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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Avin Holstein, Granite Ridge Golf Club, Hole #5

Hi. I’m Avin. I was playing in the CJGA Notah Begay Qualifier on Sunday at Granite Ridge Cobalt course, and I was playing with Karver Dean and Ethan Kim and son spectators. The hole was 141 yards out and I hit an 8 iron.

Andrew LeBlanc, Kingsville Golf & Country Club, Hole #18

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There is quite more to the story than my hole-in-one!

I was playing with my usual group of friends. We have three times blocked every Saturday morning and on this particular Saturday, I was playing with Ryan Krahn (who shot 32 on the front nine), Dan Schnekenberger, James Flynn and myself.

We get to #17 (8 Red) which is a par 5. All hit decent drives James gets up to his and is about 215 yards out, straight into the wind. Pulls out hybrid and hits a great shot at the pin, goes in for an albatross! Amazing!

We finish the hole out and go to #18 (9 Red). Playing 145 yards, I step up with 52-degree wedge and hit a nice hit tight draw at the pin. Lands seven feet past the pin and spins back into the hole!

Pretty exciting finish to our day!

Belinda McNeice, Meadow Gardens Golf Association, Hole #17

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It was hole 17 I used my 4 hybrid had a beautiful straight drive! I was happy to land on the green and couldn’t actually see my ball from where we were. As I approached the green, I couldn’t see my ball so I assumed it went into the sand. I grabbed my sand wedge and headed towards the sandpit. One of the members I was golfing with walked straight to the hole and was like yup it’s in the hole! Somehow he knew! Pretty cool feeling. I was golfing with my girl friend Cindy and a new member that had just joined us on the last three holes. Maybe a good luck charm! Sorry didn’t catch his name. 

Went back to the clubhouse bought some drinks for who was there to celebrate!

Thank you, 

Belinda McNeice

Craig Heyland, Whitetail Crossing Golf Course, Hole #8

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Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

Please share if it would help promote junior golf in Canada as I would never have stuck to it without having the opportunity as a kid.

As for details:

– Playing partners: Elliot Heyland (son), Chris Naughton and Larry Moore

– Yardage: approximately 128 yards into a headwind

Club: “knock-down” 9-iron



David McKinty, Dundas Valley Golf & Curling Club, Hole #9

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Hi there, 

My first hole-in-one!  It was very exciting!

Dundas Golf and Country Club – hole #9, from the Blue Tees and was playing 219 yards. I used my trusty 3-wood (there was a strong head wind! ha!)

My foursome was J. Gilmore, P. Walsh and T. Kyte (all Dundas members).

Thanks for the congratulations.


David McKinty

Grant Bunker, Bonita Bay Club, Hole #8

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Thanks for reaching out and for the banner. 

Yes, it was a great day and fun to have my whole family there to witness it. The hole-in-one was Sundaym April 30 at the 8th hole of Creekside Course, Bonita Bay Golf Club in Florida. It was a 142-yard par 3 over water, into the wind. I hit an 8 iron just left of the pin and the ball landed a few yards outside the hole and trickled it. 

I was playing with my sons Jack and Ty at the time. And my wife Andrea and other son Charlie were just ahead of us. Everyone happened to be there to see the big event. 

Also, we were at the Leafs vs. Tampa NHL game the night before and was able to watch them win and get out of the first round in 19 years. It was the best 24 hours ever!

Here’s a picture of my wife Andrea, sons Charlie, Ty, myself and Jack celebrating at the hole. 

John White, Myrtlewood Golf Club, Hole #6

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Thank you. The hole measured 156 yards with my range finder. It was downwind and I used an 8 iron. Playing partners were Phil Hamlin, Jamie Stride and Kirk Steele. It was my third career hole-in-one, the last one in 1995.

John White

Karlyn Roberts, Osoyoos Golf Club, Hole #13

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Thank you. I was playing with my partner, Jim Jung, and a twosome we were paired up with: Jay (uncle) and James (nephew) from Whistler that own a restaurant. Yardage was 117 and I used a hybrid that I normally hit between 110 and 120. I hit a beautiful shot to the left of the flag that rolled into the hole. It was a special moment! None of my playing partners had ever seen a hole-in-one live.

Ken Barnes, Penticton Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

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Thank you for your email.

Yes, it was exciting to card a hole-in-one; my first!

Here are the details:

– Date: April 30, 2023

– Hole #6, Penticton Golf and Country Club

– Gold Tees, 133 yards

9-iron from my set of Callaway Rogue ST irons with stiff graphite shafts

It was a nice shot (not a bad shot gone lucky, thankfully). Well struck, high in the air, landed about five feet from the pin, bounced once and rolled in. Was witnessed by PGCC Members Mike Mann, Bobbi Miller, and Jasper Barnes (playing partners in my foursome). It was also witnessed by the group ahead watching from #7 tee area.

Thank you for sending the graphic, I will share it across my social channels.



Ken Dick, Crosswinds Golf & Country Club, Hole #5

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Good morning and many thanks for your note.

To provide some context, the fifth hole at Crosswinds is a short par 3 and as we were playing the Blue / White tees. We played this hole from the Whites as the Blues were still closed as they had resodded the blue tee block. The hole is surrounded by water on three sides. I was playing with two sons Jackson Dick (22) and Kevin Dick (28) and my oldest friend, Chris Sainsbury.

The hole that day was playing 118 yards to the pin into about a 10 miles per hour wind that was a little unpredictable. Trying to determine club was difficult but after watching both my sons hit 45 degree and 50-degree wedges that were somewhat long, I hit my 52-degree Vokey with the target being the top of the hill on the right side. The pic shows where the pin was that day at the bottom of the green about centre cut. My thought was to land it at the top on the right side of the green and let it feed to the hole. Of course, I did not expect it to go in but was trying to get it close and it hit in the right spot with enough spin to get it moving down the hill and it just stayed on the line and dropped in.

There were many around us as the group heading to hole #6 turned when hearing the cheers and the first green is also close and those on the green also were cheering.  Unfortunately, based on how busy the course was that day (early season, gorgeous weather) we did not take any pictures and moved onto the next hole.

As an aside, as it was early in the season the bar facilities were not open yet so no drinks for everyone – but we play there often so I am sure I will get hit up for some drinks over the balance of the season.

I have been playing golf for 52 years and this was my first hole-in-one! It was very exciting and to do it with my boys and my oldest friend made it an experience I will never forget!

Many thanks once again and now I am on the hunt for the second one!



Michael Marasco, Inglewood Golf & Curling Club, Hole #7

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Good morning,

I was playing with Tim Jarratt, Debbie Huitema and Richard Jones.

The hole was 157 yards, and I used a 7 iron.

Thank you!

Michael Marasco

Monique Saindon-Syring, Pheasant Glen Golf Resport, Hole #13

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Thank you for reaching out. First of all, the business. 140 yards. 4 hybrid. 

I was playing with my husband, Shawn Syring, Ryder Eaves and Robert Eaves. The coolest part of the story is that I did not see it go in as I was picking up my tee and it was from sunlight to shade. But, Ryder (a junior, 13 years) said, “I think it went in.” His dad and him were in a cart and reached the green before us. He ran up the green and stopped himself and said, “No. You need to check the hole.”. 

At the end of the round, Ryder said he would remember that day the rest of his life. I told him that he would get many holes in one as he is an amazing golfer. Two days later, he got one!


Sameer Azam, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #7

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Thank you for your email and kind gesture! 

Some background:

– April 27th, 2023

– Glencairn On Leithfield

– Hole 7

– Par 3

– 157 yards into the wind from left side going uphill

– Had to club up from the Blues/Grey tee used a 6 iron and rest is history

– Clublink friends: Ameen Khasimuddin (Glencairn), Imdad Ali (Greystone) and Jauher Ahmed (Rattlesnake)

I had my first ever hole-in-one!

Wow what a feeling!