hit my 50-degree wedge. I was playing with Darcy McSorley.



John Knieder, Summit Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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Hole-in-one occurred on the second hole at Summit Golf and Country Club.

Kyle Harris, Rattlesnake Point Golf Club, Hole #16

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I was playing with my buddy Tyler Harrison and my dad Robert Harris. The yardage was 120 and I used a pitching wedge. Thanks for reaching it out.

Len Leveck, Briar Fox Golf Club, Hole #17

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Hi guys,

After 55 years of playing golf, I finally scored a hole-in-one on the 17th hole at Briar Fox golf course in Marysville, Ontario. The hole is 185 yards from the whites, and I used my driver to accomplish this feat. What a shock when it went in. I was with my brother-in-law John who scored his first hole-in-one on the same hole using a driver two years ago, an amazing coincidence.

Len Leveck

Liam Waites, Willow Park, Hole #12

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On May 22, 2023, I played a round of golf. The front nine was not my best but on hole #12 I hit my best iron shot of the day around six feet short of the pin and it rolled in. I was playing alone but on hole #12 the group of guys ahead of me let me play through and while they were standing on the tee box, I hit the hole-in-one. I believe it was 174 yards out, front left pin and I hit my 6 iron. The group of guys came on to the green to take my picture and witness it was in the hole. After that I carried on with my round.

Kind regards,

Liam Waites 

Linda Sambell, Nichlaus North Golf Club, Hole #2

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The hole-in-one was on the second hole on May 12th with Donna Dunlop, Stuart Sambell and Nick Imregi. It was approximately 105 yards. I used an 8 iron and shot directly at the hole.

Kind regards.

Ling Wang, Skagit Golf and Country Club, Hole #14

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Thank you so much. I was playing with a family friend from China. We were coming to Skagit area to watch the tulips festival. Our pro from Richmond Country Club helped us book the tee time. The 14th hole is 105 yards, and I used my pitching wedge. The ball landed on green and rolled in the hole. This is my first hole-in-one.


Ling Wang

Lisa McLean, Richmond Hill Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thank you for your note of congratulations. It was certainly an exciting moment for me. I was playing with the WIG (Women in Golf) league at Richmond Hill with my two buddies Christine Lomax and Nancy Hawkes. It was between 115-120 yards on hole #17 and I hit a perfect 6 iron. I was not certain it was in the hole until I got to the green! What a day to remember! I have been playing for 30+ years so nice bucket list item to check off.



Liz Riches, Twenty Valley Golf and Country Club, Hole #16

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My second hole-in-one, but the other one was about 30 years ago, so it seemed like my first! I was playing with Kathy, Sue and Tony on May 13th. My favourite 11 wood was the ticket that day. We followed my shot till it disappeared. Very exciting!

Louise LeClair, Brampton Golf Club, Hole #3

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Thanks so much for the congratulatory greeting.

I am a relatively new golfer and joined the Brampton Golf Club “Intro to Golf Program” in 2022 and am totally loving it. On Monday, May 15th my husband convinced me to go out for a quick nine while the kids were at their activities…man, am I ever glad he did!

On the 3rd hole (94 yards) with my 7 iron, I hit my best shot yet! It was perfectly straight and took a short roll to the pin for a hole-in-one. Celebrations were limited as it was just the two of us, but word got around really quick. I am now looking forward to doing it again.

Lyonel Kawa, Elbow Springs Golf Club, Hole #16

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It was one of those classic Calgary spring golf days. Beautiful and calm, heat and humidity, then heavy thunder showers, then wind, then sunny and calm, then lightning and rain again.

I was playing with Gerry and Bev Orr who are also members at Elbow Springs on the Elbow and Mountain nines.

I was playing well for a change and on our 7th hole (historically a nasty hole for most) I scoped the pin at around 184 yards from the blue tee box.

Of course, a big head wind picked up just as I was setting up and I switched from a 6 iron to my 4 hybrid which I teed up higher than normal to ensure I could get there over the sand while not flying the green into the trees.

I hit a nice draw starting out over the center and moving left tracking to the pin. I saw it bounce once and then disappear, as the actual hole was hidden by the bunker. I didn’t see it roll up the back side of the green so I felt it must be decent. With some hesitation I told my buddy that I was going to walk right up to that hole and take a look as if I thought it had a chance. You never want to talk it up too big as it likely would be five feet short!

We approached the green where we could finally see – no ball in sight – and I started getting excited, but afraid that I was setting myself up for a big disappointment. I essentially ran to the hole and when I saw the ball at the bottom of the cup, I gave a big ‘yeah baby’ and multiple fist pumps, everybody nearby started yelling.

Unbelievable! It felt incredible, especially because I wasn’t playing alone.

Marc Dunlop, BraeBen Golf Course, Hole #4

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I would love to share my story and be featured. I put the ball three feet past the hole, and it had a little bit of back spin and dropped right in. It was an amazing experience. I used my pitching wedge.


Marc Dunlop

Marc Hebb, Hawk Ridge Golf Club, Hole #3

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Thanks so much for reaching out and congratulating me on my hole-in-one! I was playing with my wife Brenda, and it was our first round of the year. There was a bit of a swirling wind when I stepped up to the blue tee deck, it was a middle flag but more towards the back of the green. I hit 8 iron a little bit thin, it was heading for the green a bit left of the flag. It landed on the front left portion of the green and took one big hop forward and right. It was rolling towards the flag, and I said, “this might be good” then it dropped right in! It’s so early in the season that it felt surreal. My wife got a picture of me taking the ball out of the hole and on the tee deck afterwards.

Another side story…this was my second hole-in-one in my lifetime. In 2012, I was in the golf management program in P.E.I. and was playing in October with another classmate at the Brudenell golf course. We started on the back nine, so it was hole #12. It was cool and an uphill shot, so I hit a 4 iron that was right on line. I didn’t see that one go in but when we got up there, I just saw a pitch mark and no ball, sure enough it was in the hole! Then, just last year I took my wife to P.E.I. to show her around and play some golf. We went to play Brudenell so I could show her where I got my hole-in-one. It must have been the energy in the air that day, but doesn’t she go and hole one on their picture hole #10 par three. The flag was in the back left corner behind the bunker, so we didn’t see it go in but got up there and it was in. A couple maintenance guys watched it go in and kept quiet until we got up to the green and they congratulated her. Kind of neat that we had our only hole-in-ones at the same course. I guess she’ll have to get one at Hawk Ridge now.

Matthieu Brassard, Meadowlands Golf Club, Hole #18

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Thank you so much for the lovely congratulations! I was over the moon excited to finally hit my first ever ace!

I was golfing with a few friends, some of whom I’ve known for many years (Chris Germain and Clayton Mann).I was playing the white tees, so the distance was approximately 165 yards to the pin. I played with my 8-iron and gave it a nice smooth swing; with a nice soft draw it was lined right up with the flag. I knew that there was a hill before the green and thought I had seen my ball bounce short of the green. Chris disagreed immediately, stating that “dude, I’m pretty sure that went in.”. I dismissed him, not wanting to get ahead of myself. After approaching the green and not seeing my ball anywhere, I assumed I’d shot over, somehow. I decided, however foolishly, to look in the hole, and to my pure and utter elation, there was my ball!

I let out a massive scream of joy and jumped. Finally, after 26 years of golfing, I had hit my first hole-in-one; words can’t describe that feeling. Thank you once again for writing.

Kind regards,

Matthieu Brassard

Mel Hennigar, Silver Brooke Golf Club, Hole #3

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It was 162 yards, and I used my 6 hybrid. It was one of those shots that you don’t think you hit very well but it worked out just fine.

I’m 66 years old and a member of the CGTF. This was my second hole-in-one. The other was about 20 years ago. Another lifetime ago it seems. I was in the Canadian military for over 23 years, then worked for a transportation company for approximately 22 years.

I retired two years ago and now spend my winters in Arizona where I golf at least five days a week meeting new people. Summers back in Ontario for the most part where I golf five to six days a week at Silver Brooke Golf Club. It’s a hidden gem that people are discovering.

Michael Meades, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #9

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This is my third year as a member at Wildwinds. Now that I don’t work, I get over 100 rounds of golf in a year. I’ve been playing golf for over 40 years, but it’s only been in the last two years that I’ve got a hole-in-one. I got my first one last year on our shortest par 3 #15. This one was on #9 playing about 175 to the middle. This day it was playing about 185 (blue pin) in a slight wind. I didn’t hit the ball particularly far. I’m 67 years old with a bilateral knee replacement 14 years ago. On this hole, I used a 4 hybrid and landed on the green then it rolled right in. Only cost me $25 for a round of beers!

Hope you enjoy my story.

Michael Meades

Mike Hogan, Mountain Creek Golf Club, Hole #16

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On May 11, 2023, I was golfing at Mountain Creek Golf Club near Arnprior, Ontario on men’s night. I was golfing with Tracy Armstrong, Wes Pugh and Kevin Richard. The 16th hole is 172 yards and I hit a 21 degree hybrid. I love my hybrids. I think the guys were more excited than I was. The foursome on the next tee came over to check it out and congratulate me. I had a hole-in-one on this same hole in 1998.

Thanks for your congratulations and interest. 

Nate Cox, Cabot Cliffs, Hole #9

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Good morning,

Thank you very much for the message. The graphic is very nice!

I was playing with two of my cousins and a friend of ours. We were playing from the silver tees, and I think the yardage on the day to the hole was about 105. I hit a 3 hybrid because it was very windy, and I wanted to run something along the ground just to the front of the green. One of the guys in our group actually recorded it on video although you can’t see the ball going in on the video very well. I got a nice flag and hat from Cabot which are both hanging in my apartment. Thanks again for the message and the graphic!

Kind regards,

Nate Cox

Ray Portiss, The Oxford Hills, Hole #3

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I made a hole-in-one on May 19, 2023, at The Oxford Hills in Mt. Elgin, Ontario at the third hole (125 yards). This was during the Oxford Hill-Bellies golf league. I used a pitching wedge and did not see the ball go into the cup. This is my second hole-in-one.

Richard Lefebvre, Hylands Golf Course, Hole #3

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It was my first hole-in-one. It was on the par 3 North at Hylands golf course. Dean Goodwin was my witness. Unfortunately, it was on an elevated green, so I didn’t see it go in. I walked up to the green and thought it must have rolled off the back till I walked past the pin and saw it sitting in the cup. It was 105 yards, and I used my 6-iron since I am not a long hitter at my age (71).

Steven Martin, Blue Springs Golf Club, Hole #5

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Thank you for the note. It was truly a bucket list fulfilling moment. I began golfing at age 13 with my father and have been looking forward to this accomplishment for fifty years.

My foursome was comprised of three of my best friends: Paul, Braedon Morrison and Greg Atkin.

The flag being at the back of the green with a posted 146 yards to the middle I used my 8 iron with a Titleist ball.

While I knew it was a good shot the hole was on a slope that caused me to lose sight of its final few yards and I walked up to the green thinking it was still requiring a putt. I even looked to the back of the green and almost on a lark I walked over and looked into the hole – the hairs on my arm stood up as I looked down into the hole!


Taylor Jones, Forest City National Golf Club, Hole #17

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My hole-in-one was on the 17th hole of my home club, Forest City National. It happened to be on men’s league night on May 18th. I was playing with a fellow member Marco G. The hole is 120 yards, and the pin was in the front right playing around 101 yards. I hit a 56-degree wedge, the ball took one bounce short right of the pin, bounded beyond the hole and spun back to the left and fell into the cup! My apologies to the group on the adjacent 11th fairway for my slightly loud scream!

Thank you for reaching out!

Taylor Jones

Terence Wong, Country Hills Golf Club, Hole #16

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I was playing with my lovely partner, Joan Li, and friends, John and Lori Ma on a smoky day at the Talon course of Country Hills GC. At hole #16, it was a red flag and played 132 yards. I used a 9 iron to play a high draw. Because of the smoke, I couldn’t follow my yellow ball until all of a sudden, a yellow ball dropped down in front of the pin and rolled into the hole. What a feeling!

Tim Robb, Port Colborne, Hole #10

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Happy to share my third hole-in-one! Golfing with my men’s night group at Port Colborne Country Club. Hole #10 was playing 151 yards that day! 8 iron with two bounces hit the stick and fell! The first text was to my wife Wendy to let her know I caught up to her again with hole-in-one counts! Happy day!