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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

John Lind, Pine Needles, Hole #13


Thank you for your email! It was a fantastic moment.

I was on a “boys” trip with my dad, cousin and friend for the week. This was the first round of the trip. It was a front pin and played 167 yards. Ball landed just right of the hole and took a kick and rolled about five feet in the hole!

Thank you,


Anisur Salim, Dentonia Park Golf Course, Hole #1

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I recorded my seventh hole-in-one on October 6th at Dentonia Park Golf Course. Occurred on the 102-yard first hole. I used my 56-degree wedge.



Brian Morice, The Golf Club at Lora Bay, Hole #7

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Playing with Kim MacDonald, Diane Finkle and Laurie Blair. I used a 5 iron on this hole which was playing 157 yards that day.

Brian Morice 

Darryl Palmer, The Falls Golf Club, Hole #10

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Thank you. I was playing with Ken Scott, Daryl Quigg and Dennis Dejong. The yardage that day was roughly 114. The club I used was my 50-degree wedge. It was also a beautiful day to be golfing!

Donald Cohn, Fairwinds Golf Course, Hole #10

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The score was witnessed by Bruce Wylie from Fairwinds Golf Course in Nanoose Bay, B.C. I used a soft 6 iron from the Spirit (white) tees at 106 yards. 

Gail Stirling, Glendale Golf Club, Hole #4

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Details below:

– Hole #4

– 5 hybrid 

– 132 yards

Playing with Lori Gabriele and Jill Weldon

Thank you.

Gail Stirling 

George Keen, Copper Point Golf Club, Hole #15

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It was 140 yards. I used a 9 iron. I was with Dave Braund and Kent Gunter. It was my fifth hole-in-one, so not as exciting as my first.

Glen Barnden, Irish Hills, Hole #2

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Thanks so much, much appreciated!

Red #2 at Irish Hills is a 190 elevated green par 3. In the past, I’ve had some difficulty with this hole and tend to hit my ball predominantly to the right side of the green. It’s a safe landing spot and I have managed to chip and putt for pars or bogeys from there. 

I had been out with our Director of Golf, Ryan Hale, the day before and discussions were had about getting an ace.

So, on this occasion I thought I’d try for the green and use my driver with a slight adjustment to shoot left. I struck the ball well and watched it land just on the front fringe of the green and then start to roll. The green slopes towards the back so from where I was standing at the tees it rolled out of sight. 

The backstory here is that my wife and I had been golfing with Jan Sola on the front nine when our motorized cart broke down. He was walking so we had told him to continue ahead of us while we got a new cart. We caught up to him on the Red Course when we were teeing off on hole #2 and he was about to tee off on Red hole #3 which is right adjacent to hole #2. He waved and waited for us to finish the hole. From his vantage point he could see what was happening on our green.

When I got to the green, I couldn’t find my ball. I figured it must have rolled off and was buried in the fringe somewhere, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Jan meantime, walks over on our green and while standing by the pin says, “why don’t you look in here?” Cool as a cucumber, he had seen my ball land on the fringe of the green and start rolling towards the pin. He said he thought it looked like it was going to be a good shot. He watched it roll and then it disappeared. He knew I had a hole-in-one but didn’t say a thing until I had gone through all my ranting about losing my ball after such a good hit. We laughed about that!

Needless to say, my game fell apart for the next several holes as all concentration was lost. The hole-in-one was witnessed by Jan, the groundskeeper, Brian, and my wife Mary.

Can’t wait to do it again on a hole where I can see it all unfold for myself!


Glen Barnden

P.S. It was great that Ryan was working that same day and the head groundskeeper Peter came out to congratulate me! Certainly makes one feel special!

Graham Bartsch, The Dunes, Hole #6

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Good day,

Just reporting that after 30 plus years of playing, and over 1,200 rounds, I recorded my first ever hole-in-one on Sunday, October 11, 2022!

It happened on hole #6 at The Dunes in Kamloops, B.C.

Playing conditions were windy, so I swung an easy pitching wedge from 127 yards to a front pin location. After I struck the ball, I thought “great line, but I think it will be a bit long” and bent down to pick up my tee. Just then, my playing partner yelled “get in the hole” and I looked to the pin just in time to see white turn to green! The ball traveled slightly past the pin and screwed back into the cup for my first ever!

Needless to say, it was pretty exciting!

Have a great day.

Graham Bartsch

Henry Mah, Victoria Golf Club, Hole #8

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Thanks for the note. Yes, it was exciting getting my first hole-in-one after 30 years of playing golf. I was playing with another Victoria Golf Club member, Henry S. The hole-in-one was on the 8th hole playing 106 yards and I used a pitching wedge.  


Henry Mah

Jim Zhu, Mayfair Lakes Golf Course, Hole #8

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I was playing in a tournament that I won with Michael Li, Vincent Guo and Oscar Yu. It was on hole #8 in Mayfair Lakes located in Richmond, B.C. from 150 yards. I hit a 9 iron and it turned out to be my first hole-in-one. The hole-in-one on the second day got me to -7 and also gave me a six-shot lead!

Thank you,

Jim Zhu

John Raeburn, Wildwinds Golf Links, Hole #9

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Thank you for this.

It was my first hole-in-one, and thankfully it wasn’t a flukes shot. I was playing with Terry Blakely and Stephen Casey.

It was 180 yards with a 5 wood on hole 9. It was a beautiful high fade, and just tracked straight to the hole. As a side note – on the front nine, I “hit for the cycle”: eagle, birdie, par, bogey and double bogey, to end up with a 1 over 36 on the front, and overall, six over 76 – my best round or the year!


Kelly Dearborn, The Golf House Club – Elie, Hole #7

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I was playing with Tom Volk, Dave Neville and James Holder (all Golf Canada members). We were on a Scotland golf trip that was three years in the making…twice delayed due to the pandemic. Eleven rounds in total. Played the Old Course today!

It was the par 4 7th hole called Peggy, 241 yards from our tees. It was a very windy day in Elie, Scotland. I hit a driver, low, over the mount in the fairway. The others hit similar shots. When we got over the mount, we saw three balls just short of the green. We checked the bunkers to the right of the green and didn’t see anything. Then we thought to look in the hole and there it was, my ball. First hole-in-one and it was an albatross. 



Mike Mason, Speargrass Golf Course, Hole #14

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I think the yardage was about 154, playing 144 downhill. I used an A wedge. I was playing with my friend, Scott Carr.

Nancy Forbes, The Glencoe Golf & Country Club, Hole #5

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After struggling at the early part of the 2022 season, I took some lessons from Glencoe’s Judy Forshner and Canadian tour pro, Wes Heffernan. With just a few swing thoughts, they got me back on track. I was playing the Forest course at the Glencoe Golf and Country Club with my best friend, Lynn Grafton, on Thursday, October 6, the day before my birthday! Hole #5 has an elevated tee box, with water on the right and sand all along the left of the green. It was windy and a blue flag, so I took a couple of wedges up to the tee box. The flag was 116 yards. I decided to hit my gap wedge, because it is an accurate club for me. The shot was on line to the pin. It hit the green, bounced once or twice and rolled in. It was my fourth hole-in-one but the best one because I was playing with my bestie, on the day before my birthday and just before Thanksgiving. Doesn’t get any better than that as they say. I just wish I had worn a nicer outfit!