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Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Billy Cennon, The Track Golf Course, Hole #11

Good morning!

I booked the tee time last minute and got paired with a wonderful gentlemen and member of the course and his name was Elf.

We teed off on hole #10 so my ace on hole #11 was actually our second hole of the day. Was a challenge to get though the remaining 16 holes afterwards but managed to do okay. The yardage was 166 yards and I hit a 3/4 8 iron which landed four feet behind the hole and spun back in!

Thank you again.

Have a fantastic day!

Billy Cennon

Sean Dolan, Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club, Hole #17


Thanks for your note.

I was playing with my friends, Cathy Holowitz and Joanne and Fred Gardner, when I stepped to the tee on the par 3, 17th. I clubbed up to a 4 hybrid to carry the front bunker. The ball traveled for 130 yards in air before a soft landing and gentle roll saw it find the cup. So much fun.

Take care,


Angela Boyle, West Haven Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

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Thank you for your email. It was very special day at West Haven Golf & Country Club. I was playing with my husband, Michael Boyle. We usually play together every Sunday. We were also playing with another couple, Trish and Bob Reid, not our usual playing couples.

It was sunny and 21 degrees, a beautiful fall day! The 3rd hole at West Haven was 104 yards to the pin yesterday and I used an 8 iron. The shot had a very nice trajectory, hit the green and rolled a short distance into the hole.

Thank you again.

Angela Boyle

Ann Perry, Falcon Ridge Golf Course, Hole #14

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I got my first ever hole-in-one on Monday, October 3, on hole #14 at Falcon Ridge Golf Course. 

The pin was at the back at about 105 yards. Normally a 7 iron would be too much, but I tend to put the ball in the water with my 8 iron in the water.  

I just did not want to go in the water like I normally do. I had a nice hit with my Callaway Solaire 7 iron. My bright green neon Noodle ball landed on the green and was rolling. I was just so glad not to be in the water. We went to the other side and could not find my ball. I figured I had rolled off the back, so we started looking there. One of the girls landed on the green and she was marking her ball and noticed my ball was in the hole.  

I had three witnesses – Karen Swol, Doria Delaney and Barry Elliot.


Barry Sutherland, Fairwinds Golf Course, Hole #6

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Hello Golf Canada!  

Thank you for your interest and acknowledgment. 

The hole-in-one happened on hole #6 at Fairwinds Golf Course, Nanoose Bay, B.C. I was golfing with Sean Moore and Gordon Grant on a warm sunny Wednesday, 12th of October. We were 112 yards out. I was using a Callaway X-18 Pro Series pitching wedge and playing a TaylorMade Soft Select. It was just a pure hit that sailed super high directly over the flag, landed two feet past the hole and the backspin pulled it straight back into the dead center of the cup. 


Barry Sutherland

Berry Reumkens, Mount Brenton Golf Course, Hole #11

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First ever hole-in-one. I’ve got a three handicap at the moment. A month shy of my 65th birthday. It was 177 yards into a light breeze. 5 iron. Partners were Fred Stevenson, Murray Bowler and Tony Smith. Nice to be a member of the club and to do it with my regular partners.

Thank you for the acknowledgement.

Berry Reumkens

Bob Simpson, Melville Golf and Country Club, Hole #2

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On September 30, at the Melville Golf and Country Club in Melville, SK, Bob Simpson (age 69) shot a hole-in-one on the 166-yard, par 3, second hole.

Gail Simpson, on behalf of Bob Simpson

Brett Wellman, Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club, Hole #2

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I was with my friend’s, Albertus and Brett. I was running late to the course and didn’t get to warm up. Played a safe par on one, and then pulled out a gap wedge from 120 over water on Hawk hole #2 and canned her. It was a dart from contact, and we knew it had a chance, and then disappeared. In the few weeks prior to the hole-in-one, I missed three that were extremely close. It was a special moment to share with friends! 

Brian Botterill, Kingsville Golf & Country Club, Hole #12

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Thanks, much appreciated.


– Kingsville Golf and Country Club

– #3 hole on the white nine

– 148 yards

– 8 iron 

Playing with Jeff Hall and Jeff Miesner 


Dallas Tecson, Eagles Nest Golf Club, Hole #5

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Thank you for the email! It was an unreal feeling. Never thought I’d get one…then it just happens. 

I was playing with two close friends; one is a pro named Lee Seward and a friend Ryan Drakes. Following a “10” on hole #4 due to some poor play and a few lost balls/dreaded pot bunkers, we pull up to the par 3 hole #5. The yardage was 122 (very windy, a tad uphill, bunker at the front) and I used an 8 iron. Landed just short of the green, couple bounces and hit the pin dead center and dropped. I freaked out, didn’t know what to do but make a funny noise and throw my club in the air. We jumped around on the tee block, drove up and my buddies took a recording of me picking the ball out of the hole.

Funny little bit of commentary. As the ball was in the air, Lee yelled, “go!” thinking it was a tad short. But knowing how well I struck it, I replied with, “Oh it’s the number.” Boom. In the hole. Well, three holes later on the signature hole, I hit another one on line with the pin and again, Lee yelled, “go!” Having hit it well once again, I replied with “Oh it’s the number” as I watched that ball land 15 yards short of the green!

The rest of the round was a write off as I didn’t care, and we were drinking. Had some luck on my side as the restaurant was empty that day because it was cold. I picked up the tab the rest of the day for our group to try and make up for it. 


Darrell Avery, Glen Arbour Golf Course, Hole #2

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Well, finally got one! It was the afternoon of Tuesday, October 18th at Glen Arbour Golf Course, N.S. on hole #2. It was 142 yards, and I used a 9 Iron. The ball landed about five feet in front, slightly left of the pin. It just rolled over and in the hole. I shouted, “It’s in! It went in! I can’t believe it!” My playing partner, best friend and neighbour of 16 years, Armel Roy, let out a huge shout that could be heard all over the course. 

We picked up another player on the first tee, Jason Saulnier, who we hadn’t played with or met before. He said, “That’s the first hole-in-one I’ve ever seen.” I replied, “That makes two of us.”

After several rounds of high fives and a few more shouts I made my way over to the hole and plucked that ball from the cup. 

Armel took my picture and texted it to several friends. The word was out. I’ve had lots of congratulations come my way since then. Feels pretty Good!

The quest for another is on!

Darrell Avery

David Campbell, Fairwinds Golf Course, Hole #10

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My wife and I were playing with our good friends, Dave and Marlene Cox, who also live at Fairwinds. We have been members and lived in Fairwinds for 17 years.

It was on hole #10 and it was a blue pin (144 yards from the tee box). I used a 7 iron. We did not see it go in as the hole was hidden and we could only see the flagpole.

In my email telling a few friends about it, I said, “well It only took 78 years, 5 months and 18 days to do it!”

Best regards, 

David Campbell

Dyann Goodfellow, Pheasant Glen Golf Resort, Hole #13

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Thank you. It was a fun moment. The hole was 135 yards, and I used a 6 hybrid. I was playing with two girlfriends, Diane Richards and Laurie Lawrenuk. The ball hit the green on the left side, rolled up the left side and then caught the slope toward the hole.


Dyann Goodfellow

Erica Page, Southamption Golf & Country Club, Hole #13

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Thanks for the graphic. I will definitely use it.

I was playing the round yesterday with my husband, Chris. Both of our tee blocks were the same distance for the 13th hole. Chris went first and his ball was short and right of the green. I used my trusty 5 wood which is my 150-yard club. The pin was in the middle of the green. According to my GPS, the distance to the hole was 147 yards. After I hit the ball, I did not see it finish due to the sun being in my eyes. It felt like I hit it well and assumed it was on the green. As we approached the green, I started looking around for my ball while my husband was chipping onto the green. Since I could not see my ball on the green, I assumed it had rolled off the back, so I took a club to chip on as well as my putter. I could not find my ball on the fringe or on the green, so I went up and looked in the hole and low and behold there it was! In the hole! I was very excited. I dropped the clubs I was carrying and said, “it’s in the hole, it’s in the hole—come look at it please it’s really in the hole!” Chris thought I was joking so he was hesitant to come up to the green and see it.  

I played forty rounds of golf this year and this round was to be our last in Southampton as the season is coming to a close. What an amazing way to finish an amazing year I am not the best golfer, or the most consistent, but I truly love to play golf and make sure I play as often as I possibly can. Getting a hole-in-one was like a dream come true for me. I honestly never thought it would happen.  

This is our first year using the Golf Canada app and we have enjoyed using it to track our progress. I believe it has had a positive impact on my score and allows me to set goals.  

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

Take care.


George Stenning, Club at North Halton, Hole #4

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Thank you very much for the email. I really appreciate the response. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m happy to tell my story.

So, the day of my hole-in-one was a Friday, and I play on Fridays with what we call the Friday Group…a large group of men where on a given Friday, we can win skins and we do a blind draw for partners for the top few low net teams. At the end of the season the top four winners from the season play off for the top prize. On this Friday, I was advised on the tee box that I was very marginally out of the top four and would need to have a good day to move up to get into the playoff.

I was playing with three others from our Friday group: Reg Finlayson (who’s been at North Halton for many years, a very accomplished player and a real gentleman), Sebastien Myre (who makes every round extremely fun and not only had a hole-in-one this year himself, but had also already played with several others this year when they got holes-in-one) and Greg Frazer (a nice, very relaxed guy to play with). The perfect group for a fun day and some good golf. 

So, on the fourth hole I turned to the Sebastien and Reg and suggested I really needed to do something special today to get into the top four and given so many others had found luck playing with Sebastien this year I was hoping for some of that luck myself. Sebastien responds enthusiastically as always, “okay George, let’s do it!” We ask Reg how many holes-in-one he has and he said 12. So, I repeated I was with the right group to do something special today! Sebastien advises that you always want to make sure you get it there, so I pull out a 9 iron thinking I’ll take a bit more club and hit a bit of a knockdown 9. Reg tees off first on this 137-yard par 3, hits a good shot but it runs just off the back. He suggests that wind is clearly helping. So, my 9 goes back in the bag and I take out my pitching wedge instead. I hit my shot right on the line I was hoping and needed it to just clear the bunker and release down to the right to the hole. We see it just clear the bunker and disappear to the right. Reg responds, “that ball has a chance!” Sebastien hits a similar shot. Greg, I believe, misses just a little short. When we arrive at the green there’s only one ball on the green. Reg says he thinks mine is in the hole. I refused to look in the hole, instead looking to see if perhaps it’s run off the green to the right. Sebastien finally walks up, identifies his ball on the green, and then casually says my ball is in the hole. I replied I wasn’t so sure about that. Sebastian replies, “George! You’re playing a Srixon with a red dot today.  here’s a Srixon with a red dot in the hole! Your ball is in the hole!” The celebration ensues! 

Unfortunately, I was advised after the round that while I got a skin with my hole-in-one, in the blind partner draw I drew a partner that helped us come in second low net on the day and the person I needed to catch drew a partner that got him into first for the day, resulting in me losing getting into the final foursome by thirteen cents; but I got my first hole-in-one! A super fun day with lots of fun drama and I got to do what I always say I play for; the ability to hit the shot when you really need to hit the shot!

Thank you very much again!

George Stenning

Halia Avdimiretz, The Club at North Halton, Hole #13

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Wow! There I am, with a 37 handicap and a hole-in-one on hole #13 at North Halton!

120 yards to the pin. There I am at the red tee with my “Nancy” 7 hybrid wood club, and I have a yellow jacket bee bugging me! I am running around frantically trying to ditch this bee! My fellow golfer manages to distract the bee. 

I try to calm down and take my swing. The ball tracks just to the left of the pin, rolls then curls over to the pin. Wasn’t 100% sure if it made the hole or not. 

The four players on the 12th fairway actually saw my ball go in the hole! They motored over in their power carts, yelling and cheering, grabbed me and we were all yelling with excitement.  

Best time I have ever had on the golf course! A shame that my husband wasn’t playing with me that day.

I have been walking around on cloud 9, like a celebrity ever since!

Goes to show, it doesn’t matter what your handicap is!

A special thank you to Nancy Lopez and my wonderful “Nancy” Club!

Halia Avdimiretz 

Jeff Carlos, Woodside Golf Course, Hole #7

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Thank you for emailing me! What a surprise! This is awesome as the Woodside Golf Course didn’t have any memorabilia for a hole-in-one.

First of all, it was freezing that day! It was seven or eight degrees and raining on and off in the morning. The hole was playing 115 yards but with how cold it was, I played it 120 yards and I was using my pitching wedge (Taylormade p790). Tee’d it up and hit the most perfect shot, it was going right at the hole, but I didn’t think anything of it. All of a sudden it took one bounce and hopped right in the hole! 

I was playing with Jay-Ar Arcilla, Mark Quintin and Marvin Quintin. 

Thank you,

Jeff Carlos

Joe Offutt, Olympic View Golf Club, Hole #11

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Good evening Golf Canada, 

I was playing with my friend, Chris Thomas. Hole #11 at Olympic View Golf Club is an uphill par 3 that was playing 157 yards. I used a 7 iron. 



Luis Bridgeman, Deerhurst Golf Course, Hole #8

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Thanks for reaching out!

My friends and I were out in Huntsville earlier this year to enjoy a summer weekend. In my group, I was playing with my friends Savi, Kevin and Alan on the Highlands par 72 course. I was playing from the white tees. I got my hole-in-one on the 8th hole which was playing around 131 yards. The tees are slightly elevated, and you hit down into the green, so I factored this in and chose to hit my pitching wedge. The golf ball that I was using was a Titleist Pro V1x. I hit a slight draw on the shot and the ball landed about two or three feet left of the pin but had some nice right sidespin which spun it right into the hole! It was quite fascinating watching the ball spin about two or three feet back to the right and into the hole which made the moment that much more exciting. 

Thank you for providing me with a nice infographic to commemorate this exciting achievement! 

Kind regards,

Luis Bridgeman

Madge Flint, Fairview Mountain Golf Club, Hole #15

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A hole-in-one is something I have thought about and hoped for as a member of Fairview Mountain for 26 years. The day finally came on October 21st on hole #15. I was playing with my pals Sharon Bleackley, Claudia Bell and Susan Capyk. The pin was 80 yards. I pondered my TaylorMade pitching wedge or my A wedge and chose the A wedge.

The ball hit the front edge of the green and rolled in with the help of my friends cheering “go in, go in” and it did. We all cheered and dance the green. An exciting and wonderful experience to have shared with friend.  

Madge Flint

Marian Thomson, Pender Island Golf & Country Club, Hole #4

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Thank you for your congratulations and opportunity to share my unique moment.

The hole-in-one took place on October 18, 2022, on hole #4 at the Pender Island golf course. The distance is 113 yards, and the shot was witnessed by Caroline Davidson. It happened during a very relaxed game on one of our last incredibly beautiful golf days this Fall. Temperatures and conditions were prime with Caroline and I enjoying the immaculate course.

I used my driver for the shot, aiming at a high point outside of the green hoping the ball would run to the green. Indeed, it did! At first, I thought I had lost my ball as Caroline nor I could locate it. As a last measure Caroline jokingly said, “’well better check the hole.” To our astonishment there it was! A hole-in-one. Hard to believe. A very great surreal moment!

All the best,

Marian Thomson

Marsha Mallow, Cedar Hill Golf Club, Hole #15

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Thank you for contacting me.

Yes, I did get a hole-in-one at the Cedar Hill Golf Course in Victoria, British Columbia on Thursday, October 20. It was at the par 3 hole #15 and it was 107 yards from tee to flag. The club of choice was my putter! Yes, my putter!

Hole #15 has an elevated tee box with a gravel cart path crossing in front. I have to actually tee up because I need to get a little airborne to miss the cart path. If the ball hits the cart path it loses some momentum and cannot make the green.

My playing partners were Ruth Ferne and Diane Girard.

I do have a bit of a story because in 2018 I got two hole-in-ones at this same course. After that, my thinking was that things happen in threes, so I made it my goal to get a third hole-in-one with my putter off the tee on hole #15. The yardage can vary from approximately 95 yards to 120 yards. Well, I’ve been trying to get one for more than four years. It did take perseverance. There was many a time that I wanted to use a different club, but I made myself stick to using the putter.

I must admit I was pretty excited when the ball finally fell in the hole.

I accomplished my goal. Now the question is – will I continue to tee off with my putter on that hole?

Yes, this will be a story to tell for the rest of my life.

Thank you for the graphic.

Best regards,

Marsha Mallow

Natalie Hay, Michelson National Golf Club, Hole #17

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Thanks! I was playing with my husband, Malcolm, and our friends, Michael and Zack. It was likely going to be the last round of the season and I was disappointed that I hadn’t been playing well. When we walked up to the 17th tee boxes, we all said the flag was in the “hole in one” position as it was in a funnel in the middle of the green.  

From my tee box I already knew my 52-degree wedge would be too short and my pitching wedge too long, so I figured I’d go long and hope the ball didn’t roll off the green. Luckily, I hit it well and soft enough that it landed just behind the mound to the left of the hole, the ball rolled down the funnel and straight to the pin. Even though I saw it happen, I wanted to actually look in the hole as balls always roll down that funnel and right off the green into the bunker. Not this time though! What a way to end the season and we had a great time in the clubhouse with all the members after that!


Pixie Helm, Westmount Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

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Thank you very much for acknowledging my hole-in-one. I was playing at Westmount Golf and Country Club in Kitchener, ON on October 5th. I have been a member there for 28 years. The hole-in-one was on the 3rd hole; it is a par 3. I was playing with two friends, Margaret and Sheila. I hit the ball 166 yards. I used to Callaway 2 ball and my club was a Maverick driver. I am 76 years young, and this is my second hole-in-one. My other one was in October 2010. I didn’t think I’d see another one in my lifetime. I was elated. 

Thank you for interest.

Pixie Helm

Rick Nelmes, Cowichan Golf & Country Club, Hole #13

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Hole #13 is 125 yards to the back pin position. Hit an 8 iron in and seen the first bounce on the green but because of the slope couldn’t see it from there. My playing partners said they thought it hit the pin. Other club members coming off an adjacent green started to yell at us that the ball had actually hit the pin and gone in. My playing partners were Jim Charlton, Mark Clathora and Steve Dallaway. 

Thanks to Golf Canada for their ongoing support in the membership.

Rick Nelmes 

Rupy Choi, Bearbrook Golf Club, Hole #6

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Dear Golf Canada,

October 25, 2022, is a commemoratory day for me.

Not only did I get my first hole-in-one, but it was the same day my father passed away five years ago.

I was playing with my friend, Jeff Leggat, at Bearbrook Golf Club in Navan, ON. Our tee time was at 10:30 a.m. It was a warm day in Ottawa, and it was the final day of golf for us this season.

I stepped up to the tee box at the 6th hole, playing at 128 yards, pin placements back left of the green, pulled up my 9 iron and hit a great shot. We thought it bounced off the green and walked up to a surprise of my golfing life!

There was my ball in the hole! Awesome feeling divine intervention.