As the 2022 golfing season comes to a close, this is our final hole-in-one report. Over the course of the year, Golf Canada members recorded a whopping 3,069 holes-in-one.

Stay tuned for April 2023 when we kick off our 2023 Hole-in-One Report.

Aileen Trescher, Emerald Hills Golf & Country Club, Hole #16

That is awesome!

I played with Flo Hanna and Quinn Alberico. Both members at Emerald Hills Golf & Country Club. The hole is listed as 84 yards from the red tees, and it was a blue flag. I used a 13 wood for the shot and a Calloway Supersoft matte pink ball. It was my birthday! My third hole-in-one but the first at Emerald Hills. 



Andrew Hetherington, Dundas Valley Golf & Curling Clun, Hole #9

Good Morning,

I have been a member at Dundas Valley for five years and the 220-yard par 3 9th hole has always been a difficult one to finish off the front nine. I hit a beautiful four iron right at the logo on the clubhouse and I anticipated it was going to be short of the green. The pin was located on the front right corner and from where we teed off so we could not see the hole. I walked up to the hole and saw my playing partners balls just short and one just long, but I didn’t see mine until I walked up to the hole! What a feeling! This is my first hole-in-one and feels amazing to be part of the club. 

Shoutout to John Falzoi for the picture.



Anisur Salim, Dentonia Park Golf Course, Hole #18

This my 8th hole-in-one!


– Dentonia Park Golf Course

– November 3rd, 2022

– Hole #18

– Using a 56-degree wedge

Thank you.

Ann Dorken, Carleton Golf & Yacht Club, Hole #8


Thank you so much for the email and the graphic.   

I was playing with Laura Knowles, Susie Walter and Carleigh Taggart. The yardage was 122 yards. A white flag on the left-hand side. I used my 6 iron.

This is my third hole-in-one, one each the last three golf seasons. All at Carleton Golf and Yacht Club.

Thank you,


Anthony Sabatino, Willow Valley Golf Club, Hole #17


Thanks for the email! 

I was playing with one of my friends and another one of my friends’ dads who works at Willow Valley Golf Club. 

The pin was right up to the front of the green. I had 121 to the pin with a little cross wind. I hit a 50-degree wedge. It took one hop just short of the hole and went right in. I couldn’t believe it when it happened. It was a great moment and a great way to end the 2022 outdoor season. 

Thanks again.

Anthony Smith, Mount Brenton Golf Club, Hole #16

Hello Golf Canada,

I got my sixth hole-in-one at Mount Brenton Golf Club in Chemainus, B.C.

I am 80 years old and now play from the middle tees. The flag was at a front pin, 100 yards, slightly uphill and into the wind. I hit a 9 iron, and actually hit it pure, an unusual occurrence for me.

Witnessed by Berry Reumkens, who recorded his first ace two weeks ago on our hole #11, Fred Stephenson, and Murray Bowler.

It was a good day.

Blair Sturrock, March Meadows Golf Club, Hole #10


My hole-in-one was 160 yards. I hit a 9 iron with a three-yard draw. I was playing with Justin Theriau. Calm day. A special moment on a magical course.



Brian Murphy, Royal Colwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #4


I just read the Golf Canada article about letting you know about holes-in-one.

I am a member of the Royal Colwood Golf and Country Club and a Golf Canada member. 

On May 27, 2022, I had a hole-in-one on the 160-yard 4th hole using a seven iron for my sixth hole-in-one. I then proceeded to birdie the other three par 3’s sinking puts of two feet on the 7th hole, 21 feet on 11th hole and 11 feet on the 15th hole in the same round – so five under on the par 3’s. 

Below is a summary of noteworthy achievements from the Wilbur annual meeting (October 28th) where the chair, Darry Rhoades, who played with me on May 27th, provided the following summary at the meeting as part of his annual report:

On May 27, Brian Murphy not only aced the fourth hole, but went on to birdie the remaining par 3s. An incredible performance I have never seen in over 60 years of playing golf. We have all heard of double-oh-seven. Brian’s new moniker appears to be triple-two-one.” – Darry Rhoades

Best regards, 

Brian Murphy

Bruce Kerr, The Links at Dover Coast, Hole #1


Thanks for the correspondence. It was a fun way to finish our season at Dover Coast. I was playing with my wife, Tammy, and friends of ours, Ed and Fran Riley. I scoped the hole at 158 yards and used a 7 iron for the shot.


Bruce Kerr

Caroline Nilsson, Mickelson National Golf Club, Hole #17


Thanks for the email. I was golfing with a friend of mine, Geoff Cook, and a twosome, Ryan and Kevin, that the golf course paired us with. The total yardage was 97, and I used my 9 iron. It was pretty exciting.

Happy golfing.


Colin Groves, Osprey Ridge Golf Course, Hole #15


Thank you for your kind words! It was a pretty special moment for me, one that I will not soon forget. 

I had the pleasure of playing with a good friend, Liam MacLellan, and I was joined up with Jeff Crouse and Lisa Landry. They were great company. The hole was playing about 150 that day, and a smooth 7 iron did the trick for me! Used a Titleist ProV1 ball. With the sun blinding us all from the tee box, we all knew it looked good leaving the club and was right at it, but we didn’t know how good it turned out until we arrived to the green and found no visible balls on the green.

Thanks again!

Cris Cosariu, Dundarave Golf Course, Hole #5


Thanks for reaching out!

I was with my buddies from work – Craig Hall, Robbie McMahon and Chris Pearce.

It was on hole #5 at Dunderave, a beautiful hole right alongside an ocean inlet, with a trap cradling the entire left side of the green. We played the white tees which were 130 yards off, and leading up to my swing, I thought I should aim a bit to the right (refer to aforementioned trap the entirety left of the green). Lo and behold, I hit a beautiful draw with my 9 iron that landed about ten feet short of the hole, but the ball kept rolling, slower, and slower, albeit more and more dramatically, towards the sweet spot, eventually suddenly dropping from our sight. 

I am not a great golfer by any means, but I’m happy to say I was lucky enough to get an ace. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the round due to early sunset, we only got 14 holes in, including a couple in the dark.

Thanks for reaching out and reading my once in a lifetime story.

Cris Cosariu

Dan Ireland, The Club at North Halton, Hole #17

On Thursday, August 18, at The Club at North Halton, I aced the 17th hole with an 8 iron.  This was an especially exciting round as I had tied my personal best for none holes on the front nine, and the ace led to me tying my personal best for 18 holes. The best part of when it happened was two of my best golf buddies were as excited or maybe even more than me. Neither had ever been in a group where an ace occurred or even seen one. They are both looking for their first ace, so I really hope I’m there when it happens.

Dan Ireland

Debbie Warren, Beach Grove Golf Course, Hole #4

October 13, 2022, started off as a pretty normal day out for a game with my golfing pals, Barb, Pam and Penny. I teed off hole #4, 130 yards with my 7 iron. I hit a high shot and watched as it flew over the bunker directly at the pin that was located at the back of the green on the left. There was an elevated portion of the green that prevented us from seeing the ball land. As we approached the green, we found the ball mark about eight feet in front of the pin and the ball in the hole. What a fantastic day!

Derek Maheux, Pointe West, Hole #4

Thank-you for your email. It was exciting to get my first hole-in-one, especially considering I was the only one in my usual group without one! I played with Dragi Tanovic, Lee Greenham and Eric Griggs. We were first off that morning after a frost and fog delay. We started with fog still limiting visibility but thankfully we were all able to see my ball go in the hole.  I used a nine iron (one more club than I normally would have) for the 142-yard front pin.



Donald Cohn, Bear Mountain Golf Course, Hole #16

I had a hole-in-one on the Mountain Course on October 6, 2022. 16 days later, on October 21, 2022, I scored another hole-in-one, on the Valley Course at Bear Mountain in Victoria, B.C. Happened on the 143-yard 16th hole. I used a 3 iron. This was a scramble format, playing on a team competing in the Seniors Friday golf.


Don Cohn

Drew Weir, Fanshawe Golf & Country Club, Hole #8

I was playing Fanshawe golf course, on the Quarry Track in London, ON. I was first off the tee after a frost delay.

I had just come off a birdy on hole #7 and set up on hole #8. I was playing from the blues with a blue flag and the pin at the back of the green. I scoped 158 yards right into the sun. I pulled out my 7 iron and let it fly. I could not see the ball because of the sun, so I covered the sun with my arm and staired at the green. I’d seen a bounce then gone. I drove up in the cart and grabbed my pitching wedge and putter thinking it went it, but it may have rolled off the back. I’d seen the impact mark and looked in the hole and bam, the ball was in the hole! One to remember!

Gary Perkins, Penticton Golf & Country Club, Hole #10

Hole #10 at my home course in Penticton G&CC. 163 yards with a 6 iron. There was a heavy south wind, so I played it with a stronger draw than I normally do and it just flew. Came in 20 feet in front of the hole and then disappeared. I thought it went just behind the pin but one of my playing partners said, “that’s in.” I didn’t believe it until I got to the green and I didn’t see my ball. It was very cool and somewhat surreal at the same time.

Gary Perkins

Glenn Pitura, Coppinwood, Hole #7


That’s so great of you to prepare that graphic. Thank you.

A few more details of the hole-in-one:

– Playing partners were: Patrick Turner, Mark Applebaum and Ken May (one of the founders of Coppinwood).

– Hit a 9 iron. 

– Hole was playing 144 yards.

– Ball was on line the whole flight. We saw it land about five feet in front of the pin, bounce twice then disappear. We weren’t sure if it went in or went over because the sun made visibility a little tough. As we were approaching the green, Patrick said he thought he could see a ball over the green, so we thought it missed. I checked and there was no ball over the green, so I walked up to the hole and sure enough the ball was sitting in the bottom of the cup!

– I wasn’t playing great earlier in the round so I switched to a new ProV1 on the 7th Turns out I’ll only get to hit one shot with that ball, ever. Makes for a nice clean trophy ball though!

– This is my first hole-in-one despite playing for over 50 years. My 87-year-old father has three, including one for which he won a car in a tournament years ago. But his favourite hole-in-one is one he got at Thornhill Country Club about 30 years ago when I was playing with him and my mom. I had the honour, and hit my tee shot about three feet from the pin. Proud as could be, I turned to him and said, “Beat that chief!” and he promptly stepped up and got a hole-in-one. “That ought to do” he said. I’ve never seen him smile wider. He’s said that story a million times, and always loud enough so that I can hear him tell it. ARGH! It drove me crazy, but at least now I can say I’m only trailing 3-1 in the hole-in-one department.

Finally, I play about 90-95% of my rounds with at least one of my two sons in my group. Sunday was one of the rare days I didn’t play with either of them. My oldest boy, Adam, was supposed to play yesterday but he called me two hours before we were to tee off to tell me he’d just testing positive for COVID so he couldn’t play. Fortunately, Ken was able to join us last minute, so we had a great foursome, but I wish one or both of my boys were there to share the moment with me. Maybe next time. 

Thanks so much for your interest.

Glenn Pitura

Graham Bartsch, The Dunes, Hole #6

Good day,

Just reporting that after 30 plus years of playing, and over 1,200 rounds, I recorded my first ever hole-in-one on Sunday October 11, 2022!

It happened on hole #6 at The Dunes in Kamloops, B.C. Playing conditions were windy, so I swung an easy pitching wedge from 127 yards to a front pin location. After I struck the ball, I thought, “great line, but I think it will be a bit long” and bent down to pick up my tee. Just then my playing partner yelled, “get in the hole” and I looked to the pin just in time to see white turn to green! The ball traveled slightly past the pin and screwed back into the cup for my first ever!

Needless to say, was pretty exciting!

Have a great day.

Graham Bartsch

Heather MacLeod, Wildfire Golf Club, Hole #3


Thank you for your lovely note and the graphic!

I was playing with my husband, John Ryder, alongside Laura Gainey and Richard Clark at Wildfire Golf Club on Sunday, October 16. The hole-in-one was on the third hole and 102 yards. I was using a 6 hybrid. 

A few weeks later (October 29), my husband, John Ryder, got a hole-in-one on at Wildfire Golf Course on the 17th hole. For both of us it was our first hole-in-one, and they happened within two weeks of one another. What are the odds!

John Ryder, Wildfire Golf Club, Hole #17

Thank you Hole-in-One team.


– Wildfire Golf Club

– October 29, 2022

– 17th hole, 137 yards tee block to pin

– 8 iron

Playing with my wife Heather MacLeod (who got a hole-in-one two weeks ago), Jane Clegg and Robin Kelly

Kerry McWilliams, Olympic View, Hole #6

The hole was #6, playing 210 yards with perfect conditions. I was playing with my long-time golf buddy, Stuart Brazier, and two members from the course – one happened to be their senior men’s club champion. Both members said this was one of the harder holes on the course – ironically! I was last to hit in the group this hole after making at terrible bogey the hole before and seeing everyone else’s ball safely get on the green. I put a good swing on my 4 iron, tracking at the pin, not really watching just hoping it had enough to get center of the green. Then, we all heard it hit the pin and the consensus was it likely bounced anywhere. Upon arrival to the green, the senior men’s club champion said, “Don’t bring your putter, you just aced this hole!” I celebrated with a round of Lucky Lagers! 

Thanks guys!

Pretty cool feeling. 

Kerry McWilliams

Matthew Jones, Duntroon Highlands Golf Club, Hole #3

My hole-in-one occurred on hole #3 at Duntroon Highlands Golf Club. 102-yard par 3. Hit a 50-degree wedge that took one perfect bounce and rolled ten feet into the hole! The buddy I was playing with called it in the air! I couldn’t believe it.

Matthew Jones

Michael Misener, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #17

Hello and thanks!

My first hole-in-one came on my last round of the year for me. I was not hitting the ball very well but was having all sorts of luck including a chip in from the fringe and a holed bunker shot. I hit a 5 iron on the par 3, 17th hole, thinking it was too much club, but I hit it well. It looked good from the tee, but it was too dark to see it land. My playing partner, Brian Joe, found it in the hole. 

Thanks again!

Mike White, Oshawa Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

Had our two-day member guest tournament and started on hole #3 at Oshawa Golf and Country Club. Didn’t take a practice swing at all, used a 50-degree wedge. The ball went right in the hole. Cheers heard all around the course!

Mike White

Paul Helsby, Westmount Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

Third hole at Westmount Golf & Country Club. Hole measured 178 yards; I used a 6 iron. First one after 40 years of trying. 


Stephan Tucker, Sleepy Hollow Golf & Country Club, Hole #15


Great to get a hole-in-one!

It was 107 yards from the white tees with a 52-degree wedge. The ball hit the green, bounced once, rolled past the pin, and spun back into the cup. My playing partners were Steve Pickett, Fred Pinkerton and Ali Akhtar.


Stephan Tucker

Stephen Foreman, Whitevale Golf Club, Hole #14

I am a second-year member at the Whitevale Golf Club. Playing with my wife, Patricia, and one of our regular golf partners Ken Leithwood. A great day of Fall golf turned stellar on the 14th hole. A narrow fairway bracketed with thick woods. The pin was 133 yards out on the left back of a rolling green. I have played this hole with several different clubs this season with mediocre success. On this day, my TaylorMade Sim2, Senior shaft, 6 iron produced a good loft strait to the pin. A great end to my golf season.



Susan Harrison, Duncan Meadows Golf Club, Hole #3


I had a hole-in-one.


– August 28, 2022

– Duncan Meadows Golf Club

– Hole #3

– 110 yards

Missed the creek in front, pond left and bunkers right to disappear over a mound in front of the green eventually found in the hole!


Susan Harrison

Tony Godinho, Landings Golf Course, Hole #15

Thank you for the acknowledgement! I think it’s great that you do this for Golf Canada members!

So, as you can see from my round at the Landings that day, I was not particularly close to my handicap, however, when I arrived at the 15th hole with my fellow Landings members, Neil Carter and Caj Frostell, I was to tee-off first, as I was playing from the blue tees, and they were playing from the white tees. I took a look at my Garmin watch, and it said 150 yards to the center of the green. So, I selected my 5 iron. I took my shot, and I cannot lie, it looked really good with a baby draw going towards the pin. We had the sun practically in our eyes at that time, so none of us saw where the ball ended. I figured the way the ball was going, it had to be on the green. When we arrived at the green, we could not spot my ball so I thought I should go take a look in the hole. When I got close to the hole, I discovered my TaylorMade 1 ball with the four dots in the shape of a “T”, like my name Tony, and I did not even pick up the ball, I started shouting with excitement as Neil went to check the hole and picked out the ball for me! It is an amazing feeling. 

I now have a kind of a trophy case at home, with two holes-in-one and one albatross. I feel pretty lucky!

Again, thank you for the hole-in-one certificate.

Thank you,

Tony Godinho

Trudy Paul, Tuxedo Golf Course, Hole #9

On September 6, 2022, I was playing a round at Tuxedo Golf Course, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with my friend, Dee Hosking. I hit a 5 hybrid on the 121-yard hole #9. I watched my ball roll onto the green and toward the cup. Then it disappeared so I thought it went over the green. Dee was looking for her ball right of the tree while I searched for mine. When I could not locate it, I looked in the hole. There it was! 

Walter Snyder, Greentree Golf Country Club, Hole #8


Thank you for the email!

I was playing with two of my good golf buddies, Craig Kobes and Matt Philipchalk. We had our typical skins game going and were enjoying the fact that it had just quit raining. We had elected to play white tees, as the conditions were nasty when teeing off. The 8th hole was playing 122 yards. I hit a full pitching wedge, which flew about ten feet past the hole, and then rolled back down the slope into the top of the cup.

The hole-in-one enabled me to shoot my best round ever. Certainly, a golf day to remember!



Wendy Tessier, Mountain Creek Golf Club, Hole #16

Thank you for writing and for the graphic! I’ll definitely use it.

I was playing with three acquaintances, Jim Knight, John Callaghan and Jean Luc Dion at Mountain Creek Golf Course, in Arnprior, ON, on Saturday, October 29, 2022, mid-afternoon. It was a beautiful fall day, but the leaves had been well mulched, so no one had yet lost a ball. The holes on the back 9 had been aerated so putting was challenging! I was having a steady round when we got to hole #16, a par 3. The back blue pin was planted 100 yards from the advanced yellow tees. I had a lovely swing, very satisfying swing with my 8 iron, and that’s what I was reflecting on when Jim, quite excited, started waving his arms, jumping about and yelling that it was going to go in! Sure, enough with a slight arc on the green, it did! We three hugged and high-fived then I hugged John who had missed seeing it as his bag, as he left the back tees, had fallen off his cart! Hole #17 was okay but unthinkingly I used the same ball on 18 and lost it to my nemesis, the pond! So, I’ll be keeping that score card as a memento instead. The next day, same hole, my ball landed about two feet from the pin; I birdied it! Love hole #16!

This was my second hole-in-one at Mountain Creek having holed it out on the par 3, 14th hole during a match play. Mountain Creek Golf Club has two more par threes, holes #3 and #7 so I’ve set my sights on them now!


Wendy Tessier