Hole in One Report

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – October 6, 2023

Each week we write to Golf Canada members who record a hole-in-one, congratulating them and asking if they’d tell us how it happened. These are their stories (edited for length and clarity).

Have you recently accomplished the feat of a hole-in-one? Tell us about it! Share your story, picture / video and course information with us at holeinone@golfcanada.ca.

Lucy Zhang, Glencairn Golf Club, Hole #12

I used a 3 hybrid and the hole was 156 yards.

Michael Feduzzi, Guelph Country Club, Hole #7

It occurred on the Sunday, after our men’s closing. Fortunately, the t-sheet was sparse, and the wallet didn’t take a real big hit. It was the 7th hole, par 3, 157 yards. I think the whole course heard me scream. The funny thing is this 112-year-old course has nine holes. The second time around, from 169 yards, I hit the pin and tapped in for a birdie and went out and bought a lottery ticket. Great day to remember.

Andre Potvin, Mountain Woods Golf Club, Hole #12

The hole-in-one was made on hole #12 at Mountain Woods Golf Club. The distance was 214 yards and used a #5 fairway metal. My playing partners Garry Miles, Claude Desrochers and Fergus Omond.

Andrew Perugini, Carrying Place Golf and Country Club, Hole #7

I was playing with my good friend and my cousin at Carrying Place on a Sunday afternoon. The hole was playing difficult with a front pin location and a two club wind into us. The hole was zapped at 145 yards, so I took out my 8 iron and hit a high draw over the top of the flagstick. The ball landed three feet behind the hole and spun back into the cup. It was a very cool experience because I was able to see the entire ball flight, where the ball landed and how it tracked back to the hole because of where the flag was located. It was my first hole-in-one and a memory I will never forget.

Ashton Romaniuk, Labroquerie Golf, Hole #5

It was on hole #5, 175 yards to a front pin. I was playing with my co-worker and best buddy, Paison Butler, who advised me a “light” 8 iron would do the trick. I hit the shot and right away thought, “Oh that’s going to be good” so I picked up my tee without even watching the rest of the ball flight. I was then tackled by my buddy screaming, “It went in, it went in!” and then he took off running down the fairway! I couldn’t believe it went in.

Brad Henderson, Forest City National Golf Club, Hole #13

I played with Matt McCallum, Adam Fox and Matt Morrison. It was 172 yards and I used an 8 iron.

Cedric Thompson, Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, Hole #8

I used my 8 wood and it was 156 yards playing with Jim Newman and Barry Norminton.

David Beck, Sagebrush Golf Club, Hole #4

Fourth hole at Sagebrush Golf Club on Saturday, September 30th with James Wise and Robert Hunter who was playing with us. The par 3, fourth hole is 165 yards and I was hitting my 7 iron.

David Hinton, Myrtlewood Golf Club, Hole #17

Our group was playing in our biennial “Ryder Cup” event. I was playing for Team Europe. The yardage was 125. I hit a Callaway Big Bertha 9 iron. Playing a yellow Titleist Pro V1.  The ball hit about six inches in front of the hole. One bounce and in. Our Europe Team won the matches that day. Playing with Andrew Ward against Jamie Bridwell and Graham Cross. Only my second hole-in-one (last was 30 years ago). Hopefully I get my next sooner as I am 73 years old.

Derek Hood, Barrie Country Club, Hole #13

On Monday September 25th, while playing with Larry and Mel at the Barrie Country Club. I was fortunate enough to make a hole-in-one on the 142 yard 13th hole using my Ping hybrid.

Elliot Noh, FireRock Golf Club, Hole #3

The hole-in-one took place on September 25th. My tee-time was at 10:10 a.m., with two other gentlemen who I met for the first time. One of their names was Michael, but unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of another person who was his friend. I hit a 6 iron on the 176 yard par 3 from the gold tees.  With some tailwind, the ball landed at the front edge of the green, bounced once and went directly into the hole.

I’ve hit another hole-in-one about two years ago on the eighth hole, so I’ve been having some amazing luck at Fire Rock!

Fay Elsdon, Cottonwood Coulee Golf Course, Hole #12

I was playing with Rita Scott and Yvonne Borrowman. The yardage was 100 with an 8 iron.

Fred Vautour, Pine Needles Golf & Country Club, Hole #15

I played with Jackie Boudreau, Bernie Savoie and Lucille Savoie. The yardage was 104 yards and I used a 9 iron with a Titleist Velocity ball.

Fredrick Courchene, York Lake Golf & Country Club, Hole #3

Unfortunately, I was playing alone. I did use a 9 iron into wind, pin in the front playing about 143 yards. The ball one hopped short of green hit the flag stick and dropped in the cup.

George Kolisnek, Hylands Golf Club, Hole #3

The distance was 167 yards and I used a Callaway Mavrik 4 hybrid club. I was playing with retired military friends with whom I golf two or three days a week.

Gerald Aggus, Hidden Lake Golf Course, Hole #17

I have been playing golf since I was 20 years old on and off until about seven years ago when I semi-retired and I began golfing regularly three times a week. My first hole-in-one occurred on the 17th hole at Hidden Lake in Burlington. The pin was at the back of the green and I was playing with my regular Friday group. We did not see my 5 iron shot roll into the hole but heard the clunk when it hit the pin. What a thrill to experience my first ace after so many years!

Helen Knowlton, Foothills Golf Club, Hole #16

I was golfing with my hubby, Lorne, and my in-laws Bob and Loralee Knowlton at Foothills Golf Club in Phoenix. I was so surprised when it rolled in and my sister-in-law Loralee was more excited than I was. This was my third hole-in-one in less than a year. Then I got super excited as I’m not a serious golfer at all.

Hugh Mitchell, Eagles Glenn Golf Course, Hole #4

On September 6th, I played with Dan Lavoie, Bruno Coté and Alex Sandahl, all from Montreal or the Laurentians. I was playing with 35 other guys on the annual Smitty’s Invitational, an informal group of guys hailing from all provinces from Newfoundland and Labrador to Ontario, plus a couple of guys from B.C. This is the 33rd Invitational and the largest so far. The last couple of “Western” venues were the Royal Laurentian and Niagara. In P.E.I. this year we played Andersons Creek, Glasgow Hills and, of course, Eagles Glenn.

For my hole-in-one it was on the 4th hole at Eagles Glenn. I was playing the green tees at 125 yards and used an 8 iron.

I am a 75-year-old retiree, who took up golf a little over a decade ago and play a couple of times a week. I belong to the Dunany Country Club and play at the Lachute Golf Club.

Jared Bertrim, Winchester Golf Club, Hole #4

On one of the last warm sunny days of the year, I stepped up to the par 4 which was 245 yards uphill. I crushed my driver with a slight fade into the hill that bounced towards the green. After driving up to the green, we struggled to find my ball amongst the leaves and gave up after a couple of minutes. While walking across the green to grab a ball to drop, I noticed my bright red ball in the hole. The last place I’d think to look! I’m grateful to have shared the hole-in-one while playing with my dad, Dean, and our friends Mitch and Jay. We were playing this round with other foursomes in memory of a co-worker and friend, Adam Kelly.

Jesse Stewart, Quilchena Golf and Country Club, Hole #11

I was golfing with my three pals that day, Kevin Stewart, Chris Jung and Jonathan Lee, all Quilchena members. We were on hole #11 and it was a strong head wind that day. 148 yards to the pin but playing more like 165-170. I took my 7 iron and gripped down a little and let it rip. It looked like it landed about a yard short two hops and in. There were a few stripes of shade going across the green so we were not sure until we walked up and found it in the hole, at that point the celebration commenced.

Jim Cepecauer, Bear Creek Golf Club, Hole #6

On September 30th my wife Joann and I were out late afternoon when I hit a perfect 7 iron! 157 yards to a middle of the green pin. It took two bounces and rolled right in the cup! Two guys ahead on the blocks actually saw it roll in even. Turns out I was paired with him the next day in our final men’s league tourney! It took us a minute to realize that we were both talking about each other the night previous!

John Crosson, Barrie Country Club, Hole #7

It was hole #7 at the Barrie Country Club. This is an uphill par 3 with a green that kind of has three different levels or tiers, and generally slopes to the left. I was playing from the blue tees, about 141 yards out.

I teed up with a 9 iron, hit it to just right of the pin but because of the elevated green I didn’t see where it landed. As our group walked up to the green, I couldn’t see the ball anywhere on the green itself. I figured that it rolled off the left side as they have a tendency to do so. One of the guys I was playing with said, “You should probably check the hole” and sure enough there it was!

Joshua McNair, Bayview Golf and country club, Hole #17

I used a 7 iron to hit it 170 yards.

Lorie Baker, Maple City Country Club, Hole #12

We were on the 12th hole at our picturesque home club, Maple City Country Club located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario.   The 12th hole is a short 104 yard par three over water to a green that slopes gently back to front, with the front of the green having considerably more slope towards the impending water. I normally use a 7 iron on this hole, but that day I choose to use my Callaway 6 iron to ensure I would clear the forever heightening reeds and grasses. After striking the ball, I watched it land on the green and run up to the flag pole which was positioned at the back of the green, and then disappear. I assumed that it must have rolled off the back of the green, however my golfing partner, Joan suggested she check the hole first. To our amazement my TaylorMade golf ball was sitting in the bottom of the hole! The best day ever!

Maynard Simpson, Eagles Glenn Golf Course, Hole #17

My playing partners were Linda Spenser and Janet Phillips. The 17th hole at Eagles Glenn was playing 125 yards and I used a 7 iron. I have also had a two on a par 5. The 8th hole at Green Gables Golf Club on the original course layout in 1978.

Mike Appleyard, Links at Crowbush Cove, Hole #17

I was on a trip with friends and colleagues to P.E.I. on June 9th and was playing my typical 90’s golf with the help of a few cold Gahan beers. I approached the 17th hole par 3 elevated green. From the whites, it was a 107 yards to the center with wind swirling at the top of the elevated green. I purchased all new Vokey Wedges this year and have been practicing my 100 yard game extensively. I decided on my 48 wedge off the white tees and gave it go. When we approached the green, we only found three balls and figured I must have gone over the back into the woods. It wasn’t until my buddy Remi Comeau looked into the hole and told me I got an ace. It was the single best golf experience I’ve ever had!

Nicholas Fawcett, Greyhawk Golf Club, Hole #15

I was playing with Clublink member Justin Lafleur and Liam Eddenden and my cousin, James Kitchen. It was on hole #15 at Greyhawk Talon. The distance was 167 yards I used a 7 iron with a draw over the bunker and it landed about 10 feet short and rolled right in!

Ralph Balila, Victoria Park Valley Golf Club, Hole #2

Golf has been my passion for the last 25 years and I am beyond thrilled. For some reason my swing that day was particularly smooth and relaxed so with my Cleveland Launcher XL 8 iron I hit a nice draw from an elevated tee that landed 10 feet in front of the flag which then rolled in. It was certainly a surreal experience and I’m just glad it happened while playing on our regular Sunday couples golf group.

Raymond Chan, Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Hole #15

Ryan Crowley, Grey Silo Golf Course, Hole #2

Ryan Crowley, Grey Silo Golf Course, Hole #2

It was a 9 iron from 167 yards in our Ontario University Athletics tournament while I was representing Queen’s University!

Ryan McConnell, St. Thomas Golf and Country Club, Hole #4

I was playing with Ryan O’Hara, Matt Duncan and Tim McLaren. We were all guests of Ryan’s. It was also a cool feeling as Tim Moore the head pro has been a family friend since I was a kid.

I had a 9 iron in my hand and ended up switching to an 8 iron. It was 144 yards on the rangefinder, and I landed it about five yards past the hole and it rolled down and in. I had actually hit the shot, and once it landed on the green started to walk back to my bag and one of my playing partners, Tim, had said that it’s still rolling and then he said get your rangefinder’s that might’ve gone in. None of us could exactly tell so we didn’t want to celebrate too much.

Matt started videotaping about halfway to the hole when he realized it was in. I got close to the green and pointed to another ball, which was Ryan’s. To which he said that’s my ball. That’s when it started to sink in that it could possibly be in the hole. Then I walked up and retrieved it. First one ever

Terry Hodgson, Mountain Creek Golf Club, Hole #14

Like most retirees I didn’t take up the game until I left the office life behind. I have played mostly around Southern Ontario, Northern New York, and my favourite, Bermuda. I played the Mid-Ocean with my grandson, what a blast! I scored the hole-in-one on #14 at the Mountain Creek Golf Course, which is just south of Arnprior, Ontario. I play with a couple of buddies that I curl with and one new guy (retired RCMP) who keeps us entertained with his story telling. The hole is 125 yards from the green was 118 from the reds/yellow so I grabbed a 7 iron and teed up one of my special golf balls. I like to play with Callaway Super Soft, yellow balls, they are easier to see from the fairways and greens. When one reaches 80 years of age it is important to have golf balls that are easy to see, that way you don’t lose too many as you wonder around the course. I haven’t been able to repeat that feat, but I keep coming back knowing that if I did it once, I can do it again.

Tina Liu, Elbow Harbour Golf Course, Hole #15

I got a hole-in-one on September 22, 2023, in the SHSAA 2023 Provincial Golf Championship. On the 15th hole par 3 in Elbow Harbor golf course.

Todd Markus, Dakota Dunes Golf Links, Hole #17

I was playing with a couple of buddies of mine, Dan Leier and Cam Bristow, when I got my hole-in-one on hole #17 at Dakota Dunes Golf Links in Saskatoon. The hole was playing 174 yards with a slight breeze into us. I used a 7 iron and hit a high draw into the green, landing about six feet from the hole before rolling in.

Tony Gabriel, Gander Golf Club, Hole #4

I played with Sterling Brett, Gerry Parrot and Max Kean. It was 140 yards and a 6 iron.

Valerie LeMessurier, Nanton Golf Club, Hole #8

I golf at the Nanton Golf Club in Nanton, Alberta. On August 15th 2023 I had a hole-in-one on the par 3, 8th hole which is 136 yards using a 9 iron. In the same round, I had another hole-in-one on the 17th hole par 3. That one is 191 yards using a 6 iron. Two holes-in-one in the same round.

Wendy Leach, Bootleg Gap Golf, Hole #12

I used a 4 hybrid. The yardage was 107 yards. I was golfing with Carol Tanner, Lee Morrison and Sharon Sullivan. We are all from Saskatchewan.

Zach Newcombe, Musqueam Golf and Learning Centre, Hole #6

I was playing with my girlfriend, Anna, and we were paired up with a couple of younger guys, Nick and Liam. It was hole #6, which is 122 yards long and the pin was located closer to the front of the green, so it was approximately 118 yards. We were straight downwind, and the wind was blowing fairly strong that day, so I played a 110 yard shot with the pitching wedge. It was struck really well and flew straight at the flag. We saw it land pretty close to pin and it danced around the flagstick with two or three little bounces and just disappeared completely. I was so excited my club just fell out of my hand and I ran over to celebrate with the group. I bought everyone a round of beers at the turn to cheers to the experience. What a great memory.