Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – October 13, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

James Lafferty, The Links Of Kent Golf Club, Hole #2

I was with my two golf friends Kevin and Adam and because we were cheering so loud the cart kid and Marshall were there to witness the ball in the cup.

Theresa Bodell, The Glencoe Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

It was pretty exciting! I was playing with my usual Friday group, my husband and another couple who are close friends. We have been playing every Friday in the summer for the past 15+ years. But that day, the lady friend was not feeling well and cancelled herself out. It was Rod Bodell, Gerry Scott and I. I used a 7 iron. The distance was 125 yards with a red pin placement.

p> The funny story behind that is my good husband was truly excited for me, however, he jokingly admitted that he was jealous! That was my fourth hole-in-one, and thank goodness, he has gotten only one a few years back!

Alan Nacinovic, Muskoka Bay Club, Hole #17

We were playing the round at my home course Muskoka Bay with friends Mike “Top Shot”, Eric “Long Drive” and my brother Oliver “No Break”. The birthday shots of tequila and whisky were flowing. We pulled up to hole #17. The yardage was 175 to the flag. I pulled out the trusty 7 iron, and the rest is history. An unforgettable moment, the first of many I hope.

Anderson Brown, Predator Ridge, Hole #4

What a day at the Predator course in B.C.

Bill Lutes, Brooks Golf Club, Hole #8

I’m 71 years old and have been playing since I was 14. My first hole-in-one!

It was a breezy fall day. Wind out of the south at about 25km. Our 8th hole is a par 3 that can play anywhere from 120 yards to 160. That day playing 130 into the wind. I went for a 9 iron but it was not going to be enough, so I went to the 8 and tried to bunt one in low. I’d love to tell you I hit a magnificent high cut but the reality is “thin to win”. It was lower than I wanted but a decent shot that never left the flag and when it hit in front and started to roll it looked pretty good. When it got to the flag and disappeared, I turned to my brother and asked, “Did that just go in?” When he confirmed it had I gave it a “Ya baby!” I was playing that day with my brother, Allen Lutes, and a couple of pals, Rod Swenson and Ken Bain. Nice to have the foursome and everyone saw it go in. I have been oh so close many times but never had one drop until now.

Bob LeBlanc, River Oaks Golf Club, Hole #5

When we got to the 5th tee box, I was hitting second.

The pin lasered at 152 yards, and the green has a heavy slope right to left. Ideally, any shot is played towards the upper third of the green, and the slope will carry it down as it rolls out.

One of my playing partners, Jeff Tofflemire, had the honours, and we watched his shot go a little bit long.

I had taken a 7 iron out of the bag, and after seeing Jeff’s shot go long, I went back to the bag and down to an 8 iron. We couldn’t feel the breeze on the tee, but it was obviously there.

We watched the ball come down on the green, hop and check and then hop and check the second time. Then we couldn’t see it roll out! The evening sun had the green surface in a sheen, making it impossible to follow the roll out.

Jeff said, “I think that went in the hole!” None of us could be sure, though. The fifth plays over a gully and little pond, so driving down into the gully, I could see a white spot on the back of the green and shouted back to Wayne and Jeff that the ball must have rolled past that I could see it. I grabbed my putter when I got out of the cart and headed to the green. The white spot turned out to be a leaf glistening in the sun and no sign of my ball! I stood there and looked all around the edge of the green and still couldn’t see my ball so I took another step ahead and peered into the hole and there it was! Lodged between the front of the cup and the pin!

It was a very surreal moment. Jeff and Wayne were whooping it up letting everyone within earshot know I had just had a hole-in-one. Surprisingly, after one good fist pump, I stayed pretty calm.

Before we began our round, the course GM had let me know that he had shot a 67 that morning. I told him that I’d just have to go out and shoot a 66 then! At the turn, I went to the club pro (Andrew) and told him he could text Graeme and let him know I wouldn’t be beating his 67 but to be sure to let him know that I had aced #5.

When I finished the round, Andrew met me at the clubhouse and presented me a bag tag denoting the moment and an embroidered towel with a hole-in-one logo.

Chris Bonli, Michelson National Golf Club, Hole #15

I made a hole-in-one on September 17 on the 15th hole at Michelson National Golf Club in Calgary, Alberta! 

Dale Klassen, Heritage Pointe Golf Club, Hole #9

I’m a member at Heritage Pointe and it’s in amazing shape and condition. This one was an 8 iron to a front pin 137 yards to the 9th green. I was playing with Harold Chornoboy and Daryl Ritchie. It was a little cool but a beautiful Fall day.

David Kelly, Hautes Plaines, Hole #3

I played with three players whom I did not know, but all were Hautes Plaines members. It was 147 yards on hole #3. I used my Taylormade P790 7 iron.

Eunice Fast, Highland Pacific Golf, Hole #2

It was a great feeling to watch the ball head to the hole and disappear into it. I dropped my club on the ground and started jumping for joy! The distance was 101 yards from the silver tee box and I was using my 7 hybrid. I happened to be playing with two staff members from Olympic View Golf Course who had never been with anyone who had a hole-in-one. It was a fun moment. When the course drinks cart came around, I bought the beer. By the time we finished the last fairway, I realized that the news had reached the starter shack and was still circulating several days later.

George Wilson, Innerkip Highlands Golf Club, Hole #2

My playing partners were David Lee, Andrew Pickard and Ryan Westbrook. I used a pitching wedge from 130 yards.

Gordon How, Collicut Siding, Hole #2

I hit a 6 iron into a light breeze. It landed five feet short right then one hopped and rolled in the hole. I played with John McLean, Tom Dubray and Darry Anderson.

Jack Vitali, Copper Creek Golf Club, Hole #8

Occurred on a cool fall day at Copper Creek Golf Club on October 8, 2023. I was playing with Robby and Diego. Special moment happened on hole #8 from 139 yards. I hit a perfect Srixon #4 ball. It was seven feet short of the flag and it rolled itself into the hole perfectly.

This hole has had my number for 15 years with the highest score of 13 and now the lowest being one. Lucky triple eight!

Jackie Green, The Nest Golf Club at Friday Harbour, Hole #8

I have been golfing casually since 2009. However, in the last few years as a member of The Nest Golf Club at Friday Harbour, I have been able to golf at least a couple times a week which has helped with my game. I was golfing on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 with my husband Dean Cicci and a couple of our friends, Dave Cannon and Ilia Paraschis.  Once the guys teed off it was my turn. I teed up and used my 5 wood as the pin on the 8th hole was closer to the front of the green. It was a clean shot, clearing the water and went directly at the pin landing no more than a foot away. I saw it land and then roll right into the cup! It was very exciting and I’m sure the rest of the course could hear my excitement. As word got back to our clubhouse, our club manager Peter Young met me at the 14th hole to congratulate me. After the round, I celebrated my ace at the clubhouse by buying shots of fireball for all that were there! Fun times and I hope to do this again!

Jamie Steele, McCall Lake Golf Course, Hole #17

I hit a 6 iron from 167 yards to a back right pin on #17 at McCall Lake on October 8. I was playing with another single golfer named Ed as there was a long frost delay in the morning. I could not see the bottom of the pin when my ball landed but then I did not see the ball roll past the pin and I said maybe the ball went in the hole. Ed was riding in a cart, and I was walking and he got to the green first and said my ball was in the hole. I could not believe it as I had never really been close to a hole-in-one before.

Jas Khatra, Southbrook Golf & Country Club, Hole #9

Editor’s Note: Our very own Golf Canada staff member, Jas Khatra, achieved an ace Southbrook Golf & Country Club. This is his first hole-in-one!

It definitely made for an awesome round. Unfortunately, I was playing by myself when it occurred, so I had a little one-man celebration on the green.

It was about 165 yards downhill with an 8 iron, landed just behind the pin and rolled in.

Jeff Barratt, Mississauga Golf & Country Club, Hole #10

I was playing with Phil Leja and Steve Mika. It was a 9 iron from 129 yards.

Jeff Brookhouser, Niagara-On-The-Lake Golf Club, Hole #4

Best day ever!

John Bonham, Cottonwood Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

I was playing with Mark Carson and Craig Thomas. The yardage was roughly 146 with a breeze coming towards us.  I used a 6 iron from the bronze tees. 

Karen Robertson, Seymour Golf & Country Club, Hole #14

I’ve been playing for a few decades so it was nice to finally have one drop! It was hole #14 which is 113 yards uphill with a middle pin. I used a 7 iron by TaylorMade. My ball was a Lady Bridgestone and was with my partner Scott Warner.

Marian Thomson, Pender Island Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

My first hole-in-one was on hole #4 in October 2022. This time it happened on hole #6.

Once again, I used my driver, something I like as I can pull back on it nicely, although I am experimenting with different options, the driver always gives me a range of options I am comfortable with.

A hole-in-one on #6 is so great because you can actually see the ball land and travel to the hole, creating suspense as to whether it will actually drop. So, there was anticipation and then celebration.

Neil MacDonald, Shannon Lake Golf Club, Hole #16

It was hole #16, 150 yards with an 8 iron and I was playing with Andrew and Kian Albiston as well as Andrew Hull.

Ngoc Tran, Saint-Raphaël (Club de golf) – Bleu, Hole #15

I was playing with my golf buddy/partner since the 2021 season at Golf Saint-Raphael with our spouses and their lady friends in the foursome behind us. Coincidentally, my partner, Kim Thong Ta, also made a hole-in-one at the very same 15th hole in the 2022 season.

The flag was in the middle of the green toward the left bunker, away from the water hazard on the right. I attempted a low line drive into the wind directly at the flag, knowing that the ball would land safely on the fairway if the shot was short.

From the tee, I was able to see the ball bounce once and roll onto the green toward the flag but wasn’t sure where it ended up. As I approached the green, the ball was nowhere in sight; could it have rolled across the green into the rough? Before searching for the ball in the rough, I decided to look for it in the hole and, well, the rest is history.

My wife and I started to play golf around 2005-2006; although we were interested (I more so than my better half), we never really played much. Since 2007, I’ve played five rounds or less per season mostly accompanying my friends and enjoying the walk and view of the courses. Needless to say, our golf skills were non-existent.

It was COVID that brought us back to golf. Out of the blue, my tennis buddies, to whom I introduced golf several years earlier, called and invited me to join them. This was July 2020. Since 2021, my wife and I have been members at Saint-Raphael and played regularly.

Paul Kennedy, Wooden Sticks Golf Club, Hole #3

I was playing with my friends Bill Triolo and Bob Philip. We were playing in the Ke Tarling Invitational Tournament. The shot was on the 3rd hole at Wooden Sticks Golf Course which is a replica hole of the 12th Hole at Augusta National Golf Course. The hole was playing 140 yards into a bit of a breeze. I hit my 4 hybrid. The ball was right online the whole way. From the elevated tee, we could see that there was no doubt that the ball rolled into the hole after landing about 10 feet short. 

Peter Garnham, TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley – HOOT, Hole #8

I was playing with two buddies, Carter Gates and Alex Jacques McClary. We were playing the blue tees and the hole was playing 165 yards to the pin. I used a 7 iron and it was the best shot I’ve hit in my life. It sounded pure and it was dead straight.

The craziest part about the story is that one of our friend’s dad’s, Bart Von Kalkreuth, got a hole-in-one on the same hole five minutes after I did!

Richard Daukant, The Pulpit Club – Paintbrush, Hole #16

It was at the Paintbrush course. It was 151 yards with a 7 iron. I played with Fraser Nelson.

Rick Ferguson, Willow Valley Golf, Hole #15

This was my second ace on this hole. I used a pitching wedge to go 117 yards.

Spencer Reid, Bridgewater Country Club, Hole #6

I was playing with two buddies, Carter Gates and Alex Jacques McClary. We were playing the blue tees and the hole was playing 165 yards to the pin. I used a 7 iron and it was the best shot I’ve hit in my life. It sounded pure and it was dead straight.

The craziest part about the story is that one of our friend’s dad’s, Bart Von Kalkreuth, got a hole-in-one on the same hole five minutes after I did!

Terry Moore, Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club, Hole #14

I was playing with my wife, Sandra, and two guests, Terry and Peggy from Midland. The hole-in-one was on hole #14, 133 yards with a back pin at Settler’s Ghost. The rain was just starting so we decided to play this hole before it poured. I used a 3 hybrid. We could not see the ball finish as the hole was in a hollow near the back of the green. When we got to the green it was found in the hole.