Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – October 27, 2023

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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Beau Spencer, Beverly Golf & Country Club, Hole #7

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I was playing at Beverly Golf & Country Club and I had two members playing at that time, Jeff Dolan and Mark Flippance. It was hole #7, 153 yards to the pin, I used a 7 iron!

It was a cool morning so there weren’t many other around. The pin was front right, tee shot bounced once and rolled five or six feet into the cup! Cheering and high fives followed!

Brian MacPhee, Duncan Meadows Golf Club, Hole #16

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Yesterday was our annual Tombstone Challenge for the Duncan Meadows Membership, which also doubles as our Halloween event. Our regular threesome of three retired Royal Canadian Navy Chief Petty Officers, Paul McCoy, Mark Chambers and I played as a threesome for the event. Mark and I decided to get into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as two of the three Hanson Brothers from the classic movie Slap Shot. Mark was Jack Hanson #16 and I was Steve #17. Wigs were worn due to both of us being follicly-challenged.

Hole #16 is short par three that plays slightly downhill. The white tees were up and the pin was on the front of the green. I have been informed by my playing partners that the yardage was 137. I am not a big hitter so it was an 8 iron for me.

The ball (a bright red Titleist which was part of a sleeve of previously used balls provided for tournament participants) flew pretty well off of my 8 iron, especially considering that alcohol had been consumed for 15 prior holes. I did say it was a fun tournament! The ball bounced on the front of the green twice and took the slight bend to the right and disappeared. Nobody was more surprised than I was and everyone participating in the tournament heard the celebration and knew what it meant. It all felt surreal!

Anyway, I thought that hole-in-one insurance was a waste of money for me, but it took a bit of the sting out of bar bill. On another note, don’t get a hole-in-one when the majority of your members are playing in a tournament!

Charles McColgan, Hylands Golf Club – North, Hole #12

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I was playing alongside my golf buddies Gavin Liddy and Ted McKay. I had the good fortune of a hole-in-one on the 12th hole of the Hylands Golf Club North course in Ottawa, Ontario. The best part was all of us saw it go in and of course the ensuing celebration! Benefitting from a tailwind that day and a front pin placement, I used a 6 iron from 165 yards.

Colleen Kaspersion, Pine Ridge Golf Club, Hole #16

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Great way to end the season. It was our last day before Pine Ridge closed. I was with my friends Colette, Allayne and Anne.

Dale Howard, Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy West Kelowna BC, Hole #10

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I was playing on senior men’s day. Interesting format called the three-club challenge (18 holes with three clubs and a putter). My selection was a 3 wood, 6 iron and a wedge. It was witnessed by my playing partners Glen Johnson, Harv Grummett and Neil Crane plus four others standing on the next hole.

I have played golf for 50 years and this was my first hole-in-one. Think it may have had something to do with me wearing my lucky Edmonton Oilers hat.

Dan Turner, Essex Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

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I used a 4 iron (since it was cold and into a 2 club wind) to 167 yards. I played with Scott Mallender, Ed Claremont and Gino Morga.

Doug Staines, Fox Meadow Golf Club, Hole #7

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It was on the 7th hole of Fox Meadow in Prince Edward Island. It was playing 122 yards from the white tees. I used a 7 iron and a Titliest Pro V1 ball. I hit it straight at the pin and it bounced first on the fringe then ran up to the pin and in. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was in the hole or if there was a drop in the green and we just didn’t see it. I was playing with my wife and two young lads we were paired up with that were from Charlottetown. I turned to the two lads, and they enthusiastically said, “It’s in, it’s in.” Of course, my wife wasn’t paying attention and missed it. The one lad had already texted a friend of his by the time I turned around to them, who got a hole-in-one two weeks prior on the same hole and he told the lad to welcome me to the club. It was great, but they insisted on buying me a beer as a welcome to P.E.I. and as congratulations.

Gary Rietze, Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course, Hole #17

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It was on Saturday, October 7th and I was playing with another member, Mickey Trader, from our “Happy Gang” group. I was not having a very good game that day until I got to the 17th hole. Our club professional Victor Batiste haedppen to be at that hole doing a contest – pay $5.00 and get three tickets for a draw. We had to beat the pro on the first shot to qualify. The only stipulation was that he had to use the club of my choosing with the exception of a putter. I got up to the tee off spot, the yardage was 107 yards so I chose my pitching wedge. As luck would have it, when I teed off, I hit the green about three or four yards from the hole and nicely rolled in for the ace.

I started playing golf at the age of 53 at the Roberts Creek Golf Course and was thoroughly fascinated with the game. My wife and I moved to Osoyoos in 2014 and I joined the Nk’Mip Desert Canyon Golf Course. I belong to a group of seniors known as the “Happy Gang” who play twice a week. I’m now 81 years of age so this was a very memorable feat for me to accomplish.

Geoff Beecroft, Oshawa Golf & Curling Club, Hole #5

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The hole was 165 yards. I hit a hybrid 6 iron and I played with Brian O’Donnell and James McCready.

Henry Friesen, La Broquirie Golf Course, Hole #3

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We were playing as a fivesome since there was 13 of us in total playing in an over 55 mini tournament. We started on the third hole and my first swing of the day with a 7 iron from 160 found the bottom of the cup. We weren’t sure if it had gone in since the green slopes away, but it disappeared, so I was hopeful. This was at La Broquirie golf course.

Ian Nicholson, Harvest Golf Club, Hole #4

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Last senior men’s tournament of the season was cloudy, chill of fall in the air, brisk breeze, hole #4 at the Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna, B.C. I teed up and hit a solid 8 iron into the wind of a 140 yard par 3. Sure it was going to be long but no, one hop, and rolled right into the hole. My playing group of Greg Cowie and Al Starkoski yelled, “it’s in the hole, you won the $2500!”

James Hamilton, The Pulpit Club – Paintbrush, Hole #13

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My playing partner was Robert Rutledge. It was 140 yards uphill from the white tees. I used a 6 iron.

Jayla Kucy, Big Sky Golf Course, Hole #13

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It was the first round of our tournament.  I was playing with Abbi Beld and Olivia Chappell and we started on the front 9. After 9 holes, I was playing well (sitting at -1). As we started the back nine, we could see that there were rain showers in the distance making its way down the hills. We finished the 10th hole and noticed the rain showers were getting closer. On hole #13 the rain is pouring, and we have to wait in the rain. Hole #13 is par 3, 152 yards. I took a 7 iron because the rain was coming down and I needed to get the ball to the green. The flag is on the right middle part of the green, with a downhill slope to the flag from behind the flag. After a lengthy wait on the tee box in the pouring rain, I teed off and hit a solid 7 iron shot that tracked over the flag and hit about eight feet directly over the flag on the slope. As it hit the green, it rolled back down the slope and dropped into the cup.


My dad was standing by the green and started to jump and cheer that the ball went in. I was so happy! My two brothers have multiple holes-in-one, and I was the only child left in the family with zero. Now I got one, those were my first thoughts!  

Jeff Guilbeault, Kawartha Golf Club, Hole #14

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I have been golfing for 40 years and never thought I would get a hole-in-one and then it happened! On October 12, 2023, I was golfing with my regular Blind Partner League colleagues, John Pinnegar and Clete Pineau.  I was teeing off on hole #14 at the Kawartha Golf Club in Peterborough, Ontario. The hole is a par 3, 132 yards and you tee off to an elevated green that severely slopes from back to front, so much so that the pin is always at the back of the green. There was a stiff wind in our face, so I clubbed up to a 5 hybrid and hit a solid tee shot right at the pin. We couldn’t see it land so I thought I would be at the back of the green. As we approached the green, the ball was nowhere to be seen until John looked in the hole and there it was. Lucky for me it was a slow day at the course and the beer tab was not too bad! In addition, I also broke 80 for the first time on my home course shooting 79 thanks in part to the hole-in-one!

Jeremy Coulson, Royal Oaks Golf Club, Hole #6

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I was playing with co-workers at Royal Oaks Golf Club. On the 145 yard hole #6 I used a pitching wedge to get a hole-in-one.

Jimmy Leask, Kelowna Golf & Country Club, Hole #17

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I got it with three others playing with me. It was towards the end of the round and nearing the end of the day. We had 138 yards to the pin, in which I hit a 9 iron with a slight draw. It hit about two feet below and right of the cup and took one hop and went in the hole! This is my second hole-in-one ever, I had my first one last year so that makes for back-to-back seasons!

Pretty excited as in the past two seasons I’ve gone from a 12.7 handicap down to a 4.7 with a lot of practice and hard work!

Jonathan Bulmer, Madawaska Golf – Twisted Pines, Hole #8

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It was Madawaska #8 and 129 yards. I was using my pitching wedge. It was a magical moment. Thanks to my friend Nick for taking me out on his home course that day!

Kelly Lang, Springbank Links, Hole #5

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It was another beautiful September morning at Springbank Links where my wife and I are members. The course is beautiful and in fantastic condition with quick greens and lots of trouble on the front nine with what’s called the Devils Triad, holes five, six and seven are some of the toughest holes to attack at Springbank links.

We are playing the blue tees at 6,400 yards and the fifth hole par 3 is 154 yards with no wind and the sun shining. I hit an 8 iron fairly well just after watching my buddy Tony roll his ball within five feet of the hole and likely the snip for today. My golf ball had the perfect bounce and roll but Tony thought he would help by coaxing it into the hole, all I heard was him saying, “keep going, keep going” until the ball disappeared into the hole.

That’s my third hole-in-one and second on this hole, my first was on the 16th hole at Springbank Links and also talked into the hole by my buddy Tony. The snips boys were happy to get a free beverage but not so happy on the payout.

Marc Martin, Kingswood Signature Golf Course, Hole #7

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I got my first ever hole-in-one this past Thursday at Kingswood Golf Course. The weather was a bit cold, feeling around 11 degrees. My playing partners were Peter Birney, Serge Boucher and Pierre Castonguay. It was hole #7, back pin, playing about 155 yards. I used an 8 iron. It landed about 15 feet before the pin and rolled up nicely until it disappeared into the cup. What a feeling! I think my playing partners were more excited than I was. I knew I hit a good shot, but I never thought it was going in the hole.

Mark Delson, Rocky Crest, Hole #14

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I had my first hole-in-one at Rocky Crest on June 1st, 2023. It was a 7 iron to go 145 yards. What a great day!

Mark Raven, Millcroft Golf Club, Hole #17

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My third career hole-in-one. It was 172 yards into the breeze, and I used a 6 iron. Played with T.J. Miron and Matt Vance.

Matt Parry, Shaganappi Point Golf Club, Hole #3

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It was an 11:51 tee time on Friday, October 20, 2023 at Shaganappi Point in Calgary. I was playing with my good friend Billy Dixon and our round started great. It was about 9 degrees and we were out as a twosome. I was sitting five over after two holes walking on to the tee box of hole #3. My rangefinder said 127 yards adjusted to 124 and there was a slight wind behind us. Since it was a bit cold, I pulled one extra club and decided to hit a smooth 9 iron. I tend to cut my irons a bit so with a front right pin placement I took aim at the center of the green. I put a nice smooth full swing on it, and it immediately looked pretty good. It was right at the center of the green and fading right towards the hole. As soon as it landed it tracked towards the hole. Billy said, “That line looks right on.” I was frozen on the ball rolling towards the hole fully expecting to see it slide past the hole but as it came in line, we watched it drop in the hole. I flung my club to the ground.

I turned towards Billy absolutely gob smacked to what I’d just seen. I stepped toward him and attempted a hug, but my excitement told me to run around the tee box twice hollering uncontrollably. A minute later once I had regained some type of composure and decompressed myself with a profanity laced hyperactive celebration, Billy took the tee box and proceeded to hit his ball on a very similar line. Billy doesn’t cut the ball like I do so when it hit the upslope mid-green and started to backspin and roll towards the hole for a second we thought we might be on the precipice of something inconceivable. Could it be, back-to-back aces? Billy’s ball was tracking perfectly but unfortunately came up a little over a foot short. Two amazing shots and an amazing moment. I started filming myself on my phone as we left the tee box as I wanted to freeze the moment in time so I could relive it as much as I could stand. As we pulled up in front of the green on the cart, I ran over to the hole giddy with excitement and when I got to the hole and saw the TaylorMade 3 ball in the cup I went bonkers all over again. A neighbouring group heard me screaming in celebration and they asked if I had got a hole-in-one. I couldn’t help but want to share my news with anyone who’d listen. As I walked a few steps back, I turned back to the hole and filmed Billy make a 15” putt for birdie. He gave me a hug and we walked off to the cart.

Megan Moody, Harvest Golf Club, Hole #11

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It was a hot day in Kelowna and all of us were struggling a bit in the heat. None of us had played the course before (my partner Peter Lantin and his two cousins, Cliff Fregin and Willis Parnell). Cliff had just moved to Kelowna and the rest of us came to visit and have a fun weekend of golf. It was the 11th hole. I was the last to hit and everyone else was safely on the green. It was 115 yards par 3, downhill. I hit an 8 iron perfectly, low trajectory and straight, knowing I wanted to hit it short and run it towards the hole. My partner, Peter, who is a part-time sports broadcaster, called it. “Ooh looks good!”, as it hit the green, released towards the hole, and dropped in. We all cheered! Sure glad I got to share the experience with this group, as I feel I was a bit stunned, maybe it was the heat but I’ve never hit a hole-in-one and only now understand how rare it is. I’ve only been playing golf for the last few years as I picked it up during covid times. Of course, I am now fully addicted to the sport!

Funny thing was, I had found the ball a few holes earlier and thought this could be my lucky ball to play on a Kelowna course. It was a Srixon ball that had a custom Ogopogo logo stamped on it.

Michael Waters, Fergus Golf and Country Club, Hole #3

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The white tee box was moved forward to accommodate repairs on the normal tee area. One of the guys scoped the yardage at approximately 142. I used a 9 iron with a gentle breeze at our backs. The ball had a high trajectory that landed near the front of the green and released toward the hole and dropped in the hole.

The other golfers who witnessed the hole-in-one were Jason Howson, Jeremy Hamilton and Dave Oxford. Afterwards, Dave Oxford went into the pro shop and informed the counter staff that I had achieved a hole-in-one. They were so nice to me. A picture was taken with me holding a flag with a Fergus logo on the flag, which I have put away as a keepsake. Also, I received a complimentary beer from a sponsoring beer company.

Mike McCaffrey, Conestoga Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

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The hole was 110 yards and I used a gap wedge.

I was playing with my friends Derrick MacDonald and Brian Shaw.

Mike Nystedt, Sault Ste. Marie Golf Club, Hole #17

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It was hole #17 at the Sault Golf Club, where I’m a long-time member. It was 183 yards to the pin that day, hit 6 iron, ball never left the flag, no one in my group could see it go in but we heard it hit the flag stick. It was exciting to walk up and find it in the hole. I was playing with good friends, Paul Robb, Carl Berkenbosch and David Baldwin.

Murray Markle, Sun City North Golf Course, Hole #3

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The pin was set at 142 yards on the day of my hole-in-one achievement. I used a Ping G425 6 iron and a TaylorMade golf ball. The greens were very slow that day due to recent overseeding and the pin was at the back of the green. Normally, my shot would have rolled off the back of the green, but it slowed down enough to roll up and fall in the hole. I wasn’t sure at first, but when we walked up to the green, there it was in the bottom of the cup.  It was men’s day at our club, and I didn’t bother to throw a quarter in the hole-in-one pot so I missed out on collecting the 80 bucks that was in the pot. I was playing with Mike Robert, Dan Schroeder and Tom Bellinger. This was my second ace in my golfing life, the first being six years ago at another sun city course.

Nancy Shaver, Hautes Plaines, Hole #7

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My hole-in-one was scored on hole #7 at Club de Golf Hautes Plaines in Gatineau. It’s listed as 125 yards from the red tees, but I think it was playing around 110 that day. I used an 8 iron. My playing partners were Margo Allore, Lori Blencowe and Francie Ducros.

Norma Poel, Settlers Ghost, Hole #16

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I was playing Settlers Ghost, and we were on the 16th hole nearing the end. It was a warm day, getting tired and just hoping to be done and on to the patio. In a hurry, I grabbed a 7 iron and thought it was too much club but didn’t go back for another. Stepped up and hit it 108 yards, and we saw it hit and roll right in. My first one, after golfing for 40-plus years. We enjoyed buying the round of drinks for the few folks on the patio and our fellow playing partners.

Paul Senyshyn, Rideau View Country Club, Hole #15

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On October 19th, 2023, I was playing with Ken Kratz, Robert Kucher and Rolf Boehme. The yardage that day was 139 yards, and I used an 8 iron.

Riley McNab, Shannon Lake Golf Club, Hole #4

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It was just a normal day, getting out on the course after work. I was playing with two of my co-workers. It was the 4th hole at Shannon Lake golf course. I hit my 7 iron for the 182 yard hole. I lost sight of it immediately cause of the overcast conditions. My one co-worker was convinced it went in the bunker behind the green while my other coworker was persistent that it had gone in the hole. As we walked up to the green, I had high hopes that it was indeed in the hole. I checked the bunker first just to confirm it wasn’t there. I then walked up to the hole and peaked over and saw my ball. I can say for sure that there is no greater feeling than seeing your ball in the cup.

Scott MacKinnon, Nk’Mip Canyon Desert Golf Course, Hole #4

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Was playing 169 or so downhill into a very normal wind against us. I was with my two buddies, Tracy and Dave. I hit a 6 iron, probably one of the best golf shots in my life. The ball went straight as an arrow towards the pin, bounced a few times and rolled in. Was pretty neat.

Shawn Spicer, Serenity Golf Club – Dancing Bull, Hole #5

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It was 205 yards with a 7 iron.

Terry Carlisle, Fairview Mountain Golf Club, Hole #7

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It was the par 3 7th hole at Fairview Mountain in Oliver, British Columbia. The hole was playing 171 yards from the blue tees I used a 7 iron.

Tess Trojan, Port Royal Plantation Robber’s Row Golf Course, Hole #15

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Originally, I selected a pitching wedge but my dad pointed out the pin was at the back of the green. We thought it was tracking but couldn’t tell it was straight into the sun. I was blown away when I saw it in the cup.

Timothy Tan, Caughnawaga Golf Club – Yellow, Hole #6

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It was a crisp autumn day. I was playing with my good friends Jean Laflamme, Donna Laflamme and Maria Baptista. The sixth hole is a beautiful par 3 with an island green. The shot was about 110 yards into the wind, with a 9 iron. The ball took a small hop and disappeared into the hole. It’s my second ace, 25 years after the first one. What a great way to finish the season!

Todd Burdon, Eagles Nest Golf Club, Hole #8

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It was the most incredible day and a perfect shot!

My playing partner was David Quinn on hole #8 at Eagles Nest. It was 133 yards with a 9 iron.

Wayne London, Miskanaw Golf & Country Club, Hole #6

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I was playing with my wife, Theresa Gill, and two other friends Marc and Santeena Hancock. The pin was 149 yards and I canned it with a Ping i525 pitching wedge.